Kick Out The Jams Exhibit!

Finally the Rock Hall of Fame is recognizing the Music of Detroit and the Midwestern States!!! High time we say! We are all very aware of "our" favorite Motor City Legends as Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels, MC5, Stooges, Romantics and now America will be exposed to this legendary rock n roll music! YES HIGH TIME!

Johnny "Bee" Badanjek Detroit's drummer, sent me a photo of this exhibit today. After seeing the Rock Hall of Fame website I saw that it was called KICK OUT THE JAMS! YES my favorite 5 boys are this much closer to being inducted!!! Everyone alert the media and write your Congressman too! We NEED the 5 in the RHF....

Bee received this photograph from Howard Kramer featuring Bee's part of the exhibit. Now we may actually make a trip down to Cleveland... They are getting much closer to my personal musical heart every day...

Hi Bee,

How’re you doing? I owed this to you. It’s a picture of your stuff on exhibit. You and McCarty are right by Kid Rock, the White Stripes and the McCoys. Hope you dig it.



Howard Kramer

Curatorial Director

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

1100 Rock and Roll Blvd.

Rock and Roll is primarily a byproduct of the South. Nowhere, however, was it better expanded upon than the Midwest. The heartland region became a hotbed for an explosion of talent that started in the Sixties and continues through today. Detroit was the home of Motown Records and was also full of teen clubs where such local performers as Bob Seger, the Amboy Dukes and the MC5 honed their skills.

Chicago developed a diverse output ranging from the jazz-influenced rock of the band Chicago Transit Authority to the theatrical and thematic progressive music of Styx. In the Eighties, Minneapolis rose to international prominence as the home base of Prince and the breeding ground for such alternative rockers as the Replacements and Hüsker Dü. Perhaps the rock artist most associated with rural America is Seymour, Indiana’s favorite son, John Mellencamp, the author of “Small Town.”





Steve (The Deacon) and Karen Ann Hunter

Just received a lovely autographed copy of Empty Spaces and I just love it so much! It is available now on my Amazon Store and other retailers too...

Here is a lovely story from Karen Ann Hunter:

I joined my first band when I was 17, left Art College and my parent’s security to start a life on the road and never looked back.

In 1976 I got signed to Giorgio Moroder whilst working for the US Army doing gigs in West Germany.

Other than recording backing vocals on a track called ‘I Wanna Funk With You Tonight’ from the album ‘Knights In White Satin’ and a pop song called ‘Doctor Funk’ (Smiley - Featuring Karen Taylor) this union was short lived as I was signed just after Donna Summer had released ‘Love To Love You Baby’ with him and we all know how that story went.

When I returned to London I got another producer, recorded a bunch of my own songs under the name Yuka and had a couple of singles out on Chas Chandlers label ‘Cheapskate’. The first single ‘Who Will Believe The Young Man’ made it to BBC Radio One’s record of the week.

During this time I was working as a session singer and also as a TV extra, I sang on a lot of jingles and appeared in a lot of beer commercials. In 1984 I got a gig touring with Gary Numan on the Berserker tour which included a live album and video then toured again the next year with the The Fury. I also married in 84, had my first child Holly in 88 then my son Mathew came along, this put an end to gigs for a while.

Karen Ann Hunter

I recorded another self composed album called Kickin’ Up Dust in 2004 which was half jazz and half blues, it couldn’t decide which it was and neither could I so after 34 years I decided to throw in the towel on music altogether.

My favorite song on Empty Spaces "If I Were You"

However, a guest guitar player on that album was Pete Haycock of Climax Blues Band, Pete lived in Germany and he emailed me a track by an old friend called Steve Hunter who lived in Hollywood, USA.

The track was called Nylon Café; it had layers of wonderful acoustic guitars and I told Pete it had made me go all peculiar, Pete told Steve and eventually Steve and I made contact on email, the rest is history.

Nylon Cafe is now on a CD of Steve’s called Short Stories.

Steve encouraged me to write and sing again, he loved my soft voice, a voice I had never tried recording and so ‘Empty Spaces’ was born. I wrote the songs and Steve made them into beautiful tracks. Karen Ann

Read More on RK

Karen Ann Hunter's New Cd Launches


Dates: March / April
Thu 31st: Sydney - The Sando with Leadfinger and Shit Creek
Fri 1st: Newcastle - Wickham Park Hotel
Sat 2nd: Melbourne - Espy Front Bar
......Sun 3rd: Wollongong - The Patch
Fri 8th: Lismore - Italo Club
Sat 9th: Brisbane - Beetle Bar with The Hits

Joining him will be Art and Steve Godoy, legendary figures in the parallel worlds of tattooing, skateboarding, and punk rock. From the mid 90‚s and onwards the Godoys have worked with Tek in various band lineups touring the USA. They have most notably recorded together in US based Deniz Tek and the Golden Breed. They are joined by local Sydney session bassist Andy Newman for this limited run of not to be missed shows. John Carr


Feels like I have been on a long vacation to a strange land. Now we just surfaced and are back in the USA! Grateful to be here and kicking it in my room with Chuck Berry and Linda... I feel so good today! I'm so glad I am living in the USA!

Then this song comes on the DVD!!! Who can resist?? Chuck Berry's "Brown Eyed Handsome Man"

Robert Cray

Oh what a man! Robert Cray gets Kimmer's hunky guitarist award today...

Arrested on charges of unemployment
He was sittin in the witness stand
The judge's wife called up the district attorney
To say "free that brown eyed man"
If you want your job you'd better free that brown eyed man.



Robert Cray

Yesterday as I was home in the snow storm... I spent the day hanging out with Hail Hail Rock N Roll the awesome Chuck Berry documentary. While watching I became obsessed by Robert Cray's version of Chuck Berry's "Come On". I just loved it! Couldn't buy it anywhere but it is on You Tube.

Chuck released "Come On" in March of 1961. The Rolling Stones used it as their first single in the summer of 1963. I like all three versions Robert's, Chuck's and then Stones... Take a look see what you think... Some folks wrote me to mention Joe Jackson's cover of "Come On" too. I want Robert Cray to record this song.... he tears it up!

Come On: Chuck Berry

Everything is wrong since me and my baby parted.
All day long I'm walkin' 'cause I couldn't get my car started.
Laid off from job and I can't a'ford to check it.
I wish somebody'd come along and run into it and wreck it.

Come on, since my baby parted, come on.
I can't get started, come on.
I can't a'ford to check it.
I wish somebody'd come along and run into it and wreck it.

Everything is wrong since I been without you.
Every night I lay awake thinkin' about you.
Everytime the phone rings sounds like thunder.
It's some stupid jerk tryin' to reach another number.

Come on, since I been without you, come on.
Steady thinkin' about you, come on.
Phone sounds like thunder.
It's some stupid jerk tryin' to reach another number.

Everything is wrong since I last saw you baby.
I really want to see you and I don't mean maybe.
I'm doin' everything, tryin' to make you see,
That I belong to you, honey, and you belong to me.

So come on, I wanna see you baby, come on.
Come on, I don't a-mean maybe, come on.
Come on, I'm tryin' to make you see
That I belong to you and you belong to me.
Come on.


Singer Andy Williams and ex-wife Claudine Longet

There once was girl named Longet...
She went out to Aspen to play...
Along came a Spider...
He sat down beside her...
She blew the bastard away...

Claudine Georgette Longet (born 29 January 1942) Born in Paris, France, Longet was married to pop singer Andy Williams from 1961 until 1975. She has maintained a private profile since 1977, following her conviction for misdemeanor negligent homicide in connection with the death of former Olympic skier "Spider" Sabich.

Andy Williams and Claudine Longet happier times

This crime happened in March of 1976. When it hit the airwaves it began a media frenzy very similar to the OJ Simpson murders. We all thought Longet had shot Spider Sabich out of jealousy.. There were tons of rumors flying about Spider having many younger women. But whatever the rumor... we all knew Longet would get a pass for this crime.

Longet and Sabich

She was just too pretty and innocent with that angelic face and sweet voice. Nope... we knew she wouldn't end up on death row. She received a deferred sentence of 30 days in County lock up. Longet even picked which days! The friends and family of Spider Sabich were outraged! But the power of celebrity won out once more... It would win out many more times over the next few decades...

Longet was arrested and charged with fatally shooting her boyfriend, Olympic skier Vladimir "Spider" Sabich, at his Aspen, Colorado, home on 21 March 1976. At trial, Longet said the gun discharged accidentally as Sabich was showing her how it worked. Williams publicly supported Longet throughout the trial, even escorting her to and from the courthouse.

The handgun was a gift from Spider's father, a highway patrolman, and belonged to his younger brother Steve. An inexpensive copy of a German Luger, the pistol was purchased eight years earlier, while the Sabich family was in Europe to watch Spider compete at the 1968 Winter Olympics in France.

The weapon was stored unloaded and well-hidden under sweaters in a closet in Spider's home. Forensics showed that Sabich was bent over and at least 6 feet (1.8 m) from the gun when it discharged. Not exactly the position for demonstration the proper use of a hand gun....

The Aspen police made two procedural errors that aided Longet's defense: without warrants, they took a blood sample from her and confiscated her diary. According to prosecutors, the sample showed the presence of cocaine in her blood, and her diary reportedly contradicted her claim that her relationship with Sabich had not soured.

In addition, the gun was mishandled by non-weapons experts. As they were unable to cite any of the disallowed material, prosecutors did use the autopsy report to suggest that when Sabich was struck he was bent over, facing away, and at least 1.80 m (6 feet) from Longet, which would be inconsistent with the position and relative distance of someone demonstrating the operation of a firearm.

The jury convicted her of a lesser charge—misdemeanor criminal negligence—and sentenced her to pay a small fine and spend 30 days in jail. The judge allowed Longet to choose the days she served. She vacationed with her defense attorney during this time which just kept the media frenzy going...

After the criminal trial, the Sabich family initiated civil proceedings to sue Longet. The case was eventually resolved out of court, with the proviso that Longet never tell or write about her story.

She never has... We liked Andy Williams for standing by his ex-wife which was the honorable thing to do for his children. Longet disappeared off the radar, remains married to her former defense attorney, and lives in Aspen.



Our friend in Paris... Eric Pouille lead singer for The Holy Curse just sent us the press kit for THC's new cd. We have 2 samples tunes that I am going to give away free for 1 week only.... So grab them while you can! We just love Eric and had such a gas hanging out with him in December of 2009.

Died Ugly

Johnny's Day

Two years after the release of critically acclaimed Feed the Dogs, recorded both in Sydney (w/ Deniz Tek) and Detroit @ Jim Diamond's legendary studio Ghetto Recorders, Turborock proudly presents The Holy Curse's new album : Take It as It Comes, produced by Rob Younger (Radio Birdman), and recorded in Paris at Microbe Studios.

After a Sabbath bloody Sabbath 2010 though all members were busy with various solo projects including a US West Coast tour and first album for Sonic Polo with Irritones, Oz tour and third album with Dimi Dero Inc for Vinz, a weekly rock n roll radio show Sonic Trip on Aligre FM for Eric and a new project, Twister Cover for Gooloo and that's just the short list.

The Holy Curse is back with their fifth album to date, Take it as it Comes, recorded at home, under supervision and constant care of Oz rock legend Rob Younger - singer for Radio Birdman and the New Christs, producer of Died Pretty and Citadel Records home producer for many years.

According to Alain Feydri, French rock journalist, if the Detroit/Oz rock connections, that was deliberately displayed on Feed the Dogs, are never far (Bellbirds Song, It Wasn't Johnny's Day),

The Holy Curse have now paid their dues and proceed with their own, unique thing on Take It as It Comes, with songs dense and tense – even at the cost of slower tempos (No Way Out There, Man with the Heavy Hand).

Tracklisting :

A – It Wasn't Johnny's Day, Died Ugly, Man with the Heavy Hand
B – Bellbirds Song, Oh Father, No Way Out There

To coincide with the release of Take it as it Comes, The Holy Curse will tour France in the upcoming months of May-June 2011 : 19/05 Lannion @ Les Valseuses, 20/05 Rennes @ Mondo Bizarro, 21/ 05 Caen @ El Camino, 22/05 Rouen tba, 23/05 Orléans venue tbc, 24/05 Toulouse tba, 25/05 Montpellier @ Mojomatic, 26/05 Marseille @ La Machine à Coudre, 27/05 La Seyne/Mer @ tba, 28/05 Gigors electric, 29/05 Grenoble venue tbc, 17/06 Le Havre @ L'Escale, 18/06 Paris @ Jaz Y Jaz. for more info, promo copy or to set up an interview, please contact:

Stéphane : +33 673 518 102
Turborock Records
6 rue Maurice Dutacq 14000 Caen - France

Kim, attached is the press release for our latest album, and a couple of MP3 songs Johnny's day is inspired by a story our mutual friend Mark Sisto once emailed me.

Fun Holy Curse video



Happy Sunday.... Scott Morgan has the day off from Sunday Soul as he is on a flight home ... I thought we would write about Chuck Berry. Of course everyone knows Chuck Berry's work and that he is considered "the father of rock n roll". Just spent all day watching Chuck's life...

Recently I learned that Scott Richardson had been a creative consultant on "Hail Hail Rock n Roll". The wild documentary on Chuck Berry by Taylor Hackford. Just recently bought it as a gift for a friend's birthday. As I didn't run into that friend...I opened it up and popped it into the dvd... SO glad I did!!!

This set has 4 dvds of rock history! I was enveloped with rock rapture and joy all day transported by Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Keith Richards, Chuck, Bo Diddley, Bruce Springsteen and many others sharing information on Chuck's career and rock history in general..

Of course there was a ton of drama going on behind the scenes of HHRNR. Chuck was notoriously tough to wrangle. Never one to suffer fools... Chuck Berry knows exactly who HE IS. No upstart is going to "teach" him how to play...

The dvd works as Taylor Hackford early on decided to just play it straight. Honesty was the best policy... Keith and Chuck are both fascinating to watch as each tries to remain the "alpha"... Taylor shows it for what it is a contest.. battle of the titans...

It reminded me of meeting Chuck at Bowen Field House in the early 70's. I was standing by the side door to the field house when Chuck appeared with a guitar case. He asked me if I would guard his guitar and if I would he'd pay me $100.00. Sure! So I followed him into the building. We snaked around to the promoter's office and Chuck got his salary in cash.

With that... we went backstage where he opened his guitar case and removed the guitar. Then Chuck put the money inside the case and snapped it shut. My job was to guard that case until the show was over. Stayed right by that case until his show ended. Chuck gave me a hundred dollar bill and with that he took his guitar and put it in the case and drove off into the night...


Last night (Saturday 2-19-11) Kimmer made the hour long trek out to Troy, MI (John R and 15 Mile) to party for our birthday and all our pals born in February. It was just the most fabulous party!

We also hung out with Dane Gussin, Ira Paul and Skid n Carrie. Thanks Skid n Carrie for the Mario's Pizza guys... our table was the loudest and rowdiest table in that club! Susie Forkin worked hard to make it such a fun night too.... Thanks DOLL

It was Rick Ruiner's actual birthday yesterday so the party was really about Ricky. Holly brought me a cake with Happy Birthday Kimmer on it and it was just way cool... Heck it's out in the jeep right now! Think we'll buzz outside and grab it. Susie Forkin gave me a beautiful bouquet as well... also in the car! Thank you girls so much!!! xxooK

Didn't have a real cake on my actual birthday this year. Did have a really huge Sangria spritzer instead. Last night I had a Merlot spritzer Very colorful drink with lovely calming properties as well to ease one into another year.... :)

There was a cupcake (cake) too made out of clown cupcakes. Very neat and I shot a cool photo of one of the clowns. Used on of Hatter's best flashlights to light up the clown's head. Love it! I am not a clown phobic. Clowns don't scare me unless they have an attorney with them....Clown Cupcake reminds me of....?

The Seatbelts tore it up last night and of course we were all dancing to my fav " My Little F4" Greg Upshur is so much fun to watch. He sings great too but is just a great showman. You are never disappointed after their set.

It was a great night as I finally got to meet photographer extraordinaire Dane Gussin. Great guy and good friend of Kimmer's. Can't wait to see the shots Dane and Richard Blondy got last night.. I was kind of laided back as the pros were there. Ira Paul was shooting too. We had a flash bulb city going at our table. Thanks Rhonda for the hair style last night!

See the gorgeous fresh water pearl necklace Holly Shay brought me? It is too die for! She makes these herself! Way coooolio...

Great to see so many dear friends last night! Johnny Bee Badanjek (love him), one of my most favorite was there relaxing... Jim and Andrea Edwards, Mary Cobra of The Detroit Cobras and Tino Gross of The Howling Diablos were all in the crowd cheering or dancing with the Ruiners...

Ricky was really "on" last night. :P He snuck up blew in my ear a couple times when I wasn't looking. It was just scandalous!

Shot some lazy video last night. I was having too much fun to work and dancing instead of hold the camera still. Baby Baby Baby!

We had a fantastic time last night. So many photogs and cameras flying everywhere. It was a blast being Kimmer with Lisa and Holly. These girls are going with me to more gigs... Lisa and I are twisted sisters from another planet! We'll have to go shoot one of Lisa's gigs too.

Even enjoyed the long ride back to my Ann Arbor home. Doesn't it always feel so great to be back home and in your own domain once more? Dig it! Our next gig is most likely going to be with Michael Davis in Mt Clemens (April 9) and Deniz Tek/Heather Harris in Ann Arbor with the Stooges (April 19)... Mr. Twister is coming to my town!! We can't wait to meet the handsome charmer from Christopher Milk and Chainsaw!

Have a great Sunday! xxooK



The Dahlinger Estate

Dahlinger, Evangeline Cote – (1894 – 1974)

This is an interesting story... Henry Ford supposedly kept a mistress for about 12 years and managed to keep everyone involved placated. Never would happen in today's times of investigative journalism... Could not find one photo of Evangeline Cote either... Henry Ford most likely arranged a no photo rule too.

This house is run down but still standing. Here is a bit of info on the Dahlinger Estate.

Evangeline Cote Dahlinger

American socialite:

Evangeline Cote was born of French-Canadian parentage. Her family had theatrical connections and Evangeline was a cousin to the famous actor, Tyrone Power (1913 – 1958).

Cote was originally employed at the Ford Company (1910) as a stenographer. Darkly attractive and self-confident, she soon rose to head that department and attracted the attention of the automobile manufacturing magnate Henry Ford (1863 – 1947), whose mistress she became.

The Dahlinger Mansion in Dearborn Michigan

Ray Dahlinger was Henry's chauffeur, confidante, auto tester, and first rate mechanic. Evangeline Cote was Henry's mistress, and to keep her close by, Henry had her marry Ray and then proceeded to buy them an estate adjacent to his property. Henry had a hidden passage way built into its staircase that went directly into Evangeline's bedroom.

Henry would ride his bike down the road to the Dahlinger Estate to visit often or take his electric boat down the Rouge River that ran along the estate. They had a love child named John Cote Dahlinger (born 1923) who later wrote a book about his father Henry Ford and ran a nightclub in Detroit up to the time of his death in the 70's.

The Ford family denies that John was Henry's illegitimate son. There also once was a harness horse racing track on the property as Evangeline was a first rate harness racer and was said to carry a gun in her purse and was first rate target shooter.

Ford gave Evangeline a one hundred and fifty acre property and mansion in Dearborn, whilst her mother and two brothers were also generously provided for. Dahlinger remained beside Ford until his death, when the family forced her to officially retire from the company. With the death of Clara Ford (1950) Ray Dahlinger also lost his position with the company.

Who Said Ford History is Boring?








Dick Wagner with Alice Cooper

Today is one really cool day to be Retro: Kimmer. I get to write about one of my very biggest rock heroes of all time... Dick Wagner...

Mr. Wagner's discography and bio is so huge that I need a whole new blog to accommodate his music legacy. Dick has played on so many albums that it is impossible to list. His website does a very fine job and you can go check his history there.

I spent many hours this week researching Dick's life in rock music. There just aren't enough adjectives to describe his work. The word Legendary which is tossed around by so many lesser beings... very appropriately describes Dick Wagner.

Dick Wagner

I was introduced via the telephone by Mark Reaume who is one of my favorite RK readers. Mark and Dick are collaborating on a project and that is how I came to meet Dick . We had a very interesting opening conversation! He wanted to talk about my blogging work and I wanted to talk about HIS work (of course).

But where to begin with Dick's musical career?

"Baby Boy" was my starting point. A fun pop tune with a very young Mark Farner on backing vocals and rhythm guitar. I found a video which features 2 of the Bossmen songs. By all means listen to this.... I must have played this 50 times this week. Each time I hear something new that I missed the time before. Buy The Bossmen singles on CD Baby


Dick's Room

The Frost(s) or just Frost as we called the band back in the day...was my favorite of all of Dick's magical work. The late 60's psychedelic times deserved a band to match... We had it in spades in Michigan with Frost...

As I am the luckiest girl in the blogosphere, I am in a unique position to listen to fascinating stories of the musicians and the music that began emanating out of Michigan beginning in the late 50's and early 60's. Never dreamed that today I would be hearing Dick Wagner recite his lyrics to me over the phone... Just unbelievable.... All I can do is thank the universe for such an enormous gift...

I just received this note from Dick and it knocked me right out of my chair....

Kim, my friend...Amazing, the best way to describe you.... Amazing....I am so happy we've connected,at last... The Motor City needs a center of internet focus, and here you are...positive friendship and daily support for so many Detroit music makers, past, present and future.

Bless you for your dedication to all things musical in Detroit and for informing the world on the beautiful sounds and stories about the immense talent that made up the city of Detroit music scene, that still does thrive from within the city limits, to the outer reaches of the beautiful state of Michigan, and far beyond. May the love you give be returned one hundred fold.


Believe me... that love is returned to me every minute of every day....

Thank you so much Mr. Wagner and his business partner Susan Michelson for the story today.

Dick Wagner and Steve "The Deacon" Hunter




Detroit, MI – Record Producer Kevin Sharpe of Metro 37 Studios will host an all-star benefit for MC5/Destroy All Monsters bassist Michael Davis’ Music Is Revolution Foundation to support music education in public schools at the Emerald Theater in Mt. Clemens on Saturday April, 9th. Area bands, including 34 Bliss, Black Irish, Detroit Daggers, Imagine Nation, Hell Rides North and Sweet Crystal, will be joined by Davis, former MC5 manager John Sinclair, and a surprise guest or two, for an evening of high energy rock and roll to raise funds for music education in Michigan public schools via the Music Is Revolution Foundation’s mini-grant program.

“Because I had the good fortune to actively participate in making music dating all the way back to my time at Dossin Elementary School, I founded the Music Is Revolution Foundation to provide emergency funds to teachers in the form of $500.00 mini-grants so that as many students as possible can Kick Out The Jams in one way or another,” says Detroit native Michael Davis.

When The Music Is Revolution Foundation (whose Board of Directors includes John Sinclair, art star Shepard Fairey, pro skater Corey Duffel and superstar DJ Steve Aoki), was approached by Kevin Sharpe with his generous offer to host this benefit to support their foundation’s projects, Davis saw it as an opportunity to satisfy the many requests that they have received from Michigan teachers.

According to Michael, “The benefits of music education in public schools have been well documented in studies related to the correlation between students who receive these experiences and greater academic achievement, drop out prevention, and overall sense of community. Music education assists in the healthy development of minds and spirits. It teaches one of the most effective means of communication. Yet, Michigan schools today struggle to fund even the most basic music education programs. We believe that every student should be afforded the opportunity to learn music and to share in musical experiences.”

Davis continues, “To date the Music Is Revolution Foundation, an IRS 501c3 public charity, has served 5000 students in 11 states across the country. And we have a long list of qualifying applications for mini-grants from teachers around Michigan and around the country that we have yet to fill. Your attendance at this event will help us do exactly that. And it is great that Detroit musicians and people who work in the music business here are being so generous in helping out the teachers and the kids we serve. This will be an unforgettable night thanks to people like Kevin, Steve Marshall (SMA), and Mike Mitchell of The Emerald Theater, who, along with the rest of us, are all donating their resources and/or services for the evening.”

Tickets are 10.00 and are available from participating band members or through Ticket Master. Doors open at 7pm.

All cash donations to Music Is Revolution are tax deductible and will be applied directly to mini-grants for teachers and students.

For questions or interviews with Michael Davis, Music is Revolution directors, or the bands on the bill, please contact angela@musicisrevolution.com

For more information visit The Emerald Theater


LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Ray Liotta has joined the cast of "Cogan's Trade," an all-star crime thriller headlined by Brad Pitt.

Pitt's Jackie Cogan is a professional enforcer who must investigate a heist that took place during a high-stakes poker game under protection of the mob. Liotta will play Mark "Markie" Trattman, the unfortunate hustler who runs the game in a motel room and finds things only going downhill from there. Full Story from Yahoo News

Credited cast so far....
Brad Pitt
Ray Liotta
Javier Bardem
Mark Ruffalo
Sam Rockwell
Casey Affleck
Richard Jenkins
James Gandolfini
Scoot McNairy
Bella Heathcote
Vincent Curatola

Read More on RK
Bringing Down the Mafia
The Spilotro Brothers
1960's Las Vegas Slideshow



The Michigan Theater — which is hosting an upcoming concert by Iggy Pop and the Stooges in honor of the Stooges' late founding guitarist, Ron Asheton — has released a statement by Pop on its website and Facebook page that includes some intriguing details about the show.

The full statement, as posted on the websites:

"The Stooges and I wanted to do a concert in memory of Ron and his music. We've chosen to do this in Ann Arbor where our group, our attitudes and our ideals were forged. It really was the birth of a movement. We're planning to involve musicians across the spectrum from classical to youth groups and have a f----- big blast in memory of Ron.

Teenage musicians from the Neutral Zone, Ann Arbor's teen center will open performing early Stooges songs. I may join them on vocals if they don't have somebody who can kick my ass. Deniz Tek from Radio Birdman who was Ron's closest friend in music outside the group is going to join me for a couple of Ron's best numbers.

Henry Rollins who articulates so many things about music so well has volunteered to MC and try yet again to defeat me in a musical duel. He may think he's got a better chance now that I'm 64, and he's only 50, we shall see. Henry was given his pick of Stooges songs to perform and he chose a great one.

"The full and present Iggy and the Stooges line up will then perform a full set, songs from The Stooges, Funhouse, Raw Power/- James Williamson - guitar, Scott Asheton - drums, Iggy Pop - vocals, Mike Watt and Steve Mackay, Bass and Sax respectively."

-Iggy Pop

Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. Friday via Ticketmaster, although according to the event page on Ticketmaster.com, a presale starts Wednesday morning.

Keep watching AnnArbor.com for full coverage of the show.



Scott R sent me this photo of "The Chosen Few". (Photos of TCF are really hard to find) This band was on the line up of the very first Grande Ballroom gig in October 1966 with the MC5 as headliner and the Wha? opening.

Card Graphic by Dick Rosemont (Thanks Dick!)

It has been more than an interesting time for me with tons of new connections and opportunities coming my way. One of the best things to happen of recent is I began working with Scott Richardson (thanks Patti Quatro!) fabulous and handsome lead singer of SRC fame. Scott has provides me with all kinds of historical puzzle pieces to the story of Michigan Rock History. (understatement of the western world...)

See Heather's Gallery on James' website gallery HERE

Met James via Rock Photographer Heather Harris and Facebook and a lot of mutual friends. James is such a wonderful guy and so sweet to me. He sent me photos of his Raw Power Gold Record and made my whole day happy! Read the story about his gold record and see the photos HERE

(photo James Marshall)


Various Members of TCF
*Scott Richardson (V)
*James Williamson (G)
*Ron Asheton (B) The Prime Movers
*Kip Phillips (B)
*Richard Simpson (G)
*Stan Salusky (?) D

(Late 1965 - December, 1966)
While James was recently on tour with Iggy and the Stooges in Australia. I wrote and asked him if he would give me a short story on his involvement with TCF and he happily sent it over today... I loved this story and am sure my readers and James' fans will dig it too. thank you JW xxooK

White Fender Jaguar (not James') waiting for pic

James Williamson's Story on "The Chosen Few"

Hi Kim,

I was only in the Chosen Few for a short time. I co-founded the band with Scott Richardson, who I met at a Birmingham coffee shop is I recall correctly. He was from near the Pontiac area and we hit it off since both (of us) were into Beatles, Stones, etc.

So we jammed a little and ended up recruiting the other guys in the band...Richard Simmons (2nd guitar), Kip Phillips (bass), Stan Salusky (sp?...on drums)...I was the lead guitar and Scott was on vocals...

I think we only played a couple of live shows while I was in the band. The first was at a high school dance and the 2nd might have been at a frat party in Ann Arbor. After that I was sent away to Juvie for being "incorrigible" meaning that I wouldn't cut my hair and do what I was told to do.

Of course the first day in Juvie (juvenile detention) they buzz cut my hair, so I might have done things differently in hind sight, but anyway, that was the way it was. From there I was sent to boarding school in upstate NY...and thus the Coba Seas subsequent recent release.

I played a While Jaguar (probably 1964-66) that I had conned my mom into buying me once I could play ok. Loved that guitar and could play all the surf songs on it perfectly...(just got another one recently ...sunburst)...

I had the White Jag until I traded it along with my SG for my Cherryburst Les Paul Custom (1969) which I later recorded Raw Power (and Kill City ) with. Iggy knew the music store owner so he brokered the deal (so naturally I got screwed royally)...really wish I hadn't traded those guitars, but what else could I do...the Les Paul was the perfect guitar for the Stooges.

Anyway, it was during one of my vacation returns from boarding school that I got together with my old band mates from the Chosen Few and went up to their gig at a Frat Party in Ann Arbor...

Kip Phillips was going off to college and so a new bass player named Ron Asheton was in the band. I was impressed at how long Ron's hair was and that he barely looked at the audience...just played into his amp with his back to the audience. That night was the first night I met Ronnie.

Young Ron Asheton

Iggy was there too that night and it was also the first time I met him as well. I had brought my White Fender Jaguar with me and during a break I played some of my original songs for him. He said he liked them, but it was hard to tell.

Surely, he's told me how frenetic he remembers them being and that that impression was a lasting one for him and something he remembered when he finally asked me to join the Stooges in late 1970/early 71'...the rest is well documented....James

Gary Grimshaw poster art

From Scott Richardson:


Thanks so much to you and James for your info regarding 'THE CHOSEN FEW'. I did meet James in Birmingham though I thought it was at a record store where we were both checking out disks and the amazing beatnik blonde clerk, 'Fran'..

In any case James & I connected and began a whirlwind drive to form our band. Kip, Richard and Stan came from a group called 'THE FIVE GRAND' who I saw at The Michigan State Fair in a battle of the bands.

All three of them plus James and I had an instant chemistry that just felt right. My recollection is that there was one gig at a Catholic School in Pontiac before James left that had Ron Asheton on bass.

Reason that came about was we were scouted by two managers, Ron Richardson, (no relation) and Jeep Holland, both based in Ann Arbor. I hitch hiked to meet Jeep at Discount Records. He managed the store but wasn't there when I arrived. Instead I met a dude named Jim Osterberg who was stocking records, and told me to hang out till Jeep returned. Jim also was the drummer for the Prime Movers blues band at this time.

I an eternally grateful to him for picking up the phone and calling his friend bassist Ron Asheton. Twenty minutes later, Ron, Scott Asheton and Dave Alexander showed up. Jeep however, did not.

The four of us walked across the quadrangle to Ron Richardson's apartment and there THE CHOSEN FEW PT. 2 was born. Richard moved to lead guitar after James left. Al Wilson became our rhythm guitarist and Ron Asheton played bass.

I feel so proud and grateful that both future hall of famers James and Ronnie came into my life. In the brief time of that band a lot of cool connections happened & a bit of history was made. Scott Richardson


Kim, please also add that Ron Richardson took THE CHOSEN FEW to New York City and later became manager of THE STOOGES. Jeep Holland became manager and producer of the SCOT RICHARD CASE.



Ok Nina Simone was a classically trained pianist and her instructors told she could never play classical music because was black. Bless their souls. This song "Do I Move You?" from the album Nina Simone sings the blues. Read it and weep.

From the all star film Jackie Brown, starring Pam Grier, in the Quentin Tarantino film and of course the title track by Bobby Womack. Bobby played with Sam Cooke and married his wife after Sam was killed. his band the Valentinos did the original it's all over now which was covered the Rolling Stones.

The Valentinos song "I'm Lookin for a Love" was covered by J geils.. Bobby Womack's song "That's The Way I Feel About Cha" was a huge hit. I couldn't get shut out of this game... so I went to the urban barber shop and bought "Put Something Down on it". Never covered it but just dug it.

This one makes the hair stand up on my neck. I call this wicked good. Donny recorded "Where is the Love" with Roberta Flack who I believe was a classically trained pianist.

Won't belabor this point any more. consider this your last piece of chocolate and now we'll retire to the smoking lounge. I think Frank Zappa said it best. I'm not black but there's a whole lottsa times I was wishing I wasn't white. but I've spent 40 years proving.... anyone can have the blues. Scott.....



Scott Richardson guest author today

Yesterday I was talking with my dear friend Scott Richardson the lyricist/writer/vocalist of SRC. Scott is such a technicolor guy! Mind like a steel trap comes to mind...

Rick Nelson

He remembers everything.... Scott's voice is so fantastic, hopefully soon I'll be able to share some of his new music with my readers. We got to talking about Scott's career after SRC. More to come on that story later....

Baker Knight (Scott Richardson Collection)

But Scott just taught me about Baker Knight.... and his song "Lonesome Town" Very interesting story.

Baker Knight

Baker Knight (July 4, 1933 - October 12, 2005) was an American songwriter and musician from Birmingham, Alabama. He was born Thomas Baker Knight Jr. in Birmingham, Alabama where he wrote music in his spare time.

Knight moved to Hollywood in 1958 in hopes of pursuing a career in acting, but was unsuccessful. He became friends with Eddie Cochran and Cochran's girlfriend, songwriter Sharon Seeley, who helped him find work as a songwriter.

Knight wrote "Lonesome Town", which became a hit for Rick Nelson in 1958, as did the B-side, Knight's "I Got a Feeling". Nelson continued to record Knight's songs, many of which became hits. Read more HERE

Scott R told me that "Lonesome Town" was a favorite song of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Paul chose the song for the funeral of his beloved wife Linda. Paul did record "Lonesome Town" Here is a video of him performing it. Love it but still like Ricky's version best.

Scott collaborate with Baker Knight for over 4 years on his biography " A Piece of the Big Time" and Scott feels that his work with Baker and "Lonesome Town" was a very important part of hiw own musical journey.


Happy Birthday Scott!

Yesterday was Scott Morgan's birthday! Mine was the 9th and Scott the 11th. His family gathered to take Scott out for a nice dinner at the Real Seafood Co. in Ann Arbor. After dinner everyone was meeting up at the infamous 8 Ball Bar underneath the Blind Pig.

Scott Morgan and his beautiful sister Jeannie xxoo

Scott's sister Jeannie was there with her husband and her daughter Jennifer. Jennifer is an artist too like my daughter Lesley. Really sweet girl.

Back in action once more

For the first time since the 80's I picked up a pool cue. Used to shoot tournament pool back in the day and was way out of practice. It was really funny... I sunk like 4 bank shots! Even Scott cheered when I banked the most difficult one. Really fun!!! I won every game I played! Maybe I'll go buy a cue and take up the sport once more...

Someone kept blowing up my cell inside the club and I didn't recognize the number so I ignored it. It was GABE... he was sitting at the rail looking right at me ignoring that phone!



Very successful fabulous soul singer Chuck Jackson was the original singer for One of my favorite hits by Scott Morgan and The Ratio9nals. I like them both, but am partial to Scott and The Rationals harmonies vs Chuck with the girl backup singers. What do you think?

The Rationals Reunion 1991

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