Merry Christmas With DARLENE LOVE!!!

Darlene Love‘s “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” performance has been an annual yuletide tradition on David Letterman’s late night shows for nearly 30 years. But with Letterman set to retire in May 2015, Love visited the Late Show one final time to sing […]




Sales got his unusual nickname from his family. His older brothers had been nicknamed "Hambone" and "Chicken Bone"; Milton was dubbed "Soup Bone," which was later shortened to "Soupy." When he became a disc jockey, he began using the stage name "Soupy Hines." After he became established, it was decided that "Hines" was too close to the Heinz soup company, so Soupy chose the surname "Sales," after comedian Chic Sale.

Man, I love the old Soupy Sales shows! I am getting the DVD sets for Christmas. I grew up watching Soupy every day. There was no Sesame Street for us! Now you might understand why we all turned out a little twisted! Pookie and White Fang were our favorites.


The Supremes rose from the poverty of Detroit’s Brewster housing project to become Motown’s most consistent hitmakers and the most popular female group of the Sixties.

The Supremes sang in a polished style that bridged the worlds of pop and soul. Their greatest success came with songs tailor-made for them by Motown’s peerless in-house writing and production team of Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier and Eddie Holland (see “Holland-Dozier-Holland").

Under the watchful eye of Motown founder Berry Gordy, the partnership between the Supremes and Holland-Dozier-Holland yielded an astounding run of Number One hits at mid-decade. In June 1965, they set a record for the most consecutive Number One hits by an American group when “Back in My Arms Again” rose to the top of the Billboard singles chart. The other hits in that streak were “Where Did Our Love Go,” “Baby Love,” “Come See About Me” and “Stop! In the Name of Love.”



As a teenager I believe we all spent a tons of hours painting little black "lashes" under our eyes! We absolutely were fascinated by this tiny little model.

Here's a bit from Twiggy's website:

Twiggy was born in north London on September 19th, 1949. She was named "The Face of '66" by the Daily Express. In the mid 60's at 16 years of age, Twiggy became internationally known as the world's first supermodel, her photographic modeling success epitomising the age.


This is Lefty Rosenthal who was played by Robert Deniro in Casino

The Mob Museum


Finally Las Vegas has a museum the ladies want to visit!!! We want ALL the souvenirs and coffee mugs!



There never will be a hotter guy to play James Bond than Sean Connery. One of my favorite
things about growing up in the 60's was seeing Sean's James Bond at the theater on Saturday
afternoon matinees.

Everything about Sean was perfectly suited to that role. His face, his voice and those eyes...
He was slightly sinister with a sly humorous sparkle. The movies were action packed and
often corny. Like why didn't the bad guys just shoot him? They always tied him to a bomb or something and of course he always managed to set himself free.... Sir Connery was Bond!

See Sean's website HERE



The 1960's began with musicians costumed in dresses and suits and ended with head bands, fringed vests and bell bottom jeans. What a revolution in 10 short years!

One of my favorites still today is Franki Valli. I loved him as a kid and in the disco age too. Then he appeared on the Sopranos as mobster Rusty Millio. They wacked him like everyone else.... Black screen here...

"The Four Seasons and the Beach Boys were virtually the only American groups whose successful careers were not derailed when the Beatles and the British invasion bands hit the States in 1964," according to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum web site HERE.
See Frankie sing Peanuts! I love that song HERE

Motown Records founded in 1960. Its first Top Ten hit was "Shop Around" by the Miracles in 1960. "Shop Around" peaked at number-two on the Billboard Hot 100, and was Motown's first million-selling record.

The Marvelettes scored Motown Record Corporation's first US #1 pop hit, "Please Mr. Postman" in 1961. Motown would score 110 Billboard Top-Ten hits during its run.

The Four Seasons with Frankie Valli released 4 straight number 1s

The Beatles came to America in February 9, 1964 (my birthday YAY), spearheading the British Invasion.

The Supremes scored twelve number one hit singles between 1964 and 1969, beginning with Where Did Our Love Go.

The Beach Boys release Pet Sounds in 1966, The Beatles were so jealous of that album.

Nancy Sinatra's song "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" became very popular In February 1966.

The Supremes A' Go-Go was the first album by a female group to reach the top position of the Billboard magazine pop albums chart in the United States.

Jefferson Airplane release the influential Surrealistic Pillow in 1967.

The Velvet Underground release their influential self-titled debut albumThe Velvet Underground and Nico in 1967.

The Doors release their self-tilted debut album The Doors.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience release two successful albums during 1967 Are You Experienced The first Jimi song I ever heard was Fire HERE

The Beatles release Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in June 1967.

The Moody Blues release the album Days of Future Passed in November 1967. But we didn't like until like 1973

Pink Floyd releases their debut record The Piper at the Gates of Dawn.

The Bee Gees release their international debut album Bee Gees 1st in July, 1967. Love that old Bee Gee playlist the best.

The Monterey Pop Festival in 1967 was the apex of the so-called "Summer of Love".

Johnny Cash releases At Folsom Prison in 1968

Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham and John Paul Jones called themselves Led Zeppelin;

The Band releases the roots rock album Music from Big Pink in 1968.

Big Brother and the Holding Company, with Janis Joplin as lead singer, becomes an overnight sensation after their performance at Monterey Pop in 1967 and release their massively successful second album Cheap Thrills in 1968.

Sly and the Family Stone revolutionize black music with their massive 1968 hit single Dance to the Music

The Who release and tour the first rock opera Tommy in 1969.

MC5 Brother's and Sisters! release their live album Kick Out The Jams in 1969. See more on the 5 HERE
The Stooges release their debut album in 1969. Go Iggy (from Ann Arbor)

The Woodstock Festival, and four months later, the Altamont Free Concert in 1969.

Here is a little band that was born in the 60's that is beyond compare...

Santana Soul Sacrifice from Woodstock 1969 HERE

Guitarist Carlos Santana is one of rock’s true virtuosos and guiding lights. Since 1966, he has led the group that bears his surname, selling over 30 million albums and performing before 13 million people. Though numerous musicians have passed through Santana’s ranks, the continuing presence of Carlos Santana at the helm has insured high standards. From the earliest days, when Santana first overlaid Afro-Latin rhythms upon a base of driving blues-rock, they have been musical sorcerers. The melodic fluency and kineticism of Santana’s guitar solos and the piercing, sustained tone that is his signature have made him one of rock’s standout instrumentalists. Coupled with the polyrhythmic fury of drums, congas and timbales, the sound of Santana in full flight is singularly exciting. Underlying it all is Santana’s belief that music should “create a bridge so people can have more trust and hope in humanity.” From the Rock Hall of Fame



10050 Cielo Drive (now changed to 10066), Beverly Hills: the house where the Manson Family cult slaughtered actress Sharon Tate and five others (including her unborn child, Paul Richard Polanski) on August 9, 1969. The murders were the basis of the 1976 movie, "Helter Skelter."

Before the murders, this house had been the home of Henry Fonda and was the site where Cary Grant & Dyan Cannon honeymooned in 1965. (Since new buyers were reluctant to live there, in 1994, the owners tore down the original home and built a new 17,000 square foot Mediterranean villa on the same site.) See the map Here

This was a fascinating headline for long after the actual crime in 1969. Vincent Bugliosi the prosecutor of Charles Manson, wrote a really great book about it called Helter Skelter. Hollywood made their movie Helter Skelter from his book.

In February 1976 I was in Santa Monica and had the opportunity to visit 10050 Cielo Drive in Beverly Hills. The house was up a narrow curvy road and I wondered how those scruffy hippies made it up there without a wealthy neighbor calling the police.

There are homes close by. I didn't want to invade the new tenants and there was someone definitely living there then. The home looked smaller in person than in the newspapers. I climbed up on top of a terra cotta type wall near the drive way and took pictures as the neighbor's Doberman was dying to chew me to pieces. I lost my photos from back then but it looked like this up Benedict Canyon

It was fascinating up there and creepy too. This was the first thing on my list of things to do when I got to California. Up closer looked like this

Jay Sebring is buried here in Southfield Michigan read his bio here on Find a Grave.



This was possibly the hottest show of my young teen life. It was watched by teens because the girls loved Michael Cole and wanted to look like Peggy
Lipton. That HAIR.... I still want her hair! But OMG Michael Cole was gorgeous!

The plot lines were pretty flimsy and I can't remember 1 single episode. We didn't care about the story we were watching those actors. Basically the characters were narcs and we all hated narcs. But they certainly captured the style of the late 60's to a tee.

We wore our hair very long, straight, and parted down the middle. Aviator glasses, pocket tee shirts, flannel shirts over the pocket tee shirts, bell bottoms about 4 inches too long and dragging on the ground. What a stylish time! We thought we were so cool....

The Mod Squad was a police drama that featured three young, hip, crime fighters. One White, One Black, One Blonde, was the promotional hype-line. The casting was intended to appeal to a youthful, counterculture audience.

The basic premise was that the youthful investigators were offered work fighting crime as an alternative to being incarcerated themselves. The show's primary gimmick centered on the three cops using their youthful, hippie personas as a guise to get close to the criminals they investigated. The show was moderately popular during its initial run of five seasons and 123 episodes.

Tige Andrews (Captain Greer), Michael Cole (Pete Cochran), Peggy Lipton (Julie Barnes), and Clarence Williams III (Linc Hayes) starred. The show portrayed a multicultural society and dealt with issues of racial politics, drug culture, and counterculture. The show was loosely based on Police Officer Bud Ruskin's experiences in the late 1950s as a squad leader for undercover narcotics cops, though it took almost 10 years after he wrote a script for the idea to be given the greenlight by ABC television studios.



My personal favorite Amboy Dukes Album is Migration, The Amboy Dukes' third album, was released in fall 1968 on Mainstream Records It failed to chart.

The Amboy Dukes were an American rock music band of the late 1960s and early 1970s from Detroit, Michigan, best remembered for their hit single "Journey to the Center of the Mind", and for launching the career of Ted Nugent. The band's name comes from the title of a book by Irving Shulman. Bassist Greg Arama died in 1979.


Our Pal Billy Warhol sent me this today and it is a rarely seen video of the Beatles live at the Abbey Road Studios. It's great! Thanks Bill!
Here is the file for high speed Windows Media dial up Windows Media
The Beatles - "Get Back"

Fast Focus is privileged to offer this exclusive footage. When The Beatles first set out to make Let It Be in 1969, they intended a recording that would be a return to a live performance of just the bare necessities of the band, no studio effects or overdubbing of voices or instruments would be allowed. However, caught in the turmoil of the break-up of the band, the album was re-produced by Phil Spector and never released as The Beatles had originally meant it to sound.



1960 Corvette

Route 66 was the coolest show of it's time...

The television show "Route 66" premiered with a story of two young men driving a 1960 Corvette around the US in search of adventure. And while deep see fishing in the Bahamas, Bill Mitchell lands a shark and thinks of the idea for the body shape of the XP-775, the Corvette Shark. 
1959 Corvette

The 1960 Corvette was the last to feature tail lights formed into the rounded fenders, and the last with the heavy "tooth" grill. The base exterior of the 1960 Corvette continued the smooth look of the previous years.

The Chevrolet Corvette is a sports car first manufactured by Chevrolet in 1953 and is built today exclusively at a General Motors assembly plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It was the first all-American sports car built by an American car manufacturer. The National Corvette Museum is also located in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Read The Corvette Story HERE

1964 Stingray! Wow how hot that car was! It reminded us of the space ship on My Favorite Martian See it HERE My Uncle Roman had one and took me for my first trip over 110 mph! Who Hoo!! Cool first one with the fast back shape.
Nice video of the 64 and 66 HERE

We had a "75 MGB and it was the most fun car I have ever had.SEE IT HERE

The MG Model B was produced from September 1962 until July 1980 at the Abingdon Works when the last MG B rolled off the production line. The Plant was closed by Margaret Thatcher as part of the British Government's Privatization Plan. The "B" was the successor to the MG A, and because of the popularity of the car became synonymous with the definition of sports car.

The Austin-Healey 3000 was a sports car built from 1959 to 1967, by Jensen Motors for the Austin-Healey marque, and is the best known of the 'big' Healey models. The 3000 was a successful car which won its class in many European rallies in its heyday - and is still used in competition by enthusiasts today. 

The car was originally to be called the "Mille Miglia" after the famous sports car race, but the displacement-based "3000" name stuck instead. Both the 3000 and the 100 before it were known simply as "the Austin-Healey" in the 1950s, since the company was essentially a single-vehicle marque.

The Jaguar XKE leaped onto the world's sports-car stage in March 1961. To anyone for whom the automobile is more about romance than utility, the Jaguar XKE ranks among the most important cars ever created. And not only for its virtues as a vehicle. Yes, in itself the Jaguar XKE was a very exciting sports car, combining speed with style, savagery with civility. But then, Jaguar devotees had come to expect that from their marque. Jaguar Image Gallery

Last but not least is the 1969 Corvette Stingray! My personal favorite of all.I drove one for awhile when I was 16! Boys were never a problem during that time! Mine was "cadillac fire mist blue" It had a 427 with a 411 rear end! 1to1 ratio steering. It was a beast! Read more about this fabulous car's specs HERE




A Retro Kimmer Pal Troy Sanborn is a die hard gear head from the 1960's!
Troy owns Troy's Automotive in Lansing Michigan and loves his high performance machines! Troy drives funny cars, jet boats and these 2 gorgeous Camaros. Just you average 8 sec Camaro!

A radical Camaro to grace the pages of Car CraftGoodies: This gnarly beast sports a 496ci Rat stuffed between its fenders with an Enderle-topped 8-71 blower and a bunch of non-streetable goods. Troy says he's had his car 22 years and it's morphed into this ultimate final form. The motor belts out a whopping 1,200 horses and it screams through the traps at 158 mph with an e.t. to the tune of 8.64! Wow what a hot car!

Here is Troy's Flaming Red Camaro I think it's a 1963 (it says 63 on the windshield sheesh)

Troy ran with the red camaro two weeks ago at Milan Dragway...

Click Here to watch him!

Troy says:

" the red camaro is ours, street legal trim, tires broke loose twice- got butt kicked" LOL for Troy the 1960's still rock! Thanks for the pics Troy!



The Avengers was my Mom's favorite. I liked it if Emma Peel was in the episode. Otherwise John Steed could be a little dry. Wasn't Emma the hottest thing? Check this out!

Secret Agent wasn't Patrick McGoohan great? No matter what show he stole every scene he was in. Scarecrow of Romney Marsh, The Prisoner, Columbo, and this show Secret Agent aka Danger Man 

Get Smart was a goofy show but it was meant to be tongue in cheek dumb. Funny and silly. I enjoyed the rest of the cast more than Don Adams Maxwell Smart, I thought he was annoying actually. Loved Barbara Feldon! Loved her hair and her clothes!

I Spy This show was too dry for me but my older brother liked it alot.

Mission Impossible Second Season was the best! Just loved Martin Landau and real life wife Barbara Bain. this cast was awesome! Rent this season you'll love it.

Oh how I loved this show! For one reason only... Illya Nickovetch Kuryakin the character from the 1960s TV spy series The Man from U.N.C.L.E.. The series was remarkable for pairing an American Napoleon Solo and the Russian Kuryakin as two spies who work together for an international espionage organization at the height of The Cold War. Here is a fabulous little video on all the great 1960's spy shows

My Top Hottest TV Stars of the 1960's

I wanted to be Honey West so bad when I grew up! She had the coolest apartment and had an ocelot for a pet! She knew karate and was gorgeous! That birth mark was to die for...

Speaking of to die for! James West! He was short but who cared? Robert Conrad as James T. West was as cool as cool gets. But dang he was always getting beaten up! Hated that! They rarely let him have a decent love scene. (mistake)

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