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M. Schutta, the historian for the Tucker Foundation, recently let us know about the reunion of Rudy Schroeder, who won a Tucker in a raffle in 1949, with the very same car. Mike sent along these photos and the story of the reunion.

Back in 1949, Rudy Schroeder was 21 years old and lived at home with his parents. In the summer of that year, Schroeder worked at the International Shoe Company plant in Perryville, Missouri. His father worked at the plant as well, and it became a custom with the two of them to stop at the local tavern near the Court House Square in Perryville every Friday on the way home to have a beer.

On one such Friday in the early summer, he noticed several people gathered around a gentleman with a car. When he approached the car, the gentleman told Rudy that he was selling raffle tickets for the VFW for a chance to win the car, a 1948 Tucker. Rudy thought it was a sharp-looking car and walked around it a few times. He decided to buy just one chance and gave the man 35 cents for a ticket.

Read Full Story Here

More about Preston Tucker...


Jerry Lee Lewis (born September 29, 1935) is an American rock and roll and country music singer-songwriter and pianist. He is known by the nickname "The Killer".

An early pioneer of rock and roll music, Lewis had hits in the late 1950s with songs such as "Great Balls of Fire", "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On", "Breathless" and "High School Confidential". However, Lewis' rock 'n' roll career faltered in the wake of his marriage to his young cousin. He had little success in the charts following the scandal until his popularity recovered in the late 1960s after he extended his career to country and western music with songs such as "Another Place, Another Time". More country hits soon followed over the late 1960s and through the 1970s.

Lewis's successes continued throughout the decade and he embraced his rock 'n' roll past with songs such as a cover of the Big Bopper's "Chantilly Lace" and "Rockin' My Life Away". In the 21st century Lewis continues to tour to audiences around the world and still releases new albums. One such new album, titled Last Man Standing, is his best selling to date at over a million copies sold worldwide.

Lewis was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986, and his pioneering contribution to the genre has been recognized by the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. In 2003, Rolling Stone Magazine listed his box set All Killer, No Filler: The Anthology number 242 on their list of "500 greatest albums of all time".

In 1957, Lewis became a star with his unique piano-driven sound. "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" became a hit on the pop, country and R&B charts. By this time, Lewis had also developed some of his famous stage antics, such as playing standing up and even lighting the occasional piano on fire. He had such energy and enthusiasm in his performances that he earned the nickname "The Killer" for the way he knocked out his audiences.

Lewis appeared to be on a roll. His next single, "Great Balls of Fire," proved to be another big hit in December 1957. The following March, Lewis struck again with "Breathless," which made into the Top 10 of the pop charts. Behind the scenes, however, some of Lewis's life choices would soon put a tamper on his career.

Lewis is the last surviving member of Sun Records' Million Dollar Quartet and the Class of '55 album, which altogether included Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison and Elvis Presley, as well as Lewis himself. Lewis already had two brief marriages under his belt when he decided to marry his cousin Myra Gale Brown in 1957. On their marriage license, Brown stated she was 20 years old, but she was really only 13 at the time.

News of his underage bride broke as Lewis started a tour of the United Kingdom in 1958, creating such an outcry that the tour was quickly cancelled. Even when Lewis returned to the States, he found that he got a less-than-warm welcome home. Radio stations refused to play his songs, and Lewis had a hard time lining up any live performances.

Still Lewis managed to score one more hit with "High School Confidential" in 1958 before his career took a nosedive. He performed the song in the film by the same name starring Mamie Van Doren and Russ Tamblyn.

This nearly lifelong musician and singer continues to record new music and perform. He has released two well-received albums in recent years. For 2006's Last Man Standing, Lewis sang a number of rock, blues and country classics with some help from such famous admirers as Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson and Buddy Guy.

Collaborator Kristofferson described Lewis as "one of the few who can do rock 'n' roll, country or soul, and every song is authentic." He told USA Today that Lewis is "one of the best American voices ever."

Lewis and Kristofferson worked together again on Lewis's next effort, 2010's Mean Old Man. The all-star guests on this release, included Eric Clapton, Tim McGraw, Sheryl Crow, Kid Rock and John Fogerty among others.

Lewis spends much of his time at his ranch in Nesbit, Mississippi. His daughter, Phoebe Lewis, has worked as his manager and served as a producer on some of his albums. Phoebe is from his third marriage to Myra Gale Brown. He is currently married to his seventh wife, Judith Brown, who was once married to Lewis's cousin Rusty. The couple wed in 2012.



Barbra's appearance on The Judy Garland Show was one of those moments in entertainment that just seemed destined to happen. Barbra and Judy's paths crossed in a moment of early television that many consider to be one of Barbra's best appearances (she was even nominated for an Emmy).

That particular episode is one of the most significant television episodes of all time. With Judy clutching tightly on to Barbra's hand, the two performed a duet that used both of their signature songs as a foundation. Their "Happy Days / Get Happy" number will always be remembered for the warmth and affection both Judy and Barbra displayed towards one another.


Aunt Clara (Marion Lorne) and Samantha Stephens (Elizabeth Montgomery)

I discovered some interesting facts about actress Marion Lorne aka "Aunt Clara".  Ms Lorne was in her 80's when she filmed 4 seasons of Bewitched. They really had her doing all types of stunts. Standing on the roof, yachting, parachute jumping, and mostly falling in from the fire place. Whata good sport she must have been...

Marion Lorne was an American film, television and theater actress. After a career in theater in New York City and London, Lorne made her first film in 1951, and for the remainder of her life, played small roles in films and television.

Born: August 12, 1883, West Pittston. Died: May 9, 1968, New York City Spouse: Walter C. Hackett (m. 1911–1944)

Actress. Fondly remembered as the dithery, bumbling Aunt Clara on the "Bewitched" (1964) television series, endearing character actress Marion Lorne had a five decade career on the stage before she became a household name.

My favorite episode with Aunt Clara is when Endora loses her powers and Aunt Clara gets them!

Born Marion Lorne MacDougall, she grew up in her native Pennsylvania, the daughter of Scottish and English immigrants. Trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, she appeared in stock shows, and was on the Broadway boards by 1905.

She married playwright Walter C. Hackett and performed in many of his plays throughout the 20s and 30s, eventually settling in England where they founded the Whitehall Theater. It was there that she began to patent her comedy eccentrics. Upon Hackett's death in 1944, she returned to the States and became a hit in such tailor-made stage shows as "Harvey".

She made her film debut with Alfred Hitchcock's classic Strangers on a Train (1951) as Robert Walker's smothering mother while in her mid-60s. Shortly thereafter she turned to TV and became a hit in such sitcoms as "Mr. Peepers" (1952) and "Sally" (1957), and gained quirky comedy status as well on the "The Garry Moore Show" (1958).

But it was her role as the befuddled, amusingly perplexed witch-aunt on "Bewitched" - whether bouncing into walls or conjuring up some unintended piece of witchcraft -- which put a lasting glow on her long career. She was rewarded, albeit posthumously, with an Emmy award; sadly, Marion died of a heart attack a few months before the ceremony in 1968. Elizabeth Montgomery accepted the award on her behalf.
Awards: Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress - Comedy Series
Nominations: Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress - Comedy Series



Tonight’s lunar circumstances are exactly opposite of the Supermoon - which we experienced May 5. A Supermoon occurs when the moon is full on its closest approach to Earth. Compared to the Supermoon, this apogee full moon should be about 14 percent smaller and 30 percent less bright. This so-called “beaver” full moon is 252,522 miles away from Earth compared to the Supermoon’s 221,822 mile approach - or roughly 30,000 miles more distant.

If you happen to be up early Wednesday morning (pre-sunrise) and not in the eastern U.S., for a short period of time the moon will appear even duller due to a penumbral lunar eclipse. During this kind of eclipse, the moon passes through the penumbral or outer part of the Earth’s shadow. As such, the Earth obscures parts of the sun, making the moon appear a bit duller. EarthSky describes the rather understated penumbral eclipse effect in more detail:

The exact time of the next full moon is:
Wednesday * 28th November 2012 * 03:46:00 pm
Central European Time (CET)
Moon sign: Gemini 06° 47'

Here you find this time converted into different timezones for other cities:
WELLINGTON = Thursday * 29th November 2012 * 03:46:00 am (NZDT)
SYDNEY = Thursday * 29th November 2012 * 01:46:00 am (AEDT)
TOKYO = Wednesday * 28th November 2012 * 11:46:00 pm (JST)
BEIJING = Wednesday * 28th November 2012 * 10:46:00 pm (CST)
DELHI = Wednesday * 28th November 2012 * 08:16:00 pm (IST)
MOSCOW = Wednesday * 28th November 2012 * 06:46:00 pm (MSK)
RIYADH = Wednesday * 28th November 2012 * 05:46:00 pm (AST)
BERLIN = Wednesday * 28th November 2012 * 03:46:00 pm (MEZ)
LONDON = Wednesday * 28th November 2012 * 02:46:00 pm (GMT)
RIO = Wednesday * 28th November 2012 * 12:46:00 pm (BRST)
NEW YORK = Wednesday * 28th November 2012 * 09:46:00 am (EST)
MEXICO CITY = Wednesday * 28th November 2012 * 08:46:00 am (CDT)
LOS ANGELES = Wednesday * 28th November 2012 * 06:46:00 am (PST)
HONOLULU = Wednesday * 28th November 2012 * 04:46:00 am (HAST)



Hulton Archive

It hardly seems possible, given how aggressively his vaults have been mined for material over the years, but we can expect yet another album from Jimi Hendrix next year.

Rolling Stone reports that the new set, dubbed ‘People, Hell and Angels,’ consists of 12 previously unreleased songs that were recorded during 1968-69 while Hendrix worked as a solo artist apart from the Experience.

Describing the tracks as going in “new, experimental directions,” RS says the sessions were planned for inclusion in Hendrix’s never-released ‘First Rays of the New Rising Sun,’ the record he was working on at the time of his death in 1970. It sounds like Hendrix was moving in a more layered direction, incorporating a second guitar into the mix, along with horns, keyboards, and percussion.




Come on out to my Christmas Punk Rock Holiday!  Art and Steve Godoy are coming to Ann Arbor!!!

\The Last of the Badmen lead singer Danny Creadon and bass man Troy Zak are going to be here too!!! We can't wait to see these guys ......

Also on the bill is the fantastic Kyle Davis Group!  Just love this video..

I am also planning on inviting some of my Detroit Rock Friends to come out....stay tuned!!




Happy Gift of Life to you Scott. good Detroit memories. xo donovan

Happiest of Birthdays, Scott!! All the Best--John Troutman
Happy birthday!! Peace and love...Mary Ann Matteson
Happy Birtday Scott!!! Much love from the Motor-city!!! Johnny Bee

Bought this from Leni Sinclair the other day...whew..what a hunk! Happy birthday from the kitties...miss your stories! Have a great walk in the park! Sioux DeOrlow Goodman

my tribute to one of the finest rock front men ever.......Kimmer

Happy birthday Scott!! Debbie King

Happy Birthday Scott!

Les Chambers
Pam Richardson Edwards
Wayne H Vannice
Michael A Crumb
Ken Ostrowski


One of the many obsessions of my childhood in the early 1960s was to obtain a Detroit Zoo Key. The Zoo ran tons of TV commercials featuring this Talking Storybook key shaped like an elephant. If you were lucky enough to own one you could access these little boxes in front of each exhibit. 

A voice would come on and tell you all about the animals. I never did own one but my pal Steve Teachout had one and he always let me use it on our school field trips. A very cool marketing idea that was originally created at the Philadelphia Zoo and used through zoos everywhere.

Detroit's TV Guy Ed Golick had a great backstory on the Keys.

A total of 56 Talking Storybooks were installed at The Detroit Zoo, with three free units promoting key sales. Detroit TV kids show host Bwana Don Hunt recorded the Storybook commentaries. The free message at the zoo’s entrance was as follows:

“Welcome to the Detroit Zoo. Your zoo houses many interesting animals, each with its own fascinating background and peculiarities. If they could talk, the animals would tell many true and educational stories about themselves, but they cannot. 

So your zoo is equipped with Talking Storybooks. Each storybook is operated by a special key that is shaped like an elephant, and by inserting its trunk into the keyhole and turning it, you may listen to each storybook’s interesting story. 

The elephant key is available at any souvenir or refreshment stand for only 50 cents and may be used again on your return. The same key also operates the Talking Storybooks at the Children’s Zoo and Aquarium on Belle Isle.”

The storybooks were removed from the Detroit Zoo in the early 1980s, and were replaced in 2003 with state of the art digital versions; complete with new magnetically encoded credit card style keys, installed by Bruce Sedley’s company, Audio Trek Inc.

                          FULL STORY ON DETROITKIDSHOW.COM


The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) and M.T. Publishing Company, Inc. of Evansville, Indiana announce the release of All They Left Behind: Legacies of the Men and Women on The Wall.

Published in commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (The Wall) on the National Mall in Washington, DC, the hardbound book reveals the personalities, histories and courage of more than 50 individuals who gave their lives in service to our country during the Vietnam War.

A portion of the proceeds from the book benefits the Education Center at The Wall.

9 x 12 inch, Hard bound
Color Dust Jacket
120 All Color Pages
Photos of over 300 soldiers listed on The Wall
Only $37.50

Click here to order online or call 1-888-263-4702 to order your copy over the phone.


Hi Kim, party....party....party!!! Please spread the word. Calahan's 5th Anniversary Party on Saturday night November 24th.

The Howling Diablo's WSG/ The Infactuations. Ain't no party like a Detroit Party....Because a Detroit Party don't stop!!! I hope all is well with you in A2. Much love, Bee


Greg Upshur and his wife, Therese, in the kitchen of their home in Stockbridge. While he prepares food, she records some of his recipes.

In the cozy confines of his farmhouse kitchen, ‘Mustang Chef’ Greg Upshur prepares a smorgasbord of Thanksgiving stuffings for a variety of tastes...
Stuffing Preparations for Specialty Diets from Bill Ford Jr.'s Chef

Traditional With bacon and oysters

"Mustang Chef” Greg Upshur, private chef for Bill Ford Jr., prepares both a traditional stuffing and a surprise stuffing for his family’s annual Thanksgiving dinner. He also makes a regular, “straight-up” turkey gravy and a mushroom gravy.

“The only thing I put in the bird is garlic, apples, onions, salt, pepper, and herbs — all just for flavoring the bird,” he says. “If you do stuff the turkey, it’s best to put it in a warm or even hot oven just before setting the turkey in the oven. A cold stuffing works like an insulator and keeps the bird from roasting properly; this is where people get into trouble with food poisoning.”

Upshur also recommends roasting turkey parts the night before to make a broth to use for stuffing preparation the next day. “That way, you get the real turkey flavor in the stuffing,” he says.

Because Thanksgiving dinner is, by definition, usually too much of a good thing, Upshur says he roasts an additional “breast only” to accommodate the crowd and to provide leftovers for take-homes.

With bacon and oysters

(Makes 6 large servings)

Olive oil for sautéing
1 cup crisp bacon, chopped
1 cup oysters (about 8) steamed, shucked, steamed, and chopped
1 onion, finely chopped/diced
3 stalks celery, finely chopped/diced
4 cups French bread, cubed
1/2 cup turkey broth, or more if needed
Splash habanero sauce
1/2 cup combined fresh parsley and chives, chopped fine, and dried sage
Salt and pepper
1 cob of corn kernels, uncooked

Fry bacon. Steam oysters. Sauté vegetables in olive oil. Combine. Fold in the bread cubes. Add broth and seasonings. Fold in corn kernels. Place mixture in a pre-oiled vessel and cover with foil. Bake at 350 for least 40 minutes. If possible, make stuffing early in the day on the same day as the dinner. Uncover when done and re-cover for reheating.

Recipes by Chef Greg Upshur // Photography by Cybelle Codish // Styling by Stephanie Potts


In 1962, Detroit broadcast legend Sonny Eliot launched a weekly TV show called “At the Zoo”. For the next 17 years, he entertained and educated viewers – many of them children – about wildlife and helped them to better understand and enjoy animals. His show was so popular, Detroit Zoo visitors used to ask, “Where’s Sonny?” Today, we know. Rest in peace, Sonny.

I definitely grew up listening to Sonny Eliot doing his funny weather forecast.  Also, I loved his tv spots for the Detroit Zoo, and his hosting of the Detroit Thanksgiving Parades.  I found this cool video....

Marvin "Sonny" Eliot, a veteran broadcaster whose corny jokes and genial manner endeared him to Detroit-area audiences for decades, has died at 91.

Legendary Detroit weatherman Sonny Eliot is best known to viewers for his comic antics when presenting the forecast for the day’s weather. What few realize is that he is the consummate professional predicting a half-century of weather long before radar, Doppler or any high-tech services were available. He pioneered weather forecasting as a standard feature in local television newscasts.

From the early days of radio drama to the heyday of television news to the biggest television events to returning to radio, Sonny is the most famous weather journalist in Detroit. Generations saw him as host of a 17-year series, “At the Zoo,” saw the Hudson’s Thanksgiving Day Parade through his eyes or learned state geography as he told the weather in Hell, Ishpeming or Kalamazoo.

“Sonny has been a strong, steady and inspirational fixture at WWJ Newsradio 950 since 1947,” writes Rich Homberg, VP and general manager of the station. “Sonny Eliot is a tireless and innovative force in Michigan Journalism.”

Some of the many awards and citations Eliot received include the Sloan Award for his traffic safety tips at WDIV, citations by the American Legion and American Meteorological Society and the Toastmaster International Award. Inductions include the Michigan Broadcasters Hall of Fame and the Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame.

Few know that his funny repartée kept him alive in dire times. During World War II, Eliot was a B-24 bomber pilot when he was shot down over Germany and spent the next 18 months as a prisoner of war. He staged original skits and reviews for prisoners in Stalagluft I. He subsequently earned a B.A. in English and an M.A. in mass communications at Wayne State University.

Many of his nominators cited Eliot as a present-day hero in ways that count, caring for his beloved bride, Annette, after she suffered a disabling stroke.

His affable weather broadcasting remains his legacy. “Sonny has truly done it all—and he’s not done yet,” Homberg says.



The Temptations....pure Detroit..

My passion has always been with Detroit Soul. All soul music really but lucky me to grow up where the radio jocks played all these fabulous bands...What did they play in Omaha?? Yep Lucky girl I am.... Read all about THE MUSIC OF DETROIT HERE


Off the top of my head today is a bunch of my very favorite Detroit rock albums....make great gifts and good for converting your friends to a "motor city" way of being....


The MC5

I get asked a lot for tips on what books to buy to know the true stories of Detroit Music. I picked some great books for all you Detroiters and those who wish they were Detroiters out there.... enjoy..


Am such a huge Dwight Yoakum fan... Have all his records...He is the one very cool cat that rock folks dig as much as his country fans.  So happy to pass along this news update on Dwight...

Catch Dwight performing live in the studio on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic this Monday, November 5th at 2:15 EST/11:15am PST!

You can stream it here:  LISTEN TO DWIGHT LIVE


YES GANG...November 1st Retro: Kimmer turned 4! What a trip it has been....I have met thousands of you around this ever shrinking globe and have enjoyed every meeting. I have learned so much from a little blog that I began about 60's make up and fashion on November 1, 2008.

So today I am going to play music and party with my pals..... we have had almost 1 million viewers and published 1600 stories so far.... so much love to you all..xxK

With CKLW Radio Jingle Intro --- Classic Detroit Soul From 1970 By General Johnson And The Chairmen Of The Board. "Pay To The Piper" Made It To #13 On The "Hot 100" Chart!


This is going to be a great show....2 ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS DETROIT BANDS!! I mean it these guys are what young rock is all about.  Shockwave just tears it up...

I had the extreme pleasure of hanging out with Broken Day Machine two weeks ago and loved their set so much..  I'll be at this show early so I don't miss one tune.... 


General Admission tickets for Dick Wagner: A Legendary Life Revisited Saturday November 10th at The Prime Event Center in Bay City MI are NOW AVAILABLE online AND @ Labadie Buick Cadillac GMC in the new car showroom and WHITES BAR in Saginaw MI. Be sure to get one before they are sold out! — with Marlo Leveling II (Stage Level Production & Promotion)



3 Story completely rehabbed historic building. Exposed brick walls - lots of charm. 

First floor can be used as retail or office. First floor mezzanine level conference room. Top two floors have an open floor plan. Tech monorail track lighting throughout. Modern Kitchen, Updated HVAC with ceiling fans on all floors, two south facing outdoor decks on back of building, Security system with sensors on all doors, Fully wired for network/internet and multi-line phone system on all floors, Central sprinkler system through out. Full Basement for storage and 1 Car garage attached to the first floor space.

Here is some fun news today!  Linda and Jessica of the Sidetrack in Ypsilanti have purchased a third building on the block...I received their cool email and wanted to share this with even better photos. I had some history in 52 E Cross their new building.  A friend of mine had a boyfriend named Ward Shankwiler. His parents owned this place in the 1970's. It was the coolest place to hang out... I spent time in there with other pals after the Shankwiler's moved out. We loved it and I have wanted to live in an old loft type place ever since...Here is the email info I received below...

Just like the guy who wrote the original Thesaurus, we are excited, fired up, thrilled and pumped... no, we're really excited, fired up, thrilled and pumped to share that,
within the next year, the Sidetrack will be expanding!

BirdBrain, wholesalers of decorative garden products and more, outgrew their storefront at 52 E. Cross (next to Frenchie's) and, after some back and forth over a few cold ones, we made the deal!

Much like The Sidetrack, our new building has quite the history: The George Cappy Saloon first occupied the building in the 1850's. In the 1870's, the New York Gallery Confectioners took over the space. (shown below, behind the Ypsilanti Cornet Band)

100 years later in the early 1970's, the statewide traveling Artrain, featuring Michigan artists, planned an extended stay and an exhibit in Depot Town. They leased the building, which was long vacant, for offices and a 1st floor art gallery. It was known for years afterwards as the Artrain Building.

Fast forward a few years and in enters E.M.U. art professor Bev Shankwiler and her husband Don. Together they undertook the project of renovating the Artrain building and, in doing do, initiated one of the many resurgences of the Depot Town area. It was Bev, Don, and a team of family and friends who removed 17 tons of old rotten flooring, plaster, partitions and more, thus renovating the Artrain Building as their new home- a 3 story townhouse and art studio.

The Artrain Building remained a private residence until BirdBrain took over in 2003. Interestingly enough, it seems what goes around actually may comes around; what was originally a bar in the mid 1800's will - 160 some years later - again be a bar. Well, more than just a bar...

While we have a stack of ideas for our new building as tall as the Ypsilanti water tower, our "short list" is (in the words of Tigers reliever Phil Coke) "Prreettttyyyy Gooooood!" What is for certain is that we are getting a larger kitchen, bigger bathrooms, and more spacious and comfortable seating for our customers and friends.

Just as Ypsilanti boasts the 3rd largest Historical District in the state, The Sidetrack will always remain mindful of its roots. And just as we want to take care to restore the historic integrity of our building, we want take care to keep our friends and customers informed on our progress and development.


IGGY AND THE STOOGES will return to Australia in March 2013 for three headline shows. Sweetening the deal even further, they will be supported by The Beasts of Bourbon. Nothing could be finer. Really.

Iggy Pop along with the awesome James Williamson back on guitar will be joined by drummer Toby Dammit, bassist Mike Watt and sax player Steve Mackay.

James Williamson has been back in the saddle for a couple of years, and this fact, combined with the irrepressible force of Iggy Pop is going to blow any other international " rock " touring acts for 2013 out of the water (except Redd Kross). This is REAL rock & roll and if you ain't too scared to admit that a 65 year old can run rings around younger purveyors of the genre then you will be in for an experience of a lifetime.

The last time I witnessed Iggy & The Stooges was in 2010 at ATP and was one of James Williamson's first shows back... put it this way, Iggy had to be removed from the stage by security after a blistering set that practically set fire to the joint and had the rock & roll heavyweight champion of the world jumping off speaker boxes into the crowd, generally running amok and kicking ass while he and The Stooges played some of the greatest songs ever written to a seething mass of people that was transformed into one giant rock & roll creature in the process. Somebody's gotta save your soul....let it be The Stooges.

Along with headline shows in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney the legendary IGGY AND THE STOOGES will also top the bill at Bluesfest in Byron Bay.


Great News! Our great videographer in Australia... pal Boris is back in action filming Deniz Tek and Co. again! Boris just sent me this new video.....thank you BZfilmco.... xK

Oct. 28, 2012...Deniz Tek with Andy Newman and Gerard Presland at the Patch Hotel, Wollongong...  for the 30 year Anniversary of Citadel Records ...

By Sally Bailey
Tue, 18 Sep 2012 16:19:43 +1000

A lot of good things have turned the big 3-0 this year and Citadel Records is one of the best of them.

Responsible for releasing and supporting some of the greatest Australian bands ever, Citadel Records was formed early in 1982 with the express intention of providing an outlet for the release of music created by alternative and unsigned local Sydney bands. Many of the early releases were centered on post Radio Birdman groups, the labels founder John Needham having been involved with the legendary Radio Birdman for the entirety of its career.

The label grew quickly from this small beginning to become a leading figure in the domestic 80s Australian alternative music movement. With a thriving local live music scene in place the label helped many of its acts build a national reputation with its emphasis on touring to promote the steady stream of music being released.

This era saw the emergence of many acts that would soon come to prominence and move on to sign with major companies. Headlining the roster were Sydney based Died Pretty, New Christs, Lime Spiders, Screaming Tribesman, Trilobites and out of Western Australia, The Stems.

Still going strong after 30 years, Citadel Records will celibrate that anniversary by presenting three one-off shows at the end of October that highlight three acts currently on their roster. Perth’s DomNicks, featuring Dom Mariani of The Stems/DM3 and one time Clash member Nick Sheppard, will present their debut album Super Real.

Also on the bill will be Radio Birdman’s guitarist/songwriter Deniz Tek and Penny Ikinger, both of whom released albums last year on Citadel as well as featuring on various Citadel releases dating right back to Citadel's beginnings.


Support the return of Nerd Rock's finest, 
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Duane & BrandO have a ton of crazy cool merch up as gifts for donations for their Kickstarter Program.  Check out all the items HERE

After hundreds of centuries, Duane & BrandO have returned from the Void to settle the score! Join forces with 8bit Duane and The Amazing BrandO and help rid the world of evil!

Over 29 unique and exciting levels, enhanced sound and graphics, and intense decisive battle makes The Return of Duane & BrandO a perfect multiplayer experience! Get ready for dragons, wizards, demons, aliens, robots, ninjas, explosions, mad scientists, vampires, and more with your favorite dynamic duo, Duane & BrandO!

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