Putting together "Sunchild" for the Ed Banger records Ed Rec Vol. X compilation wasn't the easiest task for French electronic duo Cassius. With a deadline looming, they were about to abandon the track altogether before Boom Bass called up his partner Philippe Zdar and told him to meet him at the studio for one last go at it.

"I threw together a very quick beat, and then recorded Hubert doing a bass line and a piano," Zdar recalls. "Then I put down some synths and a very light live drum that we ended up keeping – one long live trip, and no editing, with even the flaws and bad fingers. We loved it. It sounded like the soundtrack to all of us having raones, sardinas or paella in our favorite Ibiza beach restaurant on a long summer lunch."

Now you can take an exclusive listen to "Sunchild," which will absolutely appear on Ed Rec Vol. X, out June 11th (you can pre-order through iTunes now).

The track stands as a tribute to DJ Mehdi, a beloved member of the Ed Banger family who died two years ago: "Now if I close my eyes, I can feel the warm breeze and the pine trees," adds Zdar. "And if I listen really carefully, I can hear our dear brother Sunchild Mehdi laughing loud like he always did with his deep and warm 'ha ha ha's."

Retro Kimmer

A decade in, Ed Banger shows no sign of slowing down. "I am a happy boy. It's been 10 years of fun, travel, hard work and discovery. I feel lucky too, I met some strong artists, they are Ed Banger records. My main goal is to keep challenging ourselves. We are an alternative label, we are free to go where we want."

Ed Rec Vol. X

1. MR OIZO "IntroX"

2. KRAZY BALDHEAD "My soul is like a tree"

3. BREAKBOT featuring Pacific! "The Beach"

4. BUSY P "Still Busy"

5. MR FLASH "Reckless"

6. JUSTICE "BrianVision MMXIII"

7. CASSIUS "Sunchild"

8. MR OIZO "Secam"


10. DSL "In your house"

11. MICKEY MOONLIGHT "Transition"

12. FEADZ "Coleslaw43"

13. BOSTON BUN "Grinded"

14. SEBASTIAN "Moi" (demo version)


Retro Kimmer


Retro Kimmer


I have many collections that keep me occupied.  I collect Vintage Barbies, glass animals, and have tons of Rock Memorabilia.  People send me lots of posters, autographed items, cds, and books.  But collection sports memorabilia just isn't my area of expertise.  What are the coolest pieces to own? What are the most valuable pieces to have?

My friend gave a a photocopy picture of Muhammad Ali that he signed and his wife wrote the intro "To Kim, Love." I learned that Ali only signs his name for payment unless your name is added.  It is less valuable for resale.  Ali is a smart man and he knows that if he signs gloves etc. they end up on Ebay overnight and he makes certain to make his cut of that resale money...

What is the coolest stuff to have? Plz leave your favorites in comments please.....TY XK


(Reuters) - Former Beatle Ringo Starr is lifting the lid on a collection of previously unseen photographs of the Fab Four in their heyday from his personal collection, in a new photography book due out next month.

"Photograph," which will be released as an e-book on Apple's iBookstore on June 12, will coincide with a Grammy Museum exhibit on Starr, entitled "Ringo: Peace & Love," the book's publishers said on Wednesday.

A limited-edition hand-bound book signed by Starr will be available for purchase in December.

The book will include photographs from the musician's childhood in Liverpool, England, to his road to fame as part of the Fab Four, with Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison.

"These are shots that no one else could have," Starr, 72, said in a statement.

Highlights from the collection include behind-the-scenes candids of the Beatles in their daily lives and Starr's travel photography as the band toured the world.

Starr has also recorded videos featuring commentary to accompany the e-book.

(Reporting by Piya Sinha-Roy in Los Angeles; Editing by Lisa Shumaker)


Retro Kimmer


Johnny Ginger

Johnny Ginger (Galen Grindle) was born in Toledo, Ohio. His parents, Ray and Edna, were a Vaudeville family act performing at the Paramount Theater in Toledo. His brother, Kenny, was a tap dancer in the family act. One day they brought little Johnny up onstage to sing "Sonny Boy" and he was an instant hit. As a teen he performed stand-up comedy in clubs all over Toledo, Detroit, and Canada.

Walter Brennan and Johnny Ginger

Johnny had been working as a comedian under the name Jerry Gale when he auditioned to present a program for WXYZ-TV based around re-runs of The Three Stooges. Given the role, WXYZ vice president John Pival insisted that he work under the name Johnny Ginger, the name taken from a bottle of Johnny Bull Ginger Beer.

Ginger's afternoon show, Curtain Time Theater (which was always pronounced "Thee-A-ter"), entertained kids from 1957 to 1960 on WXYZ-TV Channel 7.

Johnny Carson and Johnny Ginger

The live portions of the show were broadcast all around the television station, with Ginger in his janitor costume of bib-overalls and driving cap. By the early 1960s Johnny adapted a new character inspired by the Jerry Lewis film The Bellboy, that of the head bellboy at the Rocky Plaza Hotel, run by Mr. Rocky. Johnny did every voice on his show. Soupy had a support team...Johnny wrote and performed the show entirely alone.  The show became The Johnny Ginger Show.

Stage Hand/Janitor and Bellboy

He introduced a new generation of kids to The Three Stooges and even played the part of Billy The Kid in the Stooges last film, The Outlaws Is Coming

Johnny Ginger was in my opinion, the REAL DEAL...He didn't fake it for the kids..we knew he genuinely cared about his little fans. Johnny and I have been talking a lot by phone and he has told me many times how outraged he felt seeing other celebrities mistreat their fans.  He has never disrespected one of his fans.

He visited many sick children in hospitals on his own time and dime. You can see the genuine concern in his face for this little girl in the photo above. My sister Patti and I watched his show everyday before school for years.. all my school friends did too.  Lot's of the boys tried to copy his dance moves and comic style but there is only one Johnny Ginger..

Johnny told me that he does write his shows in advance but they flow like improvisation.  His mind works faster than any normal humorist.  In Johnny's world he plays all the roles.. The voices just flow into each other as do his songs. 

Johnny was close friends with Soupy Sales..It took awhile for Soupy to warm up to the seriously funny and energetic young Johnny.  Some serious competition me thinks...But eventually they performed together a lot.

Johnny does a great impression of Soup..

Johnny was a real life gunslinger... he was a 45 quick draw champion....He is so great in western parts.

Johnny left Detroit for Hollywood and appeared on a great episode of The Rifleman.

Obviously I am not one of the boys in the photo below but that is what we did back then... we sat on the floor as close as we could get to the TV.  No wonder we're all blind now!

Kevin, Randy, and Rocky Grindle top 3 of Johnny's sons.

The many kiddie shows back in this time were vehicles to promote cartoons and products.  We suffered through pitch after pitch to get to the cartoon. Mickey Mouse Club was really tough to watch.. We loved the Disney cartoons so we watched patiently to see them.

With Johnny Ginger we really found him interesting and funny! We endured the cartoons to get to back to watching Johnny! Truth!

The Johnny Ginger Show was cancelled in 1968. Ginger went on to host Captain Detroit for WKBD-TV.

 Always cool Johnny Ginger

Johnny lives in his home town in Toledo now and is very close with his 7 kids! OY... They love him dearly as do I. He and I get on the phone for hours and crack each other up!  I laugh out LOUD at him still! Hardly anything makes me really crack up but Johnny stills does such fun streaming routines...

At the end of every Johnny Ginger show he signed off with goodbye to Mom, Dad, Patti and All... We all thought he was talking to us. Me especially having a sister named Patti.  




Retro Kimmer


Retro Kimmer


Lynn (Leahy) Harper

I had a blast on the phone last night with the amazing TV producer/Teacher/PR magician Lynn Harper. We met via telephone at the suggestion of her hubby Detroit DJ Jim Harper. Lynn has a wide variety of skills on her fabulous resume and is now fixing the PR biz....One client at a time......

Jim told me how brilliant and wonderful Lynn is and I totally agree...I told her stories that I had never told anyone! Hope Lynn didn't tape that call!!! OMG.... 

From Lynn Harper....

"I'm a Jersey girl...born and raised. My family still lives back East. I came to Michigan by way of Scranton PA and Toledo OH..both TV jobs."

"I hosted a PM Magazine for a few years in each city. Then, I was hired at Channel 4. Worked there for 14 years as a Special Projects and Promotion producer."

DJ Jim and TV producer Lynn Harper

"Jim Harper and I met when he was brought in as a vacation host for a show I produced called
Fame and Fortune...the weekly lottery show."

Lynn and Jim aka Emma Peel and John Steed for a costume party! Cool Morgan....

"We married 21 years ago in a small ceremony at The Whitney restaurant..In the late 90's, I left WDIV CH 4 and went back to school. I got a Masters at Oakland University, then got my teaching certificate. For 7 years, I taught freshman high school English."

"Retired"  Jim Harper with their  rescue baby Pippa!

When Jim retired, I wanted a more flexible schedule, so I started my boutique PR firm, The Wow Factory.

Retro Kimmer

The Wow Factory's president, Lynn Harper, knows a lot about getting things done. Her personal and professional success has come about as a result of a purpose-driven life guided by her passion for imaginative thinking, writing, education, and a desire to pay it forward. She holds an undergraduate degree in communications and a master's in English from Oakland University.

As an Emmy Award-winning TV producer, she has 20 years of media experience — and she has contacts who can help smaller companies get that "foot in the door" to promote their business.


Tuesday night’s gathering of longtime local disc jockeys was to be an “informal Toledo radio reunion” of friends, former colleagues, and casual acquaintances of Peter Cavanaugh.

It’s only fitting, then, the reunion turned into a celebration of this former Toledo radio broadcasting executive, the one who brought them together this night at Manhattan’s Restaurant in Uptown, and for many, the man who gave them their first big industry opportunity.

Mark Benson, a radio veteran of more than three decades who handles mornings on classic rock station WXKR-FM, 94.5, said it was Mr. Cavanaugh’s appearance at a radio conference for college students in 1985 that got him “fired up about doing radio.”

Five years later, it was Mr. Cavanaugh, then-executive vice president and chief operating officer of Reams Broadcasting when it owned WIOT-FM, 104.7, and WCWA-AM, 1230, who paired Mr. Benson with a Flint radio talent he’d never met, Jeff Lamb.

The duo successfully anchored WIOT’s mornings as Jeff and Mark, “The Dawnbusters,” in the early 1990s. “He saw [the chemistry] . It was just one of those things that worked,” Mr. Benson said. “I don’t think I’d be doing mornings without him.

“He gave us a chance. I’ll always be grateful for that.”


In my opinion LOCAL DJ is one of the very BEST and ACCURATE books on rock history! Click below to get your copy!!



This is the documentary that was shot of the Stooges and friends concert here at the Michigan in 2011. It is playing at the Opening Night of Cinetopia Film Festival at the Michigan on Thurs. June 6 and then again at the Detroit Film Theatre at the Detroit Institute of Art on Sun. June 9. Check it out at www.cinetopiafestival.org

It was April 19, 2011 when Iggy and the Stooges returned to Ann Arbor to play for the Ron Asheton Foundation. Ron the legendary lead guitarist with the Stooges was a huge animal lover and his foundation supports animals in need.

My friend Photographer Heather Harris sent me tickets and she flew in from Los Angeles to photograph this show.  It was such a huge event! The Michigan Theater was packed and my seats were dangerously close to the stage!

It was very exciting to finally see Iggy and the Stooges again after so many years.  Sad too as Ron was noticeably absent from the stage.  Our mutual friend Guitarist Deniz Tek filled in for Ron on 4 songs.

Deniz wrote me that he was still on a "high" even the next day. He said he didn't sleep that night.  Deniz was very close friends with Ron Asheton so this Memorial was very dear to his heart.

Recorded live at the Michigan Theater, this heartfelt tribute/celebration of Stooge guitarist Ron Asheton’s life and music featured Iggy and the Stooges, Henry Rollins, and guest guitarist Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman). Includes a string section on a few Stooges classics! All profits from the sale of the DVD go to the Ron Asheton Foundation which supports animal welfare and music.

Track Listing

I Got a Right (with Henry Rollins)
Raw Power
Search and Destroy
Gimme Danger
Shake Appeal
L.A. Blues
Night Theme
Beyond the Law
Fun House
Open Up And Bleed
Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell
I Wanna Be Your Dog
TV Eye 
Real Cool Time
Iggy’s Speech
Ron’s Tune
No Fun

Featuring Deniz Tek on guest guitar
Hosted by Henry Rollins (also sings on ‘I Got A Right’)
String section on some Stooges classics
All proceeds go to the Ron Asheton Foundation



Disneyland worker set off an earlier explosion, prosecutors say

Los Angeles Times | May 30, 2013 | 11:08 AM

A 22-year-old Disneyland employee set off two separate dry-ice explosions at the theme park, prosecutors alleged today.

One of explosions -- inside a trash can -- was reported Tuesday around 5 p.m. and forced the evacuation of Toontown for two hours while police and a bomb squad moved through the amusement park.

Prosecutors today said there had been another explosion about an hour earlier. Christian Barnes of Long Beach was charged today in Orange County Superior Court with a felony count of possession of a destructive device in a public place. He faces six years in state prison if convicted.

For the latest information go to www.latimes.com.

An explosion went off in the Toontown area of Disneyland in Anaheim, California earlier tonight. Police arrived on the scene and evacuated the immediate area. The L.A. Times reports that the explosion involved dry ice in a plastic bottle, but as of yet there are no known injuries, according to local authorities.

A 22-year-old Disneyland employee was arrested late Tuesday night with a dry ice explosion that forced the theme park to be evacuated, KNBC-TV reported on Wednesday.

Christian Barnes, who works as an outdoor vendor at the park, is being held on $1 million bail and charged with possession of a destructive device after police in Anaheim, California apprehended him.

“At this point, we don’t know it was on purpose or by accident or accidentally thrown away,” a department spokesperson told the station.

The Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday morning that the park was closed for two hours after the explosion, which occurred around 5:30 p.m. local time on Tuesday. No injuries were reported. Police said on Tuesday that the dry ice was inside a plastic bottle put in a trashcan in the “Mickey’s Toontown” section of the park.



Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels

Kicking out the Jams: Fans Recall Local Bands Always Ready to Rock

For Digital First Media
Carol Hopkins, reporter
The Oakland Press
48 W. Huron,
Pontiac MI 48342

Detroit can boast countless home grown bands. Since the late ’60s, local rock bands such as Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, Motor City 5 (MC5), Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band and Ted Nugent have risen to the top to put Detroit on the map.

Other bands such the Rockets, Frijid Pink, Rationals and SRC drew loyal fans. Readers loyal to local bands shared their memories of hearing and seeing those talented musicians.

Lynn Swain of Highland remembers the Rockets playing in the early 1980s at Pine Knob.

“There is no doubt that The Rockets with Dave Gilbert, Jim McCarty and Johnny ‘Bee’ Badanjek were one of the greatest bands to come out of Michigan,” she said.

“Once they hit the stage, it was a truly electrifying evening of pure rock ’n’ roll. Dave’s presence, along with the musicianship of both Jim and Johnny, made this band absolutely fabulous.

“My husband and I often talk about how big they really could have been, had drugs not taken over Dave. I’ve seen Jim McCarty a few times when he was playing with Mystery Train and was actually introduced to him by Dee Gilbert, Dave’s widow.

 Retrokimmer and Jimmy McCarty

“Jim’s truly a class act and a great musician. My husband knew Dave when they both lived in the Union Lake area. The Rockets will always hold a special place in my heart!”

Paula Messner of Royal Oak played guitar with the Vertical Pillows and Motor Dolls in the 1990s.
“It was a great time,” said Messner, who still plays with the Candy Band.“The camaraderie was amazing between bands then. Everybody supported each other.”

People didn’t have Internet in the early 1990s, she said. “You had to promote yourself, hitting the streets and ‘fliering’ cars.” Her favorite bands of the day were the  Hysteric Narcotics and the Junk Monkeys.

“We miss the cool clubs like the Hamtramck Pub and Red Carpet,” she said.

Another great band from the 1960s era was Dick Wagner and the Frost, said Matt MacDermaid. Wagner played with Lou Reed — and wrote and played “Only Women Bleed” with Alice Cooper, also from Detroit, MacDermaid said.

“Our local recording group called Crazy Boy is remaking old Frost tunes and giving them a new coat of paint. We are doing this with Dick Wagner as we speak, and the songs will then move to TV and movies under the name The Dick Wagner Project.”

Waterford resident John Zian was celebrating his 26th birthday at his home at Silver Lake and Walton roads in August, 1980, when he had a surprise visitor.

“It was 1 a.m. and the next thing you know Dave Gilbert (with the Rockets) comes walking in with his band and 15 other people he brought from the Firebird Lanes lounge,” said Zian.

Word about the party had come from Zian’s friend, a roadie with the Rockets. The band, well-known in the area, didn’t play at Zian’s party, but did circulate and talk with people. “Everybody was in awe,” said Zian. “I felt honored.”

Zian owned a Rockets cassette tape back in the day, but has since lost it. “I wish I had everything I had back then,” he said. “Now I just have memories.”
Michael Dunn, a member of the Blue Kings jazz and blues group, saw Bob Seger play at the University of Detroit in the 1970s. “I really went to see another band playing, Dream, because I knew all the guys in that band — Joe Forlini, Bob Hill, Jim Bates and John Zerbo.”

Kim Maki aka Retro Kimmer of Ann Arbor has never been far from the region’s music scene, and now writes her blog about  music and pop culture, retrokimmer.com.

'The best band I ever saw live when I was really young, in the late 1960s, was the MC5,” she said. Maki, now 57, was so young she didn’t drive, arriving at the concert in Ann Arbor’s West Park on her bicycle.

Sonic's Rendezvous Band

“They were pure energy and different. It was quite a shock from seeing pop music (performed).”Later at Gallup Park in Ann Arbor, she saw the Amboy Dukes and Iggy and the Stooges. She also loved SRC (Scot Richard Case).


“I helped SRC reunite (years later),” Maki said. “Their songs were so layered. It was perfect psychedelic hippie music.”

By 1968, SRC was one of the biggest bands on the Grande Ballroom scene, according to an overview of the band by WDET. The band shared bills with the MC5 and Stooges as well as international acts such as The Who and The Rolling Stones.

Maki also remembers seeing Bob Seger solo at Hill Auditorium in the 1970s when the admission ticket was JUST $1.50. “My mom knew I wanted to go to concerts so anytime she wanted me to do something, the prize for me was a concert ticket,” she said.
Maki remembers the mood of the crowds back then, too. “Everybody smoked weed, so they were all mellow, not wild and throwing things,” she said. She recalled an Allman Brothers concert at the time at Crisler Arena. “Everybody was just laying on the floor,” she said.
Maki, who in later years produced public shows and worked at Cobo Center, recalls a major reason people flocked to concerts. “We went to see each other as much as hear the music,” she said.
“We were a community of music fan kids."

That’s what the Grande Ballroom (in Detroit) was — like the world’s biggest teen club. Everybody worked all week on what they would wear.”

Maki, who now keeps readers updated on classic bands through Retrokimmer.com, said her writing and photography allows her to get behind the scenes with a lot of bands. “I prefer to photograph/video them behind the stage,” she said. “It’s more fun for me.

“I talk to just about any rock person now, big and small. I never dreamed this would happen to me.”

Maki has advice for anyone starting in the music business. “Get good photos and video of yourselves and post it on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Post your stuff everywhere.... If (people) can’t find it, how can you be written about? “You need to promote yourself. Take the reins of your own career.”



It’s the end of an era for Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee. The band wrapped their most recent tour with a gig at Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City on Saturday night (May 25), and the show also marked the final appearance of Lee’s unique roller coaster drum set.

“A bottle of Champagne smashed on the coaster last night as it sets sail for the scrap yard!” Lee tweeted Saturday night after the show. “Man we’ve given so many people the thrill of a lifetime together! This ones for the history books kids! We did it! On to design the next Spectacular!”

Lee’s drum solos are a big highlight of Crue’s live show, and the roller coaster rig has allowed him to take it to the next level, often performing upside down as a part of his turn in the spotlight. Bur fear not, Crue fans — it doesn’t sound like Lee is planning to sit calmly behind the drums at future shows.

“Dont you all worry! Just wait til ya see what crazy I got for ya next!” he added in another Twitter post.

The Crue will perform two festival shows in July before returning to Las Vegas to kick off their second residency there in September.


In a major engagement near the Demilitarized Zone, some 1,500 North Vietnamese attack the 500-man South Vietnamese garrison at Fire Base Fuller. Despite U.S. B-52 raids dropping 60 tons of bombs on June 21 and a 1,000-man reinforcement on June 24, the South Vietnamese had to abandon the base since a North Vietnamese bombardment had destroyed 80 percent of their bunkers.

Fuller / Dong Ha Mountain today/Artillery was on right hand side where your father was killed.

In an attempt to clear the surrounding area of enemy mortar and rocket sites, South Vietnamese forces swept the region on June 25. On June 28, a Saigon spokesman announced that 120 South Vietnamese had reoccupied Fire Base Fuller, but would not rebuild the fortifications.

Casualty figures were reported at nearly 500 North Vietnamese dead, with 135 wounded and 1 AMERICAN FRANK MAKI.

On July 1, fighting again flared up around the base, as 300 communists were pushed back with the help of U.S. and South Vietnamese air power and with 150 additional South Vietnamese troops.

Bob Evans has left a new comment on your post "Vietnam 1968-1971":

Kim, Our families were close back then as my Dad and yours served together. My son and daughter are visiting the wall this evening and are going to find your dad's name. My dad speaks so well about your dad to this day. Please give our best to your mom and sister from our family.

Award of The Silver Star

For gallantry in action: Major Maki distinguished himself by gallantry in action on 20 - 22 June 1971 while serving as Senior Advisor to the 1st Battalion, 2d Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, Army of the Republic of Vietnam at Fire Support Base Fuller in Quang Tri Province.

Major Maki heroically participated in the defenses of Fire Support Base Fuller by accompanying and assisting his Vietnamese counterpart against the North Vietnamese Army thrust. After more than two continuous days of intensive direct and indirect fire and ground attacks, the NVA managed to breech the defenses.

Major Maki then directed many tactical air strikes and aerial rocket artillery against the enemy. During this time he continued to reappraise the tactical situation, adjust supporting fires and coordinate medical aid to the wounded Vietnamese soldiers.

Though he had been sixty hours without rest, he continued to assist his counterparts up until the moment he was mortally wounded by an enemy artillery round. His extraordinary example of leadership and valiant courage radiated throughout the Fire Support Base and inspired the Vietnamese to repulse the enemy attack. Major Maki's conspicuous gallantry in action was in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Army and reflects great credit upon himself and the military service. read more here  

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