Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney is an American country music singer and songwriter. Chesney has recorded 15 albums, 14 of which have been certified gold or higher by the RIAA. He has also produced more than 30 Top Ten singles on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, 20 of which climbed to the top of the charts.

Over the life of his career, Chesney has been honored with numerous awards from the Academy of Country Music (ACM), Country Music Association (CMA), American Music Awards (AMA), Country Music Television (CMT), Billboard Music Awards (BMA), People's Choice Awards (PCA), and the French Country Music Awards (FCMA).

TMG is looking for great songs to pitch to Kenny Chesney and his producer.

Send only the best please. Great hooks and lyrics.

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 Panel 3W, Row 86 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.


Part of the reason I posted about Vietnam was to see if some of the Army kids I used to know might show up here. Today a friend from our Army life did stop by and leave a note on RK. We really appreciate the visit and hope all is well with your family as well. Thank you Bob!

My Dad's Medals and Patches

The Silver Star honors service personnel who display exceptional valor while engaged in military combat operations against an enemy force.

Bob Evans has left a new comment on your post "Vietnam 1968-1971":

Kim, Our families were close back then as my Dad and yours served together. My son and daughter are visiting the wall this evening and are going to find your dad's name. My dad speaks so well about your dad to this day. Please give our best to your mom and sister from our family.

Award of The Silver Star

For gallantry in action: Major Maki distinguished himself by gallantry in action on 20 - 22 June 1971 while serving as Senior Advisor to the 1st Battalion, 2d Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, Army of the Republic of Vietnam at Fire Support Base Fuller in Quang Tri Province.

Major Maki heroically participated in the defenses of Fire Support Base Fuller by accompanying and assisting his Vietnamese counterpart against the North Vietnamese Army thrust. After more than two continuous days of intensive direct and indirect fire and ground attacks, the NVA managed to breech the defenses.

Major Maki then directed many tactical air strikes and aerial rocket artillery against the enemy. During this time he continued to reappraise the tactical situation, adjust supporting fires and coordinate medical aid to the wounded Vietnamese soldiers.

Though he had been sixty hours without rest, he continued to assist his counterparts up until the moment he was mortally wounded by an enemy artillery round. His extraordinary example of leadership and valiant courage radiated throughout the Fire Support Base and inspired the Vietnamese to repulse the enemy attack. Major Maki's conspicuous gallantry in action was in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Army and reflects great credit upon himself and the military service.



Dick Wagner RK and Muruga

As the news of the passing of Detroit's guitarist Dick Wagner sinks in...I thought I would rerun a post he wrote for me a few years ago....

Kimmer" my sweet friend....You asked me to give you a list of my favorite recordings from my past...and so I shall attempt to compile a basic top ten records that thrilled me upon first listening. These songs kicked my ass as a teenager. Warning...I'm older than you and your readers, so some of these may be barely remembered....

1. LONG TALL SALLY, Little Richard

A seminal Rock record with Little Richard at his most compelling. Deeply influenced my pathway into music.


On first listen, I could not believe what I'd just heard. The power, the intensity, the sound. Major influence.

3. STAGGER LEE, Lloyd Price

Man did this record rock! The story lyric was an example of humorous bloodletting blues. Too Cool.

4. ONLY YOU, The Platters

Made me recognize my own romantic heart. That voice felt like it was me seeking the always elusive love, just beyond reach. Young Love.

5 ONLY THE LONELY, Roy Orbison

Unrequited, the lonely heart breaks. Teenage angst. Loved it then, still do.

6. GONE, Ferlin Huskie

Another initiation into the broken romantic heart. Really a country record before I knew the difference. Mysterious, haunting, delicious vocals

7. Rawhide- Rumble Link Wray 1959

Two classic distorted guitar classic tunes. I couldn't stop listening and discovered the heart of Rock guitar. Totally Cool.


Mysterious, haunting, delicious vocals

9. SCHOOL DAYS, Chuck Berry

My introduction to lyrical, genius Rock music with great guitar riffs. Founding father of Rock.

10. DROWN IN MY OWN TEARS, Ray Charles

A fantastic introduction to the blues, Ray was live and the band was phenomenal. 1956 genius of Ray Charles Album

So there we go, Kim. What first pops to mind, among so so many others. Music was so rich and diverse during those 1950's. I really miss the emotion of the early records. Remember "OVER THE MOUNTAIN" by Johnny and Joe? A perfect dance so close kinda tune. Great times.

All my love,



I first heard this song in Nashville (1988) when I had a huge thing for a guy down there. The lyric was prophetic, and yet it still applies today. No one really plans to fall in love... it just happens... and it can be really moving and when it ends... really painful. No matter what happens it is good to know that emotions are still there no matter what age or time in your life.

I still love this song though it conjures up some sadness...


Tino Gross and Miss Linda Lexy

Here it is, Party People! The first single off the long-awaited and highly flammable new Howling Diablos' CD "Ultra Sonic Gas Can", called 'Mr. Right Now". CD Release Bash will be at the Park Bar, Detroit in July!! Leave your lighters & matches at home, cuz this party will be FIRE! WSG's HorseCave Trio, Staggolee, and MC Linda Lexy. Funky D in the HOUSE!!! Lexy XXOOK

Funky D Records



One of the best things about having Scott Morgan for a friend is the super soul tunes he sends me via email. I never know what is coming next. Tonight he sent the Sam and Dave tune "Soothe Me". Oh man do I love this tune! Scott said,"you know if these guys had a good band they might be able to make it." LOL

Scott told me the band is Booker T and MG'S with the Memphis Horns backing up Sam and Dave. Otis Redding was on this tour and told the promoters that he'd never follow Sam and Dave again....

Oh I wish I could have seen this show...


John Varvatos

John Varvatos was born in Detroit and grew up in Allen Park, a downriver community situated downriver from the city of Detroit. He attended Allen Park High School. Varvatos joined Polo Ralph Lauren in 1983. He then moved to Calvin Klein in 1990 where he was appointed head of menswear design and oversaw the launch of the men’s collection and the cK brand. In 1995, he returned to Ralph Lauren as Head of Menswear Design for all Polo Ralph Lauren brands and created the successful Polo Jeans Company.

In late 1999, Varvatos started his eponymous company, debuting his first clothing line at the end of 2000. The collection consisted of tailored high fashion wear, the brand now represents an entire lifestyle that includes belts, handbags, footwear, eyewear, limited edition watches, luxury skincare and fragrances (including one for women).

John Varvatos Website

I first heard about Designer John Varvatos from Deniz Tek, Scott Morgan, and Al King. As Powertrane they played at JV's store 315 Bowery in NYC which used to be CBGB's. JV bought the location and turned it into his famous store.

The Powertrane guys had a great time at JV's store and I heard all about their gig there. After hearing their accounts I met JV via email. He was in town for the Stooges gig last month but I sadly didn't get a chance to meet him.

John hails from Allen Park just downriver from Detroit... JV is a HUGE Detroit rock n roll fan. We definitely have that in common...

John Varvatos has a huge 10 year ad campaign and it incredible! Check it out HERE

I heard that the MC5 was up for an ad too and have my fingers crossed on that one.

Here is the current spot running with The Stooges...

Don't miss John's Sirius XM Radio Show "Born in Detroit"



My favorite cover of The Doors " Light My Fire" is by Jose Feliciano. He used to play it on the Glenn Campbell Show and Johnny Carson too. It is so much more romantic and soulful. Tonight I found this great video of Jose, Carlos Santana, and Rick Martin playing together and I just had to post it.

And here is the Original...

Read More About Jose


The Seatbelts lead singer Greg Upshur

I asked The Seatbelts lead singer Greg Upshur to shoot over his list of his top 3 favorite songs and he sent them in just now... very cool mix...Thanks Greg!

Greg: Well definitely Jimi Hendrix, Castles Made of Sand...and Roy Orbison, Its Over ..the music and lyrics are the ultimate...

Jimi Hendrix

Roy Orbison It's Over

Now for a Female...I like Rihanna..sexy voice...

I love getting other people to contribute their favorite songs and videos...

Don't forget to come out and see The Seatbelts at LIVE in Ann Arbor June 11!

Read More on RK
Seatbelts Video Debut: My Little F4
The Seatbelts and The Ruiners

HERE is their Ann Arbor show info


Hot Wax Records promo photo

Check this song... just love "Mind Body and Soul". You'll never believe where I met these guys. It was at the DAIRY QUEEN in Ypsilanti, MI. The guys were on their way to Kalamazoo for a gig. My friend and I rode with the band and all their equipment to Ann Arbor where we jumped out. As I recall these guys were really nice.

FLAMING EMBER – This group recorded several singles for Detroit labels, including the Fortune Records, but found their greatest success with Eddie Holland's Hot Wax label. Their hit single "Mind, Body & Soul" was a top ten record on both the r&b and pop charts.

The drummer Jerry Plunk was the lead singer and drummer! Other members included Joe Sladich (lead guitar), Jim Bugnel (bass) and Bill Ellis (keyboards). Mike Jackson eventually replaced Bugnel on bass.

Hot Wax Records promo photo.

The Flaming Embers can be traced back to 1965 when they recorded for the Fortune label on Third Street. They were a white group desperately trying to emulate the black sound, and consisted of Joe Sladich (guitar), Bill Ellis (piano), Jim Bugnel (bass) and Jerry Plunk (drums).

Their debut for Ric-Tic came in July 1967 when they released "Let's have a love-in". Another five discs followed but the persistence failed to pay off and nothing charted. When Motown bought the Ric-Tic label in 1968, Flaming Embers were released from their contract.

The following year they joined Holland/Dozier/Holland's Hot Wax label as the Flaming Ember. Three top 40 hits ensued before they broke up in 1973.


"A Fool in Love" was Tina Turner's first hit record. I just love this tune so much. I also really love Ike Turner's "Rocket 88" but here is the kicker... I like Lawrence Fishburne's cover of it from the film What's Love Got to do with it better than Ike's version. I have them both on this post so you tell me which is your favorite?

Ike Turner Tina Turner

Ike became a talent scout and producer for Modern Records, ostensibly "discovering" B.B. King and Howlin' Wolf. Around 1954, he moved to East St. Louis, Missouri where he became a rhythm and blues star with The Rhythm Kings.

In 1959 in East St. Louis, he met Anna Mae Bullock. Anna was just eighteen and still in high school when she joined the group as a singer. Later she changed her name to Tina Turner.

Tina Turner

Ike added Tina to their group's horn section and also added some backup singers in 1957. They recorded a demo of "A Fool in Love" in late 1959; by the autumn of 1960 the record was a number two R&B hit on Sue Records. Tina was the star and the group was renamed The Ike and Tina Turner Revue History of Rock

After Tina's divorce, the only thing Tina had of value was the stage name Ike had given her and the hard work she had put into that name to make it famous. Tina's career was in a downward spiral and she released albums to try and turn it around. First was 1978's "Rough (album)" but it failed to make a real impression on the charts. Tina remained a strong stage draw and Rod Stewart brought her along to perform a rendition of his top 40 single "Hot Legs" on Saturday Night Live in 1978. Wiki Tina Turner

Tina eventually found solo stardom following the release of 1984's Private Dancer album which sold 11 million copies worldwide, and included the biggest hit of her career, "What's Love Got to Do With It", her only US number-one hit, a position Ike & Tina Turner never reached while recording together.

Tina would go on to release several more albums that were certified multi-platinum or gold in the US. She would ultimately win eight Grammy Awards throughout her career, and embark on several successful world tours.

Here is Ike Turner doing "Rocket 88"

When I was on American Idol,” she says, “people fell in love with the young lady who took her shoes off to come onstage, who spoke her mind and didn't hold anything back. They could relate because whatever I was feeling at the time, I put that in my music. Fantasia Barrino



I loved the Temptations but I really had a mad crush on Levi Stubbs. Luckily I got to meet him at the Rotunda Night Club at the Hyatt Regency in Dearborn around 1977. He was so sweet to me and all his fans that night. Wish I had thought to ask for his autograph.

The Four Tops are an American vocal quartet, whose repertoire has included doo-wop, jazz, soul music, R&B, disco, adult contemporary, hard rock, and showtunes. Founded in Detroit, Michigan as The Four Aims, lead singer Levi Stubbs (born Levi Stubbles, a cousin of Jackie Wilson and brother of The Falcons' Joe Stubbs), and groupmates Abdul "Duke" Fakir, Renaldo "Obie" Benson and Lawrence Payton remained together for over four decades, having gone from 1953 until 1997 without a single change in personnel.

Read More About the 4 Tops


Lesley Gore

One of my very very favorite girl singers of the 1960's was Lesley Gore. I even spelled my daughter's name the same. My favorite Lesley Gore tunes are:

Maybe I Know 1964
She's Fool 1963
Sunshine Lollipops 1965
It's My Party 1963

Lesley doesn't have a lot of video but I have two that are pretty good. I loved watching her in Teen movies back in the day and on American Bandstand too.

Lesley Gore (born Lesley Sue Goldstein; May 2, 1946) is an American singer-songwriter of the "girl group era". She is perhaps best known for her 1963 pop hit "It's My Party", which she recorded at the age of 16. Following the hit, she became one of the most recognized teen pop singers of the 1960s.

More on Lesley Gore


Bob Marley

Woke up today feeling great and got into a Jamaican groove. I spent a bit of time down there and saw many reggae concerts in Negril.. Loved it there the island is so smooth and you can't help but slow down and chill.

Never like Reggae until I went to Jamaica and heard their music in context of the island ways. Now everytime I heard Reggae I go into an instant mellow groove.

Hope to get back down there this Christmas. My friends and I are planning another excursion in time for New Year's Eve.

The song "I Can See Clearly Now" is a particular song that pops my mood instantly in an upward motion. You can't help but sing along and dance to it too.

My favorite version is Bob Marley's. Love Johnny Nash's cover too and also Jimmy Cliff's. Bob's has more depth and emotion to me. But really I love them all.

I was lucky to be able to see Jimmy perform here in Detroit awhile back with my best bud Robin. Jimmy played the Majestic Theater on Woodward in Detroit. Jimmy had a kick butt band and I was so close to the stage. The music was unforgettable. And the percussion was to die for.



Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton

Just found this video and it is too good not share...



Scott Morgan vocals/rhythm guitar
John Burke drums
Manny Alvarez lead guitar
Jubei Hughes Bass/vocals

From Scott:
Full of Fire was originally covered by Al Green on his Best Of Al Green album. FOF was written by M Hodges W Mitchell and Al Green.

We aleady knew Al Green because The Rationals backed him up at the Roostertail Supper Club in Detroit. He showed up at one of the Rationals shows and asked to sit in. I told him that we like your music but we don't know how to play it. Al suggested we do some standard R&B tunes. So we did.

Much later I bought the single Full of Fire when it came out. So my band friends wanted to do an Al Green song and I said I got one, Full of Fire.

We went to Los Angeles and then on to the Brothers Records/Studio to record. We were there for a couple of days and recorded 2 songs. Radio Hollywood and Pop Poppies. So while we were there a guy told us that we were actually in the Beach Boys Rehearsal Studio in Santa Monica. They did their demos there. After we finished we went back home.

A few months later we went back to LA and recorded Full of Fire and Endless Summer which was never released. Here is our version of Full of Fire.

I really liked Al's version of this song but we changed it a little. We stripped it down to the basic song. Took all the frills out of it and made it straight ahead.

Al Green's version


Oh, how I love "Give Me One Reason" Check out the lyrics. I first heard this song while I was driving. My car turned itself into the nearest record shop. Tracy Chapman burst on the scene with that smoky voice and her imagery is undeniable.

Give me one reason to stay here and I'll turn right back around
Give me one reason to stay here and I'll turn right back around
Because I don't want to leave you lonely
But you got to make me change my mind
Baby, I got your number and I know that you got mine
But you know that I called you I called too many times
You can call me baby you can call me anytime
But you got to call me

Give me one reason to stay here - and I'll turn right back around
Give me one reason to stay here - and I'll turn right back around
Because I don't want leave you lonely
But you got to make me change my mind

Country music lyrics, guitar tabs/tablatures, 
chords on source #1 - CowboyLyrics.com

I don't want no one to squeeze me - they might take away my life
I don't want no one to squeeze me - they might take away my life
I just want someone to hold me and rock me through the night

This youthful heart can love you and give you what you need
This youthful heart can love you and give you what you need
But I'm too old to go chasing you around
Wasting my precious energy

Give me one reason to stay here - and I'll turn right back around
Give me one reason to stay here - and I'll turn right back around
Because I don't want leave you lonely
But you got to make me change my mind

Baby just give me one reason - Give me just one reason why
Baby just give me one reason - Give me just one reason why I should stay
Because I told you that I loved you
And there ain't no more to say

Tracy Chapman (born March 30, 1964) is an American singer-songwriter, best known for her singles "Fast Car", "Talkin' 'bout a Revolution", "Baby Can I Hold You", "Give Me One Reason" and "Telling Stories". She is a multi-platinum and four-time Grammy Award-winning artist.

Tracy Chapman's Website

You got a fast car
I want a ticket to anywhere
Maybe we make a deal
Maybe together we can get somewhere

Anyplace is better
Starting from zero got nothing to lose
Maybe we'll make something
But me myself I got nothing to prove

You got a fast car
And I got a plan to get us out of here
I been working at the convenience store
Managed to save just a little bit of money
We won't have to drive too far
Just 'cross the border and into the city
You and I can both get jobs
And finally see what it means to be living

You see my old man's got a problem
He live with the bottle that's the way it is
He says his body's too old for working
I say his body's too young to look like his
My mama went off and left him
She wanted more from life than he could give
I said somebody's got to take care of him
So I quit school and that's what I did

You got a fast car
But is it fast enough so we can fly away
We gotta make a decision
We leave tonight or live and die this way

I remember we were driving in your car
The speed so fast I felt like I was drunk
City lights lay out before us
And your arm felt nice wrapped 'round my shoulder
And I had a feeling that I belonged
And I had a feeling I could be someone, be someone, be someone

You got a fast car
And we go cruising to entertain ourselves
You still ain't got a job
And I work in a market as a checkout girl
I know things will get better
You'll find work and I'll get promoted
We'll move out of the shelter
Buy a big house and live in the suburbs
You got a fast car
And I got a job that pays all our bills
You stay out drinking late at the bar
See more of your friends than you do of your kids
I'd always hoped for better
Thought maybe together you and me would find it
I got no plans I ain't going nowhere
So take your fast car and keep on driving

You got a fast car
But is it fast enough so you can fly away
You gotta make a decision
You leave tonight or live and die this way


One of my absolute favorite 1960's songs is "The Look of Love". "The Look of Love" was a pop song composed by Burt Bacharach and Hal David and sung by Dusty Springfield, and which appeared in the 1967 spoof James Bond film Casino Royale.

The music was written by Burt Bacharach, and was originally intended to be an instrumental. But later Hal David added the lyrics, and the song was published in 1967. According to Bacharach, the melody was inspired by watching Ursula Andress in an early cut of the film.

Sérgio Mendes' hit rendition on the Sérgio Mendes & Brasil '66 album Look Around reached #4 on the pop charts after their performance in the Academy Awards telecast in March 1968. The lead vocal on this single was handled by Janis Hansen, not Lani Hall, a rarity in the early Brasil '66 canon.

Dusty Springfield

My favorite version is Sergio Mendes/Brasil '66. It is more up tempo and I like the percussion so much. It adds spice. Dusty Springfield's cover is totally pop iconic for the 1960's. Dusty is my favorite of all the British pop singers.


To me the best talent to come out of the 1960's was Miss Dionne Warwick. Was there ever another signature woman's voice? Dionne's voice connects right to my soul. Always has. She completely envelopes every lyric. Dionne becomes the song not just performs it. I loved her even in the age of rock I wore out at least 4 copies of her greatest hits. Today it dawns on me that I need to get another copy.. Legendary becomes Miss Dionne Warwick...

My top three favorite Dionne Warwick/Bacharach/David songs are below

The Theme from the Valley of the Dolls talks about a woman who has lost her way. But finds a way to free herself from the madness.

Message to Michael has always always reminded of one of my true loves. No matter where I was in the world Michael was always there. Sadly I lost him at a young age but he is in my heart always.

Promises Promises has always meant a lot to me. When you have finally had enough empty promises and move on. The woman is strong and not passive. She does get the nerve and walks out. She looks at herself and is proud.



Chris Walken

I just love Chris Walken's videos here are my three favorites...


Steve Godoy

One of my very favorite hard hitting drummers ( I know a few..) is Steve Godoy of California. I met Steve via our mutual friend guitarist Deniz Tek. Steve was coming to town and his twin brother Art Godoy (I blog for him) called me and asked me to go meet Steve at the Corktown Tavern. Steve was on tour with The Bermondsey Joyriders from England. Great band!

So Stanley T. Madhatter and I made the trek downtown to meet Steve and his bandmates. We walked in and Steve immediately spotted us and came right over. What immediately hit me were those amazing blue eyes.. and soft spoken voice. So polite and sweet natured... or so it would seem... LOL

Steve Madhatter Gary Lammin and Marty Stacey

By the way the sticks Steve was pounding with belong to me now and live here at Retrokimmer's Rancho Deluxe. My readers know that I collect sticks from all my favorite drummers that I have the pleasure to meet. I have met a bunch. I'll shoot pics of them and do a story on just that.

Here is the man himself in action also with my dear one Stanley...

After the gig... I had the best time ever riding around the city with the band and Madhatter as the wheelman and tour guide. We took them to Lafayette Coney, The train station, Grande Ballroom, a Translove House and to the hotel as the last stop.

The Godoy Twins are also world renown Pro Skateboarding Champions. We helped carry their stuff inside.. I carried Steve's deck. Doesn't get any better than that. I love my life! XXOOK

Here is a funny little video of Madhatter singing with Guitarist Gary Lammin outside the Holiday Inn that night. I swear neither of them had a drop of booze...

all photos and video by retrokimmer


New Order formed in Los Angeles after Ron Asheton left the Stooges and Dennis "Machinegun Thompson" left the MC5. NO produced the "Victim of Circumstance" album. The band definitely had a very powerful lineup: They failed to land a record deal and split up.

Ron Asheton
Dennis Thompson
Dave Gilbert
Jimmy Recca
Jeff Spry
Ray Gunn
Scott Thurston

Machinegun wrote "Sidewinder" and I have a ton of their old photos laying around my office so today we put them together.

Here is Sidewinder with Machinegun Thompson on vocals...

Thanks to:
Dennis Thompson
Dee Gilbert
Phillipe Mogane
Sue Rynski

Great job Kim.


Danny Greene "The Irishman"

This guy makes Tony Soprano look like boy scout. One tough guy to be sure and totally bullet proof. It took a master car bombing to take down this giant of the Cleveland Docks.

If you traced the fall of the Italian-American Mafia to one point in time and one place, it would be 1977 in Cleveland, Ohio. Numerous trials were sparked by a war of bombings for control of the underworld. In the end those cases produced unprecedented defections resulting in an increasing flow of intelligence and multi-agency investigations that culminated in historic convictions from Los Angeles to Kansas City, and Cleveland to New York City. The origin of the whole thing can be traced to one man, an outsider, in pursuit of power and fortune—an unlikely hero Danny Greene who came to be known as the Irishman.

I just discovered the Danny Greene story today and this guy really sounds like a fascinating man loved by his friends and family, who donated to the poor, paid under privileged children's school tuition, and managed to take down the Mob. Take a look at these videos, they are riveting...

A movie was made about Danny Greene's personal vendetta against the Mob called " Kill the Irishman" It will be released on DVD June 14, 2011. Here is the trailer for the DVD

Here are some related books and DVDs


Probably going to hear from all the fans of the EZ Bake Oven but.... As far as I am concerned this toy was a whole bunch of work to produce a little flat cake that looked like a hockey puck.

Now how long would a kind be entertained by this dog??

Now the Ouija was completely lame to me. This toy scared little kids half to death. I flipped my board over and stuck stickers on it. So much for contacting dead uncle Charlie...

I really hated this toy... Now little Kimmer was never going to stand and pretend to cook... I still don't cook.. Talk about gender typing. Oh yeah and I used my toy ironing board as a sled. It went really fast down hill on snow!

Chatty Cathy? That annoying voice! They should can that voice and play it to elicit confessions out of captured terrorists! I took my doll to the basement and my brother and I gave poor Cathy neurosurgery to find out what made her talk.. I was a big old fashioned spool of metal tape.

This toy could do 2 things... swing back and forth in your hands and climb down stairs...zzzzzzz

Couldn't draw anything on the confounded box..

Will pick some more later... XXOK



Vidal Sassoon and Mia Farrow

In the 1960s my young stylish mother took my sister and I to get Sassoon haircuts. The cuts were called 5 point cuts. Basically you short hair with sideburns cut out around the ears and often was asymmetrical as well. We thought we had the coolest hair in school (we did). No more pony tails and ribbons which I always yanked out on my way to school. (sorry Nanna...)

Of recent layered "bobs" and my favorite the nano "bob are the rage today. It just is plain and simple the best haircut! It is very stylish and easy to care for. Except for you need a trim in at least 6 weeks. I wear a version of the 5 point cut today.

From Wiki

Vidal Sassoon, CBE (born January 17, 1928) is a widely recognized British hair stylist, credited with creating a geometric, "Bauhaus-inspired" hair style, also called the bob, a stylish and simple cut. Due to the popularity of his styles, he has been described as "a rock star, an artist, [and] a craftsman who 'changed http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifthe world with a pair of scissors.'"

His "wash and wear" philosophy liberated women from the "tyranny of the salon" and "revolutionized the art of hairstyling." Sassoon's styles became "emblematic of freedom and good health," and their popularity allowed him to open the first chain of worldwide hair styling salons, complimented by his hair-treatment products. He is also remembered for his television commercials in the 1960s. A documentary film about his life, Vidal Sassoon: The Movie was released in 2010.

Read More on Sassoon


Many of my friends and readers called and wrote in asking if Cary Loren was going to bring his Destroy All Monsters Magazine exhibit to the Detroit Area. Cary sent me a gig he is doing here and this art exhibit looks very hot to me.... THANKS CARY XXOOK



Special programs run throughout the length of the show, which includes live Michigan noise performances and a talk between artist Cary Loren and art critic Vince Carducci.

The planet is on fire. The best artists range in all corners of this holy, raging mess, bringing to ground work that attacks, combusts, punishes and compels. Subcultural headwinds result. A terrible beauty swarms among us, where it remains active, undisturbed and largely undetected.

The Enraged Will Inherit the Earth features Detroit artists lurking in these fertile borderlands. They bring love from outer space and find inspiration in degraded tree bark. Their art goes right to the core of the human animal. Even before that, in some cases, into more primordial realms. It’s wild and free, nervous and brash, fungal and moist, hypnotic and unshakeable.

The group of artists featured here are all involved with music, or have been touched by it, and contribute sound-inspired visual pieces that will hang at Public Pool for six weeks.

There will also be special events associated with the exhibition that include live performances, and a talk between Cary Loren and art critic and Kresge fellow Vince Carducci as part of the Detroit release for Loren’s collection Destroy All Monsters Magazine 1976-1979.

Featured Artists and Official Website




Band Line up info from Niagara Detroit:

The original DAM lineup.....(when we were just using found instruments and consequently according to Thurston Moore becoming DAM ''the very first noise band'' L-R Jim Shaw (now a museum artist, Mike Kelly now a museum artist, Cary Loren owner of the ''BookBeat'' and Me. The lineup changed when I met Ron Asheton, then he recommended Mike Davis, who brought in Rob King. DAM ran from 74-84. Then I met Colonel who formed Dark Carnival which included Ron Asheton, Scott Asheton Greasy Carlisi, with the occasional guest appearance such as Cheetah Chrome and Jim Carroll. That ran from 85- 99 and had 5 albums. From then on I was with the Australian band Niagara & the Hitmen. Thanks Kim for keeping track of things. You do such great archiving! Thanks again N

From MoMA PS1
Destroy All Monsters

22-25 Jackson Ave.
Long Island City, NY 11101
(718) 784-2084
Sunday, May 22, 2011
12:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Video screening in the first-floor Main Gallery and 3pm book signing with Cary Loren.

In conjunction with the new publication, Destroy All Monsters Magazine 1976-1979, published by Primary Information, MoMA PS1 and D.A.P./Distributed Art Publishers present a day-long screening of Shake a Lizard Tail, or Rust Belt Rump, a film created by the band for their 1996 Japanese tour.

The film is a collage of horror exploitation videos, Detroit "Dance City" techno dancers, and late night WGPR television commercials of the 1980s. The commercials feature local Detroit landmarks such as Miley and Miley's Shrimp Shack, the Club Watts Mozambique ladies club, and various funeral homes.


In 1973, the Detroit band Destroy All Monsters was a wild and reckless synthesis of psychedelia, proto-punk, heavy metal, noise and performance art. The collective hailed from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and consisted of Cary Loren, Mike Kelley, Niagara and Jim Shaw (with later members including Ron Asheton of the Stooges, Michael Davis of the MC5, Drummer Rob King and the Miller brothers of Mission of Burma).

Sent in from Cary tonight...Thanks!

**Special thanks to Niagara Detroit, Colonel Galaxy, and Cary Loren for contributing to the story.

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