Brian Holland, Edward Holland, and Lamont Dozier, known as Holland-Dozier-Holland or H-D-H, were the greatest songwriting team in American pop music history. Seventy of the songs they wrote reached the Billboard Top 40, with 15 of these reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 pop chart. No other songwriting team or individual has come close to equaling, let alone surpassing, this record.

They’ve been inducted into both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame. As tunesmiths for the legendary Motown Record Corporation, and for their own corporations, Invictus Records and Hot Wax Records, they wrote and produced hits for Diana Ross and the Supremes, including “Baby Love,” “Stop! In the Name of Love,” “Where Did Our Love Go,” “You Keep Me Hangin’ On,” “You Can’t Hurry Love,” “I Hear a Symphony,” “Come See About Me,” “Back in My Arms Again” and “Reflections.”

Now the legendary composers are ready to reveal the inspirations and stories behind their chart-topping hits, providing millions of fans with the first complete history of their songwriting process, and detail the real-life experiences that led them to write each of their most famous tunes. They will also reveal their creative and intimate relationships with Motown’s biggest stars.


Mister Magic" was the successful single and title track from the fifth album of one of jazz music's more well-known figures. Grover Washington, Jr. (December 12, 1943 -- December 17, 1999) was an American jazz-funk / soul-jazz saxophonist.

Along with George Benson, John Klemmer, David Sanborn, Bob James, Chuck Mangione, Herb Alpert, and Spyro Gyra, he is considered by many to be one of the founders of the smooth jazz genre. He wrote some of his material and later became an arranger and producer.

Washington was born in Buffalo, New York on December 12, 1943. His mother was a church chorister, and his father was a collector of old jazz gramophone records and a saxophonist as well, so music was everywhere in the home. He grew up with the great jazzmen and big band leaders like Benny Goodman, Fletcher Henderson, and others like them.

At the age of 8, with the desire for him to be more than he could be, Grover Sr. gave Jr. a saxophone. He practiced and would sneak into clubs to see famous Buffalo blues musicians. Washington left Buffalo and played with a Midwest group called the Four Clefs. He was drafted into the U.S. Army shortly thereafter, but this was to be to his advantage, as he met drummer Billy Cobham there.

Cobham, a mainstay in New York City, introduced Washington to many New York musicians. After leaving the Army, Washington freelanced his talents around New York City, eventually landing in Philadelphia in 1967. In 1970 and 1971, he appeared on Leon Spencer's first two albums on Prestige Records, together with Idris Muhammad and Melvin Sparks. Washington's big break came at the expense of another artist.



Now, there are a lot of ways you can evaluate the games in a casino, you could go by how great the House Edge is to pick the one where your odds will be the best; you could pick the one where you’ll get the biggest jackpot if you manage to land the big win you’re dreaming of; or you could even just go by what your purveyor of choice has most available. All of those would be a sensible way to make a decision but what if you just wanna find the coolest game out there? It’s got to be Craps, right?

What, not sold? Let’s go through the games and see which one is coolest – you can even head over to Paddy Power Vegas afterward and see if you want to give the games a look-in.


Slots don’t usually sit very high on the cool factor – the games are cool, of course, with stylish 3D graphics and headline-grabbing jackpots that’ll definitely make the papers if you land one. But for the casual observer? You’re just watching colors flash and land while pulling an arm at one side. All the great visuals the player gets to see, for the observer, just looks like someone working an arm over and over. Visually engaging it is not, which makes it rather hard to make slots out as the coolest game.


The Advantage player’s favorite. The pay-outs are pretty slim with this one, but the house edge is quite narrow and it’s possible to get a real leg-up on the competition. Basic strategy tells you what to do for each hand that comes out and tricks like card counting, which relies on you keeping a steady track of cards as they come out in order to inform your decision, can give you a real advantage. While it’s great for improving your odds, it does hinder how cool you look since you’re essentially doing maths puzzles the entire time.


This is the only real contender for Craps’ crown, because poker just looks cool as heck. Keeping the cards close to your chest, holding your poker face while you make eye contact with the guy across from you daring him to call your bluff, landing the big pot. The only thing that could keep it from securing the top spot is that there is a further much cooler tier of poker than the standard casino games in the form of the World Series of Poker. No matter how cool you are in the casino, there’s a much bigger field out there for you to play in.


Whereas for craps, the casino is the be all and end all. A crowd of players all watching the shooter as they shake the dice, get their date to blow on them, and hurl them down the felt, bets placed on whether it’ll pass or not. Whether you’re betting on the roll or throwing the dice, there’s no denying how cool the game looks and feels with a crowd of spectators all cheering you on.

What do you think? Are we way off-base here? Let us know in the comments below!


Some music is brilliant enough to pass the test of time and stay with us for the entirety of our lives. The icons that create these connections are few and far between, but the demand that there are for these stars remains, and that means that they continue to tour regardless of age.

These stars will continue traveling to see their fans until the day that they physically can't do it anymore, and that connection between listener and artist is something that isn't as significant as it once was. But, which megastars are still defying their age and entertaining millions around the world?

Sir Rod Stewart
Stewart embarked on his first tour in 1977, and he is currently midway through his 30th. The 74-year-old has sold over 100 million albums and 200 million singles throughout his career which sees him place among the best-selling music artists of all-time. During his career, he has had six consecutive number one albums in the United Kingdom, as well as registered 62 hit singles.

In 1994 he staged the largest free rock concert when he performed for 3.5 million fans in Rio de Janeiro. In the very same year, he was inducted into the US Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the first time before he was later inducted again in 2012 as a member of the Faces. As well as touring as part of his Red Blood Roses Tour, he has also famously held a residency in Las Vegas for six years between 2011 and 2017. Punters would be able to play their favorite Novibet casino games at Caesars Palace before listening to his classic hits such as 'Maggie May', 'The First Cut is the Deepest' and 'Infatuation'.

The Rolling Stones
The super-group fronted by Sir Mick Jagger has been on the music scene since 1962, and they are currently doing dates on their 48th tour. During these events; four of them have gone onto become the highest-grossing tours of all-time, with their 'Bigger Bang' tour generating over $558,255,525.

They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989, before being inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2004. The Rolling Stone magazine ranks them at fourth in their list of the '100 Greatest Artists of All-Time'; with only The Beatles, Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan ranked ahead of them. They have sold over 250 million records worldwide and have released 30 studio albums and 23 live albums.

Ozzy Osbourne
Birmingham born, Ozzy Osbourne rose to fame in the 1970s as the lead vocalist for Black Sabbath; where he was given the nickname of 'The Price of Darkness'. However, following substance and alcohol problems he was fired from the band in 1979, but he went onto enjoy success as a solo performer.

During these solo years, he released eleven studio albums; with the first seven of those awarded multi-platinum in the US.
He rejoined the band in 1997 and helped record the group's final studio album which was released in 2013. They embarked on a final farewell tour which concluded in a gig in their home city of Birmingham in 2017. His success and lengthy career have given him the title 'Godfather of Heavy Metal'.



The Hutchinson House 1903 (rear view) Ypsilanti, MI

I love the "Queen Anne" style homes and one of my friends on facebook loves the "Victorians". I thought Queen Anne homes were Victorians and indeed they are from Queen Victoria's time. But they have much more history and I thought I'd share some of that with you today..

The Hutchinson House is in Ypsilanti Michigan and has quite a story behind that building as well. I once worked there and I actually held a candle party in it! The party was quite successful as the invitees bought candles just so they could visit the home. Good idea.

1899 Queen Anne Asheville NC

What is the Difference between Queen Anne and Victorian houses?

A Queen Anne home -- one of many styles classified under the broad heading of Victorian -- was built primarily during the latter part of Queen Victoria's reign from 1870 to 1910.

As the last Presbyterian Stuart who held the throne, Queen Anne reigned 135 years before Queen Victoria. Even though a well-known furniture style that developed during her reign has her name, it would be more than 150 years before she had an architectural style named after her. The decor style is specifically known for its complex, ornamental curvilinear turrets and towers, and steeply pitched roofs.

Eureka California

The home most people think of when they imagine or see a Victorian home is actually a Queen Anne home. Typically outfitted with a turret or tower, the home often has wrap-around porches and is made from brick, wood or stone, many with clapboard siding.

The Queen Anne style is known for its graceful curves and paneled insets. Look for angled bay windows, steeply pitched roofs with finials, stained glass, and handcrafted chimneys.

Asymmetry. Towers, turrets, bays, porches, and roofline break the box. Roofs and massing are often complex.

Texture. Surfaces are broken by a switch from stone or clapboard to shingles, often with fancy-cut butts. Belt courses, gable ornament, turnings, brackets, balustrades, and sawn-wood “gingerbread” keep it interesting. (Polychrome painting plays up surface texture even more.)

Wood trim. Sawn, chamfered, carved, lathe-turned, and applied ornament is used on porches, gables, cornices, and story breaks.

Other features include patterned shingles, decorative trim, and intricate spindles, banisters and staircases. Queen Anne homes have a storybook quality to them.

Choosing Queen Anne/Victorian paint colors

The History of Queen Anne, Victorian-Architecture Style

Despite roots in the English “Queen Anne Movement”—a return to early, vernacular architecture—it is here a peculiarly American style in its mass-produced ornamentation (including “gingerbread”) and lavish use of wood.

The Northeast, already heavily populated in the 1880s, has comparatively fewer examples that you might expect. Go south and west, however, and the style becomes more popular and more fanciful. The West Coast and resurgent areas of the New South have the most dizzying examples.


The Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour (PWT) will make its debut at Ford Lake in Ypsilanti, Mich., Saturday, July 13 for the third event of the 2019 season, which marks the 27th year of the tour. The PWT is the largest and longest-running professional wakeboarding competition circuit in the country. Comprised of four national events, the PWT showcases the top athletes from the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and more.

The family-friendly event features the world’s top-16 professional wakeboarders as they compete for season-ling points and the top spot on the podium, during the third round of competition of the four-stop series. In addition to wakeboarding, the tour includes a wake-surfing division, with athletes riding a boat’s wake without the use of a tow rope.

Friday, July 12, 2019 (MEDIA DAY) 1 p.m. - 3 p.m.
Saturday, July 13, 2019 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Ford Lake Park 
9075 South Huron River Drive 
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Ford Lake was formed in 1932 when Henry Ford completed a dam over the Huron River to supply hydroelectric power to one of his plants. The spacious lake covers 958 acres and is surrounded by the six-park Ford Lake Park System, which will provide fans of the Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour plenty of great viewing spots.

Tickets can be purchased online in advance at a discounted rate of $5 for adults and $3 for children, ages 6-12. At the gate, tickets are $10/adults and $5/children. Kids 5-under are admitted free of charge. To purchase tickets online, click here

For more information on the Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour, visit www.wakeboardingmag.com/supra-boats-pro-wakeboard-tour.

About Skier’s Choice Inc.
Skier’s Choice, Inc. is the proud manufacturer of Supra and Moomba performance inboard wakeboard, wakesurf and waterski towboats. Supra has been a leader in the inboard industry since 1981. The Supra brand is synonymous with innovative styling, luxurious interiors, highest construction quality, and unsurpassed wake performance.

The Moomba brand delivers quality and performance far above its class. Moomba offers the best wake performance technology and none of the fuss. The company is privately held and is located in Maryville, Tennessee.

Skier’s Choice encourages all boating participants to learn and follow safe boating practices. There are risks associated with boating and water sports activities. Be mindful of the risks, familiarize yourself with the environment, know your limits and conduct yourself accordingly.

Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour Sponsors
In addition to title sponsor Supra Boats, the Pro Wakeboard Tour is sponsored by Indmar, Boatmate Trailers, JL Audio, PTM Edge by Protomet, Fat Sac Ballast Systems, Zero Off, Acme, Ronix, Otter Box, Kawasaki, Connect-A-Dock and Yamaha Generators.

About Wakeboarding Magazine
With an emphasis on high-quality photography, in-depth interviews with top riders and reviews on all the latest gear, Wakeboarding inspires its audience with fun and relevant content, anchored by expert boat analysis, quality instruction and how-to features. Its mission is to lead, connect and inspire by enlisting the talents of the most experienced professionals in the industry across multiple media channels. For more information, visit www.wakeboardingmag.com.



Bootsy Collins Launches Bootzilla Records & Digs Deep into 50+ Years of Unreleased Archives. Bootzilla Records Archives, Volume 1 EP out June 28, 2019.

Watch Video for “Bootsy Play-Cation” (featuring The Rubber Band) Filmed in 2012, Previously Unreleased

Reissue LP My Mind Set Me Free: The House Guests Meet The Complete Strangers & Bootsy, Phelps & Gary out August 23 (Shake It! Records)

“Got my diamonds out of hock and I’m ready to funk!” says Bootsy Collins, who has launched his own label Bootzilla Records, the new home for Bootsy's personal archives and current projects. For over 50 years, Bootsy has collected music, collaborations, interviews, films and more, from his time with James Brown’s Original J.B.’s, Parliament-Funkadelic, Bootsy’s Rubber Band and beyond. On June 28, Bootzilla Records will release Bootzilla Records Archives, Volume 1, part of an ongoing series.

The House Guests

“We'll be sharing unreleased music from the past, music from the present, and music far into the future,” says Collins. “Let's just say that the Star-Gate has been opened, and the fountain of youth is pouring love, health and Bootsyful motivation across this nation. Stone-cold, funked-up history in the making!”

Bootzilla Records Archives, Vol. 1 track listing

Crushin' on U (featuring Ouiwey) - Recorded in 2018
Bootsy Play-Cation (featuring The Rubber Band) - Recorded in 2012
Z-Declassified (with Buckethead, Catfish Collins, Bernie Worrell,
Razor Sharp Johnson, Fred Wesley)
When I'm Dancing - Recorded in 2006
Nothin' but U (featuring Chew Fu)

My Mind Set Me Free: The House Guests Meet The Complete Strangers
& Bootsy, Phelps & Gary

For the first time ever as an official release, the House Guests’ complete recordings will be available on August 23 (Cincinnati’s Shake It! Records).

The nine-track collection of obscure singles titled My Mind Set Me Free: The House Guests Meet The Complete Strangers & Bootsy, Phelps & Gary will be released as a limited-edition LP and all formats.

An invaluable if an unsung piece of funk history, The House Guests - Bootsy with Phelps “Catfish” Collins (guitar), Frank “Kash” Waddy (drums), Clayton “Chicken” Gunnells (trumpet) and Rufus Allen (vocals)- are the link between the Original JB’s and Funkadelic.

Catfish Collins & Bootsy Collins

Many, many ecstatic concertgoers, as well as two of the greatest bandleaders in the history of R&B, soul, and rock, have wanted the House Guests, albeit not necessarily by that name. When James Brown wanted them, they were called the Pacemakers; when Brown employed them on some of his most important and influential hits, they were known as the Original JB’s; and when the Motor City visionary George Clinton recruited them, they came to be known as Funkadelic.

Later, they developed a groundbreaking school of psychedelic space-funk as the Complete Strangers and, finally, Bootsy’s Rubber Band.

But for a brief, fleeting moment of divine semi-obscurity, at home in funk-rich Ohio and on the great American road, they were the House Guests. “Couldn’t nobody tell us we weren’t doing it right, because we didn’t really care,” Bootsy recalls today, bursting into one of his spirit-filling laughs.

“We just loved what we were doing, we loved each other and we loved traveling. We were just having a great time. And it all showed in the music.”

The House Guests track listing
My Mind Set Me Free
What So Never to Dance
Fun in Your Thang Pt. 1
Fun in Your Thang Pt. 2
House Guest Girls
Be Right Back
Say Something Good
Love and Understanding

More information on The House Guests can be found here.



Phenomena’s Anthology Features the Best and the Rarest Tracks From the Original Trilogy – Out Now!

This 25TH ANNIVERSARY compilation has been fully endorsed by Tom Galley, who personally compiled the track list.

Featuring special guests:
Glenn Hughes
John Wetton
Brian May
Cozy Powell
Mel Galley
Neil Murray
Ric Sanders
John Thomas
Ted McKenna
Keith Murrell

This BEST OF compilation features the #1 HIT SINGLE ‘Did It All For Love’ sung by John Wetton.

This compilation also features final mixes of the RARE tracks ‘Assassins in the Night’, ‘Running with the Pack’ and ‘Stealing Heaven’.

The rare 12” Remix of ‘Did It All For Love’ is included along with a PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED 12” Remix of ‘Still The Night’.



Knowing the difference between an acoustic violin and its electric version can help you take advantage of the best instrument as a string musician. This is a crucial step in improving your skills while achieving advanced status as a violinist. In addition, you can discover other essential techniques that will help you build a successful career in music.

Acoustic Violin Details

Acoustic violins have a hollow structure to increase vibrations of violin strings. They are designed with a sound box to naturally amplify sounds when the strings vibrate against each other. You hear the sound right from the time it is played. However, for many people, it’s more difficult to play an acoustic violin than its electric counterpart.

The best advantage of acoustic violins from electric versions is the weight. Obviously, an acoustic instrument is more lightweight and manageable due to its traditional construction. You only have to carry a 480-gram classical violin when you choose the acoustic model. Plus, its natural amplification produces more classical tone than the electric amplification.

Electric Violin Details

On the other hand, electric violins have a solid structure in order to boost amp for better sound quality. They don’t have a sound box, but they are created with an external device like speakers or amp so that the sound will be heard across the theater. Slight sound passes off from the instrument, but it’s barely audible.

With plenty of colors and designs, electric violins instill a new experience for modern string musicians. In fact, they amaze beginners and students who want to learn the art of playing stringed and bowed instruments like the violin. It opens possibilities that composers and violinists can explore so that new skills and techniques can be learned.

When it comes to the strings, classical violins only have 4 strings while the electric violins have more than 4 strings. In terms of design, acoustic violins have traditional styles and are unfortunately limited. But if you choose the electric violin, you can enjoy unlimited designs and sizes depending on your personal preferences.


When choosing a musical instrument, it’s important to consider what makes you feel more confident and comfortable. Violins have their own pros and cons for every purpose and use. If you think that an acoustic design is best for you, then go for it. But if you want to experiment and be modern, the electric violin can help you create interesting sounds.



This month's full moon occurs on Monday, June 17 at 4:31 a.m. EDT, but the moon will appear full the night before and after its peak to the casual observer, making for an extra special night show for Father's Day. June's full moon is known as the Strawberry Moon, though it has many other nicknames by different cultures. Read More

The next full moon will be:
Monday * 17 June 2019 * 4:30:40 am (EDT)
Moon sign: Sagittarius 25° 53'

In other time zones:

WELLINGTON = Monday * 17 June 2019 * 8:30:40 pm (NZST)
SYDNEY = Monday * 17 June 2019 * 6:30:40 pm (AEST)
TOKYO = Monday * 17 June 2019 * 5:30:40 pm (JST)
BEIJING = Monday * 17 June 2019 * 4:30:40 pm (CST)
BANGKOK = Monday * 17 June 2019 * 3:30:40 pm (ICT)
DELHI = Monday * 17 June 2019 * 2:00:40 pm (IST)
DUBAI = Monday * 17 June 2019 * 12:30:40 pm (GST)
MOSCOW = Monday * 17 June 2019 * 11:30:40 am (MSK)
BERLIN = Monday * 17 June 2019 * 10:30:40 am (CEST)
LAGOS = Monday * 17 June 2019 * 9:30:40 am (WAT)
LONDON = Monday * 17 June 2019 * 9:30:40 am (BST)
RIO = Monday * 17 June 2019 * 5:30:40 am (BRT)
SANTIAGO = Monday * 17 June 2019 * 4:30:40 am (CLT)
NEW YORK = Monday * 17 June 2019 * 4:30:40 am (EDT)
MEXICO CITY = Monday * 17 June 2019 * 3:30:40 am (CDT)
CALGARY = Monday * 17 June 2019 * 2:30:40 am (MDT)
LOS ANGELES = Monday * 17 June 2019 * 1:30:40 am (PDT)
ANCHORAGE = Monday * 17 June 2019 * 12:30:40 am (AKDT)
HONOLULU = Sunday * 16 June 2019 * 10:30:40 pm (HAST)


THE LAVENDER SCARE Premieres Nationwide on June 18 at 9:00PM on PBS re-airing on digital channels throughout June.

With the United States gripped in the panic of the 1950s Cold War, President Dwight D. Eisenhower deemed homosexuals to be “security risks” and vowed to rid the federal government of all employees discovered to be gay or lesbian.

Over the next four decades, the longest witch-hunt in American history, tens of thousands of government workers would lose their jobs for no reason other than their sexual orientation.

But the mass firings have an unintended effect: they stirred outrage in the gay community, helped ignite the gay rights movement, and thrust an unlikely hero into the forefront of the LGBTQ fight for equality.

Partly based on the award-winning book by historian David K. Johnson, THE LAVENDER SCARE illuminates a little-known chapter of American history and serves as a timely reminder of the value of vigilance and social action when civil liberties are under attack.

Director Josh Howard is a producer and broadcast executive with more than 25 years of experience in news and documentary production. He has been honored with 24 Emmy Awards, mostly for his work on the CBS News broadcast 60 Minutes.


Audible brings an exclusive early listen of the highly anticipated Audible Original, Stan Lee’s Alliances: A Trick of Light, performed by Yara Shahidi, to local comic book store, Vault of Midnight (1226 Library Street, Detroit, MI 48226), enabling local store-goers to be among the very first to hear the audio event of the summer – one of Stan Lee’s final collaborations - weeks before its official release!

A Trick of Light, written by Stan Lee and Kat Rosenfield, created by Stan Lee, Luke Lieberman and Ryan Silbert, and performed by Yara Shahidi (Black-ish, The Sun is Also a Star) is a first-of-its-kind audio storytelling event that invites listeners to unleash the power of their own imagination, and bring to life an epic origin story featuring brand-new superheroes set within a tech-centric, highly-connected world, unnervingly reminiscent of our own (full synopsis).

The audio will exclusively play in-store beginning on Monday, June 10th leading up to the Thursday, June 27th premiere date. A limited amount of A Trick of Light posters and stickers will also be given to the store for customers.



In the tragically short life of country legend Hank Williams, Sr., there were many broken relationships, both personal and professional, that resulted from his self-destructive behavior. One such relationship was with the most important institution in his chosen field: The Grand Ole Opry.

Shortly before it cost him his life, Hank’s drinking cost him his membership in the Opry, just three years after his triumphant debut. That debut, however, remains one of the most famous in the history of the live country-music performance program broadcast weekly on WSN Nashville since 1925.

Hank Williams took to the microphone for his Grand Ole Opry debut on June 11, 1949, electrifying a live audience at Ryman Auditorium that called Williams out for six encores and had to be implored not to call him out for more in order to allow the rest of the show to go on.

Hank Williams was only 25 years old when he was invited to appear for the first time on the Grand Ole Opry. As a young man growing up dirt poor in southern Alabama, he began supporting his family at the age of seven by shining shoes and selling peanuts, but by 14 at least, he was already performing as a professional musician. Read More



In the top 2 of my favorite legendary rock drummers, Johnny Bee Badanjek (Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, Edgar Winter, The Rockets, Alice Cooper, Dr. John, Albert King, Nils Lofgren, The Romantics) is also a very accomplished artist/painter.

"The Pipe Smokers Go Stark Raving Mad." 

Bee's work has been featured at Art Prize in Grand Rapids and many other galleries. I really enjoy his work and am excited that Detroiters will get an opportunity to see Bee and his art on display this coming August 2-31 at the Detroit Artist Market. 

Was thinking the other night that I really don't know much about Bee's art process and this new 6 question Q&A was the result. Thanks, BEE!!

RK: Who are some of your personal art heroes?

BEE: Art is a long history! There may be hundreds of painters I like, but I'll just name a few. Caravaggio, Eugene Delacroix, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Arshile Gorky, Jackson Pollack,
Willem De Kooning, Joan Mitchell.

Chaålis Abbey

RK: What are your top 5 favorite tools to work with?

BEE: I work in Oil and Acrylic Paint. Prismacolor Pencils, Black Ink, and Pastels.

RK: What motivates you to paint?

BEE: I always liked drawing as a kid. And I thought that I would be an artist. But I started playing the drums and got sidetracked for fifty years before I came back to art. I think it's (art) just something you have to do. In order to be a real artist, you have to close the door and throw your bank book away. And become an Isolated stranger to the rest of the world. " Painters are like magicians of Insecurity."

RK: Do you sketch first or paint straight to canvas?

BEE: I do both. Sketching helps the mind loosen up and start ideas flowing. And other times you just start painting and see what comes out. Most of the time you end up in a different place from where you started.

RK: What artist/genre do you most identify with?

RK: I like artists from the Mid-century who came from the New York School. Abstract Expressionists! I would say my painting is like an Abstract-Figuration with squiggles and scumbling!


RK: What’s your favorite of your artwork

BEE: I have a few favorites. (1.) "The Boy With The Moon Rock Eyes." (2.) "A Small Utopia (Portrait Of Mary Cobra." (3.) "The Pipe Smokers Go Stark Raving Mad." (4.) "Erasing A Cobra With Moon On A String." (5.) "The Artist And His Mother."

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