Just got Steve Hunter's new cd in the mail...I love it....It is a phenomenal album. So beautiful and so smooth. Steve's wife Karen Ann Hunter and I became friends awhile back and when she mentioned starting a Kickstarter Campaign for Steve I was ONBOARD to get this legendary guitarist all the funding he needed. The team blasted Steve's campaign all over the globe! Karen, Steve and I had quite an adventure!

 Cool my name is on the MBP CD!! :)

When the campaign hit it's mark, I was jumping all over my office! Steve ended up with 3 times the amount he asked for! Sweet! So here is the amazing result....You can really feel the power in Steve's playing here..He just entered the best phase of his musical career....

Listen to the tracks...

8. The Brooklyn Shuffle

I love Brooklyn Shuffle so much...the first solo is Steve, the second is Johnny Depp,  and the third is JOE Perry....I have played this tune about 9 times today so far....

The Manhattan Blues Project
by Steve Hunter
© Copyright - Steve Hunter / Deaconrecords (884501903240)

Album Notes

This is Steve's fifth solo album and is a culmination of his love of the Blues and New York City mixed with his love of melody and "Tone Poems".

After recording and touring with Alice Cooper in 2011, he decided to get off the road to write and record.

He thought it would be cool to have some guest players join him and was overjoyed and humbled at the willingness of those he asked to contribute to this project.

Many of the guests he had not worked with before and most had a very different style of playing to himself.

There are two cover tunes but this album is mainly new material written, played and produced by Steve. He was very happy to also include a short composition by his friend Jason Becker, called 'Daydream By The Hudson'.

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Unknown said...

I am in total agreement with you on this. What an interesting collaboration, purely passion for the blues and how tremendously lucky am I to have heard it.
A must have for the blues enthusiast. Wow.

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