Some of the world’s biggest sporting events occur in Australia and the country is well known for its love of sports. There are also so many different sporting events that take place, from rugby to motor racing to tennis. Here is some information on a few of Australia’s most popular and highly regarded sports.

Australian Open, Melbourne, Victoria

One of the biggest tennis events in the world is the Australian Open. The three other major Grand Slams are Wimbledon, the French Open, and the US Open. The Australian Open has been played at an elite level for over 100 years and has never waned in popularity. 

The tournament is held at Melbourne Park in January which is the peak of summer in Melbourne. Great Australian players such as Lleyton Hewitt, Pat Cash, Rod Laver, and Margaret Court have faced off and won against international players such as Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Helga Niessen Masthoff.


Although Formula 1 officially began in Australia in 1985 in Adelaide, it was relocated to Melbourne in 1996 where it has been held to this day. The Albert Park Lake Track hosts the Australian Formula1 circuit near the start of the racing calendar, usually in March or April. Formula1 fans from all over the world turn out every year to watch the cars in action, with Australians especially cheering on local boy Daniel Ricciardo who drives for McLaren. 

The great thing about this sport is that because of the international aspect, it means that no matter where you are from in the world the races provide diversity and inclusivity. If you are a Formula1 fan, being in Melbourne when the race occurs will be the highlight of your trip.

Horse Racing

Australian Horse racing is one of the biggest sports in the country and has been from the early beginnings of colonial Australia. The Melbourne Cup is one of the most celebrated events on the horse racing calendar but the Sydney Autumn Racing Carnival also hosts some of the greatest horse racing events in the world. 

Queen Elizabeth Stakes tips are important if you plan to bet on the race since it is one of the most popular races in the Carnival. Every horse racing event is a high fashion and prestigious occasion which combines gourmet food and drinks with an exciting time to witness some elite thoroughbreds vying for a win.

AFL Grand Final

The AFL Grand Final, which takes place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground every September, is one of the biggest sporting days in Australia. The season usually begins in April and ends with the Grand Final where the two best teams who have played throughout the year duke it out for the Premiership flag. 

The atmosphere of the city of Melbourne is electric, with people from all over the city either attending the match or getting together to watch the game at home or a local venue. 

It doesn’t matter who is playing by the time the Grand Final comes around, everyone loves to celebrate the game. If the team you follow is in the Grand Final then it is an extra treat and well worth celebrating. This is a great Aussie game and something that should be experienced at least once.

Get into the spirit of Australian sports and join in on one of these great events.



What to Know About Starting a Live Music Night in Your Town

Starting a live music night in your town may sound like a lot to take on, but this is an awesome way to bring a community together for fun! Whether you're in a sleepy small town or even a buzzing small city: it takes planning. Thankfully, you get to set the schedule.

These are the top things to know about starting a live music night in your town!

Pick A Venue

The best venues for community gatherings have enough space, are easy to get to, and have attractive features. For a live music night, this could be a large park in the summer, or in the winter a concert venue.

Think about budget, since most spaces will likely have to be rented out, and whether or not the city would be willing to work with you on this since it's for the area and supporting local artists.

Put Out the Word to Musicians

There's no event without musicians! So get to know the local music scene and get the word out as thoroughly as you can. Although searching for 'entertainment near me' can help, it's important to also talk to the locals. Social media is a powerful weapon here, allowing you to reach as many people as possible.

If you want to get a larger audience, consider giving away free tickets as a raffle, picking five to ten from the people who retweet or share something you post. This may make more people interact and share information about the event.
Plan Early and Thoroughly

The further out you start planning: the better. Early planning will let you catch artists and musicians that might not have been available later and will allow you to figure out how much you need to budget for musicians, catering, the venue, parking, and anything else that will have to be paid for.

Take the time to plan out every detail, even down to the bathrooms, to ensure that there aren't any surprises when the event comes: and if there are surprises, you'll be ready for them.

Remember to Hype Up Bands and Other Events

When you’re planning this event, hype up the artists playing and whatever other local events are happening!

This will help build a feeling of community and hopefully inspire these parties to share plenty of information about the event you're planning. No musician wants to play to a crowd of just ten, and no other event wants to look bad by not sharing the love that yours is!

Charge Reasonably and Pay Musicians

When charging for tickets: look at other events in your area and consider what they're charging.

Then, look at the cost of everything from the venue to the artists and whatever else costs money to make this happen: and factor this into the price of tickets.
You Can Make Your Town into the Cultural Hub of Your Dreams

Whether you live in a town of 2,000 or 200,000: music can bring the area to life. Plan the event of a lifetime, and nobody will forget it!



"The new Johnny Bee And The Murder Hornets, "Arc Of The Sweeping Sky" Album is out now on FUNKY "D" RECORDS. Check it out. People are lovin' it!" 
Johnny 'Bee' Badanjek is a Detroit Music icon. He had a Number #1 Hit at the age of 15, playing drums with Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels. 

Bee is also a great singer/songwriter with his latest project, Johnny Bee and the Murder Hornets. Max Weinberg, Springsteen's drummer, put 'Bee' on the cover of his drummer book, 'The Big Beat', and said, 'I auditioned for Bruce with 200 other drummers. I knew I had a chance when I saw Bee wasn't one of them..." Johnny Bee is a beloved talent in the Motor City having played with The Rockets, Bob Seger, Nils Lofgren, Dr. John, and many others. Plus the album Cover is by the legendary Stanley Mouse.

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