What are the Hold and Spin Features in Slots?

We all know that matching a certain amount of specific symbols when playing slots on ee, vodafone, O2, Apple Pay and more are what makes you the megabucks. Score three cherries in a row in a classic slot machine game and you could be walking away with a little bonus, but just managing to get two of them will get you nothing!

This is where the hold and spin feature comes into play because this allows you to save the symbols and tokens that you like the look of and roll for the other reels!

No longer will you have to succumb to the disappointment of landing four of the needed symbols to score that slot game jackpot because you will be in charge of the spin and hold feature in your online slot machines! Want to boost your chances of winning big and know how exactly the spin and hold feature works? We have just the answers for you!
How does the spin and hold feature work when playing slot games?

You may have experienced this a thousand times if you are an expert igamer of the slots: the feeling of just missing out on winning the jackpot because all you needed was one more symbol to line up. It is painful, we know, but there is a solution known as the spin and hold feature in slot games.

The spin and hold feature is not exclusive to online slot games either. If you love to tackle the physical slot machines in brick-and-mortar clubs and casinos then you can also apply a spin and hold!

Here is how it works:

1. First of all, you have got to be playing a slot machine that has the spin and hold feature… do not worry, these are not hard to find as the feature is pretty popular among igamers!

2. After that, you have to make your spin as you normally would. Hopefully, you manage to score the jackpot in your first go, but in any case, move on to step three.

3. After making your spin, if you notice that there are a couple of symbols that are matching and aligning, it might be time to apply that spin and hold feature.

4. Hold the matching reels, make another spin, and only the un-held reels will begin to make their majestic turn!

Now, there is more control in your hands since you get to control the odds more easily!
Should you use the spin and hold feature when playing slot games?

There are a couple of arguments for and against the spin and hold feature in slots, what do you think?

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