The Final Show of 2010 will be at Nancy Whiskey's Detroit Dec 18th 9pm till close.... part of the annual event Detroit Santarchy! In a nut shell it is a bus load of people dressed like Santa and Elfs!!! Just rotating the Detroit scene (pub crawl Detroit!). Hysterically fun event and they come and pick you up at various locations around Metro Detroit.

Let's REV IT UP!!

Ron DeVore - Vocals / Bass Guitar
Lou Simon - Guitars
Tony Bizon - Drums

You can google Detroit Santarchy. It's growing every year. We Love and support Detroit. What better way for Horse Cave Trio to finish the year out?

"Hillbilly Rock n Roll at it's best " Tony B

"...one amazing power trio, roots, blues and hillbilly rock- like Elvis on steroids! With powerful drumming by Tony Bizon, L.A. Simon's rockin' guitar and Ron DeVore's thundering bass and gutsy vocals...the dance floor will look very inviting at a Horse Cave Trio Performance."

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Detroit Santarchy Facebook Status:

So far they have a bus picking up Santas in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Livonia, and two buses at Theatre Bizarre (near 8 mile and Woodward) . We also had some interest for a pick up spot in Dearborn. They need to hear from those in Dearborn as to how many people they can get together and also what location would work. They're running out of time. Santa needs to nail this all down ..STAT !!

A funny Santarchy story... a few years back famed guitarist Deniz Tek was in town playing at PJ Lager House at Christmas time with Scott Morgan. They didn't know about Detroit Santarchy.

So... Deniz is busy playing with his Michigan musician pals and all of a sudden arose such a clatter! A bus full of people dressed like Santa's mobbed the club! Rogue Santas invade the club!

Deniz told me he'd never seen anything like it! Such high spirited Santas too! He really enjoyed the festive crowd. The Santas stayed for a couple of songs and whoosh they were off to the next stop!

Nancy Whiskey's
2644 Harrison Street
Detroit, MI 48216-1250
(313) 962-4247


tonyb said...

The Show is going to Rock Detroit Style !!!! Hell Yeah !!!! tonyb

Retro Kimmer said...

YES we can't wait to see TonyB... hey anyone notice how I always meet the drummers! Maybe we'll have another pr of autographed sticks for the collection?

Dee-Troit Danny P said...

Ms Kim:
I was looking at you latest Retro newsletter and was struck by the feature on Nancy Whiskey's. I knew Nancy. Her two sons and I played in a rockin Rhythm and blues combo back in the day. Nancy her husband Al and the boys lived on Patterson Lake just outside of Pinckney. We had our studio in Gregory, between Pinckney and Stockbridge and used to rock the RoadHouse on US23 at the Whitmore Lake exit. Nancy would get up on stage with us and shake the tambourine. Sweet Days.
Anyway I called the club and Nancy's niece put me in touch with her and I gave her a Holiday call, and the same to you, Happy Holiday, keep up the good work.

Dee-Troit Danny P
(drummer, Lysa Cash & The Money Makers)

TonyB said...

Great job on the Article .... lookin forward tp meeting you. tonyb

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