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One of my very favorite bands of retro legend were the TURTLES aka Flo & Eddie..Damn near very song they released charted...fabulous pop singers and song writers too... CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE

The Turtles were led by vocalists Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman (Fo&Eddie) The band became notable for several Top 40 hits beginning with their cover version of Bob Dylan's "It Ain't Me Babe" in 1965. But their most popular hit was "Happy Together". That song is still cool. Even heavy rocker types loved that tune...The lyric was simple and pop but the vibe is still just so fine.....

The band, originally a surf-rock group called the Crossfires, was formed in 1965 in Westchester, California, by Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman. With the help of DJ and club owner Reb Foster, the Crossfires signed to the newly formed White Whale Records and adhering to the prevailing musical trend, re-branded themselves as a folk rock group under the name the Tyrtles, the intentional misspelling inspired by the Byrds and the Beatles. However, the trendy spelling did not survive long.

Howard Kaylan – vocals (1965–1970)
Mark Volman – guitar, saxophone, vocals (1965–1970)
Al Nichol – guitar (1965–1970)
Jim Tucker – guitar (1965–1967)
Chuck Portz – bass (1965–1966)
Don Murray – drums (1965–1966)
Joel Larson – drums (1966)
John Barbata – drums (1966–1969)
Chip Douglas – bass (1966–1967)
Jim Pons – bass (1967–1970)
John Seiter – drums (1969–1970)




Roy Kelton Orbison (April 23, 1936 – December 6, 1988)


Roy Orbison was an American singer-songwriter and also a musician born on 23rd April and died on 6th December 1988. Roy was known well for his dark emotional ballads, complex compositions and distinctive powerful voice. He at the age of 52 years out of a heart attack. Roy died way too young.....

I met the drummer on Oh, Pretty Woman...his name was Kenny.. I believe...he was in my show in Nashville. He told me all about working with the legendary Roy ORbison and how fortunate he was to be the drummer on Roy's biggest hit.. You can see Kenny really well in the video!

Chuck Santoni I met Roy when he was in for the 1984 Detroit Hoedown presented by W4 Country. (Good story)...I remember walking Roy from his bus into the Veterans Memorial Building where we had food, dressing rooms, etc, and Roy was the most humble, non assuming rock star I had ever met...just a sweet gentleman. Off in a distance, someone recognized him in his dark shades and shouted out, "Roy, you're just too cool!" Roy just looked his way and gave that cool smile......GREAT GUY!

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The Seven of Wands card suggests that my power today lies in seizing the day. I step in, recognize, or create opportunities to take it to the next level and communicate leadership or earn respect through performance. I am empowered to rise to the occasion by a window of opportunity and I transform through motivation.

being aggressive
going after what you want asserting yourself taking the offensive firing the first shot fighting making your point forcefully seizing the advantage
being defiant
holding out against pressure defending your position opposing all challengers combating criticism refusing to yield saying "No!" resisting authority
showing conviction
being sure having a fixed position demonstrating strong character standing up for what you believe knowing you are right acting resolutely being firm

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