There will be no messing about today! You will cut to the chase, make the decisions, do the deal, and be a whole lot better off financially by the end of the day. Way to go!

Generally, this card reminds us to stay in control of our energy and our resources in pursuit of a larger goal. When it comes to work, the King of Pentacles may refer to a more established man who will pay a significant role in your career.

This man can be wise and rational, but he may also be careless when passing judgment. He can be your biggest supporter, but be prepared to receive unsolicited and harsh criticism. In love, this can indicate that the person that you’ve been waiting for can come along and will love you for who you are.

With regard to finances, the King of Pentacles is one of the best cards to receive. This may mean that your financial situation is stable as a result of your wise investments and hard work. In case you are taking a gamble, be sure to initiate a calculated action. READ MORE



A budget is one of the best ways for anyone to make sure that they’re managing their money correctly. When you’re striving for financial independence, or you just want to make sure that you’re less likely to have to deal with issues like debt, a budget gives you the freedom to make sure that you’re not spending money on the things that you don’t really want or need.

The trouble is a lot of people have trouble making the most out of their budget. They assume that they need to set a single budge and stick to it stringently, no matter what. However, that’s rarely the case. As your life changes and evolves, your budget needs to change too. Here are some quick updates to make.

Reducing Your Debt

When’s the last time you looked for ways that you could cut down the amount of debt that you have left to pay. Many of us assume that we have to simply stick with paying the same amount of interest every month. However, there are actually a lot of options out there that can help you to reduce your debt.

For instance, look at your student loan. If you haven’t done anything with your student loan for a while, then it might be helpful to use a loan calculator and check out some of the ways that you can reduce your debt by refinancing your loan. This could significantly minimize the amount of interest you have to pay.

Compare Essential Services

Another thing that’s worth checking every once in a while, with your budget, is whether you could potentially pay less for essential services. Things like electricity, insurance, and other essentials are a natural part of your budget.

However, it’s easy to forget that it’s possible to get a better deal if you’re just willing to shop around. Look online or use a comparison website once every six months or so to see whether you can reduce costs this way. You could also think about phoning the service provider that you’re with and asking whether they can deliver a better deal.

Some companies will be happy to give you a discount if this means that they can keep you as a customer, especially in today’s climate.

Tackle One Problem Area a Month

Finally, as you’re searching through your budget each month for ways to cut costs, think about the problem areas that you might have. We all have our own distinct triggers that are more likely to make us spend more. For you, it might be that you constantly want to buy new clothes.

For someone else, the problem could be eating takeout food. Whatever you think might be holding you back, pick one area to work on each month.

This will give you a chance to change your spending habits, without trying to transform in too many environments at once. Wait until you’ve made some significant progress in the area that you have the most issues in right now, then you can think about switching to another problem area afterward.



The USAA Poppy Wall of Honor was created in partnership with The American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars to help ensure the sacrifice of our military men and women is always remembered.

Wear a Digital Poppy

The wall contains more than 645,000 artificial poppies — one for each life lost in the line of duty since World War I. The red flowers fill one side; historic facts about U.S. conflicts cover the opposite side.

The exhibit was installed on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., over the Memorial Day weekend in 2018 and 2019. They're making it available to more people this year by presenting the educational panels of the wall digitally. Visit the Wall Here




Everyone loves music. Listening to it makes us happier, less depressed, and improves our performance if we're working out. Additionally, science has proved that playing any instrument can make you smarter. That transitions as technology progress and people are now learning how to produce it with a digital workstation.

Basically, you have a program on your personal computer or laptop, and in it, there are numerous features that mimic instruments. That's like directing an entire orchestra with a single click. For example, you select a guitar, or a synthesizer and you play the instrument digitally. You can record a tune or a combination of melodies and edit them. Click here to read more.

On top of that layer of notes, you can add drums and more instruments. Based on the composition you want to make; you will hear a masterpiece without calling pro musicians to try it out. It makes the entire creation process easier and more entertaining. But with a digital workstation, you will also need a few musical plugins to make everything run smoothly.

It saves money in the long run

Getting a bundle of products is much cheaper than getting each individually. People who invest in these kinds of things typically fall into three categories. The first category is beginners who are just starting out and looking for what's available on the market.

The second category is the experimenters. These are people who are either looking for some new additions to their setup, or they want to do their own thing. For them, combining different plugins is the key to making a fire track. Finally, the third category is the gear obsessed. They want what's newest and best. They never want to be stuck in a rut, and they're always looking for a new bundle to add to their collection.

It doesn't matter which category you fall into. At some point in time, you're going to need a new vocal or an extension to your sound palette. Getting to know a single developer's program like DAW VST Hub professionally will also save you a ton of time. You will already be accustomed to their graphic user interface, and that will take hours away from learning how to use their other plugins.

You will be in the zone longer

When you're creating something, there is a whole process involved. Some people need the inspiration to start and others sit down and start working until it comes to them. In both cases, you can feel when you are in the zone. A few psychologists have called this zone a flow state. When you are in this state, time passes by faster and you are getting all of your work done.

It's as if all your ideas make sense and everything adds up to complete a puzzle. The good thing about having similar plugins is that you can switch from one to another without losing any focus. This is extremely important because if something breaks your flow state, it's extremely hard to get back in it.

View this link for more info https://www.udel.edu/udaily/2020/april/music-production-rap-electronic-dance-digital-audio-workspace-quarantine-college-students/

Since a single developer or company makes all of those programs, their GUIs will be the same. You won't have to adjust to new buttons and menus. However, if you had different applications, you can experience mental friction. This is a thing that happens when you instantly switch work environments. Instead of focusing on the piece you're making, you divert your thoughts on how the new program operates.

The best thing about getting bundles is that often times, they come with a master rack. That's a tool that you didn't know you needed, but you absolutely do. It will make your life easier because you can access the entire collection of plugins from a single interface. That means more than six thousand presets within one single interface.

What happens when you produce your first song?

The main reason you're doing all of this is to make a song or an instrumental. After spending days or even weeks on it, you will finally reach that eureka moment when everything clicks and falls right into place. As soon as you listen to it, the first thing you will feel is happiness and pride. Merely listening to good music makes our brains release dopamine, which is responsible for excitement and joy. Click here to read more.

After you pat yourself on the back, it's time to do work again. Now you need other people to listen to it too. However, this industry is overpopulated since many people are doing it, and you're going to need to take everything a step further. Posting it on social media is a great idea since many of your friends and family will support you.

However, that's not enough people. The best thing you can do is to find channels on YouTube or Instagram that shout out upcoming and underrated artists. Often times, they have millions of subscribers or followers. Since the niche is pretty tight, contact channels and pages that are similar to the genre you are producing. That will significantly increase your chances of getting more recognition early on.

Also, don't be afraid of constructive criticism. Instead, embrace it. However, it would be best if you found the balance between constructive criticism and comments based on someone's personal preferences. If you're producing EDM and the person giving you feedback is a hard-core rocker, then it makes no sense to take what they're saying to heart.

A few final words

Playing instruments decreases our overall stress levels and improves our health. Most of the time, stress is the cause of illnesses and diseases. Simply listening to your piece will make you happier. The moments that you will value the most will be in the flow state of producing. It would be best if you learned how to enjoy that thoroughly.

When it comes to plugins, try to pick one that is best suited to your needs. You know what you want to do, and there are programs made specifically for each genre. Experiment and let your creative side take control. You will be surprised by the results.



Studying is an interesting but complicated process. Sometimes you have to cope with challenging and puzzling tasks. If you want to connect your future career with technologies or web development, it’s necessary to be good at hard science. Yet, it’s a big mistake to neglect soft science. You may be surprised to learn that writing papers is an effective way to improve your knowledge of technology.

Gathering, analyzing, and processing information helps you to improve your know-how skills. But not everyone is good at writing. It doesn’t matter you should miss an opportunity to become a little bit clever. As strange as it sounds, cheap essay service is your best helper. You don’t need to spend hours trying to find the necessary information on the Net or in the libraries. 

Yet, not all of the writing services are reliable. It’s better to work only with safe and trustworthy platforms. FastEssay.net has established itself well in the market of writing services. If you don’t understand how the ready essays are able to help you with your studying, consider the following information:

  • Every essay contains only the facts and information that you need. There is no redundant data. When working with manuals or textbooks, it’s you who should sort and rank the facts. If you are not good at the subject, it may be rather difficult to do;
  • Competent writers use only reliable sources of information. You may be sure that every figure and statement is correct. Everyone who has ever tried to find the necessary data on the Net knows for sure that it may take up to several hours. You don’t need to waste your time. The experts do everything for you;
  • It’s possible to get a superb solution to any problem. FastEssay.net cooperates with the best experts from all over the globe. It means they are able to solve even the most difficult task. If you need a fundamental research paper with profound experiment, you’ll get it;
  • When it comes to creative tasks, you always get unique content. It’s of prime importance nowadays. The specialists of the service do every assignment from scratch.

Reading and investigating the ready essay takes only a couple of hours. While improving your skills, you save your time and energy.

How High-Quality Essays Are Created

Although the greater part of the work is done by experts, you should understand the process of creating every essay. It helps you to get the maximum results. The first step you should take is to place an order on the website.

The process of placing an order is rather simple. Everything you should do is to fill in the online form. You can do it 24 hours a day. It’s necessary to point out the following information:

  • The topic of an essay. You can write both the general topic or the concrete one. The latest variant is more preferable one;
  • The subject. It’s hard to name a discipline the service doesn’t work with. It’s possible to pick up an experienced writer in any field;
  • The academic level. It’s not a good idea to miss this point. It influences the choice of words, grammar structures, and resources of information;
  • The number of pages. If you are not sure how long your essay should be, it’s enough to define the type of the paper;
  • Deadlines. Of course, the experts are able to do the impossible. Yet, it’s better to place an order as early as possible. In such a way, it’s possible to buy the cheapest custom essay.

There are some additional points you may also indicate. They are paper format, sources to be cited, charts, additional services. FastEssay.net allows you to choose the most preferable writer. It’s possible to pick up an advanced expert or one of the top 10 specialists.

After you confirm your order, you should pay for it. The price depends on the urgency and level of complexity of the task. It’s worth mentioning that the platform is affordable even for high-school students. Cheap price for every paper is one of the significant advantages of the platform.

FastEssay.net is an affordable essay writing service that provides you with superb quality papers on any topic. You can’t but appreciate the fast work and a wide range of available options.



The dancing, laughter, incredible food, and drinks always give the impression that the wedding is a lot of fun. Well, it is, but getting married is not always the best thing to do. There are so many things you need to do to have a “happily ever after.” Whether you have been married for a long time or you just got married, you will need these tips compiled by the experts to have a stronger and awesome marriage.

Always Focus on Each Other’s Strengths

Sometimes there is a possibility of disliking your partner due to past minor mistakes they made. From the expert’s point of view, it is important to accept your spouse's strengths and weaknesses and have factual expectations from them. Share responsibilities wisely.

For example, if they are good at budgeting, allow them to do that. If they are good at cooking, sit back and enjoy their meals. Just give them a chance to do what they do best. Using these strengths always associates with the wellbeing of both of you.

Be Kind to Each Other

It is tremendously important to be understanding and also respectful to your partner. Do not be judgmental or critical as it will always lead to fights and annoyances. If you want to keep things happy and your marriage steady, avoid attacking your partner's character when you’re angry. Try to find words that sound nicer to use no matter how difficult it may seem. This always cools things down.

Laugh with Each Other

Life is ups and downs as all of us sometimes learn. Things may not always go your way and you might end up getting stressed. Through the thick of it, it helps to see the light. Having humor as a couple means that you also have the perspective.

Crack jokes, send silly texts to your spouse just to brighten their day, watch your favorite comedies, you choose. But always make sure there is a connection between you and your partner when it comes to finding joy as it will increase your love and bond. This is what makes casual dating more fun than marriages as explained on Happymatches page.

Do Not Expect Your Partner to Complete You

Other than “I love you,” the other thing that feels as good is when your partner tells you, “You complete me.” It surely is romantic, but it is so sad that it doesn’t apply in the real world. Fulfillment does not come from your partner, and when you rely on this, it only leads to an over-independent relationship and you don’t grow personally.

Partners in a happy marriage complement one another and not the completing thing. Find your passions and interests. You might consider hobbies when it comes to this. Please do not wait for your partner to fill in space.

Expect and Accept Changes

To be in a happy alliance, spouses must be willing to adapt to any changes that they may come across. Relationships always evolve, changes in needs occur and you will only make your marriage better by accepting these facts. Work as a team and do the best you can do.


The real key to marriage is love. But with these five added tips, your marriage becomes the best it can be. You can be sure that if you try them, you will not be disappointed.



Songwriter/Guitarist Tom Guerra

“Sudden Signs of Grace” is the fourth solo album from songwriter/guitarist Tom Guerra, following the success of “American Garden” (2018), “Trampling out the Vintage” (2016) and “All of the Above” (2014). After a recent experience crafting music for The Yardbirds, Guerra got back to writing songs for himself.

According to Pete Prown, music editor for Vintage Guitar magazine, “With his previous albums, Tom established himself as a fine rock and roll guitarist… ‘Sudden Signs of Grace’ shows his growth and new direction as a songwriter steeped in the Laurel Canyon school of songwriting.“

“Sudden Signs of Grace” contains nine new original tunes including the single "Lover's Time," and two covers: “Streets of Baltimore” as popularized by Gram Parsons, and “Gimme Some Water,” an early Eddie Money composition.

Said Guerra about his late friend Money “When I heard Eddie was sick, I recorded one of my favorite tunes of his and sent him a copy.” Former MTV VJ Martha Quinn, Money's longtime friend, also gave Tom's version a thumbs up.

Longtime collaborator Kenny Aaronson (bassist for Bob Dylan, George Harrison, etc.) said "Tom is a great songwriter. He has great pop sensibilities, and I really like his way of crafting a melody. He is a sensitive and keen observer of the human condition as one will hear in his lyrics."

Several tracks on the new album are tight, 3-minute songs recalling the lyrical and melodic creativity of Tom Petty, one of Guerra’s favorite songwriters. “I always loved Tom Petty’s economical approach to writing and try to live by his mantra of ‘Don’t bore us, get to the chorus’ on these songs.”

Other tracks, including “It’s All in the Skies” and “Just Like the Sun” were inspired by Guerra’s love of nature. “Just Like the Sun” (featuring former Queen/Mott the Hoople pianist Morgan Fisher) begins as a ballad then blasts off into a powerful rocker. The title track, a compact stunner, was written after Guerra heard a preacher proclaiming, “we’re all looking for sudden signs of grace.” They may just find it in this song and in this album.

Recorded prior to the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic, Guerra felt compelled to release it now because “people need music, especially during times like these.” - Peter Gerstenzang, Writer, NY Times

Contact info:



Announcing a new novel inspired by Detroit Rock of the 1970s. LOUDMOUTH, the debut novel from former rock writer Robert Duncan, who became the managing editor of Creem at age 22 and went on to contribute to numerous top outlets, including Rolling Stone and Life.

In the process, Robert hung around guys like MC5, SRC, Iggy, and the Stooges, Bruce Springsteen, The Clash's Mick Jones and Joe Strummer, and the infamous journalist Lester Bangs. Drawing on his vast collection of raucous, unforgettable stories, LOUDMOUTH is a wild ride, following its protagonist from dysfunctional adolescence to the rock 'n' roll heyday of the 1970s.

The novel is the story of Thomas Ransom, born to a severely dysfunctional southern family transplanted to New York City. Left to his own devices by neglectful parents, he spends much of his childhood shadowing his older, criminally-inclined half-brother and roaming New York with hard-drinking teenage pals.

Tom eventually finds an outlet as the flamboyant singer of a downtown rock band, and later as the young editor of the Detroit-based magazine that invented punk—only to return to New York, at the height of the 1970s bacchanal, and crash.

But it isn’t music that saves him. It’s a soft-spoken painter, who turns out to be the most outrageous character of all.

Purchase Loudmouth below


Callin’ all Funkateers: Tune in tonight, May 7 to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and watch Bootsy get Funked Up with Jimmy! (Check local listings.)

On June 1, Bootsy will release the single “Stars” featuring Emi Sunshine and a host of musical friends and shout-outs to help raise awareness for all musicians in need and the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund. Stay tuned for more info.

Keep the Funk—and yourself —alive. STAY SAFE.

For all things Bootsy visit bootsycollins.com
Hear Iggy Pop featuring Bootsy Collins “Family Affair
Keep your ear on the funk @bootsyradio.com


Today should be a fruitful day when you get to enjoy the good things in life.

You could be up for a promotion or pay rise at work, or at the very least some form of recognition and appreciation.

You may choose to spend the evening spoiling yourself, or your partner, with a little luxury - because you're worth it!


5 Tips For College Health and Safety

Attending college is undoubtedly one of the best times one can have. It gives you exciting opportunities and a chance to explore the world, from leaving away from home to meeting a whole lot of new people.

However, as much as college is full of fun, it can quickly turn out to be a nightmare for you. This is whether you try so hard to adjust to the new way of living, manage your own responsibilities, pay for homework, and live on a strict budget.

Most often, such difficulty triggers even greater health and safety concerns in one way or another. This doesn't have to be the case though.
Read on to find important tips on how to make your campus life free of health and safety issues.

1. Get Vaccination and Regular Check-ups

Check-up plays an integral part of any individual's health status. Not only are you going to detect and treat any disease early enough, but you will be able to have peace of mind knowing that you are in top shape.

First, find a healthcare provider within the vicinity of your school. Sign up with the health care provider for regular health concern checkups.

While at it, ensure you get a vaccination from your health provider.

Basically, vaccinations go a long way in preventing you from contracting some diseases.

2. Fight Fatigue and Sleep Deprivation

For so long, college life has been characterized by unending parties that last for a whole night. Students savvy of such events get little or no time to sleep, as they have to wake up early for classes.

While attending such parties day in day out can seem as the norm and fun, it makes you lack enough sleep time.

Insufficient sleep, on the other hand, has some serious health effects ranging from mild headaches and swollen eyes to more chronic conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular conditions.

This is not to say that students who work themselves too hard by studying overnight are not prone to these conditions. In such situations, such students are prone to sluggishness, day sleepiness and difficulty concentrating.

3. Get Physical Activity

College life can be fast and busy. Even so, you should ensure that you engage in a physical activity for at least 3 hours in a week.

It goes without saying that regular physical activity is crucial in helping your overall health and fitness by reducing any chance of getting chronic diseases.

4. Eat a Balanced Diet

Foods such as vegetables and fruits provide the much-needed energy in your body. The good thing is that you can eat them on the go if you are running on the right schedule.

Ensure to always eat healthy, balanced meals to maintain your energy levels. Additionally, resist the temptation of eating junk food, that offers no nutritional value to your body.

5. Be Informed of Campus Security

Choosing the college to attend is always a big decision for both a student and the entire family. Factors such as academics, distance and campus security play an integral role in making the final decision.

To help you know the campus security, always request for disclosure about the rates of crime in the campus you intend on attending.


When you think of moms in kitchens, images of moms in frilly aprons slaving over the stove making casseroles or with potholders taking out baked goods from the oven. Meanwhile, images of dads cooking have them manning a grill and smoker while holding a cold beer and talking about sports. Tear down gender stereotypes and get your mom the best offset smoker for Mother’s Day.

Grilling and smoking are typically seen as a ‘man’s job’ and has been reinforced by the way smokers on the market are advertised, and how they are used in media. But making tasty smoked treats is not tied to strict gender roles. We’re sure your mom would be thrilled to be able to try this out. It’s the perfect time to give your mom the gift of grilling and smoking and get her the smoker of her dreams.

Sure, a smokebox is useful, but a smoker really shows that you care. Looking for a smoker for your mom doesn’t have to be that difficult. You can get here the standard grill and smoker and we’re sure she’ll appreciate that.

The thing about getting a smoker is figuring out how it will be used so you can get the appropriate model. You can go from this budget propane smoker to higher-quality alternatives and check out reviews to get a sense of how the smoker will perform. Also, check out how much it needs to be maintained compared to other smokers. You wouldn’t want to give your mom more work to do.

The type of smoker you get also depends on how confident your mom would be using it. A digital electric smoker with a window might be best if your mom isn’t the outdoorsy, grilling type since it’s easier to use and clean. A charcoal grill with offset smoker could be great for a mom that likes to prepare a variety of dishes so she can really get into experimenting.

Another thing to consider is space and storage. If you’ll need to move the smoker from one place to another when it’s not in use, best to get one that is easy to move and store. If they have a lot of space and will be using the offset smoker, also known as barrel smokers, frequently, then get her the biggest, badass smoker you can find. There are smokers on the market today that let you adjust your smoker's temperature for better control and those are the best smokers for beginners.

So get your mom the best offset smoker in the market for Mother’s Day. She’ll definitely love it. Oh. And bring her a beer while you’re at it. She’ll love that too.


ESPN's Michael Jordan documentary "The Last Dance" is surprisingly addictive. I remember the days when the Detroit Pistons were tearing up the courts as basketball's "Bad Boys". Then came the amazing Michael Jordan.

Being that we are in quarantine, I have been constantly searching for something great to watch. This series fills the bill. It is the back story of The Chicago Bulls during their final championship in 1997-1998. The Last Dance is a 10 part series and parts 1-6 are available to view. 7-8 run this Sunday and 9-10 follow next Sunday.

The 10-part documentary series takes an in-depth look at the Chicago Bulls' dynasty through the lens of the final championship season in 1997-98. The Bulls allowed an NBA Entertainment crew to follow the team around for that entire season, and some of that never-before-seen footage will be featured in the documentary.

In addition, ESPN spoke to more than 100 people close to the team and personalities who experienced the run, exploring all angles of the Jordan phenomenon.

The full episodic documentary will air on ESPN in the U.S. and on Netflix outside of the U.S.

Get all the latest updates on the documentary here.

Don't have ESPN? Get Instant Access



Music is all around us. Whether you are listening from your phone’s or car’s playlist, the restaurant's or the supermarkets’ background music, you interact with it all the time.

Unknowingly, music does affect your mental and physical well-being. It’s a fundamental attribute of all humankind, and every culture, civilized or primitive, makes music.

In tune or off, you can sing and hum; even if it’s offbeat, you dance and bounce or clap and sway. Your brain and the nervous system are designed to distinguish music from noise. This cannot be a biology accident. Music has a significant effect on your health and behavior, as we shall find in this article.

Let’s talk about some of the health benefits of music:

Improve Your Cognitive Performance

Listening to background music when focusing on another activity enhances performance on cognitive tasks on grown-ups. It has been said that more upbeat aids in boosting the processing speed.

So next time, you might consider turning on some background music if you want to increase your mental performance. Instrumental tracks are better than complex lyrics, which may instead distract you.

Can Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety

According to research, music can have a tremendous effect on your mood. The soothing tunes of classical and meditating music reduce stress and anxiety in healthy people as well as those undergoing medical procedures such as colonoscopy, surgery, dental, among others.

You can intentionally boost your mood by listening to positive music. The ability of music to manage or reduce stress is what meditation is based on.

Improve Memory

Music has repetitive aspects of melodies, and rhythm can help your brain to form patterns that are critical in enhancing your memory.

Pain Management

Studies have shown that patients who listened to music before undergoing surgery experienced less pain and had overall satisfaction than those who didn’t.

Help You Sleep Better

You probably have experienced insomnia at one point in life or another. Sleeplessness is a serious condition that affects people of all ages and races. Amongst the various remedies applied to the issue, listening to relaxing music such as classic is an effective, safe, and affordable solution.

Improve Your Mood

Music plays a critical role in moods and arousal. It can help better your mood and make you more self-aware. Neuroscientists established that listening to music increases positive emotions through the brain’s reward center, thus stimulating the feel-good hormone, dopamine that makes you feel elated.

Help Improve Performance and Endurance

You might have noted that music is played in a gymnasium. Music is known to boost mental and physical stimulation, thus increasing overall performance.

Also, while you may have a specific walking or running step frequency, introducing a stronger rhythmic beat may inspire you to pick up its pace. Music will not only make you ran faster but motivate you and enhance greater endurance.

May Improve Immune Functioning

Listening to soothing music can increase your IgA levels, a critical antibody against infections. The ability of music to alter the emotional and mental states, thus the autonomic nervous system makes it have a direct and indirect effect on the immune system.

Strengths Learning and Memory

You will all agree that hearing a familiar song evokes a certain memory related to the music. A favorite song tickling your memory proves that music is deeply ingrained in our memory.

In Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, music has been found to stimulate parts of the brain and enhance their memory. Not that you have to be sick. You can use music to assist your children in retaining information, thus enhance learning.

Boosts Intelligence and Provoke Creativity

You probably have heard about the ‘Mozart Effect’ and how music can boost your IQ. Researchers conclude that listening to music helps organize the launching of the nerve cells in the right brain, known for its higher functions. Therefore, enabling it to process information more efficiently.

Listening to inspiring music can help you to perform better on tasks with divergent thinking. If you have tasks that involve coming up with outside-the-box kind of solutions, it’s time you turned on some great music.
You don’t have to feel lonely anymore, let the music keep you company.

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