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Today you may well receive the news you've been waiting for regarding something you've been working hard on for a while.

If there have been no delays or difficulties, then your news will be good news, and there'll be some celebrating tonight for sure.

If, however, this 'project' you have been working on has been plagued with problems, the news is not likely to be in your favor, which may lead to tension amongst your work colleagues or people who are close to you.

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Smithsonian: Alex Fox The depths of the Great Lakes are littered with the sodden remains of an estimated 6,000 sunken ships. Many of these wrecks—preserved by the cold, freshwater of the so-called inland seas—are nearly pristine, frozen in their final death throes for centuries.

This month, waves and high water levels unearthed two historic shipwrecks on the shores of Lake Michigan, reports Lynn Moore for MLive. Experts from the Michigan Shipwreck Research Association (MSRA) identified the first, discovered near the city of Manistique on April 20, as an early 20th-century schooner named after part-owner Rokus Kanters, a marine contractor and the former mayor of Holland, Michigan. The second, which washed up near Ludington on April 24, has yet to be identified but is thought to date back to the mid-19th century, according to the Port of Ludington Maritime Museum.

The high water levels divulging these ancient wrecks have plagued the Great Lakes region over the past several years, eroding its beaches and threatening lakefront properties.

“We’re seeing some of the highest water levels in recorded history on the Great Lakes, and that’s the result of very wet weather experienced over the last several years,” Keith Kompoltowicz, chief of watershed hydrology for the Detroit district of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, told the Washington Post’s Kim Frauhammer in 2019.

Climate change is the simple explanation for the region’s unprecedented weather and rising water levels, but in lakes, the situation is more complicated than in seas. Instead of an inexorable march upward, the Great Lakes are expected to seesaw between extremes, according to the Post. That means both flooded basements and shipping lanes too shallow for cargo ships loom in the lakes’ future. READ MORE


Anyone can get into an accident and be injured at any time. Whether you’ve been injured at work, on private property, on public property, or the road, you might be able to make a claim and receive compensation for your sustained injuries and lost income, as an injury could require medical attention and may even keep you out of work for some time, depending on how severe it is.

Making an injury claim involves taking legal steps to prove you were not the one at fault. Typical claims include car accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, faulty products, and more. Each case is different and dictates the amount you can be awarded in compensatory damages. There are several documents you need to present to receive compensation for an injury, and these 7 documents are crucial to every case.

1. Official Report

When an accident happens, an official report must be filed, and it must be filed within a specific timeframe, or else, you can ruin your chances of receiving any compensation because the statute of limitations will have passed. This official report is usually a police report or an accident reconstruction report. Law enforcement can write up a report of the accident as it happened, so get in touch with the police department that is handling the case. These reports are considered public records and can be accessed by anyone.

2. Victim Statement

After an accident, it’s all too common for the victims to make statements that could harm their case. You might admit guilt when the fact is, you were not the one at fault. You will realize very early on that a personal injury lawyer is essential to help you in this matter and all other legalities of the case. If you have been injured, Justin Kimball from PreszlerLaw-NS.com explains that it will be your responsibility to prove that your injuries were caused by a negligent property owner and not some other reason. Most people can’t prove this on their own. Also, the party you are bringing the case against probably has a lawyer to defend them, so you need to counter this by also having legal representation. shea and shea

The first people usually involved in these types of cases are insurance companies. It can be tricky dealing with them, so it’s best not to make any statements to them, nor sign any settlement papers without having an attorney present. You should also report any communication between you and an insurance company to your lawyer and inform them of all previous communication and statements made.

3. Witness Statements

If there were people around who witnessed the accident, you’ll want to collect their names and contact information. You can then submit the list of witnesses to your lawyer who will contact them and collect their statements. It’s best not to communicate directly with anyone else who was involved in an accident, especially in a road accident. If you’re not seriously injured, you can also write down everything you remember concerning the accident.

4. Pictures and/or Videos

It’s easy for evidence to be erased after an accident. With people coming and going and causing a commotion, it’s crucial to collect evidence of the accident as soon as possible. The evidence could be in the form of pictures or videos. Not only should you take pictures of the scene of the accident, but also of the injuries you sustain. These images can be used for your medical records as well as your legal records. When it comes to documenting the accident, take pictures of the scene from different angles, and be sure to take pictures of any broken equipment or gear as well.

5. Medical Documents

Medical documents are essential to your case, so you must keep a record of them. These documents must be collected from the very beginning. It’s more than possible that an insurance agency will claim that the injuries you suffered are not related to the accident and were present previously. So, get statements from the doctors who are treating you and record what those treatments are. Besides the information regarding the kind of injuries you sustained, you also want doctor statements detailing the types of treatments you are receiving and the expected duration of your treatment. All types of treatments need to be backed up by official documents obtained from the doctor, hospital, or clinic treating you.

6. Work-Related Documents

After an accident, even a minor one, you might have to stop working for a certain period of time. The more serious the injury, the longer you will have to stay out of work. In many cases, people may often lose their job. But even if you don’t lose your job, you may witness a big cut in your earnings until you’re able to return to work. Most people don’t have the money to keep them afloat as they recuperate from an injury. This is why you need documentation to show how much you earn to determine your expected earnings so that you are compensated for both. The work documents will provide a realistic estimate of how much you have lost in terms of earnings.

7. Damaged Property Report

Depending on the type of accident, you have the right to claim compensation for the damages caused to your personal property. You will usually find a need for this in road accidents. Images will help you prove the damages that happened to your vehicle, home, or any of your properties. Say, for instance, you suffered an injury in your home due to a faulty repair job. A professional lawyer can directly correlate the repair job to your injury, which would allow you to receive compensation for the injury as well as the damages caused to your property.

Injury cases are serious. Without a lawyer to guide you, you can lose your right to receive compensation and you may not be able to hold the person accountable for causing your accident. It’s already a difficult situation for you and you don’t need more problems on your hands. So, if you ever find yourself a victim of an accident, get in touch with a lawyer and present them the above-mentioned documents to get the maximum compensation for what you’ve been through.


Pete Townshend probably doesn't need any more clout in the eyes of most fans of rock music. As a founding member of British legends The Who - a band that started in the 1960s and still occasionally performs today - he was involved in the creation o timeless classics like ''My Generation,' 'Pinball Wizard,' and 'Baba O'Riley.' That doesn't seem to be enough recognition for Pete, though - because now the iconic lead guitarist wants to be credited with helping Jimi Hendrix on the road to worldwide fame.

Most of you are probably familiar with Hendrix's stint in the United Kingdom in 1966. He came into the country as a relative unknown and left the country nine months later as one of the biggest stars in the world. According to Townshend, things may have gone very differently if he hadn't given the young Hendrix a key piece of advice right at the start of the tour.

In an interview he recently gave to Ultimate Classic Rock, Townshend claims that Hendrix was brought by his manager to meet him in a London recording studio right at the start of his stay for advice on equipment. Townshend, who clearly knew a thing or two about guitars and amplifiers, sent him away with instructions to buy a device made by a company called Sound City rather than the standard Marshall that everyone else was buying at that time.

Two weeks later, The Who played the Saville Theater in Camden, with Hendrix there to support them. In the time between their first meeting and their second, Hendrix had clearly been experimenting with the capabilities of his new toy. When he took to the stage, he'd come up with what Townshend described as a 'slabby' sound played at incredibly high volume, and he blew the headliners out of the water. Nobody was talking about The Who when the night came to an end. Instead, everybody was talking about the newly-discovered American guitarist who'd stolen the show and perforated a few eardrums in the process of doing so.

While Townshend's recent words are probably tongue-in-cheek, there was definitely an issue between the Who and Hendrix at one point during the 1960s. They found themselves on the same bill at the Monterey Pop Festival a year later and disagreed about who should take the stage first. Hendrix didn't want to go on after the Who because they were notorious for exhausting the crowd and destroying the stage after finishing their sets with 'My Generation.' The Who didn't want to go on after Hendrix because they feared his extravagant showmanship would leave them looking second-best by comparison.

Instead of wanting to headline themselves, each wanted the other to headline. Legend has it that they tried to settle it with a head-to-head guitar battle backstage, but when no winner could be decided, the matter was decided by the toss of a coin.

The Who took to the stage first that night, and did everything they were expected to do. The crowd was provoked to the point of a near-riot by ‘My Generation,’ and Hendrix walked out onto a stage that was covered in the shattered remains of broken instruments. Townshend winked at him as he walked off as if to say ‘top that.’ Hendrix did.

Famously, he ended his set by setting his guitar on fire and allowing it to burn in his hands. It was one of the most striking and defining visuals of the era, and even The Who had to admit that they’d been beaten at their own game.

As career-enhancing as Hendrix's time in the UK proved to be, it wasn't the happiest time of his career. Hendrix liked playing new music and writing new songs. British crowds preferred hearing songs that they already knew, and would heckle Hendrix if he got too far into a performance without playing enough of his prior hits to keep them satisfied. 'Foxy Lady' became a particular bugbear, with the artist having tired of playing the song long before audiences had tired of hearing it.

Fellow rock legend Alice Cooper once recounted a tale of Hendrix swearing never to play the song again because he was bored of it, with Cooper able to talk him around and remind him that fans pay for tickets to hear songs that they know and love. This wasn’t just a problem that plagued artists of the 1960s - Kurt Cobain famously loathed playing ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ live with Nirvana during the 1990s, and any live performance by Radiohead from the past ten years is unlikely to include the biggest hits from their first two albums.

Ultimately, whether he was assisted by Pete Townshend's safe advice or not, Hendrix became one of the biggest stars in world music and left a legacy that still endures to this day. That's demonstrated by the fact that you can even find his music playing at online slots websites.

There's an official Jimi Hendrix slots UK that features the star's likeness and a collection of his best-known works, and it's proven to be a big hit with players. Coincidentally, having his own online slots game is something that Hendrix has in common with Alice Cooper, who's also a big hit at virtual casinos. If Hendrix was bored of playing 'Foxy Lady' fifty years ago when the song was still relatively new, we hate to imagine what he'd think of it still being on rotation so regularly now. He'd probably wish that he'd never written it at all!

Hendrix was such a unique and talented musician that he’d almost certainly have risen to the top whether or not a fellow performer had given him some hints and tips about basic equipment. Different types of guitar and amp can change a performer’s sound, but they don’t define their style. If you could play like Hendrix, you’d still come across like a masterful performer even if you were using the cheapest amp and instrument that money could buy. We can’t say for sure whether or not Townshend gave Hendrix a nudge up the ladder- but it’s a ladder he’d have eventually climbed on his own anyway.


These days, every single area of business is fiercely competitive, and rising above your competition requires ingenious marketing methods. In 2019, a study on the effectiveness of different forms of marketing found that over 75% of all new customers and clients were attracted through the internet.

The power of the internet has increased so much that by far the most important marketing strategy available to businesses is online marketing. The ultimate aim of all online marketing strategies is to direct more customers or clients to your business’s website. There are various ways to achieve this, but the most effective is through Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

SEO uses a range of strategies and tools to raise your business’s website to the top of search engine result page rankings. Omaha SEO services This is vital as most new customers or clients only look at the first few results. A recent marketing survey showed that most people do not even look past the top 3 results and so ensuring your website is as high on the list as possible is key to attracting potential new customers and clients.

Search Engine optimization requires professional SEO strategists to plan and implement the necessary tools and to continuously evolve and update your online marketing campaign.

This article will explain the most effective SEO tools and offer some useful tips on how to maximize your SEO potential.

1. Quality Links with Proper Anchor Text

The first method to maximize your SEO potential is through off-site search engine optimization. Essentially what this means is that you use links that direct traffic back to your website which is tactically integrated into external websites and blogs.  Implementation of these backlinks has two main benefits for a business like free article rewriter.

First of all, potential new clients and customers who were previously not aware of your business will be introduced to your products or services. As they will have clicked on your link on a website or blog that they like and trust, they will be predisposed to give your business a chance. Second, search engine algorithms scan for backlinks and if they are judged to be quality, reliable backlinks, it increases your business’s website’s rating and can raise you in search engine results page rankings. The clickable text which links to your website is called anchor text. In the blog post The Definitive Guide To Proper Anchor Text Ratio SEO, it says that the correct text and placing within an article is very important for creating effective backlinks.

The search engine algorithms are highly advanced and if your backlinks are judged to be unnatural and purely promotional, your website can be flagged up and even blacklisted. This can be disastrous for a business as it is then highly unlikely that you will be able to achieve a good ranking. For this reason, you must have an experienced SEO engineer to plan and execute your off-site SEO.

2. Full Technical Search Engine Optimization

The next thing that an SEO engineer will look to address is your website’s technical SEO. Most importantly, technical SEO means ensuring that your website can be located, scanned, and ranked by search engines. This is vital because if search engines cannot even find your website, then no amount of quality marketing is going to make any difference to your traffic. The next thing is to make sure that your website is functioning well. Your SEO team will test drive your website and check that it is fit for purpose. Badly designed websites may have slow page loading times, jumpy web page scrolling, dead links, or ineffective headings. These kinds of issues can be very frustrating for potential customers who visit your site and can lose you an enormous amount of business. Your SEO team will check the usability of both the desktop and mobile versions of your website to make sure new customers or clients can visit your website on any device they like.

3. Content! Content! Content!

Ranking top in search engine results pages depends on identifying the most commonly searched keywords and placing them strategically into the content of your website. To identify which key terms to use in your content, you must first find out what terms are most commonly searched for by your target audience.

Your SEO engineer can run various programs to analyze these inputs as well as researching your closest competition to see what keywords and phrases they are implementing in their content. Once you have this analytical information, you can use it to start dominating search engine results pages. These terms must be integrated naturally, or just as with backlinks, search engine algorithms will flag your website for trying to game the system and you could be blacklisted.

Your website’s content needs to be informative and engaging or increased traffic will never translate into increased business. Remember that your website is the online face of your company. Your websites and social media pages must create a good impression of your business.

Experienced and skilled web content writers will ensure that your website content is well written, aesthetically appealing, and effective in portraying your brand’s message. Your website content should lay out exactly what products and services you offer as well as contact information and positive customer testimonials to show you have a quality customer service record.

These days, the best websites often use chatbots or a similar instant response channel so that visitors to your website can make inquiries about your business or have any questions promptly answered.

Maximizing your SEO potential is all about systematically addressing every facet of your website and driving traffic through every channel possible. It is very important to understand that search engine algorithms are highly sensitive and are designed to detect any overtly contrived backlinks or unnaturally used key terms within the website content.

Ranking above your competitors needs a well thought out, expertly implemented SEO strategy and so it is always advisable to bring professionals on board, both to set up your SEO and then to update and evolve it as a continuous process. Effective SEO takes time and careful planning, but by following the steps laid out in this article, you will start to see fantastic results in no time at all.


I was wondering the other day who are the most notorious criminals serving life inside the Super Max Prison known as the ADX in Florence Colorado. There are 4 prisons located in that complex with over 3,000 total prisoners. However, only 382 are assigned to the ADX. The inmate's life inside the ADX is a whole lot like living in an average bathroom. They do get a small tv with very limited channels.

Just a two-hour drive from Denver, 376 of the United States’ most notorious criminals are held at the country’s only federal supermax prison, the U.S. Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility—otherwise known as the ADX.

As of mid-July, Colorado gained yet another infamous resident, when Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, the leader of Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel, was relocated here after being sentenced to life plus 30 years on international drug trafficking charges earlier in the month.

The 37-acre compound, located on the outskirts of the old mining town of Florence in Fremont County, was opened in November 1994 and houses many of the country’s most high-profile inmates, including those convicted of federal high crimes and deemed too violent to live among a general prison population.

Prisoners at the ADX—we’re talking bombers, serial killers, terrorists, mobsters, cult leaders, and drug kingpins—live in near-continuous solitary confinement, spending 23 or more hours a day isolated in soundproof, one-man cells that are only 7-by-12 feet, with a small, four-inch slit for a window. Aka Hi-Tek Hell. Read More

7 Most Notorious Inmates:

Eric R. Rudolph: Olympic Park bomber, serving two life sentences
Eric Robert Rudolph (born September 19, 1966), also known as the Olympic Park Bomber, is an American Christian Terrorist convicted for a series of anti-abortion and anti-gay-motivated bombings across the southern United States between 1996 and 1998, which killed three people and injured 150 others.

Theodore "Ted" John Kaczynski:
Domestic terrorist, aka the “Unabomber,” serving eight life sentences is an American domestic terrorist, anarchist, and former mathematics professor.[2][3][4] He was a mathematics prodigy, but he abandoned his academic career in 1969 to pursue a more primitive lifestyle. Between 1978 and 1995, he killed three people and injured 23 others in an attempt to start a revolution by conducting a nationwide bombing campaign targeting people involved with modern technology.

Robert P. Hanssen: Double agent/spy, serving 15 consecutive life sentences. On February 18, 2001, Robert Philip Hanssen was arrested and charged with committing espionage on behalf of the intelligence services of the former Soviet Union and its successors. He pled guilty to 15 counts of espionage on July 6, 2001, and was sentenced to prison without the possibility of parole.

Terry L. Nichols: Oklahoma City bomber/domestic terrorist, serving 161 consecutive life sentences is an American domestic terrorist who was convicted of being an accomplice in the Oklahoma City bombing.

Ramzi Yousef & Mohammed Salameh: Two of the 1993 World Trade Center bombers; serving life sentences are Kuwaiti convicted terrorists of Pakistani origin who were the perpetrators of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the bombing of Philippine Airlines Flight 434, and was a co-conspirator in the Bojinka plot.

Evil Dr Michael Swango: the poisoning guy Serial killer, serving three consecutive life terms. Joseph Michael Swango (born October 21, 1954) is an American serial killer and a former physician. It is estimated that Swango has been involved in as many as 60 fatal poisonings of patients and colleagues, though he only admitted to causing four deaths. He was sentenced in 2000 to three consecutive life terms without the possibility of parole

Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev: Death Row Terrorist, aka the Boston bomber, sentenced to death born July 22, 1993 is a Kyrgyz-American terrorist of Chechen descent who was convicted of planting pressure cooker bombs at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, along with his brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The bombings killed three people and injured approximately 280 others.


The Full Moon of May is known as Flower Moon to signify the flowers that bloom during this month. There is a myriad of wildflowers that bloom in May in the Northern Hemisphere, where these traditional Full Moon names originated.

It is also a symbol of the spiritual aspects of femininity, such as intuition, psychic abilities, creativity, and wisdom. The Maiden, symbolized by the waxing moon, represents purity, youthfulness, and enchantment.

Thursday * 7 May 2020 * 6:45:13 am (EDT)
Moon sign: Scorpio 17° 20'

In other time zones:
WELLINGTON = Thursday * 7 May 2020 * 10:45:13 pm (NZST)
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BERLIN = Thursday * 7 May 2020 * 12:45:13 pm (CEST)
LAGOS = Thursday * 7 May 2020 * 11:45:13 am (WAT)
LONDON = Thursday * 7 May 2020 * 11:45:13 am (BST)
RIO = Thursday * 7 May 2020 * 7:45:13 am (BRT)
SANTIAGO = Thursday * 7 May 2020 * 6:45:13 am (CLT)
NEW YORK = Thursday * 7 May 2020 * 6:45:13 am (EDT)
MEXICO CITY = Thursday * 7 May 2020 * 5:45:13 am (CDT)
CALGARY = Thursday * 7 May 2020 * 4:45:13 am (MDT)
LOS ANGELES = Thursday * 7 May 2020 * 3:45:13 am (PDT)
ANCHORAGE = Thursday * 7 May 2020 * 2:45:13 am (AKDT)
HONOLULU = Thursday * 7 May 2020 * 1:45:13 am (HAST)


How Dynamic Video Promo Creators Are Changing The Face Of Digital Advertising

In the wake of the growing influence of digitalization, video advertising is all set to become the next big thing in the advertising world. Smartphones continue to evolve to become a convenient means for internet surfing. In this scenario, it becomes imperative to conceptualize a well-planned strategy related to creating and distributing digital video ads to optimize ROI.

Visual content has emerged as the most powerful contemporary key to drive lead conversions and to build meaningful connections with your ideal audience. This is where the role of a powerful video promo creator like InVideo comes in the picture.

The gradual shift from non-visual to visual content has been dramatic and somewhat predictable. Thankfully, it has become easier to track the behavior of audiences through diversified tools. Research studies suggest that the sites that majorly rely on video content become successful in attracting a massive amount of traffic.

Therefore, if you are yet to embrace the video content, do it as soon as possible to cut through the clutter and ultimately stand out amidst the competition. Here, learn how embracing digital video advertising can prove to be a prudent decision for your business:-

Advantages of Digital Video Advertising

Creating awareness and generating interest: There is no denial of the fact that superior-quality banner ads combined with captivating logos go a long way in generating interest towards exploring a brand. Through the medium of effective storytelling, a video ad can better strike a deeper emotional connection with the ideal audiences. It results in compelling them to learn more about the brand and its offerings while encouraging them to embark on a buying journey.

Driving Traffic: Driving traffic plays an extremely crucial role in converting the curious audience into buyers. To drive traffic, it is important to engage them, no matter if the product is B2C, B2B, analog, retail, industrial or high-tech, video content can certainly do the needful effectively.

Establishing and nurturing connections: Establishing a connection is certainly important but nurturing that connection is no less important. Attracting new customers is 5 times more expensive than nurturing existing customers. Be it establishing a connection or be it nurturing that connection, the significance of personalized video cannot be underestimated in accomplishing conversion goals.

Sales Conversion: Even the most influential eCommerce platforms swear by the effectiveness of video ads in the context of sales conversion. As per studies, video product descriptions enhance the chances of buying a product by a shopper by up to 35%.

In the contemporary era, social media presence has become of utmost importance for the majority of the brand genres. It is certainly difficult to capture the attention of the audience on social media due to the immense competition. However, with the help of a quality-driven video ad creator, it becomes possible to translate the brand’s vision into an engaging video ad. This ad then becomes an ultimate instrument in generating sales via varied social media platforms due to the flawless engagement.

Enhanced Shareability: Since end-buyers feel more inclined towards sharing the video ad backed by arresting visual appeal; naturally, the video ad content reaches out to more people, driving more sales conversions.

Since more and more people are relying on mobiles to watch content, micro-ads are turning to be an effective strategy to distribute the video content to engage the attention of the ideal audience.

Improved Search Engine Ranking: Search engine ranking plays a crucial role in the success of any brand. If a brand is better accessible over the search engine, it naturally ends up attracting the attention of the ideal audience. Due to enhanced shareability, the ranking over the search engine naturally goes up higher.

Dynamic Storytelling Style: A video advertisement is any day more effective than non-video content due to a multitude of reasons. Right from conveying the detailed amount of information in a minimal time wrapped up in an engaging storytelling style, a video goes up an extra mile in capturing the senses of the audiences, thereby developing strong connections.

SEO Advantages: It is a proven fact that search engines prefer to display video content since it results in a win-win situation, imparting respective benefits to the search engines and the brands, both. Embedding video content in websites and social media platforms helps the ideal audience get hold of the relevant information in a visually appealing manner, thereby driving lead conversions.

The bottom line

Video content has indeed emerged as a dynamic way to consume news, let alone talk about the entertainment industry. Empowered by intriguing visual experience, impactful storytelling style, and aesthetic appeal, Digital Video Advertising is undoubtedly the future of advertising. It is only through making the best use of the resourcefulness of a dynamic ad maker platform that a brand can accomplish its myriad business goals.

Especially, through integrating micro-length video advertisements, brands can outshine competitors in minimal time to gain a strong foothold in the competition.

Besides video advertising, there are a few more trends expected to rule through the roost of the digital landscape in the imminent future. They include user-generated content, augmented reality, AI, and much more.

A meaningful user-generated content built around the personality of a brand assures the buyer of experiencing a real buying experience. As far as Augmented Reality is concerned, it helps a brand in delivering a bespoke experience. With AI, it will be further possible for brands to enhance the visual appeal of the video content to achieve the goals. The fact is supported by a study that approximately one-third of the buyers purchase a product post-viewing a video advertisement.

In a nutshell, if you are yet to experience the marvels of a resourceful video maker, integrate it in your marketing strategy to witness an upward swing in your sales.



Gambling-related activities have been in place for many years. The growth of the industry is sparked by a large number of people who are interested in it. They include investors and gamblers. While the future of placing wagers appears to be bright, history dictates that the trade has undergone various changes, as well as challenges.

A brief history of gambling

Gambling dates back to the year 1638 when the first center related to the activity was launched in Europe. Back then, the center referred to as the Risotto was not regarded as a casino despite meeting all the traits that the modern casinos such as casinos Canada portray. The Great Council of Venice was the body behind the creation of the house. Gambling can also be traced to countries such as China and Egypt. The activity continued to grow unpopularity in these nations, specifically among the locals. For instance, in China, people used to play the 'white pigeon ticket,' which was extremely popular back then.

Origins from Las Vegas

Despite being known to many as the home of gamblers, Las Vegas grew gradually from a small setting to achieve its present status. Initially, players used to meet in saloons to participate in their games and not casinos.

While other states outlawed such activities within their boundary, Nevada took a contrary route and legalized the trade in the year 1931, allowing for the birth of casinos within the region. It is for this reason that when other states continued to lag behind, Las Vegas casinos continued to grow, turning the area into the powerhouse that it is today. To date, the region continues to lead while others follow.

War years

The war years presented tough implications for many areas across the world. Many activities came to a halt since all the attention shifted towards an era of uncertainty that had gripped the globe. People were struggling to engage in different activities in an age where peace was non-existent. Gambling activities also suffered similar consequences of hardship.

Focus had shifted to address more pressing matters relating. However, during the war years, which ranged from 1939 to 1945, El Rancho was born in Nevada in an area that had grown to be the home of gambling. Its establishment sparked a positive period for casinos' popularity.

After the Second World War

The growth of Nevada after the end of the Second World War was purely due to the growing number of gamblers that were streaming into the area. People had enough money to spend and were beginning to accept the trade even more. Popular individuals, as well as high ranking personnel, also started to embrace the growth of the industry as evident from their desire to visit regularly. Tourism was also not left behind as the region began to receive many visitors from across the country and other nations following the end of the war. With casinos growing at an exceptional rate, workers also benefited since they were able to land jobs where they earned a lot of money.

Online casinos in the internet era

The internet has changed many aspects relating to human lives. Gambling has also undergone its share of transformations owing to the innovation brought about by technology. The period starting from the year 1990 saw gambling activities take to the internet. For instance, in the year 1996, over ten gaming websites had been launched.

The opportunity was unique since it allowed the developers to take their activities to the next level. In the same year, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission came into existence to act as a regulator for the industry. Since that period, many players started accessing their favorite games remotely without visiting a physical location, perhaps the reason why casinos grew so popular.

Mobile gambling

The existence of mobile devices has also served in favor of players and business owners. These devices are easy to carry around and can be accessed at any given time. The continued increase in the number of mobile phone users engaging in gambling has further contributed to the creation of more online sites by developers. These sites are designed specifically to meet the needs of the users and leave them with the urge to come back for more. To this end, companies have relied on the skills of top developers to improve user experience.

The future- Gambling on the blockchain

Many people are inclined to agree that the future of gambling appears to be uncertain with the existence of blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others, have transformed the manner in which people fund their online activities. They have made it possible to finance such issues anomalously. In addition to this, they have also reduced the cost of every single transaction that other funding means would demand.

Blockchain has also functioned to increase access to gambling since the technology does not have strict limitations.

While the gambling industry has undergone many changes to shape it into what it is today, it remains to be seen just how resilient the industry is to the changes that are likely to come in the future. It will be fascinating to witness how investors and players respond to what is expected to be a turbulent period.



Don’t you ever look at your kids and think: Back in my day, things were definitely a lot different. True enough, things really have changed since the previous generation. Children are becoming more and more detached to the outside world and more focused on the virtual world they have on screen. Like seriously, 5 year-olds of today have way better tech than I did when I was in university and it was only not too long ago (really) that I graduated. iPhones, tablets, iPads., I mean really?

All I had when I was that age was a toy phone that said “How are you?” whenever you press the call button – in a really weird, squeaky voice at that.

But you know what? Despite my low-tech childhood, I can really say that I was able to savor the moments of growing up. These days, kids grow up without ever feeling like they were kids in the first place! They live in this grown-up world, with grown-up rules, and their only escape is by means of video games or social media.

Would you believe that 14-year-old girls have way more intelligence than me at my age? They know how to work it better too. Children are trying so hard to live in this world of adults when all they really have to do is act their age – and actually enjoy it. Read more about this phenomenon.

I think that one thing that really saved me back then was music. It was something I really enjoyed too. My cousins and I used to go camping during the summer holidays and sing merry songs round the bonfire. When I look back at it now, it was one of the most precious times of my childhood and the memory of it is so colorful and so vibrant that it literally makes me teary-eyed whenever I go down memory lane. Music made my younger years really, really fun indeed.

Why don’t you encourage your kids to take up music too? Maybe this way, they’d grow a deeper connection with the world outside. Maybe this way, they’d be able to live in the moment better. It’s not too hard or too expensive either. One of the very best ways to introduce children to music and actually get them to live it is by giving them a beginner’s guitar.

Introducing Your Child To Guitars For Beginners

A beginner’s guitar is really nothing too fancy. It’s often a simple guitar with a smaller frame (compared to professional ones) for better handling. They’re not too expensive either. In fact, you can get a perfectly nice model with just a couple hundreds – sometimes, even less than that. Just imagine that for a measly amount – it’s almost changed even – you can give your beloved a childhood so memorable he or she would revisit it, again and again, no matter how much time passes. I think that’s the most beautiful gift you can ever give a growing child. These Top 5 Reviewers can help you get started.

Those video games, Instagram photos, and YouTube videos they keep following will die out in their memory in time and all that will be left is a void in their childhood that they’ll find so hard to fill.

Fill it up with music

As a parent, you have to make it your responsibility to help your kids make the most out of their time as children. Let them be children for it is the most precious and impactful time of one’s life. You have to nurture each and every piece of their childhood memories with fun, laughter and wonder. I personally think that’s what makes great adults in the future. Rather than exposing them to social media all the time, where all they learn is compare and contrast their lives with others, getting them into a more productive activity will definitely be a hundred times better!

Check out this interesting article:

How To Get Your Kid Started On This New Hobby

Buy A Beginner’s Guitar

If you’re going to introduce your kid to this new activity soon, it’s best that you prepare the most important equipment in advance – the guitar! It would be harder to convince him to get into it otherwise. If you just talk to your child about it, he or she may not get the reason for the whole thing entirely. But if you show it to them, the mere instrument may spark enough interest in them already and that’s what’s going to encourage them to start.

Remove Other Distractions

Your main goal here is to actually reduce unproductive activities (e.g. excessively long hours of playing computer games, watching YouTube videos for hours at a time, too much scrolling on social media) and start replacing it with more productive, involved, and engaging ones. In order to let your child actually invest time and attention to learning a new instrument, you have to remove the factors or elements that might be preventing them from fully immersing themselves in the said activity. Limit their hours online or establish a “game curfew.” They might hate it at first but no good change comes without sacrifice. Check this out, for instance.

Hire A Good Mentor

I could suggest letting them learn from YouTube but it would be sort of counterproductive from what you’re trying to achieve here, right? So instead of risking reinforcing the negative behavior, even more, I think hiring a good music teacher is a better idea. It helps promote their social interaction too.

I could suggest letting them learn from YouTube but it would be sort of counterproductive from what you’re trying to achieve here, right? So instead of risking reinforcing the negative behaviour even more, I think hiring a good music teacher is a better idea. It helps promote their social interaction too.



I love Gangsters Inc and am a long time subscriber. Today they shared this cool virtual tour of The Mob Museum in Las Vegas! Cool!!

The Coronavirus is keeping all of us locked up in our homes. Realizing we can’t come to them, the nice people at The Mob Museum in Las Vegas are offering a new virtual tour of their wonderful place. This tour is a three-part series of all four floors of the Museum's highlighted exhibitions and artifacts that take you on a journey through the underworld. Full story here.


Between 1979 to 1981, at least 30 African-American children and young adults disappeared or were murdered in Atlanta. Although 23-year-old Wayne Williams was prosecuted for two crimes, the rest of the cases were ultimately closed following his conviction in 1982.

Forty years later, with the official re-opening of the case by Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, this five-part docuseries tells the inside story of the shocking tragedy, shedding new light on the horrific killings through exclusive archival footage, unseen court documents and interviews with those closest to the children and investigation.


NEW YORK, NY (April 3, 2020) – Affirming herself as the boldest and brightest breakthrough R&B songstress of 2020, gold-selling Phoenix-raised and Los Angeles-based artist KIANA LEDÉ reveals her highly anticipated full-length debut, KIKI, today. The album was Executive Produced by longtime collaborator Mike Woods (Rice N' Peas) and Kiana co-wrote the entire project as well.

She initially introduced the project with “Mad At. Me,” which has over 13 million global streams. The Guardian stated, “At only a smidge over two minutes, it repurposes the chorus melody from OutKast’s ‘So Fresh, So Clean’ in such persuasive fashion that, once it is over, the only logical recourse is to play it again.” Meanwhile, the follow-up “Forfeit” [feat. Lucky Daye] landed on Noisey’s “18 R&B Songs That Make Up for This Unbearable Year” and posted up 3.5 million global streams thus far. To date, music from KIKI has tallied 17 million total streams and counting.

Continuing the momentum, Kiana releases the visuals to her new track "Chocolate" [feat. Ari Lenox]. It's the first official music video shot entirely on Facetime, during this self-isolation period. Watch it HERE.

In recognition of the world’s struggle with the global COVID-19 pandemic, she commented, “Music is therapy. It will always be therapy for me. I hope Kiki gives you a little entertainment while you’re stuck inside. Maybe it offers some comfort. Donate, do what you can do in your community, and stay home! Jessie J once told me, ‘Be the soundtrack for the good things you do in life, especially during the bad times’. I tried to do that by telling a true story.”

Long before all of this, the songstress “from South Phoenix with Black, Mexican, Native American, and White ancestry” grew up between divorced parents. She played classical instruments and competed in pageants—but popped wheelies on dirt bikes and got under the hood to fix a car or two. Eventually, an adventurous spirit carried her from Arizona to Los Angeles where she began a journey that comes full circle in 2020.


April 3, 2020 - Rising Nashville singer/songwriter Ruthie Collins released today her anticipated sophomore album Cold Comfort via Sidewalk Records, a division of Curb|Word Entertainment. A captivating blend of cinematic roots, intimate folk, and old-school country, the album foregoes the pop shine of Collins' earlier work in favor of a rawer, more honest sound. Cold Comfort is available for stream or purchase HERE.

Tune in to her Facebook page tonight at 7pm CT as she performs Cold Comfort live from beginning to end.

Earlier this week, Ruthie shared the video for her latest single "Bad Woman," which debuted on Wide Open Country. She recently spoke with Taste of Country about the song and stated, "Sometimes to find balance in life, I have to swing the pendulum all the way to the other side of the spectrum to find the middle ground. 'Bad Woman' was an exercise in that."

With hints of Americana legends like Patty Griffin and Emmylou Harris, Cold Comfort pairs rich, orchestral strings and sweeping pedal steel with hypnotizing harmonies and indelible hooks. The songs span the last five years of Collins' life, charting her sometimes-harrowing emotional evolution with boldly vulnerable lyrics and unflinching self-examination, and her delivery is both heartrending and soul-bearing to match.

Along with producer/guitarist Wes Harllee and Grammy-winner Ryan Freeland, the result is an album that learns to make peace with pain, a lush, moving record that finds strength in sadness, gratitude in hardship, and growth in the most unlikely of places.

Upon its release, album single "Cold Comfort" was picked by Consequence of Sound for their Songs You Need To Know list while The Boot called it "a song that's all about the small, yet devastating, realizations that come as a person heals from a breakup."

Lead track "Joshua Tree" and it's accompanying video portrays a "heartbreaking" (CMT) modern-day setting inspired by the tragic story of Gram Parson's death at the Joshua Tree Inn. The song was praised by Billboard for its "ethereal vocals alongside soaring strings features, minimal piano parts, and delicate percussion."

Since joining Curb Records in 2011, Collins immediately began turning heads with a series of critically acclaimed releases and show-stopping festival performances everywhere from Stagecoach to FarmBorough. Rolling Stone stated "Collins' voice has the fluttery nuances more common in Seventies Laurel Canyon than in the modern country," while the Los Angeles Times praised her "sunny demeanor." CMT also named her to their prestigious "Next Women Of Country" series.

Cold Comfort [Explicit]

Track List:
01) Joshua Tree
02) Cheater
03) Dang Dallas
04) Hey Little Girl
05) Untold
06) Bad Woman
07) Change
08) Cold Comfort
09) Wish You Were Here
10) You Can't Remember
11) Beg Steal Borrow



"Pink Moon" is a name for the Full Moon around the time of April, when the moss pink, or wild ground phlox, is in blossom. The name was used by the Algonquin tribe, as well as by colonial Americans.

Venture outside on the night of Tuesday, April 7, to catch a glimpse of April’s Full Pink Moon. This full moon will be visible after sunset and reach peak illumination at 10:35 P.M. EDT

The next full moon will be:
Tuesday * 7 April 2020 * 10:35:05 pm (EDT)
Moon sign: Libra 18° 43'

In other time zones:
WELLINGTON = Wednesday * 8 April 2020 * 2:35:05 pm (NZST)
SYDNEY = Wednesday * 8 April 2020 * 12:35:05 pm (AEST)
TOKYO = Wednesday * 8 April 2020 * 11:35:05 am (JST)
BEIJING = Wednesday * 8 April 2020 * 10:35:05 am (CST)
BANGKOK = Wednesday * 8 April 2020 * 9:35:05 am (ICT)
DELHI = Wednesday * 8 April 2020 * 8:05:05 am (IST)
DUBAI = Wednesday * 8 April 2020 * 6:35:05 am (GST)
MOSCOW = Wednesday * 8 April 2020 * 5:35:05 am (MSK)
BERLIN = Wednesday * 8 April 2020 * 4:35:05 am (CEST)
LAGOS = Wednesday * 8 April 2020 * 3:35:05 am (WAT)
LONDON = Wednesday * 8 April 2020 * 3:35:05 am (BST)
RIO = Tuesday * 7 April 2020 * 11:35:05 pm (BRT)
SANTIAGO = Tuesday * 7 April 2020 * 10:35:05 pm (CLT)
NEW YORK = Tuesday * 7 April 2020 * 10:35:05 pm (EDT)
MEXICO CITY = Tuesday * 7 April 2020 * 9:35:05 pm (CDT)
CALGARY = Tuesday * 7 April 2020 * 8:35:05 pm (MDT)
LOS ANGELES = Tuesday * 7 April 2020 * 7:35:52 pm (PDT)
ANCHORAGE = Tuesday * 7 April 2020 * 6:35:05 pm (AKDT)
HONOLULU = Tuesday * 7 April 2020 * 4:35:05 pm (HAST)
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