Last night I had the ultimate pleasure to meet and chat about my personal chart for 2010-2011 with celebrity astrologer Lynda Ray. I was introduced to her through my online Facebook pal Fran Doman. (THANKS FRAN!!!)

Wish I would have listened more and talked less! But she was so much on the money it freaked me out and I would launch into my side of what things were happening!. All the buzz and action with my online projects combined with my opening a new show company once more (my first since 1994).

Lynda told me what I was going to begin doing before I even mentioned it. She is really great and I high recommend that you viist her website and get a reading done for yourselves! She has many types of readings in various price ranges. I have listed her info below and I can't wait for part 2 of my reading and this time I promise to keep silent!

For a FREE section of any report, please send an email to LYNDA cosmicclues@gmail.com

Please be sure to include all your birth info and the title of the report you would like to sample. The more accurate your birth information, the more accurate the information will be to your personal chart.



Scott Carter Drums, Rich Nisbet Bass, Alan Gwyllt (Justin Alan Case) Every other instrument known to man... My cousin Leslie took me to their rehearsal garage when I was 13 and we had a blast watching them practice. Got to see them play at Ypsilanti school and at Willow Run High School. We all loved them. They koined ranks later on with Jim King and became a bigger band known as Masquerade.

Phil Spradlin (so cute), Neil Buchanan (ditto), Kenny Gilbert (so cute like Rod Stewart and Jack Wild combined) and my dear friend Bill Jones drums all played in Masquerade at different times. Sadly I have no film of them but I do have photos thanks to facebook friends who send them in to me.

Here is a bit of the 1998 reunion shot poorly and then converted twice but it is history.....

We all had a blast that night of the Air reunion in 1998. Thanks to Paul Metler, Alan, and Bill Jones for images and music!  More PHOTOS HERE

A-Square (Of Course): The Story of Michigan's Legendary A-Square Records

At Skip's suggestion I used my birthday money and bought A-Square (Of Course): The Story of Michigan's Legendary A-Square Records [Import]

Hugh 'Jeep' Holland was in many ways the catalyst for the Detroit rock revolution of the late 1960s. This enigmatic individual graduated from running hip record store Discount Records in Ann Arbor to his operating his own label and management stable, as well booking every major act that played in Michigan during that heady era. The legendary bills at Detroit's Grande Ballroom were all overseen by Jeep, and many musicians in the state still single him out as the true steward of 60s Detroit rock.

A-Square (Of Course), named for Jeep's booking agency, chronicles the fascinating career of this lovable rogue whose reputation preceded him. It draws principally on the vaults of his A-Square label, so beloved of 60s garage collectors, but also includes rare recordings by some of the groups that Jeep managed and/or booked.

Foremost amongst the latter are the MC5, whose super-rare 1968 single Looking At You was issued by the band on A-Square without Jeep's knowledge. It is featured here from the original master tapes, as are the incendiary early recordings by the Scot Richard Case, later known by the acronym SRC. The Thyme were another popular group that Jeep nurtured, and in addition to their singles, several unissued tracks by the outfit are included.

Jeep also booked the Bossmen,(Mark Farner) later to become Grande stalwarts the Frost, and several previously unreleased tracks are present on A-Square (Of Course). Of great interest to Stooges freaks will be a live track by the rarely heard Prime Movers, featuring a snotty young Iggy Pop on drums and lead vocals, circa 1966. Collectable items by the Up, Apostles, Rain and others round out the set, which is profusely annotated and illustrated with items from Jeep's personal archive. A-Square (Of Course) finally and definitively documents a major chapter in Detroit rock history.

1. I'm So Glad - The Scot Richard Case
2. Looking At You - The MC5
3. Somehow - The Thyme
4. Stranded In The Jungle - The Apostles
5. Get The Picture - The Scot Richard Case
6. Wanna Walk Down - The Thyme
7. She Is A Friend - Rain
8. Easy Way Out - The Bossmen
9. Time Of The Season - The Thyme
10. Midnight To Six Man - The Scot Richard Case
11. Tired Of Waiting For You - The Apostles
12. Borderline - The MC5
13. I Found You - The Thyme
14. Who Is That Girl - The Scot Richard Case
15. Get Down - Half Life
16. I'm A Man - The Prime Movers
17. Love To Love - The Thyme
18. Just Like An Aborigine - The Up
19. I Cannot Stop You - The Bossmen
20. Very Last Day - The Thyme
21. Cobwebs & Strange - The Scot Richard Case
22. Listen My Girl - The Bossmen
23. Window Song - The Thyme
24. Mystery Man (demo) - Dick Wagner & The Frost
25. I Found A Love - The Thyme


Dano "rock man" (New Jersey USA)

The high points of this collection definitely puts it into the must buy category of any 60's music afficianado. They are The Scot Richard Case (early SRC)recordings of not one but 2! Pretty Things covers plus a version of I'm So Glad which easily equals The Cream.

Their original song Who is That Girl and cover of The Who's Cobwebs and Strange are great also. The 2 MC5 recordings sound better than ever especially the fabulous Borderline.Iggy Pop lays down the blueprint for his fine singing voice which we all know and love on I'm a Man. But the "Big" find has to be a group called Half-Life whose song Get Down actually gives the MC5 a run for their money (Please! there has to be a full album by these guys somewhere). Oh,did I forget the great demo version of The Frost's Mystery Man. The rest is less hard rock type music(more Hollies and Zombies,there's even a great cover of Time of the Season) but I'm sure it'll sink into my subconscious eventually. An all around fantastic compilation that really makes me drool thinking about The Rationals collection that's on the way. To hear these classics from the original master tapes instead of from crummy sounding bootlegs will be a wonder to behold!

Foot note from Kimmer: Scott's new record just wrapped and read my Scott Morgan post below on that one.

The Rationals Compilation is in my record collection already! Thanks Scott and Willy.
You can buy it here:



When serious collectors compose lists of the top shoulda-been-bigger bands of the '60s, the Rationals are often among them. Coming out of the same Ann Arbor, MI scene that gave birth to the MC5 and the Stooges, the group's forté was a sort of garageish take on blue-eyed soul, built around the fine R&B-hued vocals of frontman Scott Morgan. Their mid-'60s singles, however, didn't break in many areas…

2009 two CD collection from the Michigan-bred '60s rockers. This punchy quartet from Ann Arbor ruled the state during the mid-1960s with a blend of rootsy Garage and exciting Blue-Eyed Soul. The handful of records they cut have become totems of cool to Garage fanciers the world over. Many Rock 'N' Roll, Garage and '60s music enthusiasts are still shocked that the band did not break out on a national or international level. They predated the MC5 and Stooges, so perhaps they were just a few years ahead of their time. 34 tracks. Big Beat Records.



News & Nuggets

*FEBRUARY 25, 2010* More cool Big Beat news, again courtesy Alec Palao: "Big Beat's contribution to International Record Store Day on April 17 is Rationalism! by soulful Michigan garage legends The Rationals. This limited edition 7" EP contains 'I Gotta Go Now' and 'Poor Dog,' the two most dancefloor-friendly cuts from the recent Big Beat CD anthology of their A-Square years, Think Rational!, along with an astounding, recently uncovered seven minute Yardbirds-like studio rave on 'Wang Dang Doodle,' full of mangled guitar and honking harp. Further vinyl Rats releases planned for later this year include a reproduction of their hideously rare Fan Club album.



Don't miss out seeing my great friends
Ron Cooke fabulous legendary DETROIT bass player,
awesome lead singer Mark Childress
hot guitarist JB Sweet
The Dead City Prophets
April 10, 2010
Paychecks Lounge

Fantastic Singer Mark Childress
Hot Bass Man Ron Cooke!

Paycheck's Lounge
2932 Caniff
Hamtramck, MI 48212



In honor of Gary's birthday go buy a poster HERE



James Williamson (C) Heather Harris

My friend Heather Harris did a session with James Williamson recently and her images have been featured in major magazines and publications everywhere. James visited her LA studio and she did a gorgeous job with Mr. Williamson. She sent me an autographed photo for my own collection.

I asked James last night if he minded me posting it and he said sure Kim post it! So here is this fabulous photo. At the top is Heather's autograph and notes.

Heather and Kurt (Mr. Twister) have been so kind, not mention generous assisting my efforts with this blog. Heather gives me inspiration an kindness beyond belief. Thank you Heather and thank you James for all the great music over the years....

See more on James HERE
Heather's blog is HERE



Gary Grimshaw

Got a message this morning that Gary Grimshaw the very famous rock post artist is in the hospital and in really poor health. Out thoughts and prayers go out to his lovely wife Laura and his family. In honor of Gary I am posting some of my favorites of his work and a little impromptu video Machinegun and I did last fall at the People's Art Festival at the Russell Center in Detroit.

Big Rich Dorris and I were just talking about Gary late last night and are planning to put together a big story featuring Rich's vast collection of video of Gary as he worked with him for a long time too. Gary's influence will live on forever as young artists are still emulating his very unique and before his time style.

From Gary's website

If Gary Grimshaw hadn't been the poster artist for the counterculture, he could have been its poster child." --The Detroit Free Press, December 12, 1999 Michigan's 100 Greatest Artists and Entertainers of the Twentieth Century.

Gary Grimshaw was the primary poster and light show artist for Detroit's psychedelic Grande Ballroom from 1966 to 1969. During that period he also created art for Detroit's notorious rock and roll band the MC5. Currently an album cover design for the MC5's first album Kick Out the Jams painted in 1968 is on view at Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.



Sorry to hear... the sad news of the passing of Doug Fieger (brother of attorney Geoffrey) of The Knack. I wasn't a giant Knack fan but I did love that this band brought back handsome looking rockers once more. The skinny ties and neat look was appealing.

My Sharona was their biggest hit and there are tons of 30 year old ladies saddled wih that name...LOL

The did the recording for Tom Hanks Movie "That Thing You Do" I love that song so I thought I'd post that video. If you want to hear Sharona Click HERE

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Doug's family and friends. RIP


Here's Marijke dancing in Wonderwall (having designed all the clothes and the set)

Read my story on Marijke's art HERE

The Fool were a Dutch design collective and band who were influential in the psychedelic style of art in British popular music in the late 1960s. The colourful art draws on many fantastical and mystical themes. The name is a reference to The Fool tarot card.

The original members were Dutch artists Simon Posthuma and Marijke Koger, who were discovered by photographer Karl Ferris among the hippie community on the Spanish island of Ibiza in 1966. He took photographs of clothes designed by them, and sent them to London where they were published in The Times (London) and immediately caused a sensation. Ferris took The Fool back to London, and together they opened a studio, with the Dutch artists producing clothes and art, and Ferris pursuing photography. Barry Finch and artist Josje Leeger, joined later. All had been involved with Beatles manager Brian Epstein's Saville Theatre.

Thanks Fast Film!



From Ron a reader:

I came across your site as I was looking on the net and thought you might want some additional pictures of the base as it was in 1969. I was a US Marine radio operator and was in charge of LZ (landing zone) for one of many operations in the area. I used to stand out on the very edge of the cat walk going off the main landing platform and talk to the helicopters and guide them in.

Thank you Ron! I really appreciate the photos as there are very few out there. My dad Major Frank Maki was at FB Fuller May 1971 until June 22, 1971 when sadly he was killed in action. He was the only American lost in that action.

The full Stories are below:

Vietnam: Firebase Fuller
Major Frank Maki Awarded the Silver Star
Vietnam: 1968-1971



February 09, 2010

AquariusAquarius (1/20-2/18)

What a great day! You'll have all the energy you need to get your chores out of the way bright and early. Then, just as you're winding down from work and preparing to play, a team of heavenly ambassadors will arrive, ready to furnish you with a substantial second wind and some interesting playmates from a far-off place to help you spend it. Everything looks good, so take advantage of those cosmic gifts. Enjoy!


The boys have taken a lot of flack for the Super Bowl performance Sunday and we just want to show our support and let these critics ponder this... any current bands going to be remembered let alone performing for 40 years? Doubt it kids...



Deniz Tek posted a great video last night featuring Little Esther Phillips which is fantastic and now I am launched on my favorite Stax/Soul/Spector/Motown tunes this Sunday morning. Hard to blog dance and sing at the same time! Thanks DT!!!


This has to be my most favorite of all "break up" songs. Mary's voice lends it a gritty 'kiss my ***' type tone to the song and takes the listener along as she tells her boyfriend BYE BYE BABY...

Well, you know you took my heart
And you broke it apart
Why did our love baby, yeah yeah
Have to ever start

You know you took my love, threw it away
You gonna want, my love someday
Well a bye bye baby
(bye bye bye)

Well I thought your love
Was oh so true
And you lured me baby, yeah
Started loving you

You know you took my love, threw it away
You gonna want, my love someday
Well a bye bye baby
(bye bye bye)

Well, your love was
Sweeter than
Any I know
So don't come back
Knockin on my front door

Well you said that I
Was your only girl
And there was no others, yeah
In this whole wide world

You know you took my love, threw it away
You gonna want, my love someday
Well a bye bye baby
(bye bye bye)

Well, your love was
Sweeter than
Any I know
So don't come back
Knockin on my front door

Well you said that I
Was your only girl
And there was no others, yeah
In this whole wide world

You know you took my love, threw it away
You gonna want, my love someday
Well a bye bye baby
(bye bye baby)

Whoah, bye bye baby
(bye bye baby)
Bye, I don't want you know more
(bye bye bye)

Bye, bye baby
(bye bye baby, bye bye)
Whooo, don't need your love, yeah yeah
(bye bye baby, bye bye)
I don't want you baby, whoooo
(bye bye baby, bye bye)
Bye bye baby, yeah
(bye bye baby, bye bye)
Bye bye baby, ohh
(bye bye baby, bye bye)



A pivotal figure in Motown's formative years, singer/composer Barrett Strong was a key associate and friend of Berry Gordy. It was hit "Money (That's What I Want)" for Anna Records in 1960 that provided vital capital for Gordy to expand his operation. The song gave Strong his only major hit as a vocalist, reaching #2 on the R&B charts and barely missing the pop Top 20.

During the late '60s and early '70s, Strong collaborated with Norman Whitfield on some historic songs including "I Heard It Through the Grapevine," "Too Busy Thinking About My Baby," "Papa Was a Rolling Stone," "Ball of Confusion," "War," and "Take Me in Your Arms and Love Me."

Strong left Motown when the label moved to Los Angeles in 1972, and he signed with Epic. After one failed single, Strong moved to Capitol where he had the LP Stronghold released in 1975 and later Live & Love in 1976. Though it wasn't a hit, his song "Man Up in the Sky" was a '70s soul gem.

Strong continued into the '80s, recording "Rock It Easy" for an independent label and writing and arranging "You Can Depend on Me" which was included on The Dells' The Second Time LP in 1988.



Guest Post From the Modfather Myspace Blog:

2 of the hottest Motor City acts in the early 1980s were Natasha, fronted by Sarana VerLin and The Roomates fronted by Beaux Mitchell. Both of these ladies won numerous music awards, sold many records, drew huge audiences and carried the torch of Detroit Rock City admirably when they toured...

On Saturday, February 13th, we are turning back the clock for a very special event. At Paychecks there will be a long overdue reunion of ...

The Roomates

Paula Messner, original axe player for the Roomates will be on hand to make it a bonifide reunion. Paula's also well known for her post-Roomates projects such as the Motor City Dolls and The Candy Band.

I am more than excited-I am totally giddy, because I get to open for these Detroit legends and, if I behave, I even get to fill the keyboard spot with the Roomates.

This is extra special shindig for me, because over the past few years both Beaux and Sarana have been very encouraging and supportive of my own attempt to "rise from the ashes". They have even came into the studio and lent their considerable talents to some of my efforts. To say I love them both would be an understatement ...

To say I'm not proud to be part of this show would be a lie... modfather


I was so lucky to get to see this film when they had a premier viewing of it at the Detroit Institute of Art Film Theater October 30, 2003. At that time I was with one of my favorite friends of all time Dan Hyatt.

The theater was packed to the rafters with rockers and fans alike. Everyone looking at each other to see if you might be "someone". The crowd was wildly dressed like back in the day. The guys looked older but the women looked fantastic in a their coolest Retro fashions. Looked like a lot of Stevie Nicks and Grace Slicks walking around the lobby.

During the film the crowd interacted with the MC5 and alternately cheered and sang along with the guys. Everyone jumped to their feet and gave a rousing ovation after it ended. Machinegun and Michael talked with the audience while Dan and I ran off to the Magic Stick for the after party.

When Machinegun arrived Dan asked me if I really knew him (MGT). So I ran over and got Den and brought him to our table where he promptly hugged me and Dan too! He signed a ton of stuff for my friends and for me... the poster and card.

On the way home from Detroit the next day Dan told me to take my poster and cards to the frame shop right then or I never would get around to doing it. So I did. The girl at Michael's Craft store picked the blue jean and pumpkin colors for the matte and it turned out gorgeous.

I sent a photo of it to Dennis and he thanked me for getting that done. Imagine that! Thank you Dennis for inviting me to that premier!



First SRC Album

One of my most favorite songs of all time is Checkmate (Milestones) by the legendary Retro fantastic band SRC. It never occurred to me as a 14 year old jumping around the living room that I would one day meet the leader of SRC, lead guitarist Gary Quackenbush. We met recently at the Ann Arbor Rock Revival Show at the Blind Pig.

Turns out that Mark Sisto is a big fan of SRC as well and while he was in town we came up with a plan to ask Gary to play with Mark on vocals for 4 SRC songs. The next thing we needed was a great bass player. I phoned my buddy Ron Cooke of (Mitch Ryder) Detroit fame but the poor guy had broken his foot cooking dinner! Damn cucumbers!

Well I didn't have to think very long to realize hey what about Jukebox (fantastic) as the bass player? I knew Box would be tired as he is constantly working or playing. Made the call and Box said sure Kimmer and we can use the Bang studio too. YES! Al King was the drummer of course we had him in mind from the git. Read Chris' Blog post HERE

Took the guys a bit of time to set up and then the session began. They started with Radio Birdman's Hand of Law as Mark, Chris and Al were all familiar with the song. I sat waiting patiently to hear Mark finally sing the SRC songs.

We were running out of time but they did get in 1 SRC song. They chose UP ALL NIGHT. SRC music is very difficult to play on the fly.

Grinned like a Cheshire Cat and blushed like a lady of scandal....
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