The Ten of Cups is a great card in the positive position because it represents satisfaction, joy, fulfillment, love, and a long-lasting relationship that has successfully grown and developed. Since their backs are towards you in the card, it shows a reflection of the couple's life together, past and future.

Joy goes beyond happiness, contentment, enjoyment. It is the feeling that comes when we know at the deepest level that we are one with all that is, and it is good. Unfortunately, this is not exactly a common feeling! Too often we are blinded by the trials of life and overwhelmed by their challenges. Joy exists, though, and is our birthright.


In 1926, Margaret Mitchell was forced to quit her job as a reporter at the Atlanta Journal to recover from a series of physical injuries. With too much time on her hands, Mitchell soon grew restless. Working on a Remington typewriter, a gift from her second husband, John R. Marsh, in their cramped one-bedroom apartment, Mitchell began telling the story of an Atlanta belle named Pansy O’Hara.

In tracing Pansy’s tumultuous life from the antebellum South through the Civil War and into the Reconstruction era, Mitchell drew on the tales she had heard from her parents and other relatives, as well as from Confederate war veterans she had met as a young girl.

While she was extremely secretive about her work, Mitchell eventually gave the manuscript to Harold Latham, an editor from New York’s MacMillan Publishing. Latham encouraged Mitchell to complete the novel, with one important change: the heroine’s name. Mitchell agreed to change it to Scarlett, now one of the most memorable names in the history of literature.

Published in 1936, Gone with the Wind caused a sensation in Atlanta and went on to sell millions of copies in the United States and throughout the world. While the book drew some criticism for its romanticized view of the Old South and its slaveholding elite, its epic tale of war, passion and loss captivated readers far and wide.

By the time Mitchell won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1937, a movie project was already in the works. The film was produced by Hollywood giant David O. Selznick, who paid Mitchell a record-high $50,000 for the film rights to her book.



On June 29, 2001, Boston doctor Dirk Greineder, 60, is found guilty of first-degree murder in the death of Mabel Greineder, 58, his wife of more than 30 years.

Dirk Greineder was a distinguished allergist. His wife, known as May, worked for him as a nurse and was pursuing an advanced degree in healthcare. The couple had raised three children, and lived in Wellesley, a tony–and usually crime-free–Boston suburb. Neighbors and friends saw the couple as especially close and devoted to each other. Nearly every day, they walked their German shepherds together in a nearby park.

On October 31, 1999, Dirk called 911 from his cell phone to report that his wife had been attacked near a pond at their local park while the two were out for a walk. According to his testimony, he had left his wife to exercise their dog because she had been experiencing back pain, and when he returned to her, he found her beaten body prostrate on the path. She had been nearly decapitated and stabbed in the chest. Police found gloves, a hammer and a pocketknife believed to be used in the murder in a nearby storm drain.

In the course of their investigation, it was discovered that the well-respected and accomplished Dirk Greineder had been living a secret life. Using the alias “Thomas Young,” he had frequently downloaded internet pornography; rang up substantial phone sex bills; and regularly arranged meetings with prostitutes in hotels and at his home office. In fact, police found that he had contacted a prostitute the day after his wife’s murder. Believing that the doctor had killed his wife in order to more freely pursue his extramarital sexual activities, he was arrested in mid-November 1999.

Over the course of the trial, prosecutors described how Dirk had set up a phony company and used it to apply for a corporate credit card in the name “Thomas Young”; that he had frequently solicited group sex and escorts; and that this behavior seemed to become almost obsessive in the week before his wife’s murder. In those seven days, the doctor contacted several prostitutes, had sex with at least one, and sometimes spent more than four hours per day on internet porn sites, in addition to keeping up with a demanding career.

Several witnesses testified that May had become increasingly insecure about the marriage, and had become focused on buying new clothes, exercising more often and had even thought about getting a face lift. Prosecutors pointed to the conclusion that May either had discovered her husband’s secret life, or was getting very close, and that Dirk wanted her out of the way. Read More


Actress Jayne Mansfield dies in car crash

Blonde bombshell actress Jayne Mansfield is killed instantly on this day in 1967 when the car in which she is riding strikes the rear of a trailer truck on Interstate-90 east of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Mansfield had been on her way to New Orleans from Biloxi, Mississippi, where she had been performing a standing engagement at a local nightclub; she had a television appearance scheduled the following day. Ronald B. Harrison, a driver for the Gus Stevens Dinner Club, was driving Mansfield and her lawyer and companion, Samuel S. Brody, along with three of Mansfield’s children with her ex-husband Mickey Hargitay, in Stevens’ 1966 Buick Electra.

On a dark stretch of road, just as the truck was approaching a machine emitting a thick white fog used to spray mosquitoes (which may have obscured it from Harrison’s view), the Electra hit the trailer-truck from behind. Mansfield, Harrison and Brody were all killed in the accident. Eight-year-old Mickey, six-year-old Zoltan and three-year-old Marie, or Mariska, had apparently been sleeping on the rear seat; they were injured but survived.

Born Vera Jayne Palmer in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, Mansfield arrived in Hollywood as a young wife and mother (to daughter Jayne Marie) in 1954, determined to become an actress. From the beginning, she wasn’t afraid to make the most of her assets, particularly her curvaceous figure, flowing platinum blonde hair and dazzling smile. Cast in the Broadway comedy “Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?”, she turned heads as a voluptuous, dumb blonde movie star; in one famous scene she appeared in nothing but a white towel.

She famously appeared nude in the 1963 comedy “Promises! Promises!”, and stills from the set appeared in Playboy magazine, but her best performance was generally believed to have been in 1957’s “The Wayward Bus,” based on the John Steinbeck novel and costarring Joan Collins. While her screen career amounted to about a dozen less-than-memorable films, off screen she played the movie star role to perfection, and became one of the most visible glamour girls of the era. rip Jayne


Whenever two forces are drawn together, there is the potential for bonding. This card can stand for the union of any two entities - people, groups, ideas, or talents. In readings, the Two of Cups tells you to look for connections in your life, especially those that are one-on-one.

Now is not the time to separate or stay apart. It is the time to join with another and work as a partnership. If you are in conflict, look for truce and the chance to forgive and be forgiven. If you are struggling with two choices or tendencies within yourself, seek to reconcile them.



Legendary King Crimson Violinist David Cross To Release New Collaborative Album “Crossing The Tracks”

Featuring guest appearances by Sonja Kraushofer, Anne-Marie Hurst, Ofra Haza, Kimberly Freeman, Marion Küchenmeister & Eva O

Los Angeles - Renowned electric violinist David Cross, best known for his work with King Crimson and prolific solo career, presents this new collection of studio recordings featuring a diverse array of styles and moods!

The collaborative album includes both instrumental tracks as well as vocal performances by guest singers Sonja Kraushofer of L'Ame Immortelle, Anne-Marie Hurst of Skeletal Family, acclaimed Israeli singer Ofra Haza, Christian Death vocalist Eva O and more!

“Crossing the Tracks” is an exciting new departure for me.

Cleopatra Records and producer Jurgen Engler presented me with twelve tracks and gave me free reign to play on all of them, hence 'Crossing the tracks.'

This was an unusual situation for me as I am generally composer/performer/producer, albeit in collaboration with other band members, and I wasn't sure how I would fare as a 'session' player.
However the lure of artistic freedom and a new musical challenge was too strong to resist.

I wanted to stay true to the existing compositions and performances by the other artists and yet create an impact on the music by adding melody, string parts and solos. I surprised myself by having real fun doing this - I just had to play the violin and follow my instincts (leaving those difficult production decisions to Jurgen!).

I love the cover artwork - heading for the light at the end of the tunnel without getting derailed!

David Cross June 2018

David Cross is currently wrapping up a tour with Italian prog rockers Le Orme and will continue to book performances through 2018!

Track List:
1. White Bird feat. Sonja Kraushofer
2. Kalahari Fantasy
3. For What It's Worth feat. Anne-Marie Hurst
4. Prince Of Darkness
5. Love Me feat. Ofra Haza
6. Into The Oblique
7. The Light Inside Me feat. Kimberly Freeman
8. Shifting Sands
9. Hero Of Kingdom feat. Marion Küchenmeister
10. Hallelujah
11. The Key feat. Ofra Haza
12. Shadows Do Know feat. Eva O

To purchase:


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Arthur Brown in his Crazy World and Jimmy Ryan of The Hit Men

NEW YORK (June 25, 2018) ― Fifty years since he scored the sizzling 1968 chart-topper, “Fire,” Arthur Brown celebrated his 76th birthday over the weekend (Sunday, June 24) as a pioneer of shock rock and progressive rock, and heavy metal influencer, with his rock ‘n’ roll sideshow, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown.

Jimmy Ryan of THE HIT MEN, who played bass on The Crazy World of Arthur Brown’s 1969 tour shortly after his own band, The Critters, had folded, can still feel the heat, remembering the adventure of "living up to the 'Crazy'" as a new member of a band whose flamboyant leader was often referred in the press as “The God of Hellfire.”

Just how crazy – and hot - was it? Let’s just say Ryan got a crash - and burn! - course in “Arthur Brownology” on his first date with the band at the famous Wollman Skating Rink in Central Park.

“I had read that on a previous gig, Arthur had performed dressed up as the Pope, screaming, ‘I am the God of Hellfire,’ and for his finale, exposed himself - an interesting teaching moment for young Catholics, the world over!,” recounts Ryan now lead guitarist of THE HIT MEN, the popular “real deal” musicians who each have helped deliver dozens of hits to the superstar artists of the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s.

“For our gig with Arthur, he simplified his attire with magician’s robes, war paint and a burning lyre headdress/helmet, and we were made to wear warlock cloaks and hoods, but we were forgiven the face paint. We began our show, and with a little difficulty, I managed to keep my floor length, flowing cloak from interfering with my bass strings.

“Did I mention, Arthur liked to light his head on fire? As we cranked through our dark, distorted organ, pounding and pulsing bass-and-drums set Arthur, in a moment of screaming, psychotic reverie, forgot I was behind him, and hurled his lighter fluid-fueled, blazing headdress up and backwards, where it came to rest beneath my cloak.

I was looking at (keyboardist) Paul Glanz at the time and only realized what had happened when I felt some red alert heat creeping up my bare legs and private parts (it was summer - no pants under my cloak). I began to spew four letter words in rapid fire, screaming and leaping around the stage, initially dragging the burning helmet with me under the cloak, unable to kick it free.

Arthur thought I was ‘performing,’ absorbed in his insane, hell fire thing and was cheering me on. I thought I was about to meet the real God of Hellfire and go up in flames like a suicidal monk, right on the stage in front of 3,500 people! The stage crew was on it and came racing at me with a fire extinguisher, but Murphy’s Law of burning robes fortunately did not kick in.

I managed to leap free before ignition/immolation, and they hosed the helmet instead of me. The irony was that Arthur kept going, unaware that anything was out of the ordinary, and the cheering crowd, pumping their two-fingered, metal head fists in the air, was treated to what they believed was me being possessed by demons, and doing the burning (literally) psycho hell dance.

“With that I’d like to wish my old boss, Arthur Brown a very Happy Birthday, and many happy...hell fires?”

After decades of helping deliver dozens of hits with the likes of Paul McCartney, Elton John, Rod Stewart, and Carly Simon, THE HIT MEN have taken their next major step toward stardom on their own terms, with the release of their first original music video from their first original single, “You Can’t Fight Love,” off the new album, DON’T STOP.

From transistor radios, vinyl, 8-track tapes and cassettes to the Sony Walkman, CD's, digital downloads and the Apple iPod, THE HIT MEN ― Ryan (lead guitar/vocals), Lee Shapiro (keyboards/vocals), Jeff Ganz (bass/vocals), Russ Velazquez (vocalist/keyboardist/percussionist), and Steve Murphy (drummer/vocalist) ― have seen and heard it all.

And they have the stories to go with it! The Don’t Stop U.S. Tour, having already criss-crossed the U.S. with an all-new production featuring the most recent chapters in THE HIT MEN’s “Hits-tory,” resumes in August.






August 9: Clayton Opera House, Clayton, NY

August 15: Cape May Convention Center, Cape May NJ

August 18: West End Cruise Night & Classic Car Show, Long Branch, NJ

September 29: Friends of the PAC, Middleton, WI

October 12: Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, CT

October 13: State Theater, Easton, PA

October 20: Vinegar Hill Music Theater, Arundel, ME

October 27: Honeywell Center, Wabash, IN

October 28: The Holland Theater, Bellefontaine, OH

November 10: GSU PAC, University Park, IL

November 15: Cox Performing Arts Center at Dixie State Univ., St. George, UT

December 2: Katherine Hepburn Theater, Old Saybrook, CT


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Looking forward to the next royal wedding? Princess Eugenie's (pronunciation:YOO-junnee) wedding to Jack Brooksbank will take place on October 12, 2018.

The Duke of York made the announcement recently on Twitter. He added that the wedding would take place at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle.

Jack's grandmother had suggested that the couple had hoped to marry in September - but that proved to be impossible. The Queen and Prince Philip traditionally spend the month at Balmoral, in Scotland.

An added complication was the diary of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after their May wedding. They are expected to go on a tour, with September thought to be a possibility. And with the 2018 Invictus Games, the sports tournament for injured servicemen and women set up by Prince Harry, taking place from 18 to 29 October in Sydney, Australia, diaries are certainly crowded that month. Stayed tuned for more info on the event. and YES Fergie will be treated with a little more respect...


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German Music Legends Guru Guru Celebrate 50 Years With New CD “Rotate!”

50 years of Guru Guru – that’s 50 years of Krautrock!

Dudenhofen, Germany – If you hadn’t believed possible that Mani Neumeier and his Guru Guru still rank among Germany’s most active and prolific rock bands, well, then you’d be proven wrong!

Founded in 1968, the year of the student’s revolt in Germany, Guru Guru has reached their 50th anniversary and still maintains their innovative spirit. Where many a musician made it big as a one-hit-wonder just to fade into oblivion soon after, Guru Guru carved their way outside the mainstream and short lived trends by blending experimental rock, avant-garde, jazz and world music into an unique, original form of rock ‘n’ roll.

No one will deny that there were ups and downs, but nowadays, Mani (Drums/Percussion/Vocals) shares the stage with two long-standing companions. Roland Schaeffler (Guitar/Saxophone/Vocals) and Peter Kuhmstedt (Bass/Vocals) have been with Guru Guru for more than 40 years. The passing of Hans Reffert, aged 69 (Feb. 21, 2016), was a severe blow, but with newly recruited guitar player Jan Lindqvist they overcame this tragedy and proved that they are not in the least tired of creating music.

Those four “Krautrockers” are living legends and next to the Rolling Stones among the longest-serving rock bands on this planet. Mani and Mick are in fact standing next to each other in the Tokyo House of Wax! Mani Neumeier and his Gurus are the epitome of a band that defies musical trends and fads and transcends limitations and genres even on their newest CD called “Rotate!”

After more than 40 releases (LP, CD & DVD), Guru Guru demonstrates that the “overhauled Flagship of German rock” – as they have been called by the German magazine Musikexpress – have not lost their ability to entrance and provide an extraordinary spectacle. Songs like “Ooga Booga Special” span the decades, from the early days of “Magic Tree” to their latest studio album “Rotate!” which has been released to celebrate the band’s 50th anniversary in 2018. Never to be missed of course is the immortal “Elektroluch”: The underground hit that has written “Krautrock” history and is, to this day, an intregal part in the band’s live performance.

Whoever thought that Guru Guru would slow down or that Mani would retire to a quiet life in the countryside couldn’t be more wrong. After 50 years they continue to go their own way because they’ve always been – and still are unique!

To purchase Guru Guru’s “Rotate!”:


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The SavCo Hospitality Summer Classic Film Series Brings Nostalgic Treasures to the Michigan Theater

(Ann Arbor, Michigan – June 25, 2018) The SavCo Hospitality Summer Classic Film Series, presented with media support from MLive, returns to the Michigan Theater with more selections than ever. The series will be celebrating generations of filmmakers and their nostalgic treasures beginning in July and continuing all summer long. Screenings will take place in the Michigan Theater Screening Room on Sundays at 1:30 PM and Tuesdays at 7:00 PM.

The lineup will kick off with a James Bond retrospective Double-O Summer. Watch all of the different Bond men throughout the franchise jump from buildings, swoon the ladies and save the world.

DR. NO (1962) - Sunday, July 1 at 1:30PM
FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE (1963) - Tuesday, July 3 at 7:00P
GOLDFINGER (1964) - Sunday, July 8 at 1:30PM
ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE (1969) - Tuesday, July 10 at 7:00PM
LIVE AND LET DIE (1973) Sponsored by Ann Arbor State Bank - Sunday, July 15 at 1:30PM
MOONRAKER (1979) - Tuesday, July 17 at 7:00PM
THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS (1987) - Sunday, July 22 at 1:30PM
GOLDENEYE (1995) - Tuesday, July 24 at 7:00PM
CASINO ROYALE (2006) - Sunday, July 29 at 1:30PM
SKYFALL (2012) - Tuesday, July 31 at 7:00PM

Following Double-O Summer, will be 50th Anniversary Celebrations. Celebrate the legacy of a selection of films from 1968, which will include Funny Girl, Thomas Crown Affair, and The Odd Couple.

FUNNY GIRL (1968) Sponsored by European Wax Center - Sunday, August 5 at 1:30PM and Tuesday, August 7 at 7:00PM
THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR (1968) Sponsored by Format Framing - Sunday, August 12 at 1:30PM and Tuesday, August 14 at 7:00PM
THE ODD COUPLE (1968) Sponsored by Tios - Sunday, July 8 at 1:30PM

Finally, we will finish the summer by continuing traditions with a Sing-A-Long of Beauty and the Beast, and a screening of Casablanca that is free for students.

SING ALONG BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (1991) Sponsored by Sweetwaters on Liberty - Sunday, August 26 at 1:30PM and Tuesday, August 28 at 7:00PM
CASABLANCA (1942) – Monday, September 3 at 7:00PM
For more series information, please visit http://www.michtheater.org/summer-classics.


1960’s might simply be the most interesting period of time in human history. This is quite a loud statement, but it is based on the solid deviance. It was the era of revolutions: political, sexual, cultural, and technical. Instead of spreading our attention to all of the exciting events and transformation that were taking place during that period, we will focus on the epic and refreshing 60’s music. Flowers, experiments, hallucinations, and otherworldliness is guaranteed!

The Beatles, “A Day In a Life”

It is a pretty tough task to pick one Beatles song to describe this swinging decade. Their music started the rock-and-roll craze, the age of musical hysteria, big bands, and total sound revolution. Taking inspiration from other cultures and, certainly, some medical substances, The Beatles has many hits. We just happen to think that “A Day In a Life” sounds nice and has great lyrics, as well as experimental structure. But honestly, any Beatles song can easily make the list of the most popular songs of all times.

Jimi Hendrix, “All Along The Watchtower”

Though it is not the original song, Bob Dylan’s cover, Jimi Hendrix, the genius he had been, presented his own version. The story goes that after hearing it, Dylan decided to change it in Hendrix’s favor. His guitar solos are the epitome of the sixties and blooming festival culture. However, the music was so unconventional and complex, that even Hendrix’s guitarist friend walked out from the performance.

The Velvet Underground, “I’m Waiting For The Man”

When we think about influential figures of the 1960’s, we often think about Andy Warhol. He has developed the whole pop-art movement and aesthetic visual feeling of the era. But how he is connected with music, one might ask. Well, he has produced The Velvet Underground, New York band with very distinctive 60’s sound. Their trippy sound and texts became a signature sound of the age of Summer of Love.

Bob Dylan, “Like a Rolling Stone”

If you haven’t heard this song, then we cannot help but wonder where you have been the last 50 years? This is one of the most popular old songs, and it keeps bewildering minds of the music lovers. Dylan’s lyrics have become a hymn of his times full of freedom, uncertainty, and discoveries. The music makes quite an impression, partially due to the organ notes. If the spirit of the Hippie era is captured somewhere at all its beauty, it is safe to say that this piece is a very close match to such title.

Elvis Presley, “Can't Help Falling In Love”

Talking about the sixties without mentioning the king of rock-n-roll is impossible. He has changed not only the perception of pop and rock music but also the society’s attitude toward sex appeal and style. Despite numerous swinging and swaying tracks, in this list of top songs, we have decided to include his lyrical love song. Sweet and tender, this musical number will be forever associated with cute and lovely times of the first, but not least love. If you would like to write a romantic ballad or a daring story, you can get help with this custom essay writing service and try to compete with Elvis.

The Stooges, “I Wanna Be Your Dog”

Rebel spirit is often forgotten in the face of the pacifist and hippie philosophies of the era. However, in many aspects, the 60s were the revolutionary times. And if we are mentioning rebels, there is no way around The Stooges. Being from Ann Arbor, they have this deep underground, industrial sound to them; the lyrics also played a huge part in the controversy around the song. The text is raw and direct, which makes it even more sensational. This song is often perceived as an early prediction of the Detroit’s unfortunate fate.

The Ronettes, “Be My Baby”

1960’s are often seen as a birth time of the so-called teenage culture. With the rise of financial stability, education, and general level of life, the need in early labor has dissipated, and the young people emerged as the newly formed sector of society with a lot of free time and some cash on their hands. Thus, the new demand for a special type of music has appeared, the lightweight, flirty pop songs that would entertain the teenage audience while providing the beat to dance to. “Be my baby” is the great and one of the most famous examples of such concept. Being named as one of the most popular songs of all times, it is certainly one of the best songs of the 60s.

The Mamas & The Papas, “California Dreamin’”
Simple ideas usually give great results. A similar thing happened to a famed song by this cult band. A simple desire for a warmer climate has turned into one of the biggest hits of the century. Did we forget to mention a hippie vibe and groovy sound?

David Bowie, “Space Oddity”

Nothing is really possible without David Bowie. He has influenced music, style, gender views, and much more, including with this famed song of his. This goes in tune with the 1960’s as an era of discoveries, space conquering and universe’s secrets being unveiled. Sticking to the dreamy and trippy musical atmosphere, this piece is highly descriptive of its times, while also being a timeless somehow. Seat back, relax, take your protein pills and put your helmet on, and enjoy Space Oddity.

Louis Armstrong, “What a Wonderful Life”

In conclusion to our list, we have decided to put this beautiful song by the truly defining musician Louis Armstrong. Even though the sixties is not exactly a jazz era, without this vivid music movement there would be no rock-n-roll, no Beatles, Elvises, etc. The experiments, the vibrancy, the spiritual richness of jazz paved the way for much more styles to come and completely change the way we listen to the music.



Why Watches Are Still Loved By Celebrities

The watch industry has registered significant growth in the last couple of years. This is regardless of the fact that watches only tell time, something that phones and computers can also do.

Celebrities are among the prominent people who have a passion for watches and exchange them like clothes. Apart from celebrities, political figures such as heads of state bestow watches upon their hosts during state visits.

Also, it is not uncommon to hear stories of people stealing watches from wealthy footballers.

The question that follows is why do celebrities love watches and spend hundreds and millions of dollars on them? Here are a few reasons:

• People use watches primarily to tell time and are no different for celebrities.

Watches are almost obsolete and have been replaced by smartphones. However, fishing a phone every time you want to check time is desperate and rude. For instance, it is rude to keep pulling out your phone in a conversation to check time.

For this reason, celebrities who have to maintain a good image with the public, have to wear watches to check time conveniently and politely. Watches help celebrities stick to their busy schedules and keep time.

Watches are a must-have accessory, and people are always looking out for the watch a celeb is wearing.

A good example is Dean Winchester in the series Supernatural. People are not concerned about the weapons in the series or the actor’s dress code but on the watch, the actor is wearing.

• Watches portray a person's true character.

By looking at a person's watch, you can tell so much about them. Celebrities believe that their watches communicate non-verbally who they are to their fans and the public. Men, unlike women, have limited dress code choices and are left to switch between suits, shirts, and jeans. Therefore, watches come in handy to supplement the limited dress code and provide an avenue for celebrities to express their personality.

New models of watches that a celeb wears portrays something about him/her. For instance, a celeb endowed in a Pilot Watch from IWC depicts his jet-setter and mysterious character. A celeb who wears a Panerai from the 1950s exposes his conservative and intriguing nature. In some occasions, watches do not necessarily say about the price of the watch but about a person's beliefs. Also, celebs wear watches to portray what they are feeling at the moment. New models of watches

• Celebrities love watches because they are a sign of extravagance.

Celebrities spend so much money on expensive watches and wearing them in public portrays their lavishness. Traditionally, celebrities used flashy cars to show off. Nevertheless, nowadays cars are unpopular because they are big, dangerous, and environmentally unfriendly.

The next new thing is a watch that is portable, does not pollute the environment, and is visible to everyone. Unlike cars that are left parked in the garage, a celebrity carries their watch with them all day for everyone to see. Watches are discreet symbols of style that are manageable, unlike sports cars and yachts. Watches are an acceptable form of male jewelry.

As opposed to other jewellry such as bangles, rings, and chains that raise eyebrows, watches are suitable jewels for men. Celebrities still love watches because they are a symbol of status and style. A majority of people perceive watches as a symbol of status. Many watchmakers such as Rolex spend millions of dollars, time, and personnel to ascertain that their products are associated with prestige, status, and glamour.

• Celebs especially male ones love watches because they have a technical aspect.

The watch industry is taking advantage of the extraordinary growth in the sector to produce watches that have numerous features and complex in construction. Also, they are using technology to develop new models of watches and incorporate a multitude of functions into the watch. A watch indicates that a celeb is a member of a certain club. Majorly, the celebrities are members of the unspoken club of persons who understand and appreciate Haute Horlogerie. Celebrities are more than actors, sportsmen, musicians, and political figures who invent and inspire major trends in watches.

Celebrities are among the famous people who still love watches and are willing to spend hundreds or even millions of dollars on them. They love watches because they are a symbol of style, status, and extravagance, tell time, portray their character, and are acceptable male jewelry. Following this trend, the watch industry will continue to grow, and more technical and innovative watches will be designed. Due to the influential nature of celebrities, watches will become an essential accessory for everyone.
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