Paul Walker: 1973-2013
Paul Walker's Sudden Death: Photos & Video Reveal Devastation Of Car Accident - See more at:Perez Hilton

Prayers for Paul's friends and family...so sad..

From the Associated Press
November 30, 2013, 7:36 p.m.

SANTA CLARITA — A publicist for actor Paul Walker says the star of the “Fast & Furious” movie series has died in a car crash north of Los Angeles. He was 40.

Ame Van Iden says Walker died Saturday afternoon.

A statement on Walker's Facebook page said Walker was a passenger in a friend's car, and that the crash happened while he was attending a charity event.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's department said the crash happened in community of Valencia. The Santa Clarita Signal reports a red Porsche crashed into a light pole and tree and burst into flames.

Walker was working on the latest “Fast & Furious” movie at the time of his death. He also starred in the suspense drama, “Hours,” a movie that is set for release this month.

It is with a truly heavy heart that we must confirm that Paul Walker passed away today in a tragic car accident while attending a charity event for his organization Reach Out Worldwide. He was a passenger in a friend's car, in which both lost their lives.

We appreciate your patience as we too are stunned and saddened beyond belief by this news. Thank you for keeping his family and friends in your prayers during this very difficult time. We will do our best to keep you apprised on where to send condolences. - #TeamPW


Michael Gregory Hovsepian
We made a day of it, my parents would take us the 12th Floor of Hudson's & Santas helpers would help us shop. It felt great to shop without a parent around. The helpers always made sure we didn't go over budget & were helpful in making suggestions in gift selection. Plus after we were done, the family went to the restaurant in the store for a meal.

Randy Weiser
I remember going there when I was about 3, with my mom, younger brother Gary, and sister Sherry. We had to really wait a LONG time for that Santa, who was loud, noisy, and (according to my mom) WAYYYY too commercial! Our photo looks like we were ready to cry!!!! (I'll try to find it and scan and post it - it's HYSTERICAL!)

Glenn Bertrand
My parents met at Hudson's in the early 60s. Mom worked at the make-up counter and dad was a stock boy. And here I am. Mom got dad a souvenir brick from the demolished building a few years back.

Steve Rice
"I remember going to the Rotunda when I was a kid what a great we had me my bother & three sister's ...."

Cheryl Sinclair    
I remember visiting Hudson's in the 60's at Christmas time. I fell backwards on an escalator, knocked my mom down behind me and my dad caught both of us. My mom and I couldn't get on an escalator for years!


Jean Morgan Compton  
I remember my parents taking me to downtown Hudsons and buying me an exquisite red, winter coat for Christmas. ♥...Wow, look at the bustling place. Wouldn't it be great to see it like that again?? it was a little like going to OZ...

Julie Atkinson-Fountain
Rotunda was magical. Animated characters, lights and music amazed all ages I think the displays survived the Rotunda fire and were used consecutive years later at the newly built Cobo hall.

Fran Doman 
I used to go to Hudson's with my Grandma Jean (who lived on Jefferson St. at the Alden Park Manor) and my great aunt Nan. We dressed up just like the people on the line waiting for Santa!

This is a picture of my brother and sister (above), taken at the Ford Rotunda - I believe in 1956 or 1957 (based on their ages.) We lived in Cedar Rapids, IA, and at Thanksgiving of one of those years, we visited our Detroit cousins.

That weekend we went on a tour of the River Rouge Plant, and I guess perhaps started at the Rotunda.  We were pulled out of line by a Ford rep and a photographer who asked if they could photograph my brother and sister - we said yes, of course. As I recall, we were told it was to be used in a Ford Christmas publication - but we’re no longer sure about which one - or if it ever appeared.

Several other photos were taken as well, and we were sent black and white copies.  This is the first time I’ve seen a color version.  I’d love to find a copy of the publication in which this appeared (a surprise for my brother and sister) - if it appeared at all.

Can you shed any light on where I might look - for the publication or a copy of the photo itself?  Peter J

Big Rich Dorris
Hudsons was the place. My Dad was a Traffic Cop in Downtown D-Town. His corner was Farmer & Monroe by Crowleys, I'd take the Fenkel Bus Downtown alone, meet him and get some new shoes, no Malls back then......

I was 6 year's old when I first went to the Rotunda with my Aunt Lena and my school class from Whittier Elem in Royal Oak, MI. I thought I was one special little girl walking into a fanasty land where only good boy's and girl's were allowed. After that visit to The Rotunda, the Detroit Zoo came in last in my book.

On December 2, 1957, this image of the interior J.L. Hudson and Co. Department Store was captured as it was decorated for Christmas. Two angels hover over a retail display of Kings Men products, and large arches of tinsel, ornaments and twinkle lights adorn the aisle ways of the store.

My next special memorie of my childhood is going down to Hudson Department store on Woodward Ave in Detroit with my Aunt to see Santa. I would have loved for my Daughter and Son to have seen The Rotunda and have had a visit with Santa at Hudson Dept. store. Oh how time has changed.

Ken S
Went there every year as a kid with my brother. Great Christmas Fantasyland (Wee Willie Winkie was my favorite). Disney cartoons, all the new cars, and Santa. In Detroit, the real Santa was either at Hudson's downtown or at the Ford Rotunda. We went with the Rotunda Santa each year.

Pam Sherrock
Our family went there every year! We were always allowed to invite a friend to go with us............so looked forward to going every Christmas!

Gillian Swartz 
We used to go to Hudson's at Christmas. It was like nowhere else in the world (in my mind, anyway).


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Every picture shows a spot with which the artist has fallen in love.
Alfred Sisley





Hi Kim, Live Nation presents The Rockets at The Filmore on Saturday Night December 28th. We haven't taken any promo shots yet because we've been so busy in the studio. This is the cover of our new four song EP Greetings From Detroit which will be put up on I-Tunes and Amazon and many other Internet sites with a week or so... stay tuned..

The band will be recording more songs and adding onto the tracks we already have. It's some smokin' hot Detroit Shimmy. Live Nation will announce opening bands in the days to come. Bee

Johnny “Bee” Badanjek, along with Jim Edwards (lead vocals), and Danny Taylor (keyboards) are thrilled to announce new band members; Joey Gaydos (lead guitar), Phil “Greasy” Carlisi (guitar) and Mike Marshall (bass).

Mike Marshall (bass) has lent his musical virtuosity to hundreds of recording sessions and toured with The Motor City Mutants, Torpedoes, Rob Tyner (MC5), Catfish Hodge, Johnny Bassett. Joe Weaver, Alberta Adams, and many other Detroit acts.

Phil “Greasy” Carlisi (guitar) Sirius Trixon & The Motor City Bad Boys, legendary Stooges' members Ron and Scott Asheton (Destroy All Monsters) and toured extensively in the States and abroad with rock-a-billy musician, Robert Gordon, and British guitarist, Chris Spedding. Carlisi has been a mainstay player in the Detroit music scene for over 35 years.

Joey Gaydos (lead guitar), also a Detroit music veteran, has played with rock heavies Rob Tyner (MC5), Cub Koda and the Points (Brownsville Station). Gaydos built a loyal Detroit fan base with his bands, Mugsy, and Weapons and has a reputation for his showmanship and incendiary lead guitar prowess in the Midwest.


Robert "Bootsey X" Mulrooney

 It is with great sadness that I post the news that Bootsey X passed away at around 7 pm in Detroit Receiving Hospital. I know how much joy he found in performing...and I am honored to pay tribute to Bob tonight...

Stanley T. Madhatter introduced me to Bob at a fundraiser in 2009 at the Painted Lady in Hamtramck. Bob was very ill then and his many friends gathered to raise money for his medical care. Madhatter adored Bob and spoke of him all the time. Madhatter and I sat at my computer and played all of Bob's videos the next day.  My very favorite video is Secret Agent Man...

Bob was so damn cute...had such a girlie crush on him. We became buddies on Facebook in 2010 and real life too. While chatting one night, I invited him to go with me to an appearance at the Guitar Center Drum Off. He was just the best to photograph! He and I had a blast shooting that night.

Bootsey at The Drum Off

What a fun night with Bootsey and Gerald Shohan his best friend, his guitarist and his protector. The love and friendhip these two men shared was so inspiring. My heart goes out to Gerald tonight. This tribute is to Gerald as well, and his magnificent giving soul.


"Would like to believe that Lili is pouring my friend Bootsey X a few shots at that great rock bar up in the sky tonight. Safe passage, my friend. We'll see you again further on up the road..."

Bill Holdship
"You have to go with me to this crazy 'History of Rock' class I'm taking at community college, Bill. The teacher is an idiot. And she's crazy. I don't know how she got to teach anything! She talked about Altamont and then said, 'After that, someone was killed at almost every Rolling Stones concert for years!' I raised my hand and told her that isn't true...and crazy bitch got mad at me! So now I'm afraid i'm going to flunk 'History of Rock' at community college!" --Bootsey X

 Joe Michnuk and Bootsey X

Joe Michnuk
"I visited Bootsey X over the last several years we would go out for pizza when he was still able to walk. He loved Loui's Pizza in Hazel Park. It was always cheese pizza no toppings that was his favorite. After he lost the ability to walk, I'd visit him with vanilla ice cream since everyone else brought the pizza.

We'd eat as much of a half gallon as two guys could & tell stories about chicks 'n music. We made each other laugh so hard that the nurses would come in to see what was going on. They all called me "The Ice Cream Man" @ both HFH & St Joe's Nursing Home. I'll miss his sense of humor & tremendous creative genius the most."

Last year we had a small holiday party in Ann Arbor. Gerald and Bootsey came out and they performed my favorite...SECRET AGENT MAN.  Kyle Davis and his band backed up Bob and Gerald on RAMROD BABY too which the young guns really loved...

My friends Danny Creadon, Steve, and Art Godoy headlined that party and were just in love with Bob. As more information comes in I will update this tribute..Not sure about any details as of yet.

Willy Wilson
R.I.P. Bootsey X (Robert Mulrooney) - Too many great memories to share from shows, parties, record stores and the launching pad. Bob was a true rock n' roll legend. I picture him in the great Fortune Records building in the sky talking musical smack with Jim Shaw and Tony Fusco.

Kelly, Valorie, and Bootsey X

Chris Scott Dellas
"He was a cat I always looked up to and admired. He seemed to drum for every band I saw when I was a teenager and later I rarely missed a Bootsey X show. He was always cool and smiling with me and always treated me with kindness. This many people are mourning not just Bob's passing, but not being able to see him make people happy again from the stage. Thanks man for being nice to a once-dopey kid."

Valorie Synwolt

Bob was a jewel. He was genuine genius. There is an angel rockin in the name of Detroit out there- he was a true friend- my heart is shattered, because I got back home too late to sing with him one more time.I will miss my Boot

Karen Neal
Looks like Bootsey X is re-united with Julie Hecker. Prayers for Robert Mulrooney's loved ones and family and of course, remembering Josie Salash and the Hecker family too! Rest in peace!!!

Jerry Vile
In addition to fronting or drumming for virtually every band in Detroit Bob was a very good writer. He was on staff of White Noise And had his own page in issue 4.

Jerry Vile and Bootsey X

I will miss you Bob. You are the spirit of rock and roll and everything else worthy of vinyl. Hopefully one day we will build a memorial to you. Rock In Peace..

Mortichia Pippenshmooze
I will really look forward to seeing Robert Mulrooney on the other side, where as somebody said, he will be surrounded by music and babes. Boots was always so sweet. He was the only man who ever asked me to be a "Sugarbaby of Soul" but I can't sing. I could only shake my ass and dance along. So much fun. Sad sad goodbye for now.

Andi Sparks Divetta
...and another light goes out.Robert Mulrooney was a strange and wonderful creature. just the way i like them. love to all of our hearts who knew him. there are so many. I love my friends and what they do. Bootsey X

Joe McGuire
Bob sold me my first record when I was 12 years old at Desirable Discs II in Dearborn (and he sold me many more after that). Later I worked with him at Peoples Records when I was in college. He was always really nice to me, friendly and very funny. He was one of those rare unique individuals and it's really sad to hear that he passed. To all who knew him and supported him in his life and in his art I send my heartfelt condolences.

Joe Kidd
... i first met bob at a bar on michigan ave in inkster. he was drumming in a band called STREETS. i was in my first band called THE SILVER CHORDS. we were friends right from the start. we loved each others music. it was around 1976. we were all doing a lot of cover songs then. bob used to come to see us just to hear us do 'under my thumb' 'you better move on' and the big blue oyster cult hit 'dont fear the reaper'. i remember at the end of one summer night somehow we had in our possession a bow & arrows. we were firing them into the sky trying to shoot out the streetlamps on schoolcraft road. . - peace to you - j.k. //oo\\

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