Just a few weeks back My Mom (right) and her friend Carol (left)) accompanied me to Charlevoix, Michigan to experience The Mushroom House Tour in person! We shot a lot of photos!

Welcoming you to the Park Avenue section of homes is a 7-ton boulder placed at Park Avenue and Grant Street.

The Half House aka The Honeymoon House

The Half House aka The Honeymoon House


Mushroom House Tours offer walking and driving in GEM car tours of the legendary architect/engineer Earl A. Young's famous Mushroom Houses of Charlevoix, Michigan. We have been guiding tours for the past 7 years and would love to take your group!

Amazing stonework by Earl Young

Alex King and I shot all of these photos and they are going to be captioned soon. For now I just wanted to share a bit of this gorgeous tour that Edith Pair guides so beautifully.



What to Wear on Your First Date: A Few Style Tips

The first date is always the most important. Whether the relationship can continue depends highly on the experience you and the person you’re meeting have on that first date. The first date is even more important when the two of you have been communicating online. Transitioning from online dating to an offline relationship is an important step to complete.

Wearing the right clothes could make the difference between a successful first date and a failed one. The look you sport will define the first impression you make. To help you prepare for your upcoming first date, here are a few style tips to consider.

Comfort First

The first date is often awkward as it is, so there is no need to make the situation worse by dressing in something you’re not comfortable wearing. Comfort should always be your first priority. That said, you shouldn’t go too far with comfort and show up to your first date wearing a tracksuit either.

A nice mini dress for women or a simple pair of jeans and shirt for men are great choices to consider. You can stay comfortable wearing these outfits and still look stylish to create a positive first impression. Make sure you look tidy too. No matter what outfit you choose to wear, wrinkles and stains will definitely ruin the first impression you’re trying to make.

Stay Classy

It’s always tempting to show the best parts of yourself on a first date. A slightly revealing neckline or perhaps a tight pair of jeans to show off those thighs of yours are great on other occasions, but they may not be the best picks for a first date. Of course, how sexy you should be depends highly on what you’re dating goals are.

In most cases, however, staying classy and wearing an outfit that shows the good side of you without revealing too much is the way to go. You should also avoid other extremes when dressing for the first date. Heavy makeup or outfits that reveal too much skin are among the things you may want to avoid.

Be You

Don’t wear an outfit that you wouldn’t normally wear to other occasions. First dates are about making a good impression, but that doesn’t mean you should be anyone else but yourself. Besides, wearing an outfit you wouldn’t normally wear will only make you feel uncomfortable on the date.

Don’t hesitate to add small touches that scream “you.” You can, for example, wear your favorite anime scarf to the date. You still have to make sure the scarf works well with the rest of the outfit, but small touches like this can help make the date more enjoyable and personal.

Meeting someone new for the first time can be quite daunting, especially after weeks of dating online. With the tips we talked about earlier, at least you don’t have to worry about what to wear to make a good first impression. Stay comfortable, stay classy and stay true to yourself; you’ll have a fantastic first date and plenty of great stories to tell afterwards.
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