David Lee Gilbert December 4, 1951 – August 1, 2001 

This is the 10 th Anniversary of the passing of Dave Gilbert... In his honor we are re running the story written by his widow and Pam Green.... It is a very lovely piece...

Story by D. Petra Gilbert and Pam Green

Dave Gilbert was charismatic. Dave Gilbert was a phenomenal lead singer. And despite his rock star status, he had a humble heart. David Lee Gilbert died nine years ago and friends, family and fans still miss his wide grin, distinctive laugh, and his willingness to listen to anyone who needed to be heard.

Despite his physical deterioration from liver cancer, in mid-winter of 2001, David traveled by train to a retreat in the Adirondack Mountains to cleanse his soul, continue his faith in sobriety and write about his life. On his last full day on earth, 7.31.01, David Lee Gilbert entered St. Joseph Mercy Hospital where he passed on to the other side in room 731 with his wife by his side.

The son of deaf mute parents, 10-year-old David discovered his singing voice and knew that he had found his passion and path.

In ‘67, Gilbert and high school friends formed a band named the Midwest Tree Company. When the band broke up in 1970, Gilbert moved to Ann Arbor and joined Shaky Jake, managed by Skitch Hill.

David’s first wife, Terry Valdez vividly remembers those times. “He started working with Shaky Jake band and we had a room in the Hill St house in Ann Arbor”.

It was at that house in January ‘71 that Ted Nugent asked Gilbert to join him and the Amboy Dukes. Before they got their own apartment, Terry and Dave lived with Nugent and his fiancé, which worked well as “David wasn’t getting high at that time,” recalls Valdez.

Survival of the Fittest had just been released and although Gilbert wasn’t on the vinyl, he toured the country with Nugent and the Dukes for more than a year. Traveling with Ted and other band members as they crossed the country to play The Whiskey in LA, “David and I were in the back of the station wagon. We played games,” recalls Terry. And according to Valdez, the vibe between Ted and Dave was always good.

“He loved David,” Terry says. “Ted was proud of David’s talent.” And when David wanted to form his own band Shadow with his brother Marc, Valdez adamantly states that the parting with Nugent was amicable.


In 1974, David was numbing the profound pain of losing his mother with alcohol and drugs. He took his dad to LA for a break and considered not singing anymore. Instead of quitting music, he joined New Order with Ron Asheton, and Dennis “Machine Gun” Thompson. They lived in the Coronet Apartment house on Sunset. It was the mid-70s, blow was abundant and Dave’s addiction was at a peak. The New Order cut an album, but sensing that it musically wasn’t a good fit for him, Gilbert returned to Detroit.

At the end of ‘75, Dave formed Wolf Ticket. Backed by Russ Gibb, the group jelled and just before they were leaving for LA, Gilbert jammed with a band called the Rockets at the Roadhouse. Ironically, Rocket founders Johnny "Bee" Badanjek and Jim McCarty were musicians Dave idolized since his pre-teen days of sneaking in through a bathroom window at the Casino to see them play in Billy Lee and the Rivieras. They then became Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels.

Instead of joining the band immediately, Gilbert, without a word, went to LA to promote Wolf Ticket. When Dave returned to Detroit, the Rockets were recording Love Transfusion with Don Davis who insisted on finding a lead singer and front man. According to legend, Gilbert walked in, was given lyrics, sang five takes of a song and the first take made it to the album.

Recording six albums together, the Rockets were prolific. Although they never achieved top tier national status, they were sought after as a hard rocking opening act and toured with Bob Seger, Kiss, the Who, and ZZ Top, to name but a few.

Gilbert was an engaging performer whose astounding rock and roll voice captivated audiences and cultivated a legion of fans. Grateful, Gilbert always had a smile, a kind word, and time to sign an autograph. When the Rockets disbanded, Dave worked with well-known Detroit musicians in Roadhouse, followed by the Homewreckers and Sunz Uf Phun.

From a comment on a Facebook link, Bogdon Vasquaf writes, “I did a gig with Dave and the Homewreckers… Dave couldn’t hear the PA and he refused to have the band play quieter…  Dave demanded the monitors be removed from the stage because he didn’t want to see them (he kicked off his floor monitor)… I thought he was being unreasonable until he sang with all his heart and we could hear him on stage over the guitars and drums blaring. 

Dave Gilbert is one of the all time great rock and roll singers ever to live.”   Dave on the job happy Ultimately, he left his full-time musical career behind, learned the trade of applying Dryvit, a synthetic stucco finish used on exteriors, married his longtime friend and love, and to the delight of Detroit audiences, continued jamming with local bands. 

Gilbert was proud of transitioning to a “normal” drug free life, when he was diagnosed with liver cancer. Dave with friends at the Dave Gilbert Benefit Show In October 1999, friends, fans, local musicians, and DJs coordinated a benefit concert in Gilbert’s hometown of Union Lake to raise money for his medical expenses.   

Despite his illness, he was filled with love and gratitude for those who attended and he joyfully performed with the Rockets and other musicians. Jimmy McCarty and Dave Gilbert Michael McIntyre, former DJ at WCSX (now at Nashville’s RQQ), sent a message saying, “…I still have all of my Rockets vinyl. 

Every time I hear Dave doing his thing, it just brings back so many memories of seeing the guys live. I just worshipped Dave when I was a kid and anytime he sings it brings a big ‘ole Detroit grin to my face. Just wanted to let you know I’ve never forgotten about Dave. He was a rock n roll star.”


Jonas Sluizas CTN TV

It is my great pleasure to announce that all the hard work videoing my events and others will be shown on channel 17 tomorrow night only in the Ann Arbor area but that's a start toward getting a Retro: Kimmer cable tv show now isn't it?

Jonas goes with me to most of my large events and shows. He filmed the Ivan Kral BLANK Generation film screening at the Michigan Theater this past Thursday night! We have filmed rock shows and parties all over the Detroit area. So stay tuned you may be in these videos! We will find a way to make a dvd set for those of you who can't see the show. Or go visit an Ann Arbor friend tomorrow night! I'd like to personally thank Jonas for his hard work and professionalism he possesses. He is a joy to work with and we all love him very much! Thank you Jonas so much! KIM

"The Way We Rock #2" on Community Television Network

Dear Jonas Sliuzas:

Your program "The Way We Rock #2" is scheduled to premiere on your COMMUNITY TELEVISION NETWORK, CABLE CHANNEL 17 or 18 - Sunday, 8/1/10 at 8:00pm.

Additional replay times include: Monday, 8/2 at 6:00pm & 11:30pm; Tuesday, 8/3 at 1:00pm; Thursday, 8/5 at 7:00pm; Saturday, 8/7 at 4:30pm; Sunday, 8/8 at 8:00pm; Thursday, 8/12 at 7:00pm; and Friday, 8/13 at 1:30pm; all on cable channel 17 or 18 in Washtenaw County.

Thank you for showing your support of the community media by sharing your programming with our community.


Craig Kuras

Public Access Programmer



Edgar Winter Susie Forkin Johnny Bee Badanjek Photo: Susie Forkin's Camera :)

My buddies Johnny Bee Badanjek (Bee video) the legendary drummer, the fabulous Motor City Rah Rah Susie Forkin and their friends got to catch the Ringo All Starr Band Show on the July 23rd at Caesars in Windsor! The show I heard was fantastic as my pal Robin in South Florida caught the show in Hollywood on the 15th! Me? I am home banged up and injured from my catastrophic trip and fall at the Ann Arbor Art Fair....:(

Band includes: Edgar Winter, Gary Wright and All Starr newcomers are Rick Derringer, Richard Page (Mr. Mister) home town boys, Wally Palmar (Romantics), and Gregg Bissonette returns on drums with Ringo Starr.

Johnny forwarded Susie's cool photos and a little story to go with it! (Since I was home stuck with bandaids, bactine, and pain killers) sigh... they had a great time and I'll let BEE tell you about it!

From Johnny BEE:

It was The Ringo And His All-Starrs Tour with hometown boy Wally Palmar of The Romantics along with Edgar Winter and Rick Derringer of (The McCoys of the Hang On Sloopy & Rock & roll Hootchie Choo fame) and also the producer of Free Ride, Edgar Winter's There Only Come out At Night album. Along with Richard Page of Mister Mister and famous session player Gary Wright who wrote Dream Weaver and Warren, Michigan native Greg Bissonette on drums along with Ringo Starr of The Beatles fame.

 Susie Forkin and Sue Podell

These pictures were taken backstage by Susie Forkin and her lover and great grandson of Herr Dr. Freud the wild and wooly Albert Freud.

A good time was had by all backstage and It's always good to catch up with the latest news and see how everybody's doing. And then the show was about to begin and the house-lights came down and band kicked into a rousing version of It Don't Come Easy and the star of the show came bouncin' out of the wings to a standing ovation and the show was a fabulous success.


Edgar Winter, Johnny Bee Badanjek and Albert Freud.
After hearing Ringo's hits and some versions of his solo work, Ringo passed the baton around and gave everybody else a chance. So the audience was treated to great verisons of Free Ride, Frankenstein, Talkin' in your sleep, What I like about you, Hang on Sloopy, Rock & Roll Hootchie Choo, Dream Weaver, Broken wing and many others.

Sue and Doug Podell with Steve Badalament

Ringo closed out the night when the crowd rushed the stage to hear With a little help from my friends and Give Peace a Chance. The audience went home smilin' and happy to see a Beatle in their home town. Yeah, yeah yeah, Yeahhhhh!

Thanks for the on the scene post BEE!

The Rest of Ringo's Tour Dates: Get Tickets HERE

07.28.10 Calgary AB Jubilee Theatre
07.30.10 Spokane WA Northern Quest
07.31.10 Woodinville WA Chateau St. Michelle
08.01.10 Eugene OR Cuthbert Amphitheatre
08.03.10 Saratoga CA Mountain Winery
08.05.10 Rancho Mirage CA Agua Caliente Casino
08.06.10 San Diego CA Humphrey's
08.07.10 Los Angeles CA Greek Theatre

I love drummers! and the Rah Rahs!!!



See Ivan's interview from this morning!

(myFOXDetroit.com Staff) - The Michigan Theater is teaming up with the Shelter Association of Washtenaw County to present a very special event for rock music fan on Thursday, July 29.

The centerpiece of the evening is a screening of BLANK GENERATION, a film documenting the rise of punk rock in New York in the late 1970s. The film includes ultra-rare footage of the Ramones, Talking Heads, Blondie, Patti Smith, Richard Hell & the Voidoids, Television and others performing at legendary nightclub CBGB. Show time is 7:00 p.m.

Filmmaker Ivan Kral, who played guitar, bass and keyboards with the Patti Smith Group for its first four albums, and co-wrote many of the groups early songs, will introduce the film and answer questions from the audience afterward. Kral, a native of Prague, Czechoslovakia, went on to write, record and tour with Iggy Pop, John Cale, John Waite and many others, and continues to produce and perform in his home country.

Learn more at annarborshelter.org


Louis Prima is one of my most favorite Swing Cats and "Mob music" style musicians. I received a double cd set called Mob Hits some years back and being that I am so into all that is retro gangster ala Capone, Giancana, Bonanno, Goodfellas, Godfather, etc. It was the perfect gift for me! On the set was:

Disc 1 1. Volare (Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blu) - Dean Martin 2. Al-Di-La - Jerry Vale 3. I Have But One Heart (from "The Godfather") - Al Martino 4. That's Amore - Dean Martin 5. Mambo Italiano (from "Married to the Mob") - Rosemary Clooney 6. Oh Marie - Louis Prima 7. Lazy Mary Lou Monte 8. Buona Sera - Louis Prima 9. To Each His Own (from "The Godfather III") - Al Martino 10. Non Dimenticar - Jerry Vale 11. Godfather Waltz (from "The Godfather")

Disc 2 1. Angelina/Zooma Zooma (Louis Prima) 2. Return To Me (Dean Martin) 3. Roman Guitar (Jerry Vale) 4. Pretend You Don't See Her (Jerry Vale) 5. On An Evening In Roma (Dean Martin) 6. Domani: Tomorrow (Julius LaRosa) 7. Innamorata: Sweetheart (Dean Martin) 8. Love Me The Way I Love You (Jerry Vale) 9. Eh, Cumpari (Julius LaRosa) 10. Speak Softly Love (Al Martino) 11. My Way (Paul Anka)

 Also as a little kid I loved Louis as the King of Swing King Louie in Jungle Book It was the best time to be a kid and thankfully these films ae still available for children. Click on the link above to see a cool video on Louis Prima and his band creating their parts for the Disney Jungle Book Movie. Louis Prima was awarded posthumously his Star on the Walk of Fame yesterday in LA.

LOS ANGELES – 'King of Swing' Louis Prima has received a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in a centennial celebration that included dancing in the street to his big-band sounds. The influential band leader was honored at a Sunday ceremony on Vine Street attended by his son Louis Prima Jr., who continues the legacy of his father's music, his daughter Lena Prima, celebrities, dignitaries and fans. "Louis Prima was a great entertainer and presented a great show. But more than anything else, he brought happiness to his audiences," said Bill Cosby in a congratulatory message read at the midday ceremony, which also included a concert of Prima's music by Louis Prima Jr.'s big band, The Witnesses, as well as swing-dancing fans. Prima, who died in 1978, would have been 100 years old this year.


9137 S. Figueroa Street, in south-central Los Angeles: site of the former Hacienda Motel (now called the Star Motel), where popular singer Sam Cooke ("You Send Me," "Wonderful World," "Another Saturday Night") was shot death in December of 1964 by a motel manager armed with .22 pistol.

Cooke had taken a woman to the seedy motel, and after the shooting she claimed that he had tried to rape her. However, evidence suggests that she may have been a prostitute who may have tried to rob Cooke, leading to the chase. When Cooke broke down the door of the manager's office, where he mistakenly believed the woman had gone, the shocked manager shot him. See where the motel was located HERE

It was found as a justified homicide. But I think it is time for a reinvestigation of this cold case. Maybe there might be DNA evidence? Or maybe all parties are deceased at this time. It sure was a shocking way to lose such a legend as Sam Cooke "The King Of Soul"

 The details of the case involving Cooke's death are still in dispute. The official police record states that Cooke was shot dead by Bertha Franklin, manager of the Hacienda Motel, where Cooke had checked in earlier that evening. Franklin claimed that Cooke had broken into the manager's office-apartment in a rage, wearing nothing but a shoe and a sports coat demanding to know the whereabouts of a woman who had accompanied him to the hotel.

Franklin said that the woman was not in the office and that she told Cooke this, but the enraged Cooke did not believe her and violently grabbed her, demanding again to know the woman's whereabouts.

According to Franklin, she grappled with Cooke, the two of them fell to the floor, and she then got up and ran to retrieve her gun. She said that she then fired at Cooke in self-defense, because she feared for her life. Cooke was struck once in the torso, and according to Franklin, he exclaimed, "Lady, you shot me," before mounting a last charge at her. She said that she beat him over his head with a broomstick before he finally fell, mortally wounded by the gunshot.

 According to Franklin and to the motel's owner, Evelyn Carr, they had been on the telephone together at the time of the incident. Thus, Carr claimed to have overheard Cooke's intrusion and the ensuing conflict and gunshots. Carr called the police to request that they go to the motel, informing them that she believed a shooting had occurred.

A coroner's inquest was convened to investigate the incident. The woman who had accompanied Cooke to the motel was identified as Elisa Boyer, who had also called the police that night shortly before Carr. Boyer had called the police from a telephone booth near the motel, telling them she had just escaped being kidnapped.

Boyer told the police that she had first met Cooke earlier that night and had spent the evening in his company. She claimed that after they left a local nightclub together, she had repeatedly requested that he take her home, but he instead took her against her will to the Hacienda Motel.

She claimed that once in one of the motel's rooms, Cooke physically forced her onto the bed and that she was certain he was going to rape her. According to Boyer, when Cooke stepped into the bathroom for a moment, she quickly grabbed her clothes and ran from the room. She claimed that in her haste, she had also scooped up most of Cooke's clothing by mistake. 

She said that she ran first to the manager's office and knocked on the door seeking help. However, she said that the manager took too long in responding, so, fearing Cooke would soon be coming after her, she fled the motel altogether before the manager ever opened the door. She claimed she then put her own clothing back on, hid Cooke's clothing, and went to the telephone booth from which she called police.

                                                                   Etta James

In her autobiography, Rage to Survive, singer Etta James claimed that she viewed Cooke's body in the funeral home and that the injuries she observed were well beyond what could be explained by the official account of Franklin alone having fought with Cooke. James described Cooke as having been so badly beaten that his head was nearly separated from his shoulders, his hands were broken and crushed, and his nose mangled. No concrete evidence supporting a conspiracy theory has been presented to date.

Boyer's story is the only account of what happened between the two that night; however, her story has long been called into question. Inconsistencies between her version of events and details reported by other witnesses, as well as circumstantial evidence (e.g., cash that Cooke was reportedly carrying was never recovered, and Boyer was soon after arrested for prostitution), invited speculation that Boyer may have gone willingly to the motel with Cooke, then slipped out of the room with Cooke's clothing in order to rob him, rather than to escape an attempted rape.

Such questions were ultimately deemed beyond the scope of the inquest,whose purpose was to establish the circumstances of Franklin's role in the shooting, not to determine precisely what had transpired between Cooke and Boyer preceding the event.

Boyer's leaving the motel room with almost all of Cooke's clothing, regardless of exactly why she did so, combined with the fact that tests showed Cooke was inebriated at the time, provided what inquest jurors deemed a plausible explanation for Cooke's bizarre behavior and state of dress, as reported by Franklin and Carr.

This explanation, in conjunction with the fact that Carr's testimony corroborated Franklin's version of events, and the fact that police officials testified that both Boyer and Franklin had passed lie detector tests, was enough to convince the coroner's jury to accept Franklin's explanation, and return a verdict of justifiable homicide. With that verdict, authorities officially closed the case on Cooke's death.

Some of Cooke's family and supporters, however, have rejected Boyer's version of events, as well as those given by Franklin and Carr. They believe that there was a conspiracy to murder Cooke and that the murder took place in some manner entirely different from the three official accounts.

Read More:

My favorite Sam Cooke Song:




OMG I love Madmen the tv show which premiers it's 4th season this Sunday (can't wait!) now has been created as Barbies and Kens from Mattel see their really fantastic video HERE You can buy the dolls HERE I am sure these dolls will go fast and be highly collectibles if mint in box.

I love the Joan doll the most but Betty is really great too.

Here is the new trailer for Madmen 4 for us "Maddicts"

About the Show

Set in 1960s New York, the sexy, stylized and provocative AMC drama Mad Men follows the lives of the ruthlessly competitive men and women of Madison Avenue advertising, an ego-driven world where key players make an art of the sell.

AMC’s Mad Men, winner of three consecutive Golden Globes and back-to-back Emmys for Outstanding Drama Series, returns for a new season rife with possibilities. Last season stunned audiences with its cliffhanger finale, as Don Draper’s professional and personal lives unexpectedly imploded. This year, Jon Hamm and the rest of the breakout ensemble continue to captivate us as they grapple with an uncertain new reality. Welcome to a Mad New World.

Created by Emmy and Golden Globe winning executive producer Matthew Weiner, Mad Men Season 4 is anchored by an award-winning ensemble cast, including Golden Globe winner Jon Hamm, January Jones, Elisabeth Moss, Vincent Kartheiser, Christina Hendricks, John Slattery, Jared Harris, Rich Sommer, Aaron Staton, Robert Morse and Kiernan Shipka.

The Premise: The series revolves around the conflicted world of Don Draper (Hamm), the biggest ad man (and ladies man) in the business, and his colleagues at the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Advertising Agency. As Don makes the plays in the boardroom and the bedroom, he struggles to stay a step ahead of the rapidly changing times and the young executives nipping at his heels. The series also depicts authentically the roles of men and women in this era while exploring the true human nature beneath the guise of 1960s traditional family values.

Check out the new series video featurettes HERE that will get you up to speed on all the lies, scandal and intrigue behind the show.



Debbie Harry of Blondie

Blank Generation is a 1976 clip compilation on punk’s birth in New York. Shot by insider Ivan Kral (ex-guitar Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, Blondie) and edited with underground filmmaker Amos Poe, this rare gem is packed with legendary rebels in their humble beginnings.

The film includes ultra-rare footage of the Ramones, Talking Heads, Blondie, Patti Smith, Richard Hell & the Voidoids, Television and others performing at legendary nightclub CBGB.

This D-I-Y time capsule was filmed by one of punk’s very own - for his personal home movies. It reads like a bunch of friends onstage, because that's what it truly was. Though Kral’s pawnshop camera didn’t record audio, Poe scored band’s demo tapes to create this un-synched 16mm labor of love. Each band’s unique style shines - visually and musically. Historians and filmmakers rely on The Blank Generation for its accuracy. 55 minutes. Not Rated.

The Shelter Association of Washtenaw County presents BLANK GENERATION on Thursday, July 29 at 7:00 PM with live appearance by filmmaker Ivan Kral. This 1976 clip compilation on punk's birth in New York features ultra-rare footage of the Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads, and more! The first 100 people in the door receive a FREE poster. Tickets 10.00 and 7.00 for Theater Members.

This coming Thursday July 29th The Michigan Theater is screening BLANK GENERATION a film by Ivan Kral shot during the early days of punk rock at the infamous CBGBS club in the Bowery section of NYC. I never got to visit this club. I did go to Studio 54 once on a whim with a car load of hairdressers, but not CB's. I was invited to help promote this event and I have invited everyone in Detroit and the surrounding areas and a few other states. People watching in the foyer is worth the ticket price!

A lot of my Detroit based musician friends have played CBGBS .. Funny when CB's is mentioned the main reaction that comes up is how disgustingly bad the bathrooms were at this bar! A few used the term rat infested hell hole, dive, dump and other descriptions as well.... There was more action going on in those bathrooms than on the stage! LOL

CB's "ladies" room
Scott Morgan played there back in the day with The Rationals and then again with Deniz Tek and Powertrane after John Varvatos converted the club to a men's high fashion boutique. Scott told me today about the ordeal of just getting to the bathrooms and then their appalling condition when you went inside. Dennis Thompson (MC5) told me it was just a rat hole to play in but that was the appeal to the rebellious young bands and their fans.

Official CBGBS Site Timeline Ramones Dead Boys Mink Deville John Cale Television Virtual Tour Richard Hell & the Voidoids



Dennis Thompson and Ron Asheton Photo: B. Benaderet
Ron Asheton (July 17, 1948 – January 6, 2009)

Ron Asheton seems to me to be the biggest common denominator in Rock. Everyone loved him, he played with absolutely everyone, produced songs for lesser bands, and he loved his cats. Ron's birthday was yesterday and he would have been 62. Sadly he passed on to the other side last year and it was one of the first stories I wrote for Retrokimmer.com. The post is HERE

My cousin was the Ann Arbor police Sgt (now retired) that headed the investigation of Ron's death. No foul play found I was told.

My little girl then just 10 went to school by Ron's home and I used to see him from time to time getting the mail or in the yard and he always waved though he didn't know me. Gladly I always waved back as I didn't know who he was either! Just a friendly guy is what I thought.

Ron's Interview

In honor of his memory I thought I'd post some of my favorites photos of Ron with my friends and the video series produced by Colonel Galaxy and Niagara to honor Ron.

Rob Younger, Deniz Tek, Ron, and Machinegun in Australia on the New Race First and Last Tour. They look like they are having a blast and taking a break from rehearsing and playing. Dennis has told me stories and so has Deniz. They really loved Ron and both miss him.

Ron Asheton's New Order was his band that almost made it big in Hollywood. Jimmy Recca also a former Stooge, Dennis Thompson, Jeff Spry (rip), Ray Gunn and singer Dave Gilbert (rip) (Rockets) we all members. From the stories I have heard they struggled financially to get the band off the ground, ate boot soup, and then lost it all in one night.


Iggy Pop

The Popped Fan Club package comes in a Polypropylene box with complete reproductions of the original 6 ‘Popped' fan club newsletters from 1969-1971 as written by Natalie ‘Stoogeling' Schlossman. These are a part of Stooges History that you may not have known about if you live outside of the USA or indeed if you do live in the USA. Very few were originally made.

To accompany these newsletters will be a set of unseen, reproduction polaroids & photos taken by Natalie.. A small part of a vast archive, the rest will be used in an upcoming book that Natalie, Per Nilsen and Easy Action are putting together.
We are only going to make a few of these things as it's not for everyone.

From Natalie:

Back in the the day, I used to visit Detroit/Ann Arbor frequently to attend Stooge gigs. I am sure we were in the same place at the same time and knew many of the same people. Anyway, the Fan pack is called Popped and includes all my original fanzines, photos, a live CD with a 20 page booklet of vintage photos of the band taken from '69-71, a reproduction of a Stooge handbill and Tee shirt. Carlton and I have been working on this release for a year now. It is scheduled to release in August and is up on the Easy Action website.

Thousand Lights CD

New York
1. Dirt
2. 1970

Chicago 18th July
3. Loose 3.39
4. Down On the street 5.00
5. 1970 5.26
6. (the shadow of your smile ) - Fun House 9.58
7. L.A Blues 6.08

Gooselake 8th August 1970
8. 1970 ( not an awful lot of bass )

Cincinatti 13th June
9. TV Eye
10. 1970


• Printed Polypropylene Box
• Introductory letter by Natalie ‘Stoogeling'
• Reproductions of all six Popped newsletters
• Reproduction Flyer of Boston Stooges gig
• Reproduction Polaroids/photos of the band taken during 1969-1971
• T shirt of Stooges run of shows at New York's Unganos club

EZ Website HERE



Niagara in Melbourne Australia 4/15/10 Detroit Ground Zero is here...

Niagara frolicking before show in Surfer's Paradise Australia 4/1/10

Niagara about to take the plunge into crowd in Brisbane, Australia 4/10/10

heat of battle Bondi Beach Australia

Niagara recline

Niagara after the show after the Sydney Australia show with her guitarist, Brad Shepard (Hudu Gurus) and her best friend Johnnie Walker...

Niagara Detroit's Website is HERE
Niagara will be displaying her Art in Traverse City soon read about it HERE

Special thanks to The Colonel for sending me these photos and Boris for the TV Eye Video
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