Some of the world’s biggest sporting events occur in Australia and the country is well known for its love of sports. There are also so many different sporting events that take place, from rugby to motor racing to tennis. Here is some information on a few of Australia’s most popular and highly regarded sports.

Australian Open, Melbourne, Victoria

One of the biggest tennis events in the world is the Australian Open. The three other major Grand Slams are Wimbledon, the French Open, and the US Open. The Australian Open has been played at an elite level for over 100 years and has never waned in popularity. 

The tournament is held at Melbourne Park in January which is the peak of summer in Melbourne. Great Australian players such as Lleyton Hewitt, Pat Cash, Rod Laver, and Margaret Court have faced off and won against international players such as Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Helga Niessen Masthoff.


Although Formula 1 officially began in Australia in 1985 in Adelaide, it was relocated to Melbourne in 1996 where it has been held to this day. The Albert Park Lake Track hosts the Australian Formula1 circuit near the start of the racing calendar, usually in March or April. Formula1 fans from all over the world turn out every year to watch the cars in action, with Australians especially cheering on local boy Daniel Ricciardo who drives for McLaren. 

The great thing about this sport is that because of the international aspect, it means that no matter where you are from in the world the races provide diversity and inclusivity. If you are a Formula1 fan, being in Melbourne when the race occurs will be the highlight of your trip.

Horse Racing

Australian Horse racing is one of the biggest sports in the country and has been from the early beginnings of colonial Australia. The Melbourne Cup is one of the most celebrated events on the horse racing calendar but the Sydney Autumn Racing Carnival also hosts some of the greatest horse racing events in the world. 

Queen Elizabeth Stakes tips are important if you plan to bet on the race since it is one of the most popular races in the Carnival. Every horse racing event is a high fashion and prestigious occasion which combines gourmet food and drinks with an exciting time to witness some elite thoroughbreds vying for a win.

AFL Grand Final

The AFL Grand Final, which takes place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground every September, is one of the biggest sporting days in Australia. The season usually begins in April and ends with the Grand Final where the two best teams who have played throughout the year duke it out for the Premiership flag. 

The atmosphere of the city of Melbourne is electric, with people from all over the city either attending the match or getting together to watch the game at home or a local venue. 

It doesn’t matter who is playing by the time the Grand Final comes around, everyone loves to celebrate the game. If the team you follow is in the Grand Final then it is an extra treat and well worth celebrating. This is a great Aussie game and something that should be experienced at least once.

Get into the spirit of Australian sports and join in on one of these great events.



What to Know About Starting a Live Music Night in Your Town

Starting a live music night in your town may sound like a lot to take on, but this is an awesome way to bring a community together for fun! Whether you're in a sleepy small town or even a buzzing small city: it takes planning. Thankfully, you get to set the schedule.

These are the top things to know about starting a live music night in your town!

Pick A Venue

The best venues for community gatherings have enough space, are easy to get to, and have attractive features. For a live music night, this could be a large park in the summer, or in the winter a concert venue.

Think about budget, since most spaces will likely have to be rented out, and whether or not the city would be willing to work with you on this since it's for the area and supporting local artists.

Put Out the Word to Musicians

There's no event without musicians! So get to know the local music scene and get the word out as thoroughly as you can. Although searching for 'entertainment near me' can help, it's important to also talk to the locals. Social media is a powerful weapon here, allowing you to reach as many people as possible.

If you want to get a larger audience, consider giving away free tickets as a raffle, picking five to ten from the people who retweet or share something you post. This may make more people interact and share information about the event.
Plan Early and Thoroughly

The further out you start planning: the better. Early planning will let you catch artists and musicians that might not have been available later and will allow you to figure out how much you need to budget for musicians, catering, the venue, parking, and anything else that will have to be paid for.

Take the time to plan out every detail, even down to the bathrooms, to ensure that there aren't any surprises when the event comes: and if there are surprises, you'll be ready for them.

Remember to Hype Up Bands and Other Events

When you’re planning this event, hype up the artists playing and whatever other local events are happening!

This will help build a feeling of community and hopefully inspire these parties to share plenty of information about the event you're planning. No musician wants to play to a crowd of just ten, and no other event wants to look bad by not sharing the love that yours is!

Charge Reasonably and Pay Musicians

When charging for tickets: look at other events in your area and consider what they're charging.

Then, look at the cost of everything from the venue to the artists and whatever else costs money to make this happen: and factor this into the price of tickets.
You Can Make Your Town into the Cultural Hub of Your Dreams

Whether you live in a town of 2,000 or 200,000: music can bring the area to life. Plan the event of a lifetime, and nobody will forget it!



"The new Johnny Bee And The Murder Hornets, "Arc Of The Sweeping Sky" Album is out now on FUNKY "D" RECORDS. Check it out. People are lovin' it!" 
Johnny 'Bee' Badanjek is a Detroit Music icon. He had a Number #1 Hit at the age of 15, playing drums with Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels. 

Bee is also a great singer/songwriter with his latest project, Johnny Bee and the Murder Hornets. Max Weinberg, Springsteen's drummer, put 'Bee' on the cover of his drummer book, 'The Big Beat', and said, 'I auditioned for Bruce with 200 other drummers. I knew I had a chance when I saw Bee wasn't one of them..." Johnny Bee is a beloved talent in the Motor City having played with The Rockets, Bob Seger, Nils Lofgren, Dr. John, and many others. Plus the album Cover is by the legendary Stanley Mouse.




An Original Three-Part Docuseries
Directed By Peter Jackson
Made Entirely from Never-Before-Seen, Restored Footage
Premieres on Disney+ Today, November 25

The Beatles: Get Back premieres on Disney+ today.

Made entirely from never-before-seen, restored footage, The Beatles: Get Back provides the most intimate and honest glimpse into the creative process and relationship between John, Paul, George and Ringo ever filmed.

The Beatles: Get Back rolls out over the next three days, November 25, 26 and 27, 2021, exclusively on Disney+.

Directed by three-time Oscar®-winning filmmaker Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings trilogy, They Shall Not Grow Old), the series takes audiences back in time to the band’s January 1969 recording sessions, which became a pivotal moment in music history.

The docu-series showcases The Beatles’ creative process as they attempt to write 14 new songs in preparation for their first live concert in over two years. Faced with a nearly impossible deadline, the strong bonds of friendship shared by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr are put to the test.




There is no doubt that CBD is being used on a large scale. These days, people are using CBD for one or the other purpose. There are numerous benefits associated with CBD, which contribute to CBD consumers' health; hence, its use is increasing, and people are feeling positive health changes in their lifestyle. But, certain things must be considered while having CBD. If you are unaware of the dos and don'ts of CBD, then this article is for you. Get rid of all your problems and start consuming the right information. This article aims to start the dos and don'ts of CBD to use it effectively and get the desired results without any challenges. These dos and don'ts are mentioned below.
Do's of CBD oil

Multiple things can be done with CBD. One must understand these dos to get the effective results and benefits associated with CBD. The dose of CBD oil is as follows:

Do ensure proper dosage.

You must ensure a proper dosage of CBD oil. If you are using CBD oil more than is required, it might not give any result or belief in some side effects. Moreover, if the amount of CBD you are using is less than the required ones, you might not feel any change in your lifestyle. Hence, you must ensure proper dosage of CBD.

Do take it at the right time.

There is always a right time to consume CBD. Some people are not taking CBD at regular intervals and at the right time. Hence, they are unable to feel the benefits associated with CBD. If you are also one of those who cannot take the benefits of CBD, then make sure you are taking it at the right time.

Do consult with your medical advisor.

Before you start taking CBD regularly, you must consult with your medical advisor. Many patients are taking CBD with other medicines, which leads to various other health complications. Hence, if you are suffering from any serious disease such as diabetes, heart issues, etc., you must consult your doctor before consuming CBD.

Do take it regularly.

If you are taking CBD, then be regular with its consumption. It will allow you to get the desired results in a short duration of time. So if you want to take all the benefits associated with CBD, then consume it at regular intervals.

To ensure quality, choose the right brand.

There are multiple brands involved in the production of CBD. It is a well-known fact that not all brands ensure quality CBD products. Hence, whenever you plan to buy CBD products, make sure you buy the right CBD oil quality and do not compromise with any list of continents. It will help you to ensure good health and an effective lifestyle.

So above are some of the major dosages that can help you get desired results from the consumption of CBD.

Don'ts of CBD oil

Multiple things can restrict the benefits of CBD. An individual must know about the don'ts of CBD oil, and they are as follows:

Do not take it in large quantity

Whenever you are consuming CBD, you must be sure about its quaintness. If you are not sure of the proper dosage of CBD, then you may not get the effective result.s. Overdose can be a major issue and might lead to health complications. Therefore, make sure that you do not use CBD oil in large quantities.

Do not compromise with quality.

It is not just important to take CBD oil to get effective results. If you want to see positive health changes in your lifestyle, you must ensure quality CBD supplements. Hence, do not compromise with the quality of CBD oil that you are buying.

Do not take it with other medicines.

If you are suffering from severe medical problems, you should ot take it along with your other medicines. Consult with your medical advisor, and then start consuming CBD to get better results.

Do not expect miracles.

CBD is a drug that slowly affects your body and brings positive change to your lifestyle. It is a continuous process, and hence, you cannot expect miracles to happen with the consumption of CBD.

Do not believe in rumors about CBD.

If you are consuming CBD, then you must trust the process. S you should avoid the rumors about CBD and its uses. This will help you to consume CBD with a positive mud nest.

So these were some of the major songs about CBD that you must 

Now that you are aware of the dos and don'ts of CBD, you can start consuming CBD in your regular diet. Ensure your well-being and healthy lifestyle with the regular consumption of CBD effectively and efficiently.



Stage/Screen Legend ANN-MARGRET Shares Brand New Holiday Recording!

Los Angeles, CA - It has been awhile since one of Hollywood’s brightest lights and star of the film classics such as Bye Bye Birdie and Viva Las Vegas, Ann-Margret, has gifted the world with new musical recordings. So what better time than Christmas for the woman once dubbed the “female Elvis Presley” to return to the medium that launched her epic career? Ann-Margret is happy to announce the release of her brilliant and vivacious new version of “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” today on all digital platforms. With special guest, southern blues icon Sonny Landreth, joining in the fun, these two artists have crafted a vibrant rendition of a holiday favorite that seems tailor-made for Ann-Margret’s sultry voice.

Stream/download the single: https://orcd.co/ann_margret_rockin_around_the_christmas_tree

The track presages a new full-length album that Ann-Margret has been hard at work on and will be released in 2022. The project will pair her with several stellar guest artists including Bobby Rydell (who co-starred in Bye Bye Birdie), Blondie’s Clem Burke, Wrecking Crew member Don Randi, rockabilly superstar Danny B. Harvey and more!

Also, for those in the Los Angeles area, Ann-Margret will be making an appearance at a special private engagement on January 13 at the Montalban Theater with special guest Rydell!



When it comes to photographing fireworks, there's a lot to consider due to the fast movement of the object and the high exposure of the firework itself. A fireworks show is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you'll want to photograph with your camera, so you have a lasting memory of it. Within this article we will help photographers like yourself that want to participate in a firework display photo shoot, whether you’re setting up your own show in your backyard or attending a public show. If you’re looking for more tips and advice on how you can take the best firework photographs then you can have a look at the website and expand your knowledge.

Preparation is Key - The most important thing to remember while photographing a fireworks show is to be well-prepared, the subject you're photographing is continually changing, it's critical that you know where you're shooting before you start. To get the best shot, find a location where you will have a clear view and a variety of points of reference to use as a backdrop. You should also prepare your camera with enough of memory cards and battery life ahead of time because you don't want to get halfway in any event and then realize that your camera is about to run out of battery.

Check your Camera Settings - You'll need to verify each camera's settings before the event because each one is somewhat different. Light trails are best captured with a shutter speed of 1-15 seconds and a long exposure time. If you don't have access to a tripod or something else to hold your camera stable, you may want to explore boosting your camera's ISO sensitivity to light instead of using a higher ISO setting. If the camera isn't capturing enough light, lower the ISO to 50 and the aperture to about f/34.

Depending on the needs, some cameras may even suggest starting with an aperture of f/10 and an ISO of 180. If you want to keep taking pictures, avoid having your camera's shutter lag slow you down.

Once you’re prepared and have your camera settings ready, all you have to do is be patient and wait, you can easily pass the time by playing casino related games at CNOG, as well as playing you have the potential chance of winning some cash that could fuel your drinks and food throughout the night.



It is hard to understand why humans are so infatuated with crime. There is a whole genre in books, films, and TV that caters to this hunger, but why do we enjoy it so much? Some might say that it is interesting to get a look inside a criminal's mind as they might believe that they are simply wired differently. They must be if some people can commit the most heinous crimes that a ‘normal’ person would never dare do. By consuming crime media, people are perhaps trying to get inside the criminal's mind and analyse it to understand how it works.

Regardless of the reasoning behind why we are so fascinated with crime, it is clear that we will always be as it can be argued to be a part of the human condition. There is a reason, unfortunate as it may be, that people remember the names of the worst serial killers in history and struggle to remember their victims. This can be seen with examples such as Ted Bundy, Fred and Rose West and all the other psychopaths that have gone down in history for their depraved acts. Like with any topic in history though, there will always be a select percentage of people who have developed an interest in it which they enjoy exploring. Just like people who enjoy gambling love playing casino games like what can be found here, those who are fascinated with crime would enjoy researching about the most infamous crimes that have ever been committed.

H.H Holmes – Despite sharing the name of the world’s most famous detective, this Holmes is anything but good-hearted. Many consider Holmes to be the worst serial killer America has ever seen, which is hard to disagree with when the extent of his crimes is known. Holmes confessed to 27 murders but the police only found 9 bodies. Some may be aware that he built a murder castle in Chicago, which sounds like something out of fiction. This is where he trapped and killed many victims.

JFK’s Assassination – The idea of having a president killed by a member of the public seems impossible today, but this is exactly what happened in 1963 in Texas. Every American will be aware of this crime given the severity of it – an ordinary man was able to kill the most powerful man in the world. It is something that will be remembered in the annals of history.

The Murder of James Bulger – James Bulger is a name that will be forever remembered in the UK, especially in Liverpool. It is the name of a young boy who was abducted from his mother, brutally beaten, and murdered before his body was laid to rest on train tracks in the hopes that an accident instead of a murder was inferred. What was so shocking about this crime is that the perpetrators were only ten years old, creating a discussion about what age do people know right from wrong.

These are just some of the most infamous crimes in history and is unfortunate to say that there is a long list. Still, those who are fascinated by crime may have learned about some of the worst crimes that have ever been committed.


Two Factors about Aerial Photography you Need to Consider!

Technology has opened new possibilities for us, humans, to capture wonderful moments and settings, there are numerous daily jobs, such as taking photographs that can be simplified in today’s society. For example, renting an airplane or a helicopter to capture an aerial image was the only option to capture these above and far distant shots, and doing this can be very expensive, and not many people can afford this type of capture. However, with the advancement of technology all that has now changed now that the drone has been developed, drones cost a fraction of the price of renting an airplane or helicopter, and you can simply buy a drone from a store physically or from online.

If you do invest in a drone, within this article, we look at two things that you should consider before capturing these aerial shots, for more tips and tricks, we’ve provided you 12 more drone photography tips to enhance your feed.

Practice Using the Drone

In the event that you have just purchased a drone, you'll probably want to use it as soon as possible because it can be an exciting thought, however, before you start taking pictures with your drone, make sure you can fly it and you know the controls. You can learn as much as you can about your drone by reading the instructions and watching instructional videos, it's best to do your practicing at a place that's free of distractions before utilising your drone to capture pictures, your ability to create stunning aerial shots will skyrocket if you become adept at flying.

Choosing the Best Location for your Photos

Using a drone for aerial photography has the advantage of allowing you to fly lower than an aircraft while yet being higher than a rooftop. The benefits you'll receive as a result of this are completely new to you. Unique places may be shot, as well as lines, shadows, and textures that can only be captured from above. Think beyond the box and capture images that can only be obtained by using a drone. Your aerial photography will be more than worth it once you see this.

It is very important to consider the setting for your photography, for example, if your product is a beach chair, the most suitable setting would be having your photoshoot at a beach and not in a forest. If your product is more virtual like a game and you’re looking for something for the game cover then relate your photography to the content within the game, there are many virtual gaming platforms on the internet that use real-life photography and display it on their website, visit here when looking for some new casino sites and take inspiration and adapt ideas from the casino’s gaming thumbnails and artwork.



The harvest moon is the name given to the full moon closest to the fall equinox, the day when the sun is exactly above Earth's equator. 

The harvest moon may seem orange, bigger, and brighter than other full moons, and that's because this moon is physically closer to the horizon. ... That also creates a greater thickness of Earth's atmosphere creating an orange hue, according to EarthSky

The time of the next full moon is:
Wednesday * 20 October 2021 * 9:56:40 am (CDT)
Moon sign: Aries 27° 26'

Full moon times for other cities from Fullmooninfo

WELLINGTON = Thursday * 21 October 2021 * 3:56:40 am (NZDT)
SYDNEY = Thursday * 21 October 2021 * 1:56:40 am (AEST)
TOKYO = Wednesday * 20 October 2021 * 11:56:40 pm (JST)
BEIJING = Wednesday * 20 October 2021 * 10:56:40 pm (CST)
BANGKOK = Wednesday * 20 October 2021 * 9:56:40 pm (ICT)
DELHI = Wednesday * 20 October 2021 * 8:26:40 pm (IST)
DUBAI = Wednesday * 20 October 2021 * 6:56:40 pm (GST)
MOSCOW = Wednesday * 20 October 2021 * 5:56:40 pm (MSK)
BERLIN = Wednesday * 20 October 2021 * 4:56:40 pm (CEST)
LAGOS = Wednesday * 20 October 2021 * 3:56:40 pm (WAT)
LONDON = Wednesday * 20 October 2021 * 3:56:40 pm (BST)
RIO = Wednesday * 20 October 2021 * 11:56:40 am (BRT)
SANTIAGO = Wednesday * 20 October 2021 * 11:56:40 am (CLST)
NEW YORK = Wednesday * 20 October 2021 * 10:56:40 am (EDT)
MEXICO CITY = Wednesday * 20 October 2021 * 9:56:40 am (CDT)
CALGARY = Wednesday * 20 October 2021 * 8:56:40 am (MDT)
LOS ANGELES = Wednesday * 20 October 2021 * 7:56:40 am (PDT)
ANCHORAGE = Wednesday * 20 October 2021 * 6:56:40 am (AKDT)
HONOLULU = Wednesday * 20 October 2021 * 4:56:40 am (HAST)



Ron Howard and his younger brother Clint

I just finished this book and I wish there was more! I grew up watching these guys on TV and feel as if I know them. It was a really nice escape from our currently troubled world. 5 stars

Happy Days, The Andy Griffith Show, Gentle Ben—these shows captivated millions of TV viewers in the ’60s and ’70s. Join award-winning filmmaker Ron Howard and audience-favorite actor, Clint Howard, as they frankly and fondly share their unusual family story of navigating and surviving life as sibling child actors.

“What was it like to grow up on TV?” Ron Howard has been asked this question throughout his adult life. in The Boys, he and his younger brother, Clint, examine their childhoods in detail for the first time. 

For Ron, playing Opie on The Andy Griffith Show and Richie Cunningham on Happy Days offered fame, joy, and opportunity—but also invited stress and bullying. 

For Clint, a fast start on such programs as Gentle Ben and Star Trek petered out in adolescence, with some tough consequences and lessons.
“This extraordinary book is not only a chronicle of Ron’s and Clint’s early careers and their wild adventures, but also a primer on so many topics—how an actor prepares, how to survive as a kid working in Hollywood, and how to be the best parents in the world! The Boys will surprise every reader with its humanity.” — Tom Hanks

Click the picture to get your copy today!



The year was 1974 and I was just 18. A friend's mother asked me to take Christmas gifts to Jackson State Prison (Jackson, Michigan) where her son Steve was incarcerated for Armed Robbery. He refused to add her to his visitor list. Fearless or just plain stupid, I agreed to take the trip to Jackson.

It was December and a cold gray day when I arrived and found a place to park. I approached the entrance (photo above) and was stunned at the massive size of this really old building. Had to turn full right and then full left to see the entire front facade of the place. Being my first and only visit to Jackson Prison. I had no idea what I was doing.

The main lobby was loud and full of people waiting to see the clerk behind the desk. I signed in and put gift drop-off as my task for the day. Had no plans to visit with her convict son.

Spent my wait time chatting with family members of inmates while I waited for the desk Sgt. to call my name. Some of the folks visited every weekend and some had come from greater distances to visit for the holiday. They all had a sad story about their sons and what horrible injustice had befallen them.

After a long wait, maybe an hour, my name was finally called. As I approached the desk to hand over the packages from his mother I noticed the clerk was holding a visitor pass and a locker key. 

He took the gifts and pointed toward the door to enter the locker room and told me to put on the badge and lock up my jacket and purse. 

What? I asked the clerk,"Am going to see Steve in there?" "Yes, he put your name on his visitor list." 

Well, ok! This will be a new experience to tell my friends about and I followed some other ladies into the women's locker room.

Inside I found my locker and put my things inside. All around me were about 15-20 other women primping and putting in hot rollers. They looked like they were getting ready for the Prom! I asked a girl next to me if this was normal. she explained to me how they share their phone numbers with different inmates and they "hook up" for visits. 

These young women spend every possible weekend visiting different inmates. The drama created by these visits would have made for a great Netflix series. 

I eavesdropped while waiting to enter the visiting area. Some of the girls were arguing as to who was the real girlfriend of whichever inmate. All kinds of gossip flying around that locker room. Dress clothes hanging on the locker doors and hot rollers plugged into various outlets.

I was just stunned that these young (18-25) women weren't out dating in the real world. Never dreamed that this type of interaction was possible, but there they were all revved up for the day's visit.

On television, people communicate with an inmate using a phone and are behind glass. This is what I envisioned my visit would be. But no! I entered the visiting room and there were about 15 groups of 4 plastic chairs in circles. 

These were plastic "scoop" chairs that cannot sit side by side. Similar to the photo below. So the visitors and the inmates slide forward and interlock knees. That's what Steve did the second he walked in and sat down. Hmmm, not a comfortable place to be. The visiting room had 15-20 inmates and their visitors. No glass, no phones, and only one sleepy guard by the door.

It was a nerve-wracking place to be certain. Steve never stopped talking and giving me instructions on what I "needed" to do for him once I was back in our hometown. Our 25-minute visit seemed an internity. 

At last, the guards came and escorted me through the clanging doors back to the locker room. Grabbed my jacket and purse and ran for my car in the parking lot. 

Ran into Steve some 15 years later at the Ann Arbor YMCA. Still the same old Steve ordering me around. 



Steve Murphy and Javier Pena

We spent this summer in Northern Michigan and life up there was beautiful but, pretty quiet compared to the city..For excitement, I watched a lot of television, read a ton of books, and listened to a few good Podcasts.

I read How We Took Down Pablo Escobar by Steve Murphy and Javier Pena. It was fascinating hearing from the real DEA guys in the Netflix series Narcos. 



Limited Edition Six CD Ray Charles Box Set
Bonus Disc Includes Previously Unreleased Live Recordings
Musical Icon Recently Inducted Into The Country Music Hall of Fame

September 10, 2021: Tangerine Records has released True Genius, a newly remastered, limited edition set featuring 90 of the greatest songs from his legendary career and all of Ray’s biggest hits, and is now available to order here

The highly anticipated set, which has been featured in Rolling Stone and American Songwriter, includes a special bonus disc of eight previously unreleased tracks recorded live in Stockholm in 1972. True Genius is available today on all digital platforms, making dozens of Ray classics available at streaming services for the first time. Also available to stream are a series of new lyric videos for some of Charles most beloved songs, which span the breadth of genres he both mastered and transformed:

Unchain My Heart
Hit The Road Jack” (Soul)
​​There’ll be No Peace On Earth Without All Men as One” (America)
We Can Make It” (Jazz & Blues)
Crying Time” (Country)
A Song For You” (Pop Classics)

“We’re extremely proud to present this collection, which maps the breadth and depth of Ray Charles’ music, presented in chronological order so the listener can join Ray on his journey through the most expansive and creative period of his legendary career. I’m also thrilled that this music will be widely available on all streaming services for the very first time, so that new and future audiences will continue to discover the True Genius of Ray Charles.” - Valerie Ervin, President Ray Charles Foundation

The digital release of True Genius marks the first time this incredible collection of Ray Charles most important works will be widely available on streaming platforms, bringing classic hits such as “Hit The Road Jack,” “Crying Time,” “Busted,” “America The Beautiful,” “A Song for You,” “Unchain My Heart,” and many, many more back to streaming after more than a decade.

The box set also includes a beautifully designed coffee table style book with rare, unseen photos, and detailed liner notes by Ray Charles Foundation President Valerie Ervin, legendary writer and music journalist A. Scott Galloway, and featuring a special message from Quincy Jones.

Tangerine Records will also release True Genius: Sides of Ray on November 19th, a double-disc vinyl collection that illustrates Charles’ many musical “sides” by focusing each album side on the genre categories he visited most: soul, jazz & blues, country, and pop, available for pre-order here.

On August 16th, The Country Music Hall of Fame announced that Ray Charles has been inducted as an official member. Charles, who revolutionized the country genre and brought it to new audiences with albums like 1962’s Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music, was inducted in the "Veterans Era Artist" category.

Ray Charles’s recordings are major landmarks in American culture. By blending country and roots with other popular sounds, this visionary singer, songwriter, pianist, and composer brought his expansive musical vision to a worldwide audience. Charles’ albums, released during the heart of the Civil Rights Movement, broke down both racial and genre barriers. The incredible crossover success of Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music, Volumes 1 & 2 led Willie Nelson to remark, “Ray Charles did more for country music than any other artist.” Ray continued to do something no other artist had done before or since, conquering all genres of music, from gospel and R&B to soul, country, jazz, blues, and pop, which led Frank Sinatra to dub Ray Charles, the only “True Genius” in music.

Ray further helped bring Americans together with his rendition of “America the Beautiful,” and he remains the only artist in history to create and define a national anthem. Charles was also one of the first recording artists to have ownership of his masters as well as complete creative freedom.

Charles’ staggering achievements over a 58-year career include 17 GRAMMY Awards, induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a Lifetime Achievement and the President’s Merit Award, the Presidential Medal for the Arts, France’s Legion of Honor, the Kennedy Center Honors, the NAACP Image Awards’ “Hall of Fame Award,” and numerous other music Halls of Fame, including those for Jazz and Rhythm & Blues, all testament to his enormous influence. In 2019, he was honored by the Grand Ole Opry with An Opry Salute to Ray Charles, which was broadcast across PBS stations.

One of the greatest artists of all time, Charles successfully mastered and forever changed the blues, jazz, gospel, rock, pop, and country music landscapes. He teamed up with the best of the best in each stylistic genre, including B.B. King, Aretha Franklin, Lou Rawls, Hank Williams Jr, Willie Nelson, Stevie Wonder, and countless others. As he described himself. “I’m not a country singer. I’m a singer who sings country songs. I’m not a blues singer, but I can sing the blues. I’m not really a crooner, but I can sing love songs. I’m not a specialist, but I’m a pretty good utility man. I can play first base, second base, shortstop. I can catch and maybe even pitch a little.”


 Ray Charles was more than just the Genius of Soul; 
he was the Genius of Music.

About The Ray Charles Foundation
Ray Charles was equipped with a keen sensibility to the needs of others. It was this selfless generosity that motivated him when he founded, The Robinson Foundation for Hearing Disorders, Inc in 1986. The mission and purpose of the foundation was to provide financial support in the area of hearing disorders and support institutions and make donations to organizations for educational purposes. Charles thought “the inability to hear was a handicap, not the inability to see.” In 2006 the official name of the foundation became The Ray Charles Foundation, in order to bring awareness to his name but the mission remained the same. Ray Charles often made contributions anonymously to help fund cochlear implants for those who could not afford the operation and shortly thereafter started supporting educational institutions for those who could not afford an education.

Ray Charles on the Web:



Peter G Stipe Author of Badge 112

I finished reading this new book by retired Ann Arbor (highly decorated) Policeman/SWAT/Detective Peter Stipe. Pete stood guard at my police LT uncle's funeral and we had many friends in common yet we only met when he pulled me over for an illegal left turn back in the day. Gratefully he opted not to ticket me! YAY. 

Ironically, Amazon sent me this book to review. I saw the author's name and thought hey, I know this guy. Picked up my Kindle and I didn't put it down until I finished reading Pete's story. Pete is quite a guy! This book is like riding in the back seat of his squad car witnessing his entire career. 

Badge 112 is the story of a restless boy orphaned in high school and his unlikely passage from juvenile delinquent to a decorated police officer. 

While on the force, Pete embarked on a series of high-profile arrests, high-speed pursuits, foot chases, bank robberies, hostage situations, homicides, life and death struggles, and harrowing rescues. 

In 1994, a serial killer investigation exposed the strained racial tensions between the police and the public they serve. Stipe and the killer confront one another in court.

Pete's tactical training results in his assignment as the point man on the SWAT Team. He engages in a sequence of armed encounters, some at point-blank range. The peak in his career is toppled by a turbulent marriage to an unfaithful wife, an ill-fated affair with an attractive partner, and the tragic drowning of two teenage girls, trapped in a submerged car. Buy Your Copy of Badge 112 Here


August has only one full moon. ... Seasonal Blue Moons are uncommon, occurring about once every two to three years, according to EarthSky. The last one rose on May 18, 2019, and the next one won't shine until Aug. 19, 2024

The Sturgeon Moon

August’s full moon was traditionally called the Sturgeon Moon because the giant sturgeon of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain were most readily caught during this part of summer.

What Is a Sturgeon?

These prehistoric-looking fish have been traced back to around 136 million years ago and many people call them “living fossils.”

Times when you can view this beautiful "blue" moon

Sunday * 22 August 2021 * 8:01:57 am (EDT)

Moon sign: Aquarius 29° 37'

Here you find this time converted into different timezones for other cities:
WELLINGTON = Monday * 23 August 2021 * 12:01:57 am (NZST)
SYDNEY = Sunday * 22 August 2021 * 10:01:57 pm (AEST)
TOKYO = Sunday * 22 August 2021 * 9:01:57 pm (JST)
BEIJING = Sunday * 22 August 2021 * 8:01:57 pm (CST)
BANGKOK = Sunday * 22 August 2021 * 7:01:57 pm (ICT)
DELHI = Sunday * 22 August 2021 * 5:31:57 pm (IST)
DUBAI = Sunday * 22 August 2021 * 4:01:57 pm (GST)
MOSCOW = Sunday * 22 August 2021 * 3:01:57 pm (MSK)
BERLIN = Sunday * 22 August 2021 * 2:01:57 pm (CEST)
LAGOS = Sunday * 22 August 2021 * 1:01:57 pm (WAT)
LONDON = Sunday * 22 August 2021 * 1:01:57 pm (BST)
RIO = Sunday * 22 August 2021 * 9:01:57 am (BRT)
SANTIAGO = Sunday * 22 August 2021 * 8:01:57 am (CLT)
NEW YORK = Sunday * 22 August 2021 * 8:01:57 am (EDT)
MEXICO CITY = Sunday * 22 August 2021 * 7:01:57 am (CDT)
CALGARY = Sunday * 22 August 2021 * 6:01:57 am (MDT)
LOS ANGELES = Sunday * 22 August 2021 * 5:01:57 am (PDT)
ANCHORAGE = Sunday * 22 August 2021 * 4:01:57 am (AKDT)
HONOLULU = Sunday * 22 August 2021 * 2:01:57 am (HAST)



The full Strawberry Moon rises on Thursday, June 24, 2021! Is it really a supermoon? Learn all about this month’s full Moon, including why it’s called the Strawberry Moon!

The full Moon names used by The Old Farmer’s Almanac come from a number of places, including Native American, Colonial American, and European sources. Traditionally, each full Moon name was applied to the entire lunar month in which it occurred, not solely to the full Moon.

The exact time of the next full moon is:
Thursday * 24 June 2021 * 2:39:41 pm (EDT)
Moon sign: Capricorn 03° 27'

Here you find this time converted into different timezones for other cities:
WELLINGTON = Friday * 25 June 2021 * 6:39:41 am (NZST)
SYDNEY = Friday * 25 June 2021 * 4:39:41 am (AEST)
TOKYO = Friday * 25 June 2021 * 3:39:41 am (JST)
BEIJING = Friday * 25 June 2021 * 2:39:41 am (CST)
BANGKOK = Friday * 25 June 2021 * 1:39:41 am (ICT)
DELHI = Friday * 25 June 2021 * 12:09:41 am (IST)
DUBAI = Thursday * 24 June 2021 * 10:39:41 pm (GST)
MOSCOW = Thursday * 24 June 2021 * 9:39:41 pm (MSK)
BERLIN = Thursday * 24 June 2021 * 8:39:41 pm (CEST)
LAGOS = Thursday * 24 June 2021 * 7:39:41 pm (WAT)
LONDON = Thursday * 24 June 2021 * 7:39:41 pm (BST)
RIO = Thursday * 24 June 2021 * 3:39:41 pm (BRT)
SANTIAGO = Thursday * 24 June 2021 * 2:39:41 pm (CLT)
NEW YORK = Thursday * 24 June 2021 * 2:39:41 pm (EDT)
MEXICO CITY = Thursday * 24 June 2021 * 1:39:41 pm (CDT)
CALGARY = Thursday * 24 June 2021 * 12:39:41 pm (MDT)
LOS ANGELES = Thursday * 24 June 2021 * 11:39:41 am (PDT)
ANCHORAGE = Thursday * 24 June 2021 * 10:39:41 am (AKDT)
HONOLULU = Thursday * 24 June 2021 * 8:39:41 am (HAST)



Grand Ivy Casino VIP Program

Grand Ivy is in a league of its own in the online casino world. The casino was established in 2016 and had since then rivaled other casinos for the top spot in the industry. Grand Ivy is presently one of the top casinos in many European countries. Known for its unique and sophisticated site, the casino has built a strong reputation amongst players.

Grand Ivy is operated by White Hat Gaming Limited, a firm licensed to render its services to several European countries, including Finland, Malta, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Although the casino is accessible in several languages like Swedish, Norwegian, German, Finnish, and English, its language localization is the English Language. This is because of its European roots.

Players have got lots of things to enjoy while playing at the casino. New players should look forward to its lucrative welcome bonus, awesome VIP program, and an extensive collection of games. Its promotions, security, regulation, mobile casino, and payment options have been excellent in recent years.

Grand Ivy Bonuses & Promotions

Stop playing at casinos that give you little or nothing to boost your bankroll. At Grand Ivy, you will be thrilled not only to welcome bonuses but also to an awesome VIP program.

Get up to £1500 plus 100 free spins on your first deposit at Grand Ivy. This bonus is only available to new players on the platform. The free spins can only be used on few selected games by the casino.

The outline of the bonus is stated below:

First Deposit – Gives you a 100% bonus up to £300 plus 25 free spins for use on Starburst.

Second Deposit – Gives you a 25% bonus up to £800 plus 50 free spins for use on Aloha Cluster Pays.

Third Deposit – Gives you a 50% bonus up to £400 plus 25 free spins for use on Gonzo’s Quest.

You don’t need a Grand Ivy bonus code to claim the welcome bonus. However, the following terms and conditions apply:

Max bonus - £1500

Min Deposit - £20

Max free spins – 100

Playthrough requirements – 35x (deposit + cash bonus)

Contribution Percentage – Keno, Scratch Cards and Slot – 100%

Jackpots, Video Poker and Table Games – 0%

Kings of Chicago, Secrets of the Stones, Jackpot 6000, Dead or Alive. Blood Sucker and 300 Shields – 20%

Free spins validity – 10 days

Cash bonus validity – 30 days

Grand Ivy Casino gives its existing players numerous giveaways, including cash prizes. You also have the opportunity to earn loyalty points for the casino’s loyalty program.

VIP Program

Grand Ivy has a VIP program for its players. This program is accessible to all players. All you need to do is play games every day at the casino to earn points. You can exchange these points for rewards at the end of the day.

You will be awarded 500 loyalty points on your first deposit. To be eligible, you must make a minimum deposit of £20. You will get additional points on every £ 10 wagered at the casino.


Grand Ivy is not just a casino; it is a casino with class.

By George Hansen



Wednesday's full moon will be one of only a few supermoons this year. It’s being called a “super flower blood moon" and a total lunar eclipse is expected in the early morning hours.

WELLINGTON = Wednesday * 26 May 2021 * 11:13:52 pm (NZST) SYDNEY = Wednesday * 26 May 2021 * 9:13:52 pm (AEST) 
TOKYO = Wednesday * 26 May 2021 * 8:13:52 pm (JST) 
BEIJING = Wednesday * 26 May 2021 * 7:13:52 pm (CST) 
BANGKOK = Wednesday * 26 May 2021 * 6:13:52 pm (ICT) 
DELHI = Wednesday * 26 May 2021 * 4:43:52 pm (IST) 
DUBAI = Wednesday * 26 May 2021 * 3:13:52 pm (GST) 
MOSCOW = Wednesday * 26 May 2021 * 2:13:52 pm (MSK) 
BERLIN = Wednesday * 26 May 2021 * 1:13:52 pm (CEST) 
LAGOS = Wednesday * 26 May 2021 * 12:13:52 pm (WAT) 
LONDON = Wednesday * 26 May 2021 * 12:13:52 pm (BST) 
RIO = Wednesday * 26 May 2021 * 8:13:52 am (BRT) 
SANTIAGO = Wednesday * 26 May 2021 * 7:13:52 am (CLT) 
NEW YORK = Wednesday * 26 May 2021 * 7:13:52 am (EDT) 
MEXICO CITY = Wednesday * 26 May 2021 * 6:13:52 am (CDT) CALGARY = Wednesday * 26 May 2021 * 5:13:52 am (MDT) 
LOS ANGELES = Wednesday * 26 May 2021 * 4:13:52 am (PDT) ANCHORAGE = Wednesday * 26 May 2021 * 3:13:52 am (AKDT) HONOLULU = Wednesday * 26 May 2021 * 1:13:52 am (HAST)



SOFT CELL Celebrate 40 Years Of TAINTED LOVE With Special Collector’s Single Release!

Los Angeles, CA - The year was 1981 and British synth pop duo Soft Cell had just watched their debut single “Memorabilia” fail to chart. Feeling the pressure from their label, the band went for broke with a risky maneuver, releasing their downtempo cover version of a 1964 Northern Soul tune by Gloria Jones called “Tainted Love.” The gamble paid off as the single rocketed to the top of the charts, becoming the best-selling single in the UK for that year as well as helping make their debut album Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret one of the most iconic synthpop albums of all-time!

Now, in celebration of the single’s 40th anniversary, a special collector’s limited edition vinyl EP is being released. Featuring a recently recorded version of the song produced by versatile German producer/artist Jürgen Engler of Die Krupps, this deluxe single release also includes a stunning, never-before-released acapella mix that showcases Marc Almond’s brilliant voice and several remixes including a brand new one from producer DJ Hell. And as a special bonus treat, the release also features a fantastic bonus track, a rare duet between Almond and Andi Sex Gang from 1983!

Tainted Love will be available for a limited time only on 12” colored vinyl in a gatefold jacket, 7” colored vinyl, digipak CD, and on digital platforms everywhere!

Order the 12” vinyl: https://cleorecs.com/store/shop/soft-cell-tainted-love-limited-edition-colored-vinyl/

Order the 7” vinyl: https://cleorecs.com/store/shop/soft-cell-tainted-love-limited-edition-pink-7-vinyl/

Order the CD: https://cleorecs.com/store/shop/soft-cell-tainted-love-cd/

Stream/download the digital version:https://orcd.co/soft_cell_tainted_love

More buying options: https://recordstoreday.com/UPC/889466228513

12” Track List:
1. Tainted Love (2021 Mix by Jürgen Engler)
2. Tainted Love (Instrumental Mix)
3. Tainted Love (Acapella Mix)

1. Tainted Love (DJ Hell Remix)
2. Tainted Love (2019 Remix)
3. Tainted Love (Club Crasher Remix)
4. The Hungry Years - Marc Almond & Andi Sex Gang

7” Track List:
Tainted Love (2021 Mix by Jürgen Engler)

The Hungry Years - Marc Almond & Andi Sex Gang



Johnny Ginger

Johnny Ginger (Galen Grindle) was born in Toledo, Ohio. His parents, Ray and Edna, were a Vaudeville family act performing at the Paramount Theater in Toledo. His brother, Kenny, was a tap dancer in the family act. One day they brought little Johnny up onstage to sing "Sonny Boy" and he was an instant hit. As a teen he performed stand-up comedy in clubs all over Toledo, Detroit, and Canada.

Walter Brennan and Johnny Ginger

Johnny had been working as a comedian under the name Jerry Gale when he auditioned to present a program for WXYZ-TV based around re-runs of The Three Stooges. Given the role, WXYZ vice president John Pival insisted that he work under the name Johnny Ginger, the name is taken from a bottle of Johnny Bull Ginger Beer.

Ginger's afternoon show, Curtain Time Theater (which was always pronounced "Thee-A-ter"), entertained kids from 1957 to 1960 on WXYZ-TV Channel 7.

Johnny Carson and Johnny Ginger

The live portions of the show were broadcast all around the television station, with Ginger in his janitor costume of bib-overalls and driving cap. By the early 1960s Johnny adapted a new character inspired by the Jerry Lewis film The Bellboy, that of the head bellboy at the Rocky Plaza Hotel, run by Mr. Rocky. Johnny did every voice on his show. Soupy had a support team...Johnny wrote and performed the show entirely alone.  The show became The Johnny Ginger Show.

Stage Hand/Janitor and Bellboy

He introduced a new generation of kids to The Three Stooges and even played the part of Billy The Kid in the Stooges last film, The Outlaws Is Coming.

Johnny Ginger was in my opinion, the REAL DEAL...He didn't fake it for the kids..we knew he genuinely cared about his little fans. Johnny and I have been talking a lot by phone and he has told me many times how outraged he felt seeing other celebrities mistreat their fans.  He has never disrespected one of his fans.

He visited many sick children in hospitals on his own time and dime. You can see the genuine concern in his face for this little girl in the photo above. My sister Patti and I watched his show every day before school for years.. all my school friends did too.  Lots of the boys tried to copy his dance moves and comic style but there is only one Johnny Ginger..

Johnny told me that he does write his shows in advance but they flow like improvisation.  His mind works faster than any normal humorist.  In Johnny's world, he plays all the roles.. The voices just flow into each other as do his songs.

Johnny was close friends with Soupy Sales..It took a while for Soupy to warm up to the seriously funny and energetic young Johnny.  Some serious competition me thinks...But eventually, they performed together a lot.

Johnny does a great impression of Soup..

Johnny was a real-life gunslinger... he was a 45 quick draw champion....He is so great in western parts.

Johnny left Detroit for Hollywood and appeared on a great episode of The Rifleman.

Obviously I am not one of the boys in the photo below but that is what we did back then... we sat on the floor as close as we could get to the TV.  No wonder we're all blind now!

Kevin, Randy, and Rocky Grindle top 3 of Johnny's sons.

The many kiddie shows back in this time were vehicles to promote cartoons and products.  We suffered through pitch after pitch to get to the cartoon. Mickey Mouse Club was really tough to watch.. We loved the Disney cartoons so we watched patiently to see them. With Johnny Ginger we really found him interesting and funny! We endured the cartoons to get to back to watching Johnny! Truth!

The Johnny Ginger Show was canceled in 1968. Ginger went on to host Captain Detroit for WKBD-TV.

 Always cool...Johnny Ginger

Johnny lives in his hometown in Toledo now and is very close with his 7 kids! OY... They love him dearly as do I. He and I get on the phone for hours and crack each other up!  I laugh out LOUD at him still! Hardly anything makes me really crack up but Johnny stills does such fun streaming routines...

At the end of every Johnny Ginger show, he signed off with goodbye to Mom, Dad, Patti and All... We all thought he was talking to us. Me especially having a sister named Patti. 




Yoga and meditation uplift you on a spiritual note and keep the external distractions away. With regular yoga practice, you can enhance the mindset and overcome your fears. Also, it helps in limiting the distractions and makes you focus on the task at hand. With a better body to mind connection, you are likely to embrace life in the present moment without being a slave of the past. In case you’re a yoga enthusiast who wishes to progress on the path further, consider the natural herbs and supplements. With the best CBD gummies to improve sleep, you can accelerate the spiritual progress and achieve the desired results much faster.

Here are the top reasons to combine your yoga practice with some nutritious and effective herbal remedies like cannabis.

May Enhance Concentration Levels

With regular yoga sessions, you can calm your mind and achieve stable psychological health. The small movements and breathing exercises ensure a well-balanced cognition and aid in proper mindfulness. On top of this, cannabis therapy aids in better focus and keeps the external distractions at bay. It contains high levels of endocannabinoids that act on your brain and stimulate the neurological pathways. Further, the chemicals boost the levels of dopamine and enhance memory. Along with this, it works on the focus and allows you to focus on the essential tasks.

Can Improve Sleep Quality

Psychological ailments can affect your sleep duration and lead to sleep disorders in the long run. In case you suffer from anxiety or depression, you must stick to regular yoga practices. It helps in reducing the levels of stress hormones like cortisol and induces a sense of well-being. Also, yoga asanas incorporate flexibility and rectify your sleep cycle. You can combine your yoga practice with cannabis extracts to boost your sleep quality. Along with this, it can enhance the levels of melatonin and correct your sleep cycle. Try out the cannabis strains that lead to a refreshing, consistent, and gratifying sleep routine.

May Stabilize Your Mood

One of the best ways to uplift your mood and stay away from mood swings is through mindfulness. You must stick to regular yoga sessions to boost your personality. Also, you might consider cannabis supplements to uplift your mood and ensure a stable mindset. The active components present in cannabis act on the 5-HT receptors and increase the levels of several neurotransmitters. As the levels of serotonin increase, you may experience contentment and mood stability in the long run. You can go for an Interest free credit card. Don’t forget to incorporate cannabis extracts in your daily routine for maximum benefits.
Final Verdict

Yoga is a spiritual practice that enhances your focus, flexibility and curbs stressful reactions and Total Shape of your body. It helps you build up a body to mind connection and works upon the awareness aspects. Also, you are likely to gain better confidence and physiological well-being with regular yoga and meditation. All you need to do is combine the yoga sessions with cannabis extracts to achieve the maximum results. It acts on your brain’s receptors and increases self-awareness. Furthermore, it can enhance your ability to tolerate stress and come out with better endurance. Don’t forget to fetch reliable cannabis strains to boost your physical as well as psychological well-being.



Last night I was watching Autopsy: The Last Hours of...with my favorite Medical Examiner Dr. Michael Hunter. I happened to turn it on right when the episode featuring the sad suicide of Soundgarden's lead singer and guitarist Chris Cornell

Dr. Michael Hunter

Autopsy: The Last Hours interviewed our pal Detroit Rock Photographer Ken Settle. Ken photographed that last Soundgarden show in Detroit at the Fox Theater.  

I hadn't realized that Ken Settle was at that last Soundgarden show.  After I finished watching the episode I found Ken online and we chatted a bit about his thoughts about that night.

RK Ken, how did you come to be interviewed on the Autopsy show?

KS  A day or two after that show, it became known that I photographed Chris's last show. I started being asked to do interviews about that experience, including Billboard Magazine, Rolling Stone, and the BBC for a radio show. 

The producers for Autopsy in researching for the show saw my photos from the show and the interviews that I had done. They asked me if I would do an interview for the episode they were putting together. 

I suggested to them that a good place to shoot the interview would be at The Fillmore Detroit (once known as The State Theatre), because it was the first theatre headlining show that Soundgarden did in Detroit was there. 

Ben Doughty, who was a good friend, and also the general manager at the Fillmore, organized the interview for 8 am on March 21, 2018.

We actually did that interview right on the same stage that Chris graced in the early days, with Soundgarden. 

I still can't think about that show, or Chris, without getting really emotional.

The man put his entire soul into every performance and when you look back at it, it seemed that he was telling his own story in the songs of Soundgarden. 

I STILL feel that Chris showed moments of pure joy on stage that final night like I had never seen him do before. I felt it when I was photographing him. Although some moments he also seemed REALLY very insular and deep into his own thoughts on stage that night as well. It was such a tragedy. A very sad tragedy that we lost him that young. He was a once in a lifetime singer and such a great guy.

After it was on the news that Chris had died, fans came by The Fox Theatre and had a vigil and left tributes to his memory. Here are some photos of that.

RK Thanks for sharing your experience and photos with us Ken!
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