World-Renowned Guitar Player Steve Hunter Releases Live CD & DVD 'Tone Poems Live'

“Steve is a wonderful musician with great chops and a big heart.” - Peter Gabriel

Los Angeles, CA - For the first time ever, Blues Rock Guitarist Steve Hunter, renowned for his work with Peter Gabriel, Lou Reed and Alice Cooper, is captured on film playing a career-spanning anthology in an intimate setting with some of the worlds finest players.

Also featuring Tony Levin, Phil Aaberg and Alvino Bennett!

The DVD, titled 'Tone Poems Live', was filmed on August 24th 2013 at a recording studio in LA. Alongside Steve was Tony Levin on Bass (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson) Phil Aaberg on Keyboards (Elvin Bishop, Peter Gabriel) Alvino Bennett on Drums (Dave Mason, Robin Trower).

They rehearsed for two days and filmed on the third day as though it were in front of an audience. Fourteen tunes, each played twice, with no overdubs added later. The material was chosen from most of Steve’s solo albums plus a few covers, including ‘Solsbury Hill’ ‘What’s Going On’ and Stevie Ray Vaughan’s ‘Riviera Paradise’.

“The soulful notes that Steve Hunter plays have the perfect balance of fat warm tone, taste and personality” - Steve Vai

This is the first time Steve Hunter has ever been filmed doing his own material plus material of his own choice. Steve is now legally blind and although not out of the question, touring has become more of a challenge. The recording session was produced and recorded by Brian Brinkerhoff and Paul Lani.

Tony Levin: “Steve is one of those wonderful musicians who speaks from the heart”

Phil Aaberg: “There’s something about the subtlety, the texture and the tone quality that he gets with an individual note, to me that’s a great guitar player”

Alvino Bennett: “I’m hearing all three Kings; Albert, BB and Freddy”

Jason Becker: “I can't put into words how much your soul comes out of your fingers. Everyone should see and hear this DVD”!

Watch some of the DVD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68-xsbfVypI

To purchase Steve Hunter's 'Tone Poems Live' DVD:

Steve Hunter’s website: www.stevehunter.com



Nothing we like better than "young" RETRO ...Retro is never out of style and this new brother sister duo are bringing a fresh taste of harmony to the planet!

Brother and sister HANK and CHARLOTTE FONTAINE, who describe their music as “new-wop,” create music that’s irrefutably catchy, filled with flashy guitar licks and sprightly rhythms. Their songs are positively addictive, courtesy of Charlotte’s honky-tonk, insouciant yet feminine vocals. This duo sounds unlike anything else you’ve ever heard.

With influences as diverse as Buddy Holly, Sam Cooke, The Cars, The Strokes and the Pixies, and song titles like “Paul Newman,” “Dustin Hoffman” and “Dusty Springfield,” The Fontaine’s eclectic sound has a vibe that only these two could’ve come up with.



 Chief Two Guns White Calf

Two Guns White Calf, the Blackfeet Indian Chief whose profile is supposed to be the model on the Buffalo nickel. There are 2 sides to the story on who the actual model was but it certainly is the spitting image of Chief Two Guns.

I ran across this top photo on Pinterest the other day and shared it on Facebook. This photo got a huge response and tons of shares. Everyone was moved by his dignity and style.

The Chief loved to have his photo taken and posed with tourists and portrait photographers as well. There are some very cool photos on Ebay of him. Click the images below to purchase them..

 Chief Two Guns White Calf on Ebay

The Great Northern Railroad, always interested in promoting tourism to its Glacier Park Hotels and passenger traffic on its trains, sought to encourage the idea that Two Guns was the model. The argument raged from 1913 to the death of both figures in 1934 and continues to resurface even now.

 Chief Two Guns White Calf

The question would seem to have been put to rest by a letter from coin sculptor James Earl Fraser to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs in 1931, in which he denied ever having seen Two Guns.

 Chief Two Guns White Calf

But Charles Bevard, an auctioneer who had come into possession of a number of Two Guns’ personal effects which led him into extensive historical research on the subject, suspected that the US Government wanted Fraser to “discredit” Two Guns as a coin model because they were afraid of the great influence he had on the tribes.

The Chief headed a secret organization known as the Mad Dog Society which was attempting to preserve Blackfoot Heritage. Traditional Indian dances such as the Sun Dance and the Ghost Dance, which had been banned, were again being performed after American Indians received blanket citizenship in 1924.

Bevard believed that the US Government feared that Chief Two Guns, like his father, might again take the fierce Blackfoot warriors on the warpath in an attempt to regain their land.

To try to put an end to the claim, The Artist James Fraser wrote that he had used three Indians for the piece, including "Iron Tail, the best Indian head I can remember. The other one was Two Moons, the other I cannot recall."


In 1938, Fraser stated that the three Indians had been "Iron Tail, a Sioux, John Big Tree, a Kiowa, and Two Moons, a Cheyenne". Despite the sculptor's efforts, he (and the Mint) continued to receive inquiries about the identity of the Indian model until his 1953 death.


Others pointed out that if Fraser had never been able to remember the third model, how could he be certain that it wasn’t Two Guns White Calf?

“If he wasn’t a model for the Buffalo nickel, he was [still] the most famous Indian in the 20th century,” Bevard said, “….

He had a relationship with non-indians, anyone from presidents on down, and he did a lot of great things for Indians and he was quite the statesman, and, if nothing else, he should be remembered for that.”

He definitely had the most charisma and style...and the fact that he scared the US Government gave him some very powerful swagger.

For our nickel it is TWO GUNS on that coin!  RIP Chief




VROOM VROOM! Do not miss this interview! Our dear dear biker guitar slinging pal Pat Savage is on the air with Sheldon this Friday!  Don't forget to give a big shout out to your favorite blogger girl in Detroit Doc!!! xoxoRK

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We'll be playing his tunes during the show, too.

Of course, the whole gang will be there including me, Cheri Clair (via internet). Sheldon Kay, Rick Stevers, George Seedorff, Andrew Kaetz JD, The Professor Kurt B Smith, et al. will be in the studio live with engineer Jimmy James.


Carrying her “candelabra” and manor keys, Haunted Beauty Mistress of the Manor™ Barbie® doll greets guests wearing a plum jacket featuring a dramatic bustle and a long, sweeping skirt. A wide swath of white runs through her black hair, which is pulled back into a bun. Earrings, a cameo brooch and Victorian-style boots are her elegant accessories, along with her Life in the Scream House “book.”



This week marks 50 years since the prime-time debut of Bewitched. The tv series about a witch married to an ordinary man who cannot resist using her magic powers to solve the problems her family faces.