Your inner sun shines brightly, and the stronger your sun shines the brighter your world becomes.

A spirit that knows no boundaries resonates with the universe and the love and generosity that you share with the world is shared with you.

The Sun card represents success, abundance, and radiance. Like the sun itself, it gives strength and vitality to all those that are lucky enough to feel its rays. There is much joy and happiness that is coming to you.


After establishing the business, the next logical step is expanding it. For expansion to happen, you will have to work towards generating leads. However, you do not have to generate just any leads. You have to take measures to attract people who are relevant and likely to convert. Unfortunately, that’s not the easiest thing to do. Following a popular study, generating marketing leads is a big challenge for about 61% of marketers. Having said that, social media can certainly help you overcome this challenge.

Over the years, there’s been a growing increase in the number of people using social media. It is hopeful that by the end of 2021, approximately 3.02 billion people will already be using social media. Given this kind of number, we all know that brands understand and acknowledge the potential of social media. It is indeed one of the faster and the most powerful ways to interact with your target audience. Hare, in this post, we talk about some of the most effective ways of quality lead generating using social media.

Use custom hashtags

Firstly, you need to use brand-specific and personalized hashtags in all your posts. Kaira, a social media manager for TFTH, says that with the use of brand-specific hashtags, it is easier for the brands to generate quality leads. However, do not overuse the hashtags. You have to use them only when it is applicable and relevant. Hashtags should always be targeted and precise.

Further, a brand needs to create a mix of simple yet unique hashtags for the brand. Moreover, it is equally important to ensure that it isn’t too simple or too long. This is important to help the potential customers discover you, your brand, and your posts on this big world of social media. You can also make the existing customers use those hashtags to gather better visibility.

Hold contests

Another incredibly effective way of lead generation is organizing contests. If you do it right, you’ll get maximum customer traction. Daniel, a social media manager of TrumpLearning, says that since they are new in the market, they would also want to use contests as a way to excite their customers and engage their audience. Contests become effective when the audience knows that they have a chance to win some prizes. It would be great to give your products as a prize.

This will help the customers get a taste of your offerings. It increases their chance of coming back to you for more. You can even collaborate with a top influencer, and tell them to run a contest on your behalf. Influencers can play a pivotal role in helping you expand your reach and engage with your target audience.

Host lives

Live video is a new feature of social media channels, like Instagram or Facebook. However, irrespective of their age, they have certainly made it easier for the brands to engage with the audience and gather more leads. Jane, a social media expert, employed with EduWorldUSA, says that they conducted a bunch of live videos, as it is a fun and simple way to communicate with the brand. Following a popular study, it has been found that 80% of people prefer watching a video instead of seeing a post.

So, with the power of videos, it would be easier for you to connect with your target audience and get their attention. If you make a compelling and engaging live video, you have a chance of longer remembrance from your audience. It is also going to help you generate more leads. Live videos can also help you communicate your emotions and brand values so that the audience can relate to you.

It will help them give a chance to communicate with you by commenting on your posts. Brands mostly organize a Question and Answer session by way of live videos. It helps their target audience ask them specific questions about the products and the brand. This is a greatly effective measure of generating more leads, as after, this Q&A, the audience will know you and your brand better. Moreover, when their doubts are cleared, it is more likely for them to buy your product.

Offer coupons, discount codes, or flash sales

Trust us when we say this, nobody can ever resist a flash sale or a discount on the product or service they have been eyeing. So, you can certainly use this method to fetch you more quality leads. It is also a great medium for raising brand awareness. As when the customers see a discount, they’ll share with their friends more. You should create a sense of urgency when you organize the flash sales by mentioning that it is a limited time offer.

Also, add templates with a strong CTA to make this drill more effective. Jennifer, a social media associate for TAE, says that promoting the discounts on social media is by far the most cost-effective way of getting adequate attention from the audience.

This, too, will help you gain adequate leads via social media. Here, too, you can collaborate with micro-influencers or bloggers who are looking for affiliate marketing opportunities. It is a great strategy to boost your social media engagement and will deliver great results.



"The Passenger" is a song by Iggy Pop and Ricky Gardiner, recorded and released by Iggy Pop on the Lust for Life album in 1977. It was also released as the B-side of the album's only single, "Success". It was released as a single in its own right in March 1998, reaching number 22 in the UK Charts.

The lyrics, written by Iggy Pop allegedly aboard Berlin's S-Bahn, have been interpreted as embodying the nomadic spirit of the punk outcast. Guitarist Ricky Gardiner composed the music. The song is loosely based on a poem by Jim Morrison.

The Passenger Video:

Directed by Simon Taylor / Tomato Studio

Very special thanks to:
Esther Friedman
PPContemporary, Frankfurt / Hubertushöhe Art, Berlin
and Paul McAlpine https://www.instagram.com/paulmcalpinerr
for those beautifully captured shots that make this video truly encapsulate the period.



The New York Dolls

Showtime Documentary Films announced on Tuesday that renowned filmmaker Martin Scorsese will be directing a new feature on David Johansen, frontman of the New York Dolls.

Co-directed with David Tedeschi — known for his work on other Scorsese documentaries such as No Direction Home and Shine a Light — the film will take an intimate biographical look at Johansen, beginning with his upbringing on Staten Island and his arrival in New York’s East Village in the late Sixties as a teenager.

Buster Poindexter

The doc not only explores Johansen’s time as the lead singer for the New York Dolls but also his stints as the Eighties swing revival alter-ego Buster Poindexter and his Nineties output with the Harry Smiths.
“I’ve known David Johansen for decades, and his music has been a touchstone ever since I listened to the Dolls when I was making Mean Streets,” Scorsese said. “Then and now, David’s music captures the energy and excitement of New York City.

I often see him perform, and over the years I’ve gotten to know the depth of his musical inspirations. After seeing his show last year at the Café Carlyle, I knew I had to film it because it was so extraordinary to see the evolution of his life and his musical talent in such an intimate setting. For me, the show captured the true emotional potential of a live musical experience.”



In April of 2019, Allison Mack a 37-year-old actress famous for the tv series Smallville submitted a guilty plea to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy and faces up to 20 years in prison.

However, after posting a 5 million dollar bond she has been under house arrest in the custody of her parents!! What?? She was instrumental in recruiting young women as sex slaves for her sex cult NXIVM (nexium). 

The head of the cult, Keith Raniere is serving a long sentence for his crimes but cute little Allison is not. Mack is no less guilty than Ghislaine Maxwell and just look at the big deal the media is heaping on her. Mack is little and cute and I guess that's why she is ignored by the press.

Ms. Mack is accused of branding these women with tattoos and demanding “collateral” of explicit photos and videos to keep the slaves in line. Read More

“I joined Nxivm first to find purpose,” she said between sobs during last month’s plea hearing in Brooklyn federal court. “I was lost and I wanted to find a place, a community in which I would feel comfortable.”  She said she was “truly very sorry,” and took responsibility for her actions.

Founded in the 1990s, NXIVM was in the national news in 2017 when the New York Times exposed it as a pyramid scheme and cult that forced its female recruits into sexual slavery. In the years since Raniere was arrested and later indicted on federal charges. In July 2019, the founder was convicted of racketeering and sex trafficking. Read More



Relationships are always not a piece of heaven like some people may think. It is like any human relationship, full of ups, downs, mistakes, and happy moments. You reap what you sow, and the quarrels don’t mean that a relationship is toxic or that it must end, sometimes you just need to spot the problem and learn how to fix it together like grown-ups.

Acknowledging that there is a problem is the first step towards building a healthier relationship.

Lack of Communication

Sometimes, we want to feel that our partner can understand us without talking, but they are not mind-readers and it’s so hard to figure out what is going on in someone else’s head. You’ll probably think to yourself and notice that you both actually talk, but issues aren’t getting solved. If that’s the case, then the reason behind it is the lack of communication - you can listen to someone all day but without trying to understand.

You should be with someone that you can talk to and spill what’s on your mind without being judged or made fun of. Moreover, if you’re a secretive person that would rather keep things to themselves, you’ve got to work on it and learn how to communicate. While listening, think deeply about how to make the person feel understood and embraced.


People who have been through past relationships where they have been cheated on or lied to will have a hard time trusting the new partner. We are not saying that’s how it should be, but people come with baggage that we sign up for when we decide to commit to them. Also, your words and actions can make your partner feel insecure because if you’re always hiding things or using degrading language, they will feel that something is wrong with them and it will affect their self-confidence.

If you’re insecure, try to heal and leave behind your past while opening a new honest page with a loving person. Furthermore, we need to think before we throw sharp unforgettable words and always try to tell our lovers that they are great the way they are. We shouldn’t try to paint people with colors they don’t like because at some point they won’t recognize themselves and neither will we.

Intimacy Problems

Intimacy is a very important aspect of any relationship, and when couples face obstacles sexually, the whole relation gets affected somehow. Its absence can lead to hidden feelings of disdain and the desire to go to lengths to get satisfied. The difference in libido levels is what controls the frequency by which people want to have sex.

Also, sexual dysfunctions as premature ejaculation are common and they are easy to solve by desensitizing agents. You’ll find that as is clarified in Promescent's guide, there are different kinds of sprays available, though you must know the difference between each. These agents help couples struggling in bed and aid them in reaching the stable sexual life they want. The physical connection is not to be taken lightly as it is as important as mental and emotional connections.

Recurring Arguments

Well, we all fight and argue about various issues, but a flag should be raised when we fight about the same problems over and over again. It means that no one is listening to the other and nothing is getting solved. It gets frustrating after a while and a gap starts to appear.

If we cared more about each other’s feelings, we will abstain from doing what hurts our partner or reach a middle ground where we are all satisfied. Settling for less is not the solution, but let go of the small details that are not worth it will keep you going.

Spending Unhealthy Amount of Time Together or Apart

Doing things together is great for the survival of any relationship. Reserving in a fancy place or getting movie tickets will keep you both alive. The problem is when you rely too much on your partner and spend all the time together without realizing that this will backfire someday and make you feel suffocated. Being disconnected from the outside world won’t give you both room to grow and preserve your individuality.

On the other hand, being busy all the time and not making time for your partner will negatively impact your relationship. People need to know that the person they are with is available when needed and the worst feeling is being with someone and still feeling lonely. So, you should have a life where you get to practice a hobby or see your friends while being in constant contact with your better half.

Nobody said that sharing your life with someone is easy, but it’s worth it when you’re with the right person. Understanding, communication, physical satisfaction, and mutual respect are signs of a healthy relationship. Even if you face problems down the road, remember that they can be fixed as long as you both are willing to make an effort.



Wishing all of my friends and readers a Happy and safe 4th of July! xoK


When the Star card appears, you are likely to find yourself feeling inspired. It brings renewed hope and faith and a sense that you are truly blessed by the universe at this time.

Focus on your dreams, your aspirations and your goals with hope and optimism. You can find a way for them to manifest in your life.

The Star is your wish card. Make a wish and believe in it. Find the courage to follow your heart and your dreams can come true!

To receive the Star in your reading means that you have gone and passed through a terrible life challenge. You have managed to go through this without losing your hope.

While you suffered, you perhaps were not aware of your own strength, but you are now perhaps recognizing that the loss helped you discover your own resilience and inner power. It is only now that you can really appreciate all that you have.



We apologize if we're wrong, but we're guessing you've never heard of Wretch 32. That doesn't surprise us. The British rapper is 35 years old now and probably has fewer years ahead of him at the top of his game than he has behind him.

His chance of cracking the mainstream in the United States of America is probably gone for good. That's a real shame because we're about to make a case for him being the most underrated rapper of all time.

Calling Wretch - real name Jermaine Scott Sinclair - a rapper at all might be doing the man a disservice. He grew up on the UK's 'grime' scene around ten years ago but stayed on its underground.

While Stormzy and Dizzee Rascal have broken through to the mainstream, Wretch stayed underground and chose to partner with people like Avelino rather than some of his more globally-recognized peers. Stormzy became a global megastar. Wretch has stayed in the shadows. He might be fine with that, though. In fact, we suspect he prefers it that way.

Wretch 32 appears to have the same philosophy when it comes to music and commercialism as Akala - another prodigiously gifted British rapper. He believes more in content than he does in making money. Snoop Dogg - one of the most iconic rappers of the past 30 years - is so commercial that his likeness has been used to promote an online slots game called ‘Pimped.’

Usually, musical online slots are reserved for people like Dolly Parton or Elvis Presley. Snoop and many of the other big-name American rappers exist in a world of commercialism that Wretch openly raps against.

He isn’t popular enough for a mobile slots to be built around him, but it’s inconceivable that he’d ever approve of one being made anyway.

Right now, we’re living through the era of mumble rap. Thousands of column inches have been devoted to whether mumble rap is a fair term to use in the past, and we’re not seeking to re-open that debate here.

Whether or not you think it’s fair, though, even the most ardent supporter of the current scene would have to concede that lyricism as an art form has taken a dive in mainstream rap over the course of the past five years. Very few people rap about real issues anymore.

Rap has returned to a place where the most popular tracks are all about money, clothes, houses, chains, and women. It’s like the bad old days of the late 1990s have come round again, and nobody has anything original to say.

The reason that the American rap audience thinks that nobody has anything original to say, though, is because the American rap audience doesn’t open itself up to British rappers. Wretch 32 and Akala are just two of a whole host of British rappers who put a lot of great content into their tracks, including Bugzy Malone, Aitch, Giggs, and Kano. Wretch 32 in particular, though, is a master of wordplay. His setups are unbelievable, and his punchlines are constant.

Watching Wretch in full flow isn’t so much like experiencing a track as it is experiencing a lesson on how a track should be put together. He even offers his thoughts on the process in his now-iconic ‘Fire In The Booth’ session with Avelino, hosted by Charlie Sloth.

We mention 'Fire In The Booth' because, years after the last show aired, the show is starting to make headway in the USA via YouTube. Drake even went to the BBC's studios to take part in a 'Fire in the Booth' session. He didn't do very well. 'Fire In The Booth' is a freestyle show where the good rappers are separated from the great ones, and Drake fell short of putting in a classic performance.

Wretch 32, however, offered us a standout bar in his shared performance with Avelino:- "We've all got bars, but nobody here's a brewer - I'm bringing a sandwich to the beach in the hope of finding tuna." It's a clever piece of wordplay and an astute observation of the current scene.

Everyone can rap, but almost nobody has an original bar to serve because they can't 'brew' them. Wretch 32, meanwhile, is happy to experiment. He's happy to take his sandwich to the beach to find out if there's any tuna there to fill it with rather than staying at home and using what he's got. The fact that 'tuna' is a play on words with 'tune' is the icing on the cake as far as the line goes.

By the time he tells you that people are trying to minus his plusses to divide his people later on in the same track, you're hooked. You've become a Wretch 32 fan.

Once that moment happens, you’ll go down a rabbit hole of incredible Wretch 32 performances. He’s done no less than five ‘Fire In The Booth’ sessions with Charlie Sloth, and all of them are worth finding and enjoying. He’s also done three ‘Daily Duppy’ shows, which are also freestyles, and his ability to dissect a sentence and put an original twist on a word or a phrase will blow your mind on all of them.

Once you’re done with the Daily Duppy performances, seek out his track ‘Antwi’ and prepare to be even more astonished by the level of performance he’s able to offer when standing alone and giving out emotions rather than observations. He’s a talented, nuanced performer. There are hundreds of YouTube videos of American rap fans finding Wretch 32 for the first time and reacting to his performances. All of them are blown away. All of them become fans.

There are subtle differences between rap and grime, and we know that not every rap fan can become a grime fan. On some level, though, all of us fell in love with rap because we appreciate great lyricists. Words are all rap is, and content is what makes rap great.

Wretch 32 has been delivering better content than almost anybody else in the game for years now. Again, borrowing one of his own lines, it would be called suicide if he fired at the top. Wretch 32 is a UK star who should have become a world star. If you’re not on the hype train already, it’s time to book a ticket.






The Empty Hearts—four rock and roll lifers—are proud to announce The Second Album, out August 28 on Little Steven’s Wicked Cool Records. Hear their new song “The Best That I Can” and watch the video for “The World’s Gone Insane,” recorded before the world had gone even more insane. The Second Album will be available on vinyl, CD, and all streaming services, and available for preorder here.

“We wanted to make an album like the ones that really captured our imaginations when we were coming up,” says Elliot Easton, guitarist and founding member of The Cars. “The sort of record that, when it came out, you'd get together with a few friends, maybe get a buzz on, turn the lights down and listen from beginning to end—like those classic late '60s records that took you on a little trip.”

Easton is joined by Blondie drummer and fellow Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Clem Burke, along with hitmaker Wally Palmar of The Romantics on lead vocals and bassist Andy Babiuk of The Chesterfield Kings. One of their heroes, Ringo Starr, plays drums on “Remember Days Like These.” “In a way, it’s given us The Beatles’ seal of approval!” adds Clem, who backed Ringo on tambourine.



Produced by Ed Stasium (Ramones, The Talking Heads) and The Empty Hearts, The Second Album was made in the spirit of 50s and 60's rock and roll, the music that first inspired all four members. The album was recorded with the intent to tour worldwide, including dates with Blondie.

“The Empty Hearts have done it again!” says label head Little Steven, who named the band from his secret list of unused names. “Could this album be timelier? I’m thinking NOT!
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