When we talk about Friends, a lot of people, may go and say that it was the best Sitcom ever, and it was indeed, something else. After 10 seasons and 236 episodes, David Crane and Marta Kauffman’s creation did mark more than one generation.

But for some Boomers, the series is not more than something we all have to trash, being more homophobic and racist than we all remember it to be, as said by the controversial Vox, but is this an anachronism?

For those of you who don’t know, here’s the definition (idea or object that don’t belong to an specific time period as it is judging Friends with today’s standards). And we must say that the answers to those questions are tricky, but also quite simple, yes, to both of them. It wasn’t very inclusive, and yes, it is an anachronism.

Things have changed during the last 25 years and must of them for good. Society was not inclusive at all back then, although it may not seem to be really good now, we have indeed evolved a lot.


This last Sunday marked the show’s 25th anniversary, and during a commemoratory event, both creators Kauffman and Crane ruled out the possibility of a reunion. Crane argued that “we did the show we wanted to do, we got it right and put a bow on it”.

Kauffman also commented “The show was about that time in life when friends are your family,” said Kauffman. And that a reunion or anything like that “It’s not going to beat what we did.”
The cast also played with the reminiscence, posting a couple of photos, Courtney Cox (Monica Geller) captioned the photo with “Celebrating a Thursday night 25 years ago.

Thank you to all of our loyal fans across the world. You’ve certainly been there for us”. Tagging Le Blanc, Schwimmer and Kudrow, and using the hashtags jokingly towards Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry.

David Schwimmer, A.K.A Paleontologist Ross Geller, also posted a group photo “Big love to the other 5 friends.” Matt Le Blanc, who played Joey Tribbiani, posted the same image saying that the show “Still seems like yesterday”. And Lisa Kudrow, Phoebe Buffay herself, went with a more profound “We might be in different places, but we are connected.”

An unexpected guest joined the party, and it was no-other than Cole Sprouse, who played charismatic Ross’s son Ben. The Friend’s official Instagram account posted the photo of the now 27-year-old actor next to his character’s lovely penguin toy, Hugsy sitting on the iconic Friend’s sofa. With the heartwarming caption “The One Where Ben Grew Up. @colesprouse #FRIENDS25.”


As we said, this issue was brought up by Vox, establishing the things that were not up to today’s standards. It’s good that they clarified things have changed a lot. They mentioned several topics that were mistreated during the show’s 10 years of production.

For example, Friends was not that friendly towards the LGBTQ community, they were not aggressive, but they did portray what a lot of people felt or seemed to feel about the collective a long time ago. Little details as Susan and Carol’s lesbian wedding with no kiss, to Chandler’s dad treatment as a person, mainly called a crossdressing male, when in reality was a trans woman.

The other thing was the absence of non-white characters, we had to wait until the 9th season to see an African American character of certain relevance. It was Charlie Wheeler, played by Aisha Tyler, who dated both Ross and Joey, at different times, during 9 episodes. Let’s take into consideration the series was based in New York - for context’s sake.

It’s also worth mentioning the fat-Monica bits, where she did make a fool of herself, portraying her as a fat cartoon character that would dance around to disco music with donuts in her hands. By today standards it would likely be called fat shaming.

The fact that Friends was not politically correct, and that it isn’t up to today’s standards it’s just normal and logical with the evolution of society. We’re not saying it’s good that in the ‘90s people were closed-minded, it certainly was not.

Still, it’s a way to see how far we’ve come, how we’ve done it, and what’s left for us to evolve as a society. Let’s remind ourselves comedy is about making people laugh, not to offend them, and we all can learn from these mistakes or examples. Take a look at sports and how the worst teams of NFL try to come back after a bad season.



A session Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash recorded in Nashville in 1969, much of it never bootlegged, is finally set for release in the 15th installment of Dylan’s Bootleg Series, Rolling Stone reports. The 3xCD set compiles their session—where they laid down “Girl From the North Country,” jammed with Carl Perkins, covered “Mystery Train,” and wrote Cash’s “Wanted Man”—with largely unheard and sought-after outtakes from John Wesley Harding, Nashville Skyline, and more.

The Bootleg Series Vol. 15 is out November 1. Read more at RS, and listen to Dylan’s “I Pity the Poor Immigrant (Take 4)” from the release above.  Read more on Pitchfork


Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are lending their encouragement to another worthy cause as it was revealed this week that they will support a new initiative encouraging young people to rethink their online interactions.

The BBC has just launched their 'Own It' app which will recognize if a child is about to type something nasty or negative online to another person and remind them to rethink what they are about to send. The app has been designed and developed along with input and support from many of the organizations and individuals that make up Prince William's Cyberbullying Taskforce.

This clever initiative also identifies language which suggests when a child is in danger subsequently offering advice and advising they speak with a trusted adult. As well as this vital support, the app also features a special keyboard allowing young people to record how they are feeling, offer support and give advice if their recordings raise any concerns.

Speaking of the app in a statement, The Duke of Cambridge said, "It is fantastic the BBC has launched an app which will provide support to young people as they navigate the online world. I am delighted to see this positive and practical outcome resulting from The Royal Foundation Taskforce on the Prevention of Cyberbullying." Read More


A considerable number of people often attend music festivals, not all of whom smoke cigarettes. In order not to interfere with your addiction and caustic smoke, you can take a vape with you, which will produce a pleasant smoke smell and at the same time help you live a few days without cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are an unusually fashionable gadget these days. Someone quit smoking with it, and non-smokers follow fashion and try to express themselves. Vaping is a fairly broad topic in which a lot of questions arise for a beginner. In our material, we will try to answer them.

Operating principle

The main difference between electronic cigarettes and conventional cigarettes is the replacement of combustion with evaporation. Instead of smoke, vapors of a special liquid are inhaled, which consists of propylene glycol and glycerin, sometimes with the addition of flavors and nicotine. The latter is relevant for those who smoke regular cigarettes and feel addicted to the process.

Soaring is often called vaping - this term has even been used not only for the process but also for the flow and even some subculture.
An electronic cigarette consists of a housing, a power source (best 510 thread battery), a control unit (buttons, display, protection systems) and an atomizer.

The latter, in turn, includes an evaporator and a liquid tank.
A vaporizer is a key component of an electronic cigarette. It consists of one or more spirals and a wick made of natural or artificial fiber. The liquid from the tank by gravity impregnates the wick and then evaporates under the influence of a heated spiral. The resulting vapor is inhaled through the mouthpiece into the lungs.

Most “electronics” are a set of a battery element (eGo, box, box mod, mech mod, and so on) and an atomizer (tank, drip and their subspecies). There are devices such as "all in one" and "kits" (sets of box mod and tank), but often they are sold separately so that the user can choose the device to his taste.

Atomizers (tanks and drips)

Depending on the type of spiral used, atomizers are divided into serviced and unattended.

In maintenance-free spirals and cotton wool are a small interchangeable part (evaporator), which is periodically (once a week-month) replaced with a new one. In some budget models, replacing the evaporator is not possible, and you need to buy a new atomizer.

Box mods

Box mod - the second (after the atomizer) part of an advanced electronic cigarette. It consists of a 510 thread battery (https://vapingdaily.com/best-510-thread-batteries/) and an electronic board, which is responsible for managing and protecting against short circuit and overheating. The name arose due to the characteristic rectangular shape of the first models and the presence of advanced soaring functions.

Most box mods operate on replaceable high-current batteries, most often in the 18650 formats. Simple models have one such battery, while the most powerful ones use three or even four. There are options with built-in batteries, but mostly these are devices of either an entry-level or, on the contrary, a top-level one.

Typically, box mods have a screen, a MicroUSB connector for charging batteries or flashing, control keys and a 510 connector.

The screen displays information about the battery charge and operating mode, the buttons are used for setting and hovering (while tightening press and hold the big Fire), and the best 510 thread vape pen is a standard universal connector for connecting the mod and the atomizer.
All box mods have different modes of operation.

Most often, it is a variant (VW, Wattage, Power) and thermal control. The first regulates the power that is supplied to the atomizer, which allows you to change the temperature and amount of steam. In thermal control mode, the user receives constant temperature steam.

For its implementation, spirals made of stainless steel, nickel or titanium are used - these materials predictably change their resistance when heated.


The vaporizer is a relatively new type of electronic cigarette that is often called the tobacco vaporization system. It is fundamentally different in principle of operation - instead of liquid, it uses tobacco sticks that look very similar to short cigarettes. It’s best to use vaporizers in the crowd of fans of the music festival.

Under the influence of a moderate (150-220 degrees) temperature, instead of burning, volatile substances in tobacco are sublimated, which are then inhaled in the form of light and aromatic smoke.

Heavy substances, among which there are many harmful ones (for example, carcinogenic resins), remain in the stick. As a result, toxicity is noticeably reduced, both for the smoker and for those around him.

If a music festival takes place abroad, be sure to check the rules of the airlines and whether it is possible to take a vape on a plane. Most airlines allow you to carry electronic cigarettes on board in your hand luggage, but this point is best clarified before the flight.

EasyJet, for example, will enable you to carry an electronic cigarette, but with no more than two spare best 510 battery in the kit. If you take liquids with you, then usually this is not a problem if the volume does not exceed 100 ml. Be sure to check in your luggage.

It is also worth noting that many vapers encountered leaks from atomizers/tanks during the flight. Due to pressure drops, clothes and personal items were stained - keep this in mind and do not fill up too much in tanks.


Liquid for electronic cigarettes is a mixture of propylene glycol, glycerin, and flavorings, mixed in certain proportions. Usually sold in small vials with a convenient pipette for refueling. If nicotine is in the composition, then its concentration is indicated on the container.

Proportions significantly affect the vapor, for example, because of the large amount of propylene glycol; it can strongly tickle in the throat, which is so appreciated by fans of ordinary cigarettes.

Propylene glycol and glycerin are almost tasteless, so fruit, tobacco or confectionery flavors are added - thanks to them, the steam has a taste.

Health, Savings, and the Rule of Law

In the smoke of a regular cigarette, in addition to the notorious nicotine, it contains about two hundred toxic compounds: carcinogenic resins, benzopyrene, nitrosamine, phenols, radioactive isotopes, etc. The basis of vaping fluid consists of safe components, and even with the addition of nicotine, the harm from it will be noticeably less than with regular cigarette smoke.

From theory, inhaling the electron-free nicotine vapor is safe, but large-scale medical research remains to be done to confirm or refine this theory.

At the same time, soaring is contraindicated in minors, pregnant women and people who have health problems, and stores do not sell devices and liquids for children. Therefore, the best thing that can be recommended in this case is to abandon the inhalation of foreign substances completely.



In introducing The Who at the Monterey Pop Festival three months earlier, Eric Burdon of the Animals had offered high praise for the up-and-coming British rock band, promising the crowd “A group that will destroy you in more ways than one.”

A substandard audio setup that day prevented the Who from unleashing the full sonic assault for which they were already becoming famous, but their high-energy, instrument-destroying antics inspired the next act, Jimi Hendrix, to burn his guitar and announced to the tens of thousands of Festival-goers the arrival of a powerful new force in rock and roll.

The rest of America would get its introduction on September 17, 1967, when the Who ended an already explosive, nationally televised performance of “My Generation” with a literal bang that singed Pete Townshend’s hair, left shrapnel in Keith Moon’s arm and momentarily knocked The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour off the air.

Keith Moon was already in the habit of placing an explosive charge in one his two bass drums to detonate during Pete Townshend’s guitar-smashing at the end of each Who performance. But for their Smothers Brothers appearance, Moon packed several times the normal amount of explosives into his drum kit, and when he set it off, a gigantic explosion rocked the set as a cloud of white smoke engulfed Townshend and singer Roger Daltrey.

Though bassist John Entwistle never lost his cool, Daltrey practically flew downstage and when Townshend emerged from the smoke, his hair was almost literally blown to one side of his head. Though the incredible explosion has been rumored to have caused Pete Townshend’s eventual near-deafness, credit for that should probably go instead to the Who’s pioneering use of stacked Marshall amplifiers as a means of achieving maximum volume during their live performances.


This is one of my favorite films and what an opportunity this weekend to see it again on the big screen.

Fathom Events: From a novella by best-selling author Stephen King comes a poignant tale of the human spirit. Red (Morgan Freeman), serving a life sentence, and Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins), a mild-mannered banker wrongly convicted of murder, forge an unlikely bond that will span more than twenty years. Together they discover hope as the ultimate means of survival.

Join unlikely friends Andy and Red on the big screen this September for The Shawshank Redemption as it returns for this special 25th-anniversary event, featuring exclusive insights from TCM host Ben Mankiewicz. TICKETS ON SALE NOW!



The Ten of Cups is a great card in the positive position because it represents satisfaction, joy, fulfillment, love, and a long-lasting relationship that has successfully grown and developed. Since their backs are towards you in the card, it shows a reflection of the couple's life together, past and future.

They went through good and bad times, but they weathered the storms together. They worked through everything and are still together, happy and content with what they've accomplished. The couple started at the Ace of Cups and are now at the completion stage of the Ten of Cups, suggesting they went through a lot to build the solid relationship they now have.

The ten golden cups in the rainbow is indicative of stories of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. A rainbow usually appears after a rainstorm, suggesting the couple has weathered some difficult times, but have worked everything out. Read more of Safina on Lotus




NEW YORK, NY  - GRAMMY® Award-nominated, multi-platinum artist Post Malone released his highly anticipated third full-length studio album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, today.

Hollywood’s Bleeding features 17 tracks with 10 guest spots, including Da Baby on "Enemies," Halsey and Future on "Die For Me," Meek Mill and Lil Baby on "On The Road," Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott on "Take What You Want" and SZA on "Staring At The Sun." See full track listing below.

Hollywood’s Bleeding Tracklisting:
1. Hollywood’s Bleeding
2. Saint-Tropez
3. Enemies (feat. DaBaby)
4. Allergic
5. A Thousand Bad Times
6. Circles
7. Die For Me (feat. Future & Halsey)
8. On The Road (feat. Meek Mill & Lil Baby)
9. Take What You Want (feat. Ozzy Osbourne & Travis Scott)
10. I’m Gonna Be
11. Staring At The Sun (feat. SZA)
12. Sunflower (feat. Swae Lee)
13. Internet (Interlude)
14. Goodbyes (feat. Young Thug)
15. Myself
16. I Know
17. Wow.

Hollywood’s Bleeding arrives critically acclaimed largely due to “the second and fourth biggest songs of 2019,” namely the triple-platinum Hot 100 #1 “Sunflower (Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse)” [feat. Swae Lee] and the viral hit “wow” in addition to “Goodbyes” [feat. Young Thug], and the latest single “Circles”, which has tallied over 19 million Spotify streams and 10 million cumulative YouTube/VEVO views.

Bringing Hollywood’s Bleeding on the road, Post will embark on The Runaway Tour beginning September 14th. The North American run kicks off in Tacoma, WA and visits cities across the U.S. and Canada before wrapping November 20th at The Forum in Los Angeles.

Tickets are on sale HERE.


North American Tour Starts This Month With Shows in
Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Washington D.C.,
Detroit, Minneapolis and more...

Following the release earlier this year of their critically
acclaimed album Where The Action Is, The Waterboys release the Out Of All This Blue EP via Cooking Vinyl.

Out Of The Blue EP tracklist:
1. Out Of All This Blue
2. Out Of All This Blue (Original demo)
3. London Mick (Chris Evans Virgin Radio Session – Live)
4. Whole Of The Moon (Chris Evans Virgin Radio Session – Live feat. Blaine Harrison)

Written for a friend who's been to a dark place, "Out Of All This Blue" is a compassionate song of reassurance; a Waterboys classic in the making. The EP also features a 2015 demo of "Out Of All This Blue" and two live tracks, "London Mick" and "The Whole Of The Moon" (featuring Blaine Harrison from Mystery Jets), recorded on the Chris Evans Virgin Radio Breakfast Show and capturing the visceral rock ‘n’ roll edge of the band.

Where The Action Is, a 10-song genre-defying album is a testament to The Waterboys' frontman and founder Mike Scott's enduring talents. One of the finest British songwriters of the past four decades, his songs have been covered and/or recorded by artists including Prince, who crafted two different arrangements of Scott's classic "The Whole Of The Moon", Rod Stewart, Tom Jones, Steve Earle, and Ellie Goulding, who had a top-three hit in 2013 with "How Long Will I Love You."

The Waterboys are Brother Paul (keys), Ralph (drums), Aongus (bass), Jess and Zeenie (vocals), Steve Wickham (electric fiddle and guitar) and Mike Scott (vocals, guitar, and piano).

In support of the new album, The Waterboys will tour North America for the first time since 2015, hitting cities such as Boston, New York, Washington D.C., Detroit, Seattle, Minneapolis, Los Angeles and more. The tour begins September 17 at the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, NJ. For more information visit The Waterboys website.

North America Tour:
Sept 17 – Count Basie Theatre | Red Bank, NJ
Sept 18 – The Wilbur| Boston, MA
Sept 20 – Calvin Theatre | Northampton, MA
Sept 21 – World Café Live | Philadelphia, PA
Sept 22 – Lincoln Theatre | Washington, DC
Sept 23 – Webster Hall | New York, NY
Sept 25 – Danforth Music Hall | Toronto, ON
Sept 26 – Majestic Theatre | Detroit, MI
Sept 28 – Varsity Theater | Minneapolis, MN
Sept 29 – Old Town School Of Folk Music | Chicago, IL
Oct 01 – Gothic Theatre | Englewood, CO
Oct 02 – The Depot | Salt Lake City, UT
Oct 06 – Commodore Ballroom | Vancouver, BC
Oct 07 – Wonder Ballroom | Portland, OR
Oct 08 – The Neptune | Seattle, WA
Oct 12 – The Observatory North Park | San Diego, CA
Oct 11 – The Fillmore | San Francisco, CA
Oct 13 – The Observatory | Santa Ana, CA
Oct 15 – Belasco Theater | Los Angeles, CA

Where The Action Is is available on CD, Deluxe 2xCD, LP, digital download and streaming services with Exclusive bundles also available from the UK Official Store:

Follow The Waterboys:



FATHOM: Based on the New York Times bestselling book, "BLINK OF AN EYE," focuses on Michael Waltrip and his star-crossed friendship with the iconic driver, Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Michael Waltrip was without a win for over 462 races before joining Dale Earnhardt’s race team for the 2001 Daytona 500. On the last lap, Waltrip held the lead, with Dale Earnhardt Jr. in second and “Sr.” in third. Instead of executing his trademark charge to first place, Sr. blocked the field of 40 cars to allow his friend to take home his first victory. Tragically, Waltrip would never have the chance to celebrate, as Sr. perished on the last lap in what was initially thought to be a minor crash.

Dive into a look at the friendship between Michael Waltrip and the iconic Dale Earnhardt Sr. leading up to that fateful race in this new documentary from Taublieb Films.


This month’s full moon reaches peak fullness at 12:32.46 a.m. EDT on Saturday, September 14. Moon sign: Pisces 21° 05'  Look skyward on the night of the 13th for the best view of this Full Harvest Moon

This year, the September full Moon is called the Harvest Moon. Unlike other full Moon names, which are specific to their respective months, the Harvest Moon is tied to an astronomical event: the autumnal equinox. The full Moon that falls nearest to the equinox (September 22 or 23) takes on the name “Harvest Moon,” rather than its traditional name. (This means that a Harvest Moon could occur in either September or October.)

The Harvest Moon provides the most light at the time when it’s needed most—to complete the harvest! Read More

In other time zones:
WELLINGTON = Saturday * 14 September 2019 * 4:32:46 pm (NZST)
SYDNEY = Saturday * 14 September 2019 * 2:32:46 pm (AEST)
TOKYO = Saturday * 14 September 2019 * 1:32:46 pm (JST)
BEIJING = Saturday * 14 September 2019 * 12:32:46 pm (CST)
BANGKOK = Saturday * 14 September 2019 * 11:32:46 am (ICT)
DELHI = Saturday * 14 September 2019 * 10:02:46 am (IST)
DUBAI = Saturday * 14 September 2019 * 8:32:46 am (GST)
MOSCOW = Saturday * 14 September 2019 * 7:32:46 am (MSK)
BERLIN = Saturday * 14 September 2019 * 6:32:46 am (CEST)
LAGOS = Saturday * 14 September 2019 * 5:32:46 am (WAT)
LONDON = Saturday * 14 September 2019 * 5:32:46 am (BST)
RIO = Saturday * 14 September 2019 * 1:32:46 am (BRT)
SANTIAGO = Saturday * 14 September 2019 * 1:32:46 am (CLST)
NEW YORK = Saturday * 14 September 2019 * 12:32:46 am (EDT)
MEXICO CITY = Friday * 13 September 2019 * 11:32:46 pm (CDT)
CALGARY = Friday * 13 September 2019 * 10:32:46 pm (MDT)
LOS ANGELES = Friday * 13 September 2019 * 9:32:46 pm (PDT)
ANCHORAGE = Friday * 13 September 2019 * 8:32:46 pm (AKDT)
HONOLULU = Friday * 13 September 2019 * 6:32:46 pm (HAST)


What Is the Best Lighting for Wedding Photography?

The celebration of a wedding is one of the most anticipated moments in the lives of many people when they find that special someone, both for men and women, and including their families, for that reason it is also one of the celebrations that work and time Planning leads. So that everything is perfect in the eyes of the couple, every detail of the organization, the party, the food, the decoration and especially the lighting is thought and organized. That is responsible for creating that much-desired atmosphere of a cozy, romantic or cheerful and lively environment, regardless of the time at which the ceremony is held. And this important detail lies in the result of the photographic report that is expected to be made, either with photos or videos.

To achieve that much-desired setting, the locations, wedding planners, decorators and the bride and groom, turn to an immense menu of options in lights to highlight the decoration, some chosen place, the wedding table, the cake and others. Using light bulbs, colored lights, different shapes, candles, smoke, LED lighting, bulbs in glass jars, large and bulky lamps, soft or strong lighting. In some cases, they are not the best option as far as photographic quality is concerned, but a wedding photographer will always know how to take advantage of each other's existence and the aesthetic possibilities offered from the professional's point of view. If there is a good artificial light (if it is an indoor celebration), the photographs will not give much trouble, but the types of lighting with which certain considerations should be taken are: natural light, ambient lights, and Photographers flash especially.

The benefits and difficulties of NATURAL LIGHT.

Choosing the right location for the wedding will be essential to know what kind of light we will have, photographers prefer that the locations of this kind of events be outdoors, to take advantage of daylight, since natural light is the best for the photographs, which will have a more natural appearance and without alteration or rare effects. In this regard, daytime ceremonies offer more possibilities, especially if other factors such as the landscape, and decorative elements around that positively complement the spaces to be photographed.

Although natural light is the best in professional photo sessions, you can also be exposed to weather conditions and changes that may occur such as rain, strong winds or intense sun. Investigate the weather forecast of the scheduled day beforehand and take the necessary precautions. The ideal daylight to get a good photographic job is a dim light with a cloudy sky, which provides a softer light and a cooler atmosphere, ideal for working comfortably.

Daylight will always be subject to variations throughout the day, when a session is carried out under very intense sunlight, it is best to place the couple between the camera and the sun for two main reasons: When we are facing In the sun, the eyes narrow, resulting in photos with strange expressions on the face.

And on the other hand, if we are in profile to him, a very hard shadow will be projected by dividing the face in two and marking high unwanted contrasts in the photograph. Another alternative to a very inclement sun is to choose a harmonic site under the shade if it is present, if not choose to use focal points for photos that have dark trees or buildings in the background, to placate the effect of a very intense light in the pictures.

If, on the contrary, the weather is rather stormy, rainy or very changing, an option is to go for the safe and postpone the plans or take advantage of the adversities, and in turn to the creativity of the photographer to show each of the details lived during the wedding through good results, include umbrellas or other accessories that make the scenario more original. The rest is part of the talent of the photographer hired and his ability to decide to take more aesthetic photos, able to decide on the flash used to attenuate very pronounced shadows or alter the camera's exposure to the intensity of the light, being variable power flash equipment the best for these cases.

Although the ceremony is not going to be performed outdoors, it can still be in a location that has very good intervention of natural light, which will also cause beautiful results in the photos of your celebration. This also applies to other sites involved in the process of the bride and groom, such as choosing a hotel with good light access as a preparation site for the bride, excellent for pre-wedding sessions.


There are many couples who opt for a more peaceful or melancholy atmosphere, using small and dark chapels or dimly lit spaces. Thanks to technology there are many images that depended on the use of the flash and that today can be achieved only with the presence of ambient light, in addition to the fact that if the flash is used less, more natural and more unique effects will be taken.

It is ideal for these spaces to have the constant illumination of the reflection of a wide window, a soft lightbox or some sidelight, they serve to emphasize the portraits of people or to give drama to certain objects in the photographs. If your ceremony is extended, it will take place at night or with a dark atmosphere, remember to place many lights in play, which allow the photographer to play with them and the effects. Also, remember that, if you have a company in charge of the animation of the dance area, agree with them so that you are clear about the lighting and consult your wure wedding photographer about these decisions.

The key to good photography is to get good lighting and good compositions. During a wedding this is not something that can be controlled at all, so the best thing for a good photographic result is to have a variety of lighting.

The use of FLASH

The use of the flash must be minority, to ensure that the photos are true to the moment and are not altered images. But unfortunately, it does not apply to weddings that happen during the night, where it is more difficult to do a good job with photography. This becomes an opportunity for photographers who make creative use of the flash as a support resource and not abuse, resulting in flat and textured images.

Before hiring the photographic service, ask the photographer to show you his portfolio or work samples at other weddings, detail if the photographs have any effect of strange or unnatural lights such as alterations in depth. Or ask directly how they use the flash during their work sessions.

Considerations for photographers
  • Use a simple flash: the simple flash mounted on the camera is the best element you can count on when lighting photos with artificial light, provided that it is of good quality and power, taking into account that using it frontally can result in effects of unwanted shadows. The solution: take advantage if the location has a ceiling close enough to bounce the light in it and soften the effects of light and throwing you better-modeled images. Remember to have the necessary resources, take with you the occasional diffuser and reflector accessory that helps you to do the task more efficiently.
  • Use a multiple flash: it is usually intimidating for guests to have more than one flash present, but it definitely helps to have a good result and leave your customers satisfied. The method consists of placing one or two movable supports in an elevated position (after calculating the exposure) connected to a flash repeater that is operated by the auxiliary positioned on the camera. With regard to the automatic activation of the flash remember that the flash of the cell phones of the guests could also activate them, which you can avoid using repeaters that are activated by control, although they are usually more expensive.
  • Analyze the location: always consult with your client about the restrictions of the site in terms of the use of the flash, to avoid causing problems to your customers and to be able to take the competent measures regarding technique, resource to use or take out the permits and authorizations that are necessary in case you think you need the flash. Also, consider the structure of the place, if you intend to bounce the flash on a very high ceiling you will only be able to waste your time without making any difference, in these cases consider different angles or perspectives that involve the site and give you a better and creative result.
  • Go prepared: if you are aware that you will use the flash a lot, remember that regardless of its quality it will have high energy consumption, leaving you without a work tool before half of your service, include extra charged batteries, chargers among your work kit And without leaving any loose ends, it includes an extra camera with another configuration in case you need it and you need to be quick to change it.
It is not uncommon for many photographers not to interfere in the world of wedding photography, especially for the subject of lighting. And the opposite is the case in which the couples do not take the photograph of their wedding into consideration within the general planning of the wedding, without thinking about the importance of the photographs and their quality within the memory of their ceremony.


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There are also audiobooks that you can listen to. You can also watch videos of academicians who are known to be experts in their fields. If you get a good online service that has qualified people who will help you with your writing, you will stand a better chance to get high-quality help from best EssayWritingService done for you.

Check Customers Reviews

One of the important tips for essay writing is to check on the feedback from those who have used these services before. What do they have to say about the site?

Good reviews will give you an idea of whether people who have used this service before found it useful. From here you can make up your mind is this service will meet your requirements.

If you take your time to check on the reviews about the site you are about to engage you will be in a better position to make your judgment. A good essay that is of high quality and delivered in time will help you get better grades in your coursework.

Check for Discounts and Promotions

As a student, you definitely will not be having a lot of money to spare. A good site will not miss to give you some cash discount incentives to attract you to their services.
All good services give incentives to their customers and provide quality services to retain their customers.

Before you can engage with a writing service, check if they have any discounts or coupons for first customers. Their customer service department will be able to tell you what incentives they give.

Check the Pricing

Most online services don’t charge much for writing Writing dissertation or any other form of academic writing. However, if you want quality work to expect to pay enough money for a better service.

What you will pay will be determined by how many words you want per page, how quickly you want your essay, the type of essay you want and at what writing level.

Those are some of the factors that will determine how much you are going to pay for your essay. When you are considering the prize think about quality.

Available Customer Support

A genuine Essay Writing Service should have a customer service available all round the clock. A good site should have customer support that is available 24 hours to help you with your queries at any time.

For instance, if you have received your essay and feel not satisfied you should be able to get in touch with a customer service that will help you sort out your problem. This is important because essays have deadlines and you need to have them ready in time.

Agree on the Dates of Delivery

Another thing you should look at to know if an online company is genuine and will deliver quality results is in time is the age of the company. The older the company the more resources and experienced it is to handle challenges quickly.

The fact that a company has stayed online for a long time is an indication it also has a writing team that has high standards. They also have more testimonies of success that you can refer to.

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is a very serious offense in the academic world. You need to make sure that the company takes plagiarism offenses very seriously. If you get an online essay that has been copied from other people’s works will make your paper be disqualified and you may face serious consequences from your teachers.

Those are some of the main Tips for college students to help identify a custom essay writing service that will deliver quality and high standard essays.

College essay writing is not an easy task for you to take for granted. Online is full so many writing sites that will promise you heaven but deliver to you poor-quality papers. You need to identify the right service so that you can get a good service to help you write the paper that will earn you good grades for your essay writing assignment.



The meaning behind the Three of Cups represents a period of happiness. You will be able to forget the worries of your daily life and spend quality time with family and friends.

To see the Three of Cups can indicate a happy reunion with a long lost friend, relative, or loved one. It can also mean a celebration, whether it is your own or for someone who you love. The event can be a birthday, wedding, or any other happy occasion. In general, it is about spending quality time with people you cherish in your life.


The advancements in modern technology paved the way for people to connect with each other in various ways. In line with this, there has been a surge in the emergence of home-based opportunities, online businesses, and even homeschooling opportunities. Hence, having a stable internet connection with optimum speed is essential in every household.

One popular internet provider is Xfinity. Xfinity is only a trade name of Comcast Cable Communications that provides consumer phone services, internet connectivity, and cable television. Xfinity offers several consumer plans that include digital cable TV, internet, and home phone bundles. There are also a couple of Xfinity Internet deals that consumers can subscribe to should they opt for plans. Below are three of the most frequently asked questions regarding these internet-only plans.

What are the Comcast Internet Deals?

To date, Xfinity offers six types of internet packages, with the Performance Starter plan being the cheapest among the six, and the Gigabit Pro is the most expensive. Four of these plans are offered at an introductory price that is subject to a one-year agreement. These plans are the Performance Starter, Performance Plus, Performance Pro, and the Blast! Pro. With the fastest upload and download speeds of 2000Mbps, the Gigabit Pro requires a two-year agreement. Additionally, the Gigabit and Gigabit Pro plans are only available through online orders.

How fast is the speed of Xfinity Internet Plans?

Consumers can choose from up to seven-speed levels offered by Xfinity, with the most affordable at 60Mbps under the Performance Plus plan. This is great for a household with only a couple of internet users because this plan offers a reliable and stable internet connection great for sharing photos on social media or shopping online. The Performance Pro plan with a typical speed of 150Mbps is considered as the plan that offers the best value because it is capable of supporting multiple users watching videos simultaneously. The Blast! Pro is the internet plan that offers the best speed at 250Mbps, ideal for gamers.

What is the data allowance offered by Xfinity Internet Plans?

What sets Xfinity apart from other providers is that it offers a data cap of 1000GB per month, which is considerably higher than its competitors. A data cap is a limit that providers impose in terms of the data transmitted through the internet. Exceeding this limit entails the need to purchase for more data allowance, and a 1000GB data cap limit is seldom breached. This makes the Xfinity internet plans more cost-effective when compared to other internet plans in the market.

In conclusion, being connected through the internet is already deemed as a necessity nowadays. But like with any other goods and services, it still holds true that consumers need to get the best value for their money. Hence, researching and exploring different options that are suitable for specific needs is mandatory. Perhaps, an internet plan bundled with other services such as cable TV services or a home phone connection will be more appropriate for others.



My new television addiction is THE WIRE. An HBO show from 2002-2008 that somehow I missed all these years. After I finished Mindunter 2 on Netflix I was longing for a great drama/crime series and my best bud Robin talked about how she loved this show.

It was tough getting into the first season. So many characters and plotlines running everywhere! After watching the show for a whole season I just started it from the beginning again. I knew the characters and following the plot became a lot easier.

Also, the good news is that Amazon Prime has the Wire not just HBO GO. Amazon has a much better streaming platform and one episode flows into another. HBO stops and you manually have to start each one. Annoying.

So here is a bit about the show, and if you haven't seen it, by all means, be ready for a great time!

The Wire is an American crime drama television series created and primarily written by author and former police reporter David Simon. The series was broadcast by the cable network HBO in the United States. The Wire premiered on June 2, 2002, and ended on March 9, 2008, comprising 60 episodes over five seasons.

Set and produced in Baltimore, Maryland, The Wire introduces a different institution of the city and its relationship to law enforcement in each season while retaining characters and advancing storylines from previous seasons.

The five subjects are, in chronological order: the illegal drug trade, the seaport system, the city government and bureaucracy, education and schools, and the print news medium.

The large cast consists mainly of actors who are little known for their other roles, as well as numerous real-life Baltimore and Maryland figures in guest and recurring roles. Simon has said that despite its framing as a crime drama, the show is "really about the American city, and about how we live together.

It's about how institutions have an effect on individuals. Whether one is a cop, a longshoreman, a drug dealer, a politician, a judge or a lawyer, all are ultimately compromised and must contend with whatever institution to which they are committed." Read More

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