Monday * 17 January 2022 * 
Detroit 6:48:30 pm (EST)
Moon sign: Cancer 27°51'

The Wolf Moon is on the horizon! On Monday, Jan. 17, 2022, the first full moon of the year will shine brightly in the sky, according to The Old Farmer's Almanac. According to the publication, the January full moon gets its name from a number of places, including "Native American, Colonial American, and European sources."

Full Moon Times in Other Cities

WELLINGTON = Tuesday * 18 January 2022 * 12:48:30 pm (NZDT)
SYDNEY = Tuesday * 18 January 2022 * 10:48:30 am (AEDT)
TOKYO = Tuesday * 18 January 2022 * 8:48:30 am (JST)
BEIJING = Tuesday * 18 January 2022 * 7:48:30 am (CST)
BANGKOK = Tuesday * 18 January 2022 * 6:48:30 am (ICT)
DELHI = Tuesday * 18 January 2022 * 5:18:30 am (IST)
DUBAI = Tuesday * 18 January 2022 * 3:48:30 am (GST)
MOSCOW = Tuesday * 18 January 2022 * 2:48:30 am (MSK)
BERLIN = Tuesday * 18 January 2022 * 12:48:30 am (CET)
LAGOS = Tuesday * 18 January 2022 * 12:48:30 am (WAT)
LONDON = Monday * 17 January 2022 * 11:48:30 pm (GMT)
RIO = Monday * 17 January 2022 * 8:48:30 pm (BRT)
SANTIAGO = Monday * 17 January 2022 * 8:48:30 pm (CLST)
NEW YORK = Monday * 17 January 2022 * 6:48:30 pm (EST)
MEXICO CITY = Monday * 17 January 2022 * 5:48:30 pm (CST)
CALGARY = Monday * 17 January 2022 * 4:48:30 pm (MST)
LOS ANGELES = Monday * 17 January 2022 * 3:48:30 pm (PST)
ANCHORAGE = Monday * 17 January 2022 * 2:48:30 pm (AKST)
HONOLULU = Monday * 17 January 2022 * 1:48:30 pm (HAST)



Historic First-Ever Live Concert From Classic Rock Legends CACTUS Finally Sees An Official Release!

Los Angeles, CA - This is where it all began for the quartet dubbed “The American Led Zeppelin” - on a 1970 bill that also featured the likes of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Grateful Dead, and Steve Miller Band. Vocalist Rusty Day, guitarist Jim McCarty, bassist Tim Bogert, and drummer Carmine Appice, collectively known as Cactus, made their auspicious debut in their very first public performance that night. 

Fortunately, this stunning and historic show was captured on tape and has now been unearthed from the archives and released in all formats!

The Birth Of Cactus 1970 finds the freshly minted quartet ripping through some of the key tracks from their landmark debut album including “Parchman Farm,” “Feel So Good” and “No Need To Worry” plus some smokin’ hot blues numbers.

The performances are not only supremely confident but also fluid and dynamic as each member locks into the groove and relentlessly rides it.

Drummer Carmine Appice had this to say about the concert recording, “I remember doing that first gig, hanging out with Hendrix who was a friend of Cactus. We got on stage and the energy level was off the charts! All the songs kicked major ass. We were so excited to get Cactus going and this show helped. Crowd was great and we did ROCK!!”

The Birth Of Cactus 1970 will be available on digipak CD and on PURPLE vinyl everywhere on January 21st!

Order the CD/Vinyl: https://cleorecs.com/store/?s=birth+of+cactus&post_type=product

Stream/download the digital version: https://orcd.co/cactus_the_birth_of_cactus_1970

Track List:
1. One Way...Or Another
2. Sweet Sixteen
3. No Need To Worry
4. Medley: Let Me Swim / Big Mama Boogie / Oleo
5. Feel So Good
6. Parchman Farm


Signs That You Need TO Stop Playing Online Slots

Dependence on slot machines can be found in all social groups of the population, regardless of age, gender, and education. For most people, this entertainment is not dangerous. Having met with the "one-armed bandit", many people part with him without regret, and in the future do not even remember their experience. But, there are also those for whom the game for winning causes strong emotional stress, a fear that does not go away with time. Initially, people opt for online slots like Jungle Jim slots for entertainment purposes, preferably during their free time, after work, or study.

However, with time, the game becomes addictive, and they tend to spend more and more time. Ultimately, they put daily tasks to the background, even though they are aware those are necessary for their growth. However, there could be several reasons that a particular person is inclined to such behavior and it could originate from following things:

· Uncertainty in personal life, career, study;

· Family problems;

· Instability of the psyche, emotional stress;

· A sense of the meaninglessness of life;

· Genetic predisposition to gambling;

· The influence of the company.

Signs Of Dependence On Slot Machines

These include aggressive behavior in the absence of an opportunity to play, constant waste of funds on the game, lies, and secrecy in communication with loved ones, social maladjustment. Gambling addiction cannot be contracted as sharply and quickly as an infectious disease. It is a rather lengthy process.

There are three stages of gambling addiction:

· Winning stage. At the very beginning, the player gets involved by accident. Frequent winnings contribute to the development of addiction - this is psychology. After all, the player draws in his imagination the next big wins and gradually starts to to increase the size of the bets. Unreasonable optimism arises, which eventually brings the gambler down.

· The stage of losses. If at the first stage a gambler could play for the company, now he plays alone. All human thoughts are directed only to the game, especially if a losing streak has begun. The gambling addict can no longer stop at this stage, but he does not admit that there is a problem. He hides his losses and growing expenses from friends and family. Debts grow, a person becomes irritable and uncommunicative. An independent struggle, even if it has begun, does not give results.

· Disappointment stage. A person spends all his time playing. He practically does not communicate with family and friends, loses his professional and personal reputation. As debt grows, anxiety can increase, sometimes real panic appears. Depression caused by feelings of hopelessness may occur depending on the specific situation. But sometimes, the gambling addict has suicidal thoughts.
Consequences Of Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is a disease; treatment should be mandatory. The player stops communicating with family and friends and loses contact with the world around him. Gambling addiction is dangerous because a person will easily sacrifice loved ones. They will have to pay his debts, hide from the collectors. And for the player himself, this can end with prolonged depression and suicide. In parallel, other addictions may develop - alcoholism, drugs.

So, once you feel you are exposed to such habits, you need to be brave and try to control yourself by putting gaming restrictions, or if you observe someone exposed to such addiction, it is better to provide therapy.


What are the Hold and Spin Features in Slots?

We all know that matching a certain amount of specific symbols when playing slots on ee, vodafone, O2, Apple Pay and more are what makes you the megabucks. Score three cherries in a row in a classic slot machine game and you could be walking away with a little bonus, but just managing to get two of them will get you nothing!

This is where the hold and spin feature comes into play because this allows you to save the symbols and tokens that you like the look of and roll for the other reels!

No longer will you have to succumb to the disappointment of landing four of the needed symbols to score that slot game jackpot because you will be in charge of the spin and hold feature in your online slot machines! Want to boost your chances of winning big and know how exactly the spin and hold feature works? We have just the answers for you!
How does the spin and hold feature work when playing slot games?

You may have experienced this a thousand times if you are an expert igamer of the slots: the feeling of just missing out on winning the jackpot because all you needed was one more symbol to line up. It is painful, we know, but there is a solution known as the spin and hold feature in slot games.

The spin and hold feature is not exclusive to online slot games either. If you love to tackle the physical slot machines in brick-and-mortar clubs and casinos then you can also apply a spin and hold!

Here is how it works:

1. First of all, you have got to be playing a slot machine that has the spin and hold feature… do not worry, these are not hard to find as the feature is pretty popular among igamers!

2. After that, you have to make your spin as you normally would. Hopefully, you manage to score the jackpot in your first go, but in any case, move on to step three.

3. After making your spin, if you notice that there are a couple of symbols that are matching and aligning, it might be time to apply that spin and hold feature.

4. Hold the matching reels, make another spin, and only the un-held reels will begin to make their majestic turn!

Now, there is more control in your hands since you get to control the odds more easily!
Should you use the spin and hold feature when playing slot games?

There are a couple of arguments for and against the spin and hold feature in slots, what do you think?

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