Signs That You Need TO Stop Playing Online Slots

Dependence on slot machines can be found in all social groups of the population, regardless of age, gender, and education. For most people, this entertainment is not dangerous. Having met with the "one-armed bandit", many people part with him without regret, and in the future do not even remember their experience. But, there are also those for whom the game for winning causes strong emotional stress, a fear that does not go away with time. Initially, people opt for online slots like Jungle Jim slots for entertainment purposes, preferably during their free time, after work, or study.

However, with time, the game becomes addictive, and they tend to spend more and more time. Ultimately, they put daily tasks to the background, even though they are aware those are necessary for their growth. However, there could be several reasons that a particular person is inclined to such behavior and it could originate from following things:

· Uncertainty in personal life, career, study;

· Family problems;

· Instability of the psyche, emotional stress;

· A sense of the meaninglessness of life;

· Genetic predisposition to gambling;

· The influence of the company.

Signs Of Dependence On Slot Machines

These include aggressive behavior in the absence of an opportunity to play, constant waste of funds on the game, lies, and secrecy in communication with loved ones, social maladjustment. Gambling addiction cannot be contracted as sharply and quickly as an infectious disease. It is a rather lengthy process.

There are three stages of gambling addiction:

· Winning stage. At the very beginning, the player gets involved by accident. Frequent winnings contribute to the development of addiction - this is psychology. After all, the player draws in his imagination the next big wins and gradually starts to to increase the size of the bets. Unreasonable optimism arises, which eventually brings the gambler down.

· The stage of losses. If at the first stage a gambler could play for the company, now he plays alone. All human thoughts are directed only to the game, especially if a losing streak has begun. The gambling addict can no longer stop at this stage, but he does not admit that there is a problem. He hides his losses and growing expenses from friends and family. Debts grow, a person becomes irritable and uncommunicative. An independent struggle, even if it has begun, does not give results.

· Disappointment stage. A person spends all his time playing. He practically does not communicate with family and friends, loses his professional and personal reputation. As debt grows, anxiety can increase, sometimes real panic appears. Depression caused by feelings of hopelessness may occur depending on the specific situation. But sometimes, the gambling addict has suicidal thoughts.
Consequences Of Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is a disease; treatment should be mandatory. The player stops communicating with family and friends and loses contact with the world around him. Gambling addiction is dangerous because a person will easily sacrifice loved ones. They will have to pay his debts, hide from the collectors. And for the player himself, this can end with prolonged depression and suicide. In parallel, other addictions may develop - alcoholism, drugs.

So, once you feel you are exposed to such habits, you need to be brave and try to control yourself by putting gaming restrictions, or if you observe someone exposed to such addiction, it is better to provide therapy.

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