Guitar Legend TOMMY BOLIN Celebrated 
With New Collection Of Lost Tracks!

Los Angeles, CA - This year will mark the 55th anniversary of the passing of Tommy Bolin, the supremely talented guitarist and songwriter, best known for his work with Deep Purple and The James Gang, who captivated the world with his sophisticated and ferocious playing. Bolin’s tragic death, he was a mere 25 years old, has been one of rock music’s great “what ifs” forcing critics and fans to grapple with what Bolin might have been able to accomplish in subsequent years were he still alive, given that he managed to produce such amazing works of mature artistry at such a young age. Many point to Bolin’s most fully realized, and sadly final, album, the magnificent Private Eyes, as proof that for all of Bolin’s success, the man was just getting warmed up!

Now a new collection of never before released outtakes and demos from those recording sessions will be released showing the many sides of Bolin’s talent. The collection is called Shake The Devil - The Lost Sessions and will be released on February 12 courtesy of Cleopatra Records. Licensed directly from Bolin’s estate and with informative liner notes from rock journalist Dave Thompson, these recordings offer both acoustic, instrumental and alternate versions of some of Bolin’s best known tunes including his most popular song, “Bustin’ Out For Rosey.” That track is today offered as a special sneak preview of the album, which will be available on both CD as well as a gorgeous gatefold vinyl with your choice of white, purple or red vinyl!

Stream the single: https://orcd.co/tommy_bolin_bustin_out_for_rosey_alternate

Pre-order the album: https://orcd.co/tommy_bolin_shake_the_devil

Track List:
1. Shake The Devil (Alternate Mix)
2. Bustin' Out For Rosey (Alternate Version)
3. Hello Again (Outtake, No Strings)
4. Gypsy Soul (Outtake)
5. Sweet Burgundy (Alternate Version)
6. Someday We'll Bring Our Love Home (Instrumental Demo)
7. You Told Me That You Loved Me (Instrumental Demo)
8. Post Toastee (Acoustic Demo)
9. Tommy's Instrumental (Outtake)
10. Gypsy Soul (Acoustic Demo)
11. Gypsy Soul (Rehearsal Demo)
12. Someday We'll Bring Our Love Home (Instrumental Demo)


The next full Moon will occur on Thursday, January 28, 2021, at 2:16 PM ET, and is known as the Full Wolf Moon. It is also known as the Old Moon or the Moon After Yule.

January is already on its way out, 2021 is well underway, and we've got our first full moon of the year on the horizon. The full moon this month is referred to as the "Wolf Moon," and it's a powerful time for both releasing what no longer serves you, and harnessing that good lunar energy.

The Wolf is a symbol of guardianship, ritual, loyalty, and spirit. Wolf has the ability to make quick and firm emotional attachments, and often need to trust their own instincts. Thus they teach us to do the same, to trust our hearts and minds, and have control over our own lives.

The exact time of the next full moon is:
Thursday * 28 January 2021 * 2:16:13 pm (EST)
Moon sign: Leo 09° 06'

Here you find this time converted into different timezones for other cities:
WELLINGTON = Friday * 29 January 2021 * 8:16:13 am (NZDT)
SYDNEY = Friday * 29 January 2021 * 6:16:13 am (AEDT)
TOKYO = Friday * 29 January 2021 * 4:16:13 am (JST)
BEIJING = Friday * 29 January 2021 * 3:16:13 am (CST)
BANGKOK = Friday * 29 January 2021 * 2:16:13 am (ICT)
DELHI = Friday * 29 January 2021 * 12:46:13 am (IST)
DUBAI = Thursday * 28 January 2021 * 11:16:13 pm (GST)
MOSCOW = Thursday * 28 January 2021 * 10:16:13 pm (MSK)
BERLIN = Thursday * 28 January 2021 * 8:16:13 pm (CET)
LAGOS = Thursday * 28 January 2021 * 8:16:13 pm (WAT)
LONDON = Thursday * 28 January 2021 * 7:16:13 pm (GMT)
RIO = Thursday * 28 January 2021 * 4:16:13 pm (BRT)
SANTIAGO = Thursday * 28 January 2021 * 4:16:13 pm (CLST)
NEW YORK = Thursday * 28 January 2021 * 2:16:13 pm (EST)
MEXIKO CITY = Thursday * 28 January 2021 * 1:16:13 pm (CST)
CALGARY = Thursday * 28 January 2021 * 12:16:13 pm (MST)
LOS ANGELES = Thursday * 28 January 2021 * 11:16:13 am (PST)
ANCHORAGE = Thursday * 28 January 2021 * 10:16:13 am (AKST)
HONOLULU = Thursday * 28 January 2021 * 9:16:13 am (HAST)


Why Is IELTS Coaching Important?

Let me ask you something, how good are you at English? Whether that is spoken or written. Whatever your answer might be, it is important to know that this is your assessment, and in most cases, this must not hold. To ensure that the highest standard of English Language is assessed through a standardized procedure, one example is the IELTS Test.

The IELTS is specifically designed for those planning to study or work in a country where the primary language is English. The IELTS score is accepted by almost all British, Australian, South African, and Irish institutions, while its acceptance is increasing in the USA and Canada. Here are some reasons why ielts coaching is important for you.

Higher Chances to Clear Examination

We always say, knowledge is power, and one should always be equipped with the right knowledge regarding their subject of interest. Here, if you get an IELTS coaching, you will instantly increase your chances of clearing the IELTS exam. This is possible because reputable institutes provide training to students through books, files, audio files, and other useful material.

Improved English Language Assessment

As we discussed prior, IELTS is a standardized test, which means that every student is rated globally against the same standards. This is beneficial because you can pinpoint exactly where you stand with your English Language skills. Moreover, through continuously working with a coach, you will be assessed daily on your skills next to an updated curriculum.

This way, you can easily track your progress and know exactly where you stand, so you have a clear view of your goal. This is an effective way to study because you are more likely to end up on it when your direction is clear. If you did not have IELTS coaching, you would not be aware of your progress and most likely not improve.

Higher Motivation

It's no secret that you will get more motivated with every passing day once you get trained to work towards your goal. In the same way, you will also be motivated to achieve a good result. We all know the difference between good teachers and bad teachers, and the one distinguishing factor between the two is that one inspires you to achieve your goals and one does not. This aspect is seemingly important because a proper IELTS coach will push you to achieve a better result.

Higher Result

Here goes the most obvious reason; everyone knows that when you study for an examination, you get higher marks than if you did not. This is a world-known fact that has been proven over and over again. But it should still be mentioned. Taking IELTS coaching will make you achieve a higher result since you will go over the relevant material many times before giving the actual exam.

Since practice makes perfect, you will gain more knowledge and skills to give the exam properly; this will ultimately result in you scoring higher marks with relative ease. If you want to study in a country where English is the primary language, then this IELTS preparation will make your entry easier, and you will also gain a better command of the English Language. In the long run, bettering your English skills for this examination will make it easier to communicate with local people in that country.

Increased Accuracy and Speed

When you give the IELTS exam, the listening module challenges you to provide answers to 40 questions given during the span of 4 recordings. Since these questions are mainly supposed to be answered alongside the recording, you will need focus and speed. Moreover, the recording is only played once, making it crucial for the student to be as accurate and attentive as possible.

Of course, before each recording is played, you will get to read the questions to know what information to supply. This requires focus and will be practiced during the IELTS coaching. As we know, humans tend to zone out mid-conversation because we get lost in our thoughts. This cannot happen during the exam, and even if it does, the IELTS coach will teach you the necessary steps to take to get back on track.

Saving Time

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to ace a test you have no idea about? Well, similarly, when you give your IELTS examination, you have to be aware of the format and the time available to you so you can plan. If you are familiar with the exam pattern, this will make time management easy for you.

For example, there are 40 short questions in the reading module, but the text cannot be read repeatedly because it would be very confusing. Instead, an IELTS coach would teach you which information to look out for and how to skim over the text more effectively. Again, if you are aware of the type of questions given and the type of answers you need to respond with, it will save you a lot of time during the examination.

Descriptive and Explanation Abilities

Through preparing for the writing module, you will build your explanation and description skills to the fullest. The types of questions in this section are specific and require detail, which cannot be given in such a short amount of time. However, with a coach, you will understand how to use the most effective words to provide the best description and save time.

This will be ideal for someone who struggles with time management and wants to know how to answer every question quickly but precisely. Since the teacher will practice multiple examinations before actually giving it, it will help with your time.


Teachers will build your skills and acknowledge your weaknesses in a way that you will never be able to do. They will specifically target your weaknesses and find a way to better them not to pose a challenge when you are giving your IELTS.




When it comes time to workout, you have to make sure that you have the right clothes for the activity you are going to be doing. Using the wrong clothes can not only hinder your workout but can also result in you injuring yourself. Therefore, it is always recommended that you get some gym clothes that will allow you to work hard for a long period of time. Here are some reasons why you need to wear the right workout clothes.

Workout Clothes Are Made to Move

Do you ever see someone in the gym working out with jeans on? There is a reason for that, jeans are simply not made to move and be flexible. Whenever you are working out or lifting weights, you will have to do certain movements that will require some degree of flexibility in the clothes that you are wearing. Whether it be when you are stretching to one side or lifting a weight, the last thing you want is to be hindered by the clothes that you are wearing. The experts at Evolvefitwear.com recommend leggings or sweats if you are a woman or shorts or sweats as a guy. These clothes are specifically made for you to move around in, therefore giving you the range of motion that you need. Always make sure that you have the right workout clothes as they will help you move and complete your workouts.

Workout Clothes Are Comfy

The next reason why you should look to wear the right workout clothes is for the comfort level. As mentioned above, you want clothes that you can move in, but you also want clothes that are going to be comfortable as you move around as well. Gym clothes are made to be extremely comfortable in even the most rigorous workouts and are made to not get stuck on your skin. Dealing with uncomfortable clothes during a workout can be extremely annoying, so make sure you have the right equipment for your work.


As you workout, your body will generate heat and begin to sweat to cool you down. If you are wearing heavy-duty clothing, your body heat will have nowhere to go, thus creating a sauna inside of your clothes. Proper workout clothes on the other hand are designed to allow air in and out of them, meaning all of your body heat can be removed and fresh air can come in. Not only does this help keep your body cool, but it also helps with your level of comfort as well. If your workout clothes aren’t breathable, you aren’t going to have the best time working out.

The next thing to look at with workout clothes is their ability to stay dry and keep sweat away. When standard clothes get wet and sweaty, they begin to stick to your body and weigh you down. Clothes made for working out are designed to not allow the sweat to collect on the clothing and also will pull it away from your body. This will mean you can stay cooler and more comfortable as you will not be soaking wet from all the sweat. Keep in mind that with water-resistant and sweat-wicking clothes they only work to a certain degree. If you have a sweating condition or sweat a lot during a workout, there is only so much that they can do to keep you dry. If this is the case, bring a towel with you to take full advantage of these clothes.


Workout clothes are designed for intense amounts of action and sweat. Therefore they are built to last. If you plan on working out in standard clothes, you will find the colors of your shirts quickly fading, material degrading, and overall the clothes will begin to wear out extremely quickly. This is why it is important to ensure that you are buying clothes that are specifically designed for working out. They might cost a little bit more, but the durability is definitely worth the added price. Ensure that you have the right workout clothes so you don’t ruin your wardrobe.

They Can Motivate You

When it comes time to get outside and get to exercising, it can be hard to bring yourself to do it. If you aren’t a fan of it, you need some way to gather motivation to get outside. If you take the time to find the right workout clothes, it can build motivation and confidence in you. How does it do that? First, if you pick the right workout clothes that are contoured to your body, you will look fantastic in them. 

The clothes will allow you to get your workout while looking great doing it. The second reason it can motivate you is through the money you invested in it. As you are going to be purchasing clothes that work for you, you want to ensure that you are making the most out of your money. Would you want to buy a whole new outfit just to let it sit in your dresser for years? The right clothes can give you the motivation and the confidence to get outside and to get working.

It Can Help to Prevent Injury

Just like with any form of safety equipment, workout clothing is designed to allow your body to freely move, therefore lowering your risk of injury. For instance, the knee braces from myfitnesshub are sure to give your knee a lot of support during high-risk workouts like lifting heavyweights. When you are working out, if your body gets stuck in an awkward motion due to-- When you are working out, if your body gets stuck in an awkward motion due to the clothing you are wearing, it can result in a muscle strain or even worse. Get the right clothes so you can continue to work out without fear of a clothing-related injury.

These are all great reasons as to why you need to get workout clothes. Don’t just buy the first set of clothing you find, take the time to try them all on and find a pair that not only looks good but is also comfortable for you to wear. The right workout clothes will greatly contribute to your workout and get you excited to get out there and improve yourself. What kind of workout clothes do you plan on buying?



Instagram is one of the Fastest Growing Social Media Platforms. Instagram has 1 Billion Operating Monthly Users (as of now). So when there is such a horde of individuals on a specific stage, at that point Companies consider that stage to spend publicizing cash on. That is the place where the game changes. Influencers are paid great many dollars for each brand support they make on Instagram. So If you additionally need to make exactly a large number of Bucks, at that point You ought to have Active Followers On Instagram.

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Retro Fashion Trends Are Making a Solid Comeback

Grandma dressing is one trend that we spotted a lot in 2020. Many young girls picked on the outwear and accessories, which seem stolen from the grandma's wardrobe. It did look cute then, but honestly, we did not quite expect it to gain the kind of popularity that it finally has. Now, as we have entered into a New Year, we can see that grandma's clothing has become a lot more enticing than ever before. See, if we accept the old books, movies, and music, coming back in style in the 21st century, why should we be hesitant in accepting the old fashion trends from the 60s, 70s, 80s, or the 90s? Of course, as time passes, the trends change. But a lot of these trends are an inspiration from the past decade. Do you know what the best part about these items is? You do not have to go out and splurge in them. You can rent them or look at your mom's or grandma's closet, and you can find a lot of pieces that you can re-create and restyle. Let us take a look at some of the fashion trends, which are making a comeback.

Silk printed scarves

If your Gram is still not swamped with influencers and fashion bloggers recreating and restyling the silk scarves in every way possible, we are judging you. You need to up your follow game, and move on to the more forward Influencers. Anyway, the fashion people have been tying these scarves around their hair, torso, and neck, and it looks classy as ever. This style goes back to the 70s when the silk scarf was a hit. After all, can we ever forget the Goldie Hawn's scarf as a headband look or the Bianca Jagger's loose hair scarf look? Rebecca, who offers online poetry classes, says that she was the happiest when the silk printed scarves made a comeback. Well, we are sure she has a lot of pieces stocked in her grandma's closet.


Little Women sure has got us into thinking a lot of things. One amongst them is the corsets. Corsets are cool, fashionable, and very alluring. However, back in the day, women wore corsets under their dress to keep their stomach tight. Today that is not the way most women wear. Today women either wear it as a standalone by teaming them with flared denim or wear it over the T-shirts to give it a bit of a shape. Regardless, it is one trend that we are 100 percent rooting for.

Knee-high socks

Well, if I am honest with you, the knee-high socks remind me of my elementary school days. Yes, of course, my grandma, too, but more so the former. But don't you all remember your grannies wearing the knee-high socks as the replacement to full pantyhose? Now, young girls are styling these with short skirts and high heels.


No, no, no! You are so not being Punk'd. The fashion era of Tweed is officially back again. You may have seen a lot of fashion influencers donning Tweeds in 2020. The trend is here to stay and will be as popular in 2021 too. Ruby, an associate with FineGrades, says that I love Tweeds for the simple fact that their material is timeless. Well, yes, you may wear it ten times, and the material will feel fresher than ever before.

Circle skirts

Back in the 1950s, the circle skirts were a staple in the prim lady's wardrobe. If truth be told, not much has changed. In every modern girl's closet, you can easily find this classic clothing piece. Of course, women know several ways to style these skirts and give them a modern and cute outlook. You can pair it with leather accessories and berets.


Corduroy was a massive trend in the 70s. However, back then, it was predominantly used for children's clothing. They are making a comeback in the fashion era, and this comeback is solid. Today we see corduroy everywhere. From skirts to shirts, handbags, pants, and jackets, corduroy is in vogue.

Fanny packs

Also known as the dad bags, the fanny packs are something we saw on all celebrities, bloggers, and influencers. It was like the mandatory inclusion in the airport look of celebrities across the world. Jenifer, a TrueBlueFishermen representative, says that there are days when you want to dress down, and that is when these fanny packs come in handy. We feel you, Jenifer! The thing is, on your lazy day, even if you pick any not-so-fashionable outfit and style it with a fanny bag, it will do the trick for you. They tend to steal the focus from your outfit and make it stand out. So, for all the lazy girls out there, here is the tip can swear by.

Round glasses

We know you will say round glasses are the best 70s trend. Do you know what? You're mistaken. They saw new popularity in the 70s when Janis Joplin and John Lennon began wearing them. It is for this reason they are also known as the Lennon shades. However, this style goes back to the 1920s. Yes, that is when the round glasses entered the fashion space. But after the 70s, they have been creeping back in every decade. Today, we see them everywhere, and given how cool they look, we do not mind.

Crop Tops

Ever since crop tops became popular, they have been restyled and reinvented in so many different ways. The good thing is you can hoard them in your wardrobe because it is one trend, which will only surge in popularity year after year.

Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans are known for their loose-fitting, high-waisted, and tapered around the ankle look. Back in the 90s, the mom jeans were everywhere. They made a solid comeback in the 21st century, with multiple new ways to style them. So, now, you can bid adieu to your stylish but not so comfortable skinny jeans and shake hands with the mom jeans. Rosy, an assignment help Adelaide service provider, shares that she always shops for her jeans at thrift stores. Well, we support this outlook entirely as it is an incredible way to reduce waste. You can style your mom jeans with belts and boots, and it will be your perfect off-duty model look that people will adore.

High-waisted jeans

We know that we have already mentioned the mom jeans in the list, but high-waisted jeans are a broader term. They were a prominent 40s trend and are happily making a comeback. It was initially designed by Levi's for women working in the factories and lands, but today you will find them in every fashion-forward woman's closet. For the best look, pair it with a sneaker and a crop top, and you are sorted.


Pearls are back, and we could not have been happier. It is indeed one of the raging jewelry trends and is here to stay. The thing with pearls is they always look timeless and classic, and you can repeat them at 100 events, and nobody will complain. Of course, the best part is you can find them in heaps in your granny's closet. For an excellent first impression, pick out a classic pearl string and layer it over your tweeds. Pearl earrings are also a rage.




New SYD BARRETT Tribute Celebrates 50 Years 
Since The Release of “The Madcap Laughs” and “Barrett”

“LOVE YOU – a tribute to SYD BARRETT” celebrates 50 years since the release of “The Madcap Laughs” and “Barrett”. The double CD box will be released by the prestigious English label Gonzo Multimedia on the 6th of January, 2021. 75 years exactly from Syd’s birth. “LOVE YOU” is a song recorded by Syd in 1970. It’s included in “Barrett”, the second solo album of his.

The new tribute also includes two particularly significant bonus tracks too: “Astronomy Dominé” and “Vegetable Man” characterizing the beginning and the end of Syd’s Floydian era.

Every single note in these two CD’s has been expressed with love. Love is shown by the artists who took part by arranging Syd’s music in their own way.

Our project is to collect, for the first time, all the songs Syd Barrett recorded after his experience with Pink Floyd. To realize it we invited many artists from various parts of the world - Italy, Mexico, France, Ireland, UK, USA, Sweden, Japan, Belgium Germany, The Netherlands - and asked them to choose one song and rearrange it in their own way.

Among them and without detracting from the others, we would like to mention:

Luca Ferrari: journalist and writer; one of the first in the world to publish fanzines, articles, and books about Syd.

Dave Harris: former lead singer of “Fashion” he is well known to Pink Floyd fans thanks to ZEE:IDENTITY, the album he released in 1984 – and recently reprinted - together with Pink Floyd’s keyboard player Richard Wright.

John Cavanagh: Voiceover artist, broadcaster, musician, record producer, writer, and performer. He is the author of the book “The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn” about the making of the first Pink Floyd album. The book was published in 2003 in the UK and then translated in many languages; Italian and Chinese among them.

Men On The Border: Swedish band devoted to Syd’s repertoire. In 2016 they took part in “Syd Barrett - A Celebration Concert” at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge.

Boris Savoldelli: a gifted vocal performer who is always challenging his “vocal instrument” with new and original ways of singing.

Dario Antonetti: musician from 1984 to today with Kryptästhesie, Gli Acidi Tonanti, Effetto Doppler, Inossidabile Orchestra Valsecchi, La Svolta Psichedelica, La Forma Delle Nuvole. Producer of The Vegetable Man Project (a tribute to Syd Barrett focused on the song “Vegetable Man.” Lots of artists from all over the world took part and rearranged the song in their own way. 6 CD’s and a 10” vinyl EP were released between 2002 and 2009).

Nino Gatti: for 40 years historian, expert, biographer and collector of Pink Floyd. He has published fanzines and collaborated with various publications both in Italy and abroad. Author of several books about Pink Floyd and their members, both in his own name and together with The Lunatics. His activity also covers many websites devoted to the band.

On the artwork side:

Ian Barrett: Syd’s nephew; he is a fine visual artist and Jewellery designer. He creates unique jewels using meteorites, fossils and other rare materials.

Matteo Regattin: author of the beautiful graphic novel “Syd Barrett Jugband Blues. A graphic trip on the tracks of Syd Barrett”.

We would like to mention every single musician involved in this tribute, of course. Thanks to their passionate contribution this project has become true.

Track Listing:

CD 1
3 - LOVE YOU - EUGENE (Italy)
4 - NO MAN'S LAND - HUMUS (Mexico)
7 - OCTOPUS - SHERPA (Italy)
14 - OPEL - GALERIE 65 (USA)

CD 2:
12 - BIRDIE HOP - TRESPASSERS W (The Netherlands)



Valentine’s Day 2021 delivers an unexpected and welcome surprise with the release of “A Romantic’s Guide to King Crimson,” the new 12-track album of reinvented King Crimson material by the husband-and-wife duo Deborah and Pat Mastelotto. The collection, which spans the band’s entire history, revisits classics including “Matte Kudasai,” “Heartbeat,” “Moonchild,” “Elephant Talk,” “Peace,” “Exiles,” and “Sleepless.”

Pat Mastelotto is an American rock drummer and record producer who has worked with King Crimson, Mr. Mister, XTC, The Rembrandts and many others. Pat has served as one of King Crimson’s drummers from 1995 to the present day. This album resulted from Pat’s observations and Deborah’s insights made after she intermittently joined Pat on tour as part of the King Crimson entourage from 2008 onwards.

“It’s always been a joke in the King Crimson camp that there’s never a line for the women’s restrooms during intermissions,” said Deborah. “King Crimson plays loud and it’s often intense and raucous. But it can also be haunting and melodic, with some of the most beautiful lyrics ever. We wanted to help uncover that sweetness and introduce the songs to a different type of audience with ‘A Romantic’s Guide to King Crimson.’”

“The album has amazing contributions from all the musicians involved, especially the TOAPP (Three of a Perfect Pair Music Masters Camp) artists,” said Pat. “We experimented together and since they were already lifelong Crim Heads, they were totally into reconfiguring the classic performances or developing totally new parts. So, get ready. You’ll hear some fantastic detail in their playing.”

The recording features material they chose and arranged together with lead vocals by Deborah, a creative Tour de Force in her own right, and with Pat drumming and producing.

“We compiled King Crimson songs and searched for the romanticism in them, then rearranged them,” said Deborah. “The addition of a girl singer automatically changes the feel of those songs and places them in a different genre. Our idea is to create a way for people, especially women, to appreciate the beauty of King Crimson’s music without the fear and sometimes resistance attached to the word ‘prog’ getting in the way. We slow the songs way down and strip them back to their essential lyrics and melodies.”

“In the Crimson tradition, we approached every song as if it was brand new,” said Pat. “At first, it involved tinkering with 20-plus songs in hotel rooms using iPhone apps to choose what worked best for us. We first focused on the lyrics. The words had to resonate and the arrangements had to develop a prog-meets-pop twist to meet my hopes. We had no desire to duplicate the original arrangements. In fact, just the opposite. I was trying to discover where else they could go to expose sweetness, sort of like the old days of cassettes and giving a loved one a mixtape. It’s a gift to fans and a family of former Crims.“

The Mastelottos started the recordings in 2019 by inviting the Texas TOAPP alumni, including members of the Houston symphony, to record in Pat’s home studio in the Texas Hill Country. After a quick trip to Nagoya for his one and only live gig of 2020, which yielded the live Stick Men album “Owari,” Pat returned and spent months with Deborah during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown finishing the project. The result is an album full of lush nuance and ornamentation designed to put listeners in a meditative and buoyant mood.

“The lockdown resulted in a year of canceled shows, which gave us time to realize the album,” said Pat. “This grand reboot of humanity made being a couple all the more important, nurturing relationships with people we love, gardening, and doing home projects while creating this album together was a beautiful experience.”

“2020 has given us the longest period of consecutive days, weeks, and months we’ve ever spent together,” said Deborah. “Our close proximity enabled a continuous dialog and working environment, so we never had to break the creative flow.”

“Working from home meant we could take the listening experience from the studio to the car to the bedroom…to test drive…so to speak,” added Pat.

“Heat up the hot tub, fluff your pillows, and head to the softer side of the bed for the pinkest Crimson ever”


1. Two Hands
2. Matte Kudasai
3. Heartbeat
4. Moonchild
5. Inner Garden
6. One Time (Eyes Wide Open)
7. Peace
8. Book Of Saturday
9. Exiles
10. Elephant Talk
11. People
12. Sleepless

TOAPP musicians Appearing on the record:

From Texas:
Adrian Benevedes
Mark Cook
Chris Cowan
Aralee Dorough
Colin Gatwood
Corin Gatwood
Marty Hobsbracht
Mike McGary
Bill Munyon

From other parts of the world:
Mark Hassett
Marco Machera
Christian Constantini
Kevin Andrews
Jeremy Neese
Victor Sagfors
Dave Martyn
Kara Day Spurlock

Additional musicians and engineers:
Fabio Trentini
Andrew Simmons
Laura Scarborough
Elaine Barber
Alex Coke
Grady Cousins

Cover Art: Ana Fuentes
Design: Denis Rodier

Release date: February 14, 2021

To pre-order: https://patmastelotto7d.bandcamp.com/album/a-romantics-guide-to-king-crimson

Digital Album
Streaming + Download
Pre-order of A Romantic's Guide To King Crimson. You get 3 tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released.

Limited Edition Compact Disc
Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album
package image
Comes in a 6-panel gatefold card case designed by Denis Rodier with paintings by international artist Ana Fuentes.


How Art Has Influenced Online Casino Design

Every day brings fresh trends and innovative approaches to every sphere. And there is nothing wrong with it. All that is needed is the will to adapt and implement new concepts in everyday life. The online gambling industry couldn't have remained untouched. Digital art has affected it too.

The difference between online casino games that were popular ten years ago and modern titles is tremendous. Seven Heaven Casino has gathered all the top-rated online casinos to showcase the industry's artistic appeal and modernized algorithms. So, anyone can compare the epochs and spot the differences. However, what interests us most is how art affected the gambling industry, and that is what we will discuss today.
Movie art and its influence

The main idea behind various slots and table games is not to bring you a fortune but to immerse you into a reality slightly different from the one you live in. Thus, the reality should be captivating enough to keep a visitor involved. One way to make it happen is to bring movies and popular novels into online games. These days, you can find slot games that follow the theme of Game of Thrones, Tomb Raider, and Jurassic Park. They are listed by most online casinos. This is due to the spike of public interest in the listed cinematic art. The closer to the original movie and the more realistic the game looks, the more it is demanded.
Japanese anime and its influence

Modern movies are not the sole source of inspiration for game developers. Popular styles of art such as anime have their toll on the game design too. When you dig into the basics, anime first became popular in cinematography. However, as time passed, the gambling industry decided to adopt the trend too. Nowadays you can find all sorts of slots and other casino games spiced up with popular anime characters or themes. Koi Princess, Ghost in the Shell, and Fortune Girl are to name a few.

Anime's main peculiarity is the visual representation of a particular character and the world around them. Though utterly ethereal, it is highly appealing and mesmerizing. The combination of anime and online gambling allows growing the popularity and inspiring interest in either sector throughout the world.

Aside from that, the anime universe knows no limits, and you can go as far in your research as the imagination allows you. It should be noted that visual appeal is not the only anime element that was adopted by online casinos. The music popularized by anime is widely implemented in games too.

No matter the online casino you visit, it usually hosts a wide variety of anime slots represented as magical realms that can be entered only through the game. The psychological aspect behind such an enchanting reality is explained by the sheer human need to escape from routine activities and dull, at times, burdening daily life. The player associates themselves with a character entitled with magical skills, strength, appealing appearance, and never-ending courage. All the characteristics combined can evoke the feeling rarely experienced in real life. Being engaged in one of such games, the visitor not only enjoys the atmosphere but feels relieved from all the daily worries. This results in extended play periods and a growing customer base of the casino, hence the profits and popularity.
Comic art and its influence

You do not need to be an avid gambler to be aware of the excitement that the comic art universe causes. Comic-based movies, books, sale promotions, and advertisements make people adore superheroes. However, when it comes to online casinos and gambling in general, comic art is not solely about superheroes. It is also about the vibrant colors enhancing the gameplay.

Just like anime, comic art uses psychological tricks to attract people. Comic books you read and comic movies you watched evoke childish excitement and hint at an upcoming miracle.

As mentioned before, comic art is mostly about courageous superheroes who save the world and a mixture of vibrant colors that trigger pleasant memories. When implemented in a casino game, this combination attracts players from various parts of the world, with different interests and professions. They are united by the same desire to become one of their favorite superheroes and save the world. Popular Justice League, Suicide Squad, Aquaman, and Superman are present in the gambling industry. Once again, such a sort of entertainment leads to an escape into the universe of freedom, courage, and justice which is in high demand among the masses.

To put it simply, art helps gambling providers to immerse players into a fun and exciting reality for a short time. Whether these are magic galaxies, superheroes, or favorite movie characters, they all aim at bringing joy and excitement into the players' life. With the development of digital art and its implementation in the gambling industry, more and more games become highly engaging.

Considering the rapid development of technology, it's safe to assume that online gambling may become even more immersive within a couple of years. Virtual reality, combined with gambling, will cause a large-scale online casino revolution. However, it is obligatory to remember that the game’s reality is fun and exciting as long as it does not substitute your real life.


 eSports Statistics to Save in 2020 - Time to Play the Game [INFOGRAPHIC] -  Athletic Panda Sports Editors

New to Esports Betting? The Need to Know

Over the past few years, esports betting has really started to take off, particularly amongst the big few games that make up the majority of the esports gaming scene. But recently, newer titles that are a little more familiar have also started to move into the spotlight that are a little more familiar and have helped push the esports betting market further too, with newer sites like these found here becoming available too there are plenty of betting opportunities – but where should you start, and what are the need to know factors about esports betting that may be harder to understand as a newcomer?

International play is important – Whilst more traditional sporting events such as the world cup will bring teams together from around the world and show which region may be performing the best, teams are often pitted against each other only regionally. It’s very different in esports, whilst regional leagues still remain very important, there are a lot more international competition and the biggest events always bring together the best teams of each region for competition – in certain games, specific regions will be dominant over the others, some games will have regions underrepresented, and others will be quite balanced in their approach. If you’re looking to find a start in esports betting, it’s important to understand how international play operates, and how the strengths and weaknesses of each region impact performances.

Stats, stats, stats! – An important part of betting has always been in the understanding of statistics – whether or not a player is good, on a form, and their performance history for example. This is something esports has done very well, with a full roster of stats throughout a player or a team’s professional history, it’s very easy to find out everything you need to know heading into a match. Take a game like Counter-Strike for example, you can see which team regularly wins the first round, which team recovers the best from a losing streak, etc – there are plenty of stats out there, make sure to use them!

Understanding the nuance – An experienced fan of a traditional game like football will be able to explain the ins and the outs of a specific play, break it down second by second, and understand why choices or movements were made. This largely comes from not only the experience of watching but also often of playing a little too - the same is true in esports, the experience of watching will go a long way to understanding why choices are made but playing also helps better develop this too. With many of the bigger titles being free to play and easily accessible, it may be worth a little time investment to try the game out for yourself and to better understand the way the game is played, that way you can appreciate the nuance and better understand what is happening at the professional level when placing your wagers too, and may even help influence a winning choice over a poor choice.
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