Retrokimmer and great guys at Ticket Select have sorted some of the best British classic songs of the year that are making waves round the world. And with no exceptions one cannot do this without talking about the Top 10 David Gilmour Songs of his new album. This amazing English singer, guitarist and songwriter has blessed us with some great songs. Check out his top 10 solo hits.

A Boat Lies Waiting
Straight from his Rattle That Lock album, Gilmour gives us a spectacular piano music. As he sings in this wonderful song called "A Boat Lies Waiting,” which comes off a Floyd signature, Gilmour brings back that consoling harmonies of David Crosby and Graham Nash on this track.

5 A.M
5 A.M is a very soft melodic piece and is one of the best tracks off this fourth solo album and I personally like the cool and relaxing feeling it brings while listening to it. Expect to be thrilled by the awesome display of Gilmour’s talent.

The girl in the yellow dress
On his Rattle That Lock album, comes another hit you would love to hear – a song he titled “The girl in the yellow dress”. As the songs starts and you hear David Gilmour singing the first verse, you just know what to expect from this great singer. The feel of the song gives you certain hype and leaves you with an aura of happiness.

If you want to feel the power of voice and great guitar combined on a great song, “Today” is the song to listen to. Makes me feel like going to the sea to just relax. He displayed his mangiest quality as a singer and a guitarist on this song.

Face of Stone
“Face of Stone” is another masterpiece you must listen to from Gilmour’s Rattle That Lock album. You can just feel the song from the synchrony between his voice and the instrumental. You can almost feel the soul of his vocals as he tries to pass along his message.

Dancing Right in Front of me
For all those that are fans of great love songs, Gilmour gives us a wonderful love song he titles “Dancing Right in Front of me”. In this song, you will see the great lyrical ability of David Gilmour. This is a great pick anytime.

In Any Tongue
“In Any Tongue” is the title of this energetic guitar filled splendour from Gilmour. I was so taken by the richness of the lyrics that I put this on repeat all day. This song has to be among his best hits.

The ladies cannot go through the Rattle That Lock album without mentioning “Beauty”. If you listen closely, you will feel the clarity of the strings as they play on the soundtrack and also as you listen closely to what Gilmour is saying in this song, you will want to just sing it to your lady anytime.

A Boat Lies Waiting
"Something I never knew, in silence I'd hear you". The rhymes already tell you what to expect on this track. This is straight off the track, “A Boat Lies Waiting”. When you want to relax, this song will take you where you want to be.

And Then…
And finally comes another great song from David Gilmour’s Rattle That Lock album titled “And Then”. This song makes me remember a lot of his old classics that caught my attention. You can never listen to this song and not marvel at Gilmour’s vocal dexterity. This is a sure pick on hit top 10 songs.

Now you can see why David Gilmour is still one of the most talented singers and songwriters of all time. And here is your chance to experience David Gilmour concerts in London. With all these wonderful songs off his fourth solo album, you don’t have a choice but to just love his amazing talent!!

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