Watch for a full-looking moon on the eve of the June solstice (June 19, 2016) and a full moon on the solstice itself (June 20). From what we’ve been able to gather (sources below), this is the first full moon to fall on the June solstice since the year 1967, which some recall as the year of the Summer of Love, a social phenomenon centered on San Francisco, London and other places around the globe. There’ve been a number of near misses of full moons on June solstices, however. And we are indeed talking about the June solstice, not solstices in general. In fact, there was a full moon eclipse on the December solstice in 2010. READ MORE

The exact time of the next full moon is:
Monday * 20th June 2016 * 01:02:24 pm
Central European Summer Time (CEST)
Moon sign: Sagittarius 29° 32'

Here you find this time converted into different timezones for other cities:
WELLINGTON = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 11:02:24 pm (NZST)
SYDNEY = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 09:02:24 pm (AEST)
TOKYO = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 08:02:24 pm (JST)
BEIJING = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 07:02:24 pm (CST)
BANGKOK = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 06:02:24 pm (ICT)
DELHI = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 04:32:24 pm (IST)
DUBAI = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 03:02:24 pm (GST)
MOSCOW = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 02:02:24 am (MSK)
BERLIN = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 01:02:24 pm (CEST)
LAGOS = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 12:02:24 pm (WAT)
LONDON = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 12:02:24 pm (BST)
RIO = Sunday Monday 20th June 2016 * 08:02:24 am (BRT)
SANTIAGO = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 08:02:24 am (CLT)
NEW YORK = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 07:02:24 am (EDT)
MEXICO CITY = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 06:02:24 am (CDT)
CALGARY = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 05:02:24 am (MDT)
LOS ANGELES = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 04:02:24 am (PDT)
ANCHORAGE = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 03:02:24 am (AKDT)
HONOLULU = Monday * 20th June 2016 * 01:02:24 am (HAST)



Sun, Jun 12 7:00 PM Ann Arbor

Michigan Theater - Auditorium

There’s a reason why many consider Iggy Pop the godfather of punk – every single punk band of the past and present has either knowingly or unknowingly borrowed a thing or two from Pop and his late ’60-early ’70 band, the Stooges. Iggy Pop, an outstanding artist known for his outrageous and unpredictable stage antics, sings at the Baloise Session in Basel, Switzerland, where he was honored with a 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award.

This fantastic performance features many of Iggy Pop’s top hits, including I Wanna be Your Dog, The Passenger, Lust for Life and many more. Advance tickets and festival passes are available at the Cinetopia Film Festival website. 




Cinetopia International Film Festival is here again! They have ten days of film screenings, special events, celebrities, filmmakers and film fans experience excellent cinema at venues throughout the Detroit region.

Thanks to the help from their Cinetopia partners at the Arab American National Museum, Cinema Detroit, the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, College for Creative Studies, the Henry Ford Giant Screen Experience, the N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art, the Maple Theater, Redford Theatre, Campus Martius, New Center Park, Ford Resource and Engagement Center, and the Ann Arbor Summer Festival, together with the Michigan Theater and the State Theatre in Ann Arbor, movie lovers now have approximately 120 screenings from which to choose over the festival’s ten days!  online excel to pdf converter



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