Tonight we have a HUGE treat!! Karen Ann Hunter has sent us a story on her work with Rock clothing! How cool for Steve Hunter to have married such a multi talented woman!!! She blogs, writes, sings, sews, makes videos, photographs and more........you go girl!!!


It seems my artistic streak is getting stretched more and more each year. This year I am adding fabric and beads to suits and hats for Steve and also plan to make part of my blog 'Thoughts From Huntersville' into a hard cover book called 'Diary Of A Tour & More'.

My latest sewing venture started with a black beaded Kofi style hat I made for Steve when he toured Germany with Mitch Ryder back in 2005. I have now made and beaded three hats for him and I am just about to start a blue one for our good friend Jason Becker.

When Steve was told he could not wear anything black on a 3D video shoot with the original Alice Cooper Group in 2010 we knew we would all have to get creative.

Rock musicians always wear black right? Well not this time, it seems black does not show up on 3D images.

Steve had a red suit he had purchased years ago, a zoot suit with wide pants and a flowing easy style so we decided it would be perfect for the filming and what fun it would be to ‘trick it up’….. says Steve.
I admit I was reluctant to attempt the appliqué effect on the jacket of the suit but Steve was convinced it would work so eventually I had a go and was very happy with the result.

I had some old bits of fabric in my workroom, well that is an under statement really, I have many plastic bins full of fabric. Like a squirrel collects nuts I collect fabric and findings.

Steve was photographed by Ross Halfin in the red suit suit during the 3D filming and we used that shot as the basis of his new website. www.stevehunter.com

Fast forward to this year and we are gearing up for the release of Steve’s new album ‘The Manhattan Blues Project’. This is definitely the bluesiest album he has ever done, his love of the blues shines through on every track but in his unique way. He is very proud of his 'rock' work over the last 40 years but has always regarded himself as a blues guitarist and hopes his fans will be happy with this change of emphasis.

With that in mind he wants a cool, Django Reinhardt crossed with Stevie Ray Vaughan look for this record so we found some more suits and away I went with beads, fabric and even crystals!

I love it that each project is so different, each suit is a new canvas and will spark a new idea for ‘tricking up’, a combination of its color and it’s style. Also, each suit or hat is a fairly short lived exercise, usually a couple of weeks at most which is perfect for my poor attention span.

I now have a template for the most commonly used jacket collars but if that does not work I simply unroll a bit more black felt, lay that on the collar and cut out a pattern till I think it will work.

Each template is at least ¾ of an inch bigger than the collar or the pocket so that I can fold it under as I hand sew the fabric to the jacket. The hand sewing is my favorite bit, I find that and beading very relaxing and therapeutic. Doing these things makes me sit in one place for a while so that is always a good thing.

I have gathered quite an array of beads and findings now but like some women with shoes, I can never have enough.

Steve wore two of the newly ‘tricked up’ suits to the NAMM convention in Anaheim last week and he got more complements than he can remember getting for anything he has ever worn.

Hence ‘Tricked Up Clothing’ is born; I will work on a suit jacket or a hat for anyone who is looking for something completely unique. I will listen for what they like in colors and how flamboyant they would like to be. But my motivation has to be whatever sparks my own imagination. Of course the more work the higher the price tag. But being individual is a rare and precious thing these days.

A 'tricked up' hat would start at around $300 and a jacket at $800 depending on the amount work, fabric, beads or crystals involved. As a guide, the beading and work on the Khaki colored suit Steve has would be about $1000. This does not include the jacket itself, that will belong to the person who wants to change it up a gear and make it something very special indeed.


Billy the Kid will be making her first ever stop in Michigan and we are thrilled to be a part of the show! Broken Day Machine will be performing Crossroads in it's entirety as well as a couple new tunes all acoustic!


Imagine attending an outdoor event in your town, looking up, and noticing the guy playing keyboards in the band that's entertaining the crowd is Billy Joel. Well, that's exactly what happened over the weekend in Dania Beach, Florida, during a vintage motorcycle show in the city.

According to the Miami Herald, Joel, a massive motorcycle fan and collector, turned up at the show on Saturday. Clare Frost, the event organizer, tells the paper, "He walked through the crowd without people really knowing who he was and looked at the over 230 vintage bikes on display and talked to a few of our vendors." Then, says the organizer, he walked up to the band, and asked the lead singer if he could jam with them.

A fan captured Joel on his Iphone...

"Only about 25 [fans] were around them at first but I guess with Facebook, about 100 more showed up," continued Frost, adding, "When he got off the stage after about three songs, he signed autographs and had pictures taken. He then got about halfway across the field, got lost in the crowd, got on [his] bike...and left."

As for why the Piano Man was in Dania Beach to begin with, it's about half an hour away from Miami, where he owns a home.

Copyright 2013 ABC News Radio


Bob Seger has announced that he and his Silver Bullet Band will be joined a very special guest at several of their forthcoming North American tour dates. Joe Walsh will open the last four concerts on the Michigan rockers' current itinerary.

The Eagles guitarist will be on hand for shows on March 27 in Vancouver, Canada; March 29 in Tacoma, Washington; March 30 in Portland, Oregon; and April 2 in Denver. In addition, Seger and company recently added a second performance in Toledo, Ohio, that will take place on March 1. The trek kicks off in the same city on February 27.

 Joe Walsh

As previously reported, Seger and the Silver Bullet Band will co-headline a pair of concerts with Kid Rock and his group, Twisted Brown Trucker Band, during the upcoming tour. The shows are scheduled for March 15 in St. Paul, Minnesota, and March 16 in Fargo, North Dakota.


 A new limited-edition book featuring more than 1,000 images of The Beatles taken by veteran photographer Henry Grossman is now available for purchase. Places I Remember: My Time with the Beatles includes a wide array of photos Grossman snapped of the legendary British band during a four-year relationship that dates back to the group's first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show in February 1964.

The 528-page book offers photos of The Beatles members on movie sets, in the recording studio and in concert, as well as candid shots of them at home with their families and friends and enjoying various leisure activities. Places I Remember also boasts an introduction written by Paul McCartney.

Photographer Henry Grossman

Most of the photos in the tome are previously unpublished. Only 1,200 copies have been produced, with 250 of them personally signed by Grossman. The book is priced at $495 for unsigned copies and $795 for autographed copies. Visit Curvebender.com to learn more about Places I Remember.


The History of  The Eagles Feb 15/16 on Showtime

PARK CITY, Utah (AP) — The Eagles picked the producer of their new Showtime documentary "The History of the Eagles" — but they insist that's about all the control they had in the making of it.

"It's really not a film that represents our point of view so much," Glenn Frey said Saturday as the quartet spoke at the Sundance Film Festival hours before the film's premiere.

The film was directed by Alison Ellwood and produced by Alex Gibney, whose other documentaries include the Academy Award-winning "Taxi to the Dark Side" and "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room."

"The History of the Eagles" will be shown in two parts on Showtime Feb. 15-16. It includes 40-year-old footage that was in the band's archives, as well as recent interviews with the band.

Henley said he was interested in someone making a documentary about the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers but was unimpressed with recent music documentaries. So, he asked to see the work of Oscar-winning documentary filmmakers and was led to Gibney.

From there, he worked to convince Gibney that he should tell the band's story, and they had "zero" influence on its outcome.

"We have a good story to tell and I think he's a great storyteller," Frey said, adding that Gibney told him, "We're going to make a movie, and we're going to tell the truth."

Don Henley said the band hasn't even seen the final cut yet. "I hope we like it," he joked.

Frey said what surprised him most about the film, and seeing the old footage, was "how much fun we had."


I just watched all 8 seasons of The West Wing on Netflix...never saw the show in it's original broadcast and I am glad...it was so great without commercials and had fantastic sound.  

In the episode "Somebody's Going to Emergency, Somebody's Going to Jail" they used Don Henley's great song "In a New York Minute".. Always loved this song...

The Eagles are planning to hit the road later this year for a tour celebrating their 40th anniversary and in conjunction with their new documentary, History of the Eagles. Before that trek, singer Don Henley has a single solo date lined up that will take place this Friday at the Revel Ovation Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey.


WOW kids...we like the new Mercedes commercial to be debuted on the next Super Bowl broadcast...

 A young guy who gets caught eyeballing the new Mercedes CLA by the Devil (played by Dafoe, nice fingernails...), who offers him the car — and everything that goes with it, which includes cozying up to Upton, out-dancing Usher, and just generally having the keys to a sweet ride — in exchange for his soul...

‘Sympathy for the Devil.'




Only current (or newly registered) Detroit Music Awards voters are allowed to participate in the Nomination Phase.

During this phase, the Nomination Ballot is available online after an eligible voting member has logged in. Eligible voters with email addresses are contacted via email that the Nomination process has begun.

The Nomination Ballot allows voters to nominate whomever they choose for performance and recording categories that meet the eligibility requirements by selecting from names/recordings provided in Phase I (online ballot only).

Names eligible to be considered as Nominees must have a connection, or perform a body of work, primarily in the Detroit metro area, which, for our purposes, stretches as far north as Flint, as far west as metropolitan Ann Arbor, as far south as the Ohio border, and as far east as the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair.

Recordings eligible for the 2012 Detroit Music Awards to be considered as choices must have been released between December 1, 2011 and November 30, 2012. Recordings need to be available for purchase to the public via gigs, internet sales and record stores between those dates.


Have heard nothing but good about this fresh energetic young band out of Pontiac, Michigan. Spent some time watching their videos today and I dig em...Check out their YOU TUBE CHANNEL

SBOS are playing the Blind Pig tonight get more info HERE  Tickets just 5 bucks at the door!




Hi Kim , I wanted to let you know Robert Lee Revue is getting airplay in London England and the smooth jazz station promotes new artists and they also have a voting category where new artists can get more airplay if they get a lot of votes from their friends and fans.

Hi Kim , I wanted to let you know Robert Lee Revue is getting airplay in London England and the smooth jazz station promotes new artists and they also have a voting category where new artists can get more airplay if they get a lot of votes from their friends and fans.

To vote for The Robert Lee Revue go to contact and with Robert Lee Revue song being played on the Fourplay list, ,print your name , email address, subject(robert lee revue) message box=post the name of song on the Top Ten List and Fourplay list. Robert Revue song is " For the Two of Us" . I would like to thank all the facebook friends of Robert Lee Revue for voting for us.
click on contact link below to vote...

is very proud to present The Robert Lee Revue and Robert Lee Balderrama (aka Bobby Balderrama). From bursting on to the music scene in the sixties with hits like ’96 Tears’ with a band that had the uniquely different name of Question Mark & the Mysterians (…it was the sixties after all!), Robert Lee Balderrama now performs Smooth Jazz as The Robert Lee Revue. Members of The Robert Lee Revue are fellow Mysterians cohort Frank Rodriguez on keyboards, Tom Barsheff on saxophone, Dr. Jack Nash on bass and Amy Lynn Balderrama keeps the beat on percussion along with drummer Rudy Levario. The group has fused on a sound that focuses on Smooth Jazz but is reminiscent of George Benson and
Carlos Santana in style.

Robert Balderrama and Frank Rodriguez have experienced both the positives and negatives of the music business during nearly five decades of playing together. The success came very early – as teenage members of Question Mark and The Mysterians they enjoyed a #1 hit in 1966 with “96 Tears” which has been covered by everyone from Bruce Springsteen to the UK’s punk band The Stranglers. This was followed by four more singles on the Billboard charts before the record label they were on went out of business in late 1967. The band recorded on a number of other labels without the success of the earlier hits. They also got poor business advice that cost them the rights to their original recordings.

Robert’s introduction to jazz guitar came early. As a young man he cites Wes Montgomery, Chet Atkins, and Grant Green as early influences. In the 70’s it was Carlos Santana and George Benson. He would practice those styles on his guitar for hours. For the new album Santana was the inspiration for the Latin ingredients, while he drew on Benson for the beautiful low tones on his guitar. “Everybody is influenced by somebody else and Benson has said that he was influenced by Wes Montgomery, so that gave me the idea of putting two styles together that I admire out of respect. When I hear people comment on my sound, it proves that I’m able to come across with what it is that I’m trying to do” states Robert.



BLACK FLAG has reformed and is in the process of putting finishing touches on a new album with founder Greg Ginn on guitar, Ron Reyes on vocals, Gregory Moore on drums and Dale Nixon on bass.

The one constant member throughout the history of BLACK FLAG, Ginn -- named one of Rolling Stone's "100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time" -- defined the west coast punk sound and the DIY ethos of punk rock. Greg Ginn also currently plays with Good For You and Greg Ginn And The Royal We.

Ron Reyes of Decline Of The Western Civilization fame was the BLACK FLAG vocalist from The Church / Jealous Again era. Reyes also currently plays guitar in Piggy.

Gregory Moore has played with Gone and BLACK FLAG (2003) and brings his relentless and driving drum style to the band.

Notorious for not touring, Dale Nixon never-the-less played bass on the My War album and is the author of iconic BLACK FLAG bass lines such as Jealous Again, Nervous Breakdown, Six Pack, TV Party, Revenge, Gimme Gimme Gimme etc... etc... While Dale has lent his skills to the new album, he is currently contractually obligated for a stint on Celebrity Rehab. Still, as he has always done in the past, he will continue to provide insight and spiritual guidance to the current bass player.

The seeds of this reformation were planted when Reyes invited Ginn to perform with him at his birthday party some two and half years ago. Needless to say -- the party was a blast and the two vowed at that time to work on some songs together. The fruition of those efforts will culminate in the release of the new album later this year.

Far from being a one-time grab, this reformation has BLACK FLAG recording and touring extensively both in the US and abroad.

BLACK FLAG are excited to announce that they will be headlining the RUHRPOTT RODEO in Hünxe, Germany on May 18th 2013.

BLACK FLAG are excited to announce that they will be playing the UK's Hevy Fest on Sunday August 4th. Celebrating it's 5th year this summer, Hevy is a completely independent hardcore, punk and metal festival with over 80 bands across 4 stages. The iconic band will be returning to Britain for the first time in almost 30 years, making their only UK appearance of 2013 at the festival.

BLACK FLAG is headlining the Muddy Roots Music Festival in Tennessee, Saturday August 31st, 2013. Muddy Roots is 100% independent and promotes artists ranging from bluegrass, old country to punk rock and everything in between. 3 days of camping WITH 60 bands.

More festival and tour dates to be announced soon including BLACK FLAG US Tour Fall 2013.

Booking Contact: Kat@BucketCity.com

Press Contact: promo@sstsuperstore.com

Website: www.sstsuperstore.com



Check out The DoGs new video "Good Times GirL" 
Don't forget next week's Sat Feb 2 gig...

 The DoGs + Shock + Crazy Squeeze + The Defendants at The Redwood Bar +Grill Downtown LA


Hi Kim, Calling all Cupids. It's that time again. One night only on Valentine's Day for the Funk to hit the trunk at PJ'S Lager House! BEE

The Howling Diablos rockin, funky, blues jam style is well known in Detroit, and everywhere they have toured, as a great live music experience. Since their formation in the 90’s they have toured with and opened for acts including George Clinton’s Parliament Funkadelic, Alice Cooper, Albert Collins,
Ben Harper, Hank Williams Jr, NRBQ, Incubus and The James Gang as well as headlining their own shows.

Recordings include “Beatnik Mambo”(Teenage), “Live”(Top Dog) and Green Bottle”(Overture). The Bass Brothers, now teamed with Eminem, produced the title track, “Green Bottle”, a local hit.

“Good Rockin Tonight”(Sire), an Ahmet Ertegun produced tribute to Sun Records, features the Diablos cut “Wine Spo Dee O Dee” with a guest appearance from Kid Rock. This record also spawned a film for the PBS series, “American Masters”, featuring a performance by the band.

The Diablos appeared on Fat Possum releases by Nathaniel Mayer and RL Burnside that were produced by Tino Gross. Their latest release is the critically acclaimed Car Wash(Alive).






Detroit's Amazing Guitarist Robert Gillespie

Had a great time chatting with Bad ass Detroit Axe man Robert Gillespie the other day.  It has been a long time coming as i know damn near everyone he played with! We almost met at a gig at Alvin's in 2009.  I thought it was time to share the man with my readers...He has a long history and is a founding father of Detroit Rock n Roll.  He is so smooth but right on the money... as Stanley T. Madhatter used to say...."ARE YOU READY TO ROCK N ROLL?"

 Robert Gillespie

Detroit Guitarist Robert Gillespie has had an interest in guitar since the early age of six or seven; his grandmother, Martha played piano and a little banjo and his grandfather, Jesse, played fiddle and mandolin.

There was an old guitar in granny’s closet that Robert wanted to play with all the time and finally Martha got it out and tuned to to an open chord Hawaiian style and laid it across his lap and would use a butter knife to play chords and slide up and down the neck. Robert was hooked but still too small hold it up-right and play it properly.

The Torpedos

At the age of ten Robert got a cheap acoustic and started banging around with that and finally took lessons after seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan show like many other young people.

After a year and a half of lessons he was ready and got organized with some older guys and played in a garage band called The Wise Guys they played one back-yard party and a wedding, then broke up.

All through school the interest continued and Robert was very into the English wave of Rock bands like Rolling Stones / Kinks / Animals and most of all the Yardbirds and The Who.

Robert Gillespie

Robert played with a cool East-Side band called Lickin’ Stick that performed at the Cinderella Ballroom in 1971, and also backed up Chuck Berry at the Allen Theater in Cleveland, Ohio that fall.

Lickin’ Stick turned into Limousine and they recorded a few songs that Robert wrote and one caught the interest of a local D.J. Johnny Williams.  The new 18 year old vote had just came into effect and Johnny Williams added some lyrics.

"This is my 50's Les Paul Gold-top; "Goldie" I bought her from Paul Warren from Rod Stewart's band......she's smooth like "butta"..." Robert Gillespie

The song  “You’ve Got The Power” b/w “Natural Fact” written by Gillespie and vocalist John Ogen, a great singer from downriver received airplay locally and in Flint. That band turned into Northstar with Motown bassist Tony Newton. 

The summer of 1976 Robert was jamming at the infamous Red Carpet, a popular east-side club with the Rockets. Robert met guitarist Jimmy McCarty and drummer Johnny Bee Bandanjek, the cream of the crop of Detroit musicians from the Detroit Wheels, whom Robert admired blaring from the transistor radio in 1965.

One special night Robert found himself on stage with Rob Tyner from the MC5. They both hit it off and starting rehearsing, writing songs.

Robert Gillespie with Rob Tyner

Their new band the New MC5 played their first show the next year at the Red Carpet. They soon signed with Brass Ring Productions and began playing arenas all over the tri-state area, mostly Michigan. They opened for big headliners like AC-DC, Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick, Blue Oyster Cult, Rush,  and recorded some tracks for Atlantic Records.

By late 1978, Robert and Johnny Angelos started the Torpedos with Mike Marshall on bass and Ralph Serafino on drums (both from the Tyner band). They began writing and recording then became very big in Detroit creating a buzz with record people on a national level.

The Torpedos

The late Johnny Angelos a brilliant pop songwriter and much more. — with Tom Curry, Robert Gillespie, Johnny Angelos, and Ralph Serafino.  Johnny quit the Torpedos just as things were getting hot on the scene.  He went on to front another smaller band then sadly committed suicide. Robert and the Detroit rock scene were devastated.

Robert is very proud of the music the Torpedos created. In recent years Johnny's son Mitchell Angelos has been fronting the reunited Torpedos. My pals Robin and Trudi went with me in 2009 to see Helldrivers/Torpedos/Circus Boy at Alvin's in Detroit.

 Robert Gillespie and Mitch Ryder

Though they were all great...to me the Torpedos stole the show! We danced their entire set. Barely got any photographs due to having so much fun.  Didn't get to meet Robert that night but we will meet soon I am certain.

ROBERT SMOKES THIS TUNE......................

During the 1980′s Robert started a band with vocalist Dennis Quinn and Mike Marshall on bass plus Greg Calder on drums called The Finnz.

They recorded two singles and performed on Doug Podell’s T.V. show called The Beat. The Finnz’s were finished in early ’83 when Robert heard "When You Were Mine" on the radio from Mitch Ryder and just had to have that gig.

He auditioned and got hired spring of ’83 and toured the US and Europe and recorded five albums and a DVD over the 19 years with Mitch (longer than anyone else BTW).

L2R Andy Frost Chris Taylor Robert Gillespie and Scott Morgan

In 2001 Robert formed Powertrane with Scott Morgan of the Rationals and Sonic’s Rendezvous Band. They performed and recorded two CD’s, two singles and did gigs sporadically over the next eight years.

Ron Asheton Robert Gillespie Scott Morgan

When Geoff Ginsberg, president of Real O Minds Records (Philadelphia), brought Robert Gillespie into Forty-Ounce Studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan to overdub the guitar work on Morgan's song, "Satisfier", the chemistry between Morgan and Gillespie was immediately apparent.

Powertrane's combination of young talented rockers with Detroit legendary musicians has created a unity and cohesion which has drawn out the talent and creative energy evident in this lineup.

 Ron Asheton, Robert Gillespie, Deniz Tek, Chris Taylor Scott Morgan

Their first show was at the Magic Bag on St. Patrick's Day 2001.  Powertrane played sold-out, high-profile gigs in New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland and Cincinnati, not to mention Detroit and Ann Arbor. They were been joined on stage by Mitch Ryder, Ron Asheton and Deniz Tek.

Robert Gillespie and Mike Marshall

Then in 2010  Robert had the idea to start an instrumental band. He called his long time pals bass man Mike Marshall and drummer Greg Calder. Will be writing more on these guys soon...K

Robert Gillespie Greg Calder and Mike Marshall

Guitarist Robert Gillespie along with Mike Marshall on bass & Greg Calder on drums. They play instrumental Guitar-Rock; from Dickie Dale to Jimi Hendrix and exciting originals.

Together they formed The Detroit Daggers.. I am anxious to see them play..Loved their videos..


 The Marvelettes

 Well the Rock Hall of Fame missed the boat again...Our fabulous Marvelettes didn't make it...but our beloved Motown Girl Groups will be honored January 31, 2013...Susan Whithall tells the story..

By Susan Whitall

 The Marvelettes

From The Detroit News:

Motown's girl groups — the Supremes, The Vandellas, the Marvelettes, the Velvelettes and the Andantes — will be the focus of a new exhibit opening Jan. 31 at the Motown Historical Museum.

The exhibit "Girl Groups: The Grit, the Glamour, the Glory" will include girl group costumes and photos, many items from the singers themselves.

It was the Marvelettes who scored the fledgling record company's first No. 1 hit in 1961 with "Please, Mr. Postman," pushing Motown into the national spotlight and bringing much-needed cash into its coffers. The teenaged group was on the cusp of the girl group movement that dominated pop music in the early '60s. READ MORE

Like the Funk Brothers the Andantes were kind of under the radar fame wise.. They were a group of women vocalists who can be heard on virtually thousands of Motown Hits...Though somewhat obscure to the public, the Andantes had a mighty influence on Motown music....

The Andantes were Motown's famous backing girls. From the beginning of the sixties, right up to the early seventies, across about thirteen years, they managed to sing backing vocals on a staggering estimated twenty thousand songs. There were five members throughout the years, Jackie Hicks, Marlene Barrow, Louvain Demps, Pat Lewis, and Ann Bogan. Their one single on the V.I.P. label, "Like A Nightmare", is one of the rarest and most sought after Motown singles of all time.

The Velvelettes got their break chart wise in the spring of 1964 thanks to young producer Norman Whitfield, who produced "Needle In A Haystack" as a single for the group, on Motown's VIP Records imprint. "Needle In A Haystack" peaked at number 45 on the Billboard Hot 100 in mid 1964.

The group recorded its follow-up, "He Was Really Sayin' Somethin'", with Whitfield again producing, and spent time on various Motown-sponsored tours as a support act. In September 1964, after recording "Dancing In The Street" earlier in June, Betty Kelly officially left the group to join Martha and the Vandellas, and the quintet became a quartet.

The Vandellas

Martha and the Vandellas (known from 1967 to 1972 as Martha Reeves and the Vandellas) were among the most successful groups of the Motown roster during the period 1963-1967. In contrast to other Motown groups such as The Supremes and The Marvelettes, Martha and the Vandellas were known for a harder, R&B sound, typified by "(Love Is Like a) Heat Wave", "Nowhere to Run", "Jimmy Mack" and, their signature song, "Dancing in the Street".



Ancient Indian philosophy contains a sentence that you should use your memories, but should not allow them to use or control you. If you make use of them, then you are the creator of your life. Are you used by them, you will become the victim. We feel this is good advice. Ultimately, it is a big challenge for all of us to know how to handle our past appropriately.

The exact time of the next full moon is:
Sunday * 27th January 2013 * 05:38:24 am
Central European Time (CET)
Moon sign: Leo 07° 24'

Here you find this time converted into different timezones for other cities:

WELLINGTON = Sunday * 27th January 2013 * 05:38:24 pm (NZDT)
SYDNEY = Sunday * 27th January 2013 * 03:38:24 pm (AEDT)
TOKYO = Sunday * 27th January 2013 * 01:38:24 pm (JST)
BEIJING = Sunday * 27th January 2013 * 12:38:24 pm (CST)
DELHI = Sunday * 27th January 2013 * 10:08:24 am (IST)
MOSCOW = Sunday * 27th January 2013 * 08:38:24 am (MSK)
RIYADH = Sunday * 27th January 2013 * 07:38:24 am (AST)
BERLIN = Sunday * 27th January 2013 * 05:38:24 am (CET)
LONDON = Sunday * 27th January 2013 * 04:38:24 am (GMT)
RIO = Sunday * 27th January 2013 * 02:38:24 am (BRST)
NEW YORK = Saturday * 26th January 2013 * 11:38:24 pm (EST)
MEXICO CITY = Saturday * 26th January 2013 * 10:38:24 pm (CST)
LOS ANGELES = Saturday * 26th January 2013 * 08:38:24 pm (PST)
HONOLULU = Saturday * 26th January 2013 * 06:38:24 pm (HAST)

= Full moon = New moon = Waxing moon, crescent = Waning moon, crescent



From Kid Rock's Website:

Bob Seger and Kid Rock are good friends who have talked about doing shows together for years. Finally, this vision has become a reality. Both artists have been preparing for Spring tours. The trick was getting the tour schedules, which are crisscrossing the country, to match up. The result will be two special concerts featuring Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band and Kid Rock & The Twisted Brown Trucker Band: the first in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN on March 15, the second in Fargo, ND on March 16.

Seger and Kid Rock go back a long way. The two became friends shortly after they met in 2000. Rock inducted Seger into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 2004 and appeared on Seger’s 2006 Face The Promise album for a duet of Vince Gill’s “Real Mean Bottle”. Seger appeared on Kid Rock’s Born Free album playing piano on his duet with Sheryl Crow, “Collide”. Seger and his Silver Bullet Band have often rehearsed at Rock’s rehearsal warehouse. Both share an interest in classic cars and both have stayed true to their Michigan roots.

Seger has written and recorded many timeless classics through his career including Turn The Page, Night Moves, Mainstreet, Against The Wind, Hollywood Nights, Like A Rock, Rock And Roll Never Forgets, We’ve Got Tonite, Old Time Rock And Roll, Her Strut, You’ll Accomp’ny Me, Travelin Man/Beautiful Loser, and Katmandu.

Kid Rock, an early innovator, masterfully clashing hip hop, rock and country musical styles, has written and recorded many classics of his own, including “Bawitdaba”, “Cowboy”, “Only God Knows Why”, “Picture” (duet with Sheryl Crow), “All Summer Long”, “So Hott”, “Born Free”, “Forever”, “American Bad Ass” and soon to be’s from his new album “Rebel Soul”.

Tickets go on sale January 26th at 10:00 a.m. Both Bob Seger and Kid Rock fan club members will have early access to tickets. Visit www.bobseger.com and www.kidrock.com for more info.

Mar 15 - Minn/St. Paul, MN Xcel Energy Center On Sale Jan 26
Mar 16 - Fargo, ND Fargo Dome On Sale Jan 26
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