Ann-Margret and Elvis met in 1964 while filming Viva Las Vegas. They had a brief affair until Col Parker stepped in and suggested Elvis end the relationship. Long after that Elvis would always send Ann-Margret flowers in the shape of a guitar whenever she opened her show. "Thumper" was Ann-Margret's code name when she called Graceland. Ann-Margret was Elvis' favorite co-star. They remained good friends for many years. Ann-Margret was his only co-star that came to Elvis' funeral. FULL STORY HERE


Scotty and Niagara in Dark Carnival at the Blind Pig 1990 (photo courtesy of Niagara)

The Asheton House
Everything you always wanted to know about Scott Asheton 
but were afraid to ask...Niagara

If you ever had the nerve to be within Scott Asheton's force field, you'd have been stunned by his pale, BLUE eyes. He had a deceptively calm demeanor. Dangerous? Yes. You'd find yourself behaving very carefully. This was mid-70's, Ann Arbor.

Scott played drums with Sonic Rendezvous (Fred Smith-MC5, Scott Morgan-Rationals), at Second Chance, a ballroom/bar. Seeing him only made me (and FEW others at that time) miss The Stooges, since their disintegration years before. The last time I saw them: When Metallic K.O was recorded in Detroit.

Scott was a rock solid drummer. His friends called him "Rock.” His tattoo said "Rock Action". 
People even now are intimidated by the memory of him, though he passed away in March 2014. Some wrote me: "He scared the BEJESUS out of me." But his friends adored him. He was a liked guy. No one could stay mad at him.

We met in that club's dressing room. The Ramones also played that night. I wrote for a Parisian mag- “A Letter from Detroit" sort of thing. 

That summer of 1977, Ron Asheton returned from L.A. Finished with his interim, now defunct band, New Order (with Dennis Thompson-MC5). In the next few weeks, he became lead guitar for my band, DESTROY ALL MONSTERS. DAM had been, up till then, a basement Art/Noise unit. DAM with Ron Asheton promised to be eccentric & somewhat dazzling to an expectant local music landscape.


Thank you so much for all you do...
xo Kim & Les



The Nine of Chalices card suggests that my power today lies in satisfaction. I have the self-respect, space or esteem that I need to "bartend" my resources or to live large emotionally. I am confident in and gratified by expressing what is close to my heart or in sharing my happiness like a buffet of joy.

I take pleasure and pride in the new order I have created by clean sweeping emotional clutter or in honoring what has meaning. I am empowered by recognition and my gift is contentment.

having your wish fulfilled
achieving what you desire
obtaining your goal
getting what you think you want
having your dream come true
feeling satisfied
indulging in a little smugness
enjoying the situation just as it is
feeling pleased as punch
getting the results you hoped for
feeling all's well with the world
being contented
enjoying sensual pleasure
experiencing luxury
savoring a delicious meal
appreciating the arts
making love
experiencing beauty
enjoying physical exertion



There have been tons of reports that the former Cobo Arena was to be demolished and replaced with more exhibit hall space to accommodate bigger shows. But tonight I took a closer look at the progress of the New Cobo Center Renovation Project.

The new facade facing Washington Street will feature this very high tech projection screen to highlight the current shows and entice attendance. The entire facility will have a matching lighter color from one end to the other. Lots of new entrances and more parking (YES)..

Here is a view of the former Washington Street facade..The arena didn't have a harmonious blend with Cobo Hall...

We thought the crews working on Cobo Arena were getting ready to completely take it down and replace it with flat exhibit space. Not so! Cobo Arena is being remodeled into entertainment spaces with high tech stages and really modern looking meeting/gathering rooms, It looks fascinating...watch the video below the photos!

Here is a rendering of how the completed remodel of Cobo Arena will look. Gorgeous! For the first time there will be an entrance from the river side directly into the ground floor exhibit hall.  This hall downstairs was rarely used for various reasons. One is was difficult for attendees to access and another reason were all the poles/obstructions in that room. Exhibitors need open space to conduct business and display their products. Poles are very difficult to work around.

Here is a photo of what we thought was the planned Arena demolish work. I had seen a chart which had the word " Cobo Arena demolished" from a few years back. The fans of the Arena will be happy to know the venue remains under a very gorgeous makeover.

NEW chart explaining the renovations

To learn more about The New Cobo Center Click Here


What a lovely day this could be!! You will have a fun day, perhaps celebrating something you have achieved or acquired in your life.

It could be the realisation of a dream, or a situation or person from the past who's return will have an affect on today's events.

You'll probably spend time reminiscing about old memories, old friends and lovers.


Associated Press: British actress Kate O'Mara, best known for her role on the 1980s soap opera Dynasty, died Sunday at the age of 74, her agent said.

Phil Belfield said O'Mara died in a nursing home in southern England after a short illness.

The actress, who began her television career in the 1960s, became a household name for playing Cassandra "Caress" Morrell, sister to Joan Collins' Alexis Colby, on Dynasty.

In Britain she is often remembered for her role in Triangle – a soap opera set aboard a North Sea ferry that is often cited as the worst piece of British television.

She also appeared in the original run of British series Doctor Who and BBC drama Howards' Way. In the 1990s she starred in the comedy show Absolutely Fabulous with Joanna Lumley. RIP CASSIE



Rumor has it that Henry Ford's wife Clara hated the Pagoda House they built on Grosse Ile. Clara was afraid for her children's safety due to the rapid current of the Detroit River.

Harry Bennett had built this big log cabin in Tawas and it was a great place for kids to swim in Lake Huron. So Harry and his Boss swapped vacation homes.

Some years back I met a woman who gave me these photos and wrote this story. Not sure the accuracy but it is fun see...

Story & Photos by Gloria Branzei

When I was a child my family owned a cottage built by Henry Ford for Bennett. it was his hideaway and love nest with his private nurse. There was a heart in the cement with their initials outside the back door.

Harry Bennett was a very paranoid and well prepared man. In the basement there was a tunnel that went out to a waiting boat on Lake Huron. He kept a gun in every room and exits out of every room.

He was said to have had a leopard chained up by the door, there are large cat paw prints in the cement.

They built the police chief of Detroit a cottage next door and the garage was the dormer for the guards which were off-duty Detroit cops.

He had mounted guards and we turned the stables into a stereo room.  There were lights all the way through the woods.

All of the furniture in this log cabin was crafted by Italian workers that were smuggled over through Canada. My family has pictures...

 Our neighbor was Pinkerton from the railroad cops we used to call him Pinky.

Harry Bennett (1892–1979), a former boxer and ex-Navy sailor, was an executive at Ford Motor Company during the 1930s and 1940s. He was best known as the head of Ford’s Service Department, or Internal Security.

While working for Ford, his union busting tactics, of which The Battle of the Overpass was a prime example, made him a foe of the United Auto Workers.

He was fired in 1945 by Henry Ford II, and died in 1979 of natural causes. He had various residences in Michigan, including Bennett's Lodge near Farwell, a log cabin style house in East Tawas, and Bennett's Castle located on the Huron River in Ypsilanti.

Glo sent these gems in this morning....lovely


Diana's grandson, Prince George is growing in leaps and bounds! Sure is a cutie!

The new family shot has been released by the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband, Prince William as they make their last preparations for a three-week tour of New Zealand and Australia.


The Two of Chalices card suggests that my power today lies in compromise. I am not alone. I offer and accept love, support, and happiness to connect with the pleasure and beauty of my hearts desire. There are two sides to everything and I don't always have to be right. I am empowered by expression and my gift is attraction.


making a connection
joining with another
celebrating a marriage or union
cementing a friendship
establishing a partnership
working together
helping and being helped
seeing commonalities

calling a truce
healing a severed relationship
bringing together opposites
letting bygones be bygones
coming to a satisfactory agreement
declaring peace
forgiving and forgetting

acknowledging an attraction
recognizing a bond that is developing
accepting your preferences
letting yourself be drawn in
moving toward
feeling a positive response






NEW YORK (Reuters) - An accused gang member put on the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted Fugitives" list this week was arrested on Friday for his role in the 2010 killing of his girlfriend and her toddler son, federal authorities said.

Juan Elias "Cruzito" Garcia, 21, a reputed member of the murderous international gang known as MS-13, was taken into custody when he voluntarily returned to the United States to face criminal prosecution, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said in a press release.

Garcia, who has ties to El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Panama, is accused in the execution-style shooting of the mother and child in Central Islip, New York, authorities said.

His surrender on Friday - just two days after being put on the most wanted list - was the result of a coordinated effort between Nicaraguan authorities and U.S. law enforcement, which sent aircraft to bring Garcia to New York, the FBI said. READ MORE

Victims in the double murder were Garcia's girlfriend Vanessa Argueta, 19, and her son, Diego Torres, 2.

After a lovers' quarrel, Garcia was threatened by rival gang members, who he said used information that he believed was provided by Argueta, the FBI said.
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