Jimmy Recca

My friend Heather is referring to the story I did about tracking down Jimmy Recca in early May 2010. I called it "Where in the World is Jimmy Recca"

Heather Harris:  Ken's great interview with Recca about the 1971 Stooges became an EasyAction booklet with my then recent photo of him (he looks far better now with shorter hair.) Retro Kimmer 's Kim Maki did the initial detective work to locate him in the first place...

Had no idea that the great music writer Ken Shimamoto interviewed Jimmy shortly thereafter...the story was published today..... Jimmy Recca: The "Lost" Stooge Resurfaces

Jimmy Recca photo Heather Harris

(Note: This is one of my favorite interviews I've ever done, on behalf of Easy Action Records in the UK. I think it reads like Almost Famous if it'd actually been cool, with real rock 'n' roll in it. You can still get copies of this with Heather Harris' great photos in Easy Action's You Don't Want My Name, You Want My Action box set. Label honcho Carlton Sandercock has given permission for me to publish it here.)

Jimmy, Scott Asheton, Ron Asheton, Iggy and James Williamson

It was in an issue of Circus magazine early in 1971. In the “music news” section in the back of the mag, there was a photograph of the Stooges – to whom I’d been introduced via the network TV broadcast of their epochal, peanut butter-smeared appearance at the Cincinnati Pop Festival the preceding summer -- that sparked my interest because the five musicians pictured therein weren’t the same as the four Persian rug loungers from the Funhouse gatefold.

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