Got these fantastic shots of SRC lead vocalist Scott Richardson today
and just had to share them with all my girls out there!

Thanks Scott you're such a doll to send me these fabulous photos!



On March 19, 2011 we experienced a "Super" Full Moon for the first time in 18 years.

I didn't do anything fancy with the camera, just a point and click thing. If you'd like to see some really nice professional shots of the Super Moon click here...

I really enjoyed learning more about the Super Moon and this video below features NASA's explanation and it brings this lunar phenomena to light....




Testors '77 Punk Rock Legends return for two shows in April ,2011

Sneak Preview performance in NYC Saturday April 9, 2011 & Show at the 'Atlanta Mess Around', Saturday, April 16

TESTORS featuring Sonny Vincent (original '77 line-up) will be appearing at The Delancey in NYC on April 9, 2011 for a sneak preview reunion performance.

Formed in 1975, this band is one of the most raw and catastrophic groups to ever grace the stages of CBGB's and Max's Kansas City. The group split up in 1979. This will be their first appearance since they were shocking, inspiring and pissing off people all over town.

"Yeah I worked on these guys for years to get together and finally they have agreed, nothing like playing those songs with the original line-up" - Sonny Vincent

Saturday, April 9 at 9:00pm - $10 at the door
The Delancey
168 Delancey Street

Testors will also appear at the Atlanta Mess Around Festival on Saturday April 16,2011

The Atlanta Mess-Around is back! The 2010 event surpassed every expectation, and Douchemaster Records, Rob's House Records and Triple D's are jumping out of their seats ready to announce the 2011 line-up:

Scuzzy NYC punks and original home for Sonny Vincent, Testors, will reform with all-original players for two Stateside shows only. They'll be at The Atlanta Mess Around Festival on April 16 with a warm-up show at the Delancy in NYC on April 9.

TESTORS: featuring Sonny Vincent, Oblivians, Hunx & his Punx, Subsonics and the Mind Spinders headline this year?s event at The EARL and 529 in East Atlanta Village.

So get your passes, get your airfare, and book your stay at the Highland Inn. April 15 through 17 it's on!

Your Atlanta Mess-Around 2011 line up:

TESTORS: featuring Sonny Vincent
Hunx & His Punx
Mind Spiders
GG King
Personal & The Pizzas
Shannon & The Clams
Ex Humans
K Holes
White Mystery
Half Rats
Die Rotzz
Bad Sports
Midnite Snaxxx
The Clap
Dunch w/ Gentleman Jesse
More TBA[more]

the EARL: www.badearl.com

TWO DAY PASS: http://www.ticketalternative.com/Events/13340.aspx
April 15 Night pass: http://www.ticketalternative.com/Events/13568.aspx
April 16 Night(TESTORS): http://ticketalternative.com/Events/13567.aspx



Rest in Peace Dame Elizabeth

We lost one of our brightest stars....

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor, who rose from child actor to become one of Hollywood's most talented actresses with a tumultuous life, died on Wednesday at age 79, her publicist said.

She died at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles surrounded by her four children after having been hospitalized six weeks ago with congestive heart failure, a statement from publicist Sally Morrison said.

Elizabeth Taylor

In a career spanning seven decades, Taylor was nominated for five Oscars and won the best actress honor twice.

In real life, she battled excess weight and drug addiction, and was married eight times, including twice to actor Richard Burton. Full Story



Happy Birthday Susie Forkin!

Happy birthday to my BFF girlfriend Susie Forkin! Let me say how much I love her! Met Susie and the Rah Rahs at The Helldriver's/Torpedos/Circus Boy Show 12-28-09 at Alvins in Detroit.

I was filming the show and these fantastic girls were popping on and off stage. They all dropped their pom poms in my arms as they passed by me! Too funny! It was like they already knew me. :) My friends and I had more fun with those girls! Susie and I connected from the gate!

Fast forward to Livonia at the Howling Diablos show... I was there with singer Mark Sisto, Cindy Hudson, and Ivan Kral. The show was great but it needed something.... Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a silver pom pom! YES! Susie and Vivian George came to dance!!!

Johnny Bee told me to stand next to his kit to film as there was this annoying fence around the stage! So I am up there standing 1 foot away from Bee and trying hard not to dance and shake that camera! Susie danced beside me as I was shooting. Finally I just shut that camera off and DANCED.... such fun! Susie gave Kimmer her own silver Pom Pom too! I love it!

Susie and I became friends and support each other completely in every way. I love her with my heart and soul. So on Susie's Birthday I am sharing with my readers the fun Susie Q and I had over the past 2 years..... We had a blast and plan on continuing that plan forever.

Thank you Girl for the Kimmer birthday party and all the love and kindness you possess everyday. xxooK (Hugs to Albert and the Rahs too)

Happy Birthday Doll




March 18th of this year will see the release by Citadel Records of the double-CD compilation Deniz Tek - Citadel Years. The founding member and chief songwriter of the acclaimed Radio Birdman has created a large body of unique work over the last 20 years and a varied selection of it will be featured on this release.

Tracks have been derived from multiple album and EP releases, many of which are currently out of print or hard to find. Collaborations with notable musicians are a feature. Amongst others, there is a track recorded with MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer as well as a previously unheard Radio Birdman studio demo with Deniz on vocals.

Deniz's songs are singularly unique, bridging the gap between the style of Radio Birdman and a totally new path of experimentation. We're sure this release will be of great interest to fans, aficionados of underground Australian rock, and anyone who appreciates unique songs - guitar and vocal style.

Steve Godoy Deniz Tek Art Godoy

To promote the release Deniz will be playing East Coast (Australia) shows at the end of March and into April. Joining him will be my favorite punk rockers Art and Steve Godoy, legendary figures in the parallel worlds of tattooing, skateboarding, and punk rock.

From the mid 90's and onwards the Godoys have worked with Deniz in various band lineups touring the USA. They have most notably recorded together in US based Deniz Tek and the Golden Breed. They are joined by local Sydney session bassist Andy Newman for this limited run of not to be missed shows.

Buy Deniz Tek Citadel Years HERE



My favorite venue of all time is Cobo Hall

Hey gang I am gearing up to return to producing shows at Cobo Hall. I still want to do some things in Novi but I really want to help Detroit economically and entertain the citizens as well. Detroit needs more major events. That is why I formed Retro: Kimmer Productions

Rotunda in Dearborn before the massive fire

After I did stories on the 12th Floor of JL Hudson's and the Rotunda at Christmas time I got such a huge response from my readers. I also produced a Christmas Gift Toy Hobby Show in Oscoda, Mi in 1995. I just loved doing that show. Imagine a huge Christmas Wonderland in Detroit once more!

I have tons of ideas and lots of people have hopped on board as volunteers to help me produce such a huge project. Luckily I have my own in house art department in my daughter Lesley and her talented friends.



Magicians Tim Wise and Doug Henning (RIP)

Got a nice phone call tonight from my dear friend Tim Wise in Las Vegas... He is always busy with many shows and even working in burlesque! Go Timmy! He and I are very old friends from back in the day. Tim used to pop into the Alibi bar and do coin tricks whenever I ran into him. Of course I would ask him to do magic whenever I saw him.

Tim and pals in Vegas

When I was managing the Super Sale show Tim worked our exhibitor party and did the flaming sword swallowing act... OMG that looked so scary. He was just so smooth...

Tim is teaching at the Magic School in Vegas and is featured every Monday (Monday Magic) on Virtual Magic and Mystery School The show starts at 10 pm Eastern Time so check out the show and meet my friend Tim Wise.

Tim and Steve Dacri (RIP)

Years later when my daughter Lesley was having her little friends over for her birthday, Timmy popped over to my house. Happy to see him always but hoping like crazy that his magic case was in his van... It was... Tim brought the bag inside and did like 90 minutes of magic and animal balloons for the overjoyed kindergartners. Lesley watched Tim make those balloon animals and now 14 years later she can still make them. THANKS TIM! XXOOK



Kimmer with pal singer Mark Sisto

My friend Mark Sisto of the band The Visitors and The Manifestations happened to be in town tonight on a whirl wind visit. Haven't seen Mark since he was here in February 2010.

We had alot of fun when he was here last year. Worked with Al King, Chris Taylor and SRC guitarist Gary Quackenbush.

Mark Sisto

We filmed 2 songs with Mark singing and I love these videos. They were spontaneous and I just got the Handycam so I was a newbie. Here is Hand of Law:

Mark Sisto

Mark loves the band SRC (Scot Richard Case) so we picked up Gary Quackenbush and put together a quickie session and I filmed it.

Mark's father Salvador Sisto sadly passed way recently and his sister-in-law made this fabulous video...check it out it is just beautiful.

Read More on RK
48 Hours With Mark Sisto
Kimmer and Mark Visit Coachville Trailer Park
Ann Arbor Rock n Roll Revival 2009



Robert Palmer

I first heard this classic song covered by Robert Palmer and it remains my favorite version of "Can We Still Be Friends" written by Todd Rundgren. The lyric is so on the money when it comes to relationships that just aren't working on a romantic level yet you still care so much for the other person....

Darryl Hall of Hall and Oates

Really one of my very favorite singers of the 70's and 80's. Still have a huge crush on Darryl and his voice is to die for. What a talented guy. I discovered this video tonight of Todd Rundgren and Darryl doing "Can We Still Be Friends?". It is so great with Darryl's voice on this tune.

Definitely in a Todd Rundgren mood tonight and this is one of his classics. Todd's lyrics are so honest and open.

Todd Rundgren

It was radically different for a guy to come out with such honest lyrics at the time in the early 70's. Girls loved Todd's "Something/Anything" Album.

So many great classic tunes on there. I used to dance around with Teri Gagnon in her room when I was in high school. Teri and I were both in love with Todd, Darryl and Robert.... Of course all three were hunky guys. My favorite was Darryl Hall.



Kimmer and Paul Buono of Detroit's Masonic Temple

Have some very exciting news.... I just opened a new show company. Retro: Kimmer Productions. I have been producing public events forever. Just got a bug to start doing big shows once more. Detroit needs some NEW GIGS!! Working on some exciting music gigs too which we'll talk about later...

The very first thing I had to do was get into PT Barnum mode once more. Making the trek down to Cobo Hall for Autorama was my first step. Cobo Hall was my favorite venue and I used to work there 3 times a year. Love Cobo Hall. Just walking around inside puts me back in time and gives me a promoter rush.

Masonic Temple Main Theater

Once I began getting back into the groove I went and opened RK Productions. Busy building a website for my newest endeavor... Once I had a company name I needed some dates to begin selling my first show. I plan to do an all Detroit Fan Show for December 2011. It will feature essentially everything that is cool about DETROIT! Music, Sports, Theater, Film, Retail, Restaurants, Clubs, and Educational groups. Big project to be sure...

Beautiful Masonic Architecture

My choice of venue for this show is the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi. Formerly Rock Financial ?Showplace and Novi Expo. I just love the SCS owner Blair Bowman and he was the first call I placed. As much as I love Cobo Hall I wanted to begin in a supportive environment with friends. That would be with Blair and his great staff...

Skating rink at Masonic where the Rockettes practiced

I met with Blair and put some dates on hold for this year and 2012. Now to begin delving into the nuts and bolts or designing some really new and different events that the general public will enjoy. New and different being the key words in that statement. Not the same old sportsman or home shows for me...

Masonic Main Theater with just spotlights (so cool!)

Kimmer in a box seat in the Cathedral

On this second trip I spent over 2 hours following Paul all over this massive building. It was a huge maze of theaters, chapels, ballrooms, lodge meeting rooms, and even an old swimming pool which was never completed in 1929 due to the stock market crash and following economic depression. We peeked into this old pool room and it reminded me of the Titantic! My photos were too dark to show it to you but at the BOTTOM of the pool was a DUCK!!! Dead duck as Paul told me LOL

Masonci pool resident DUCK

The chandeliers fascinate me and I got some really cool Phantom of the Opera style shots. I have seen Phantom at Masonic it is my favorite show of all time.

Cool chandelier at Masonic

Paul told all about how they produce Phantom of the Opera live onstage. How they drop that dramatic chandelier and pull the boat across the stage. Simply fascinating!

Paul took me into so many cool places the average visitor never sees. The under floor catwalk where Paul goes in to change the stage light bulbs... Shades of Phantom!

Paul with all the electrical for the Main Theater

Loved checking out the electrical set up for the main theater. On this trip Paul turned up the house lights in all the rooms so I could really see the fabulous architecture. Just really fantastic!

Paul Buono

We really had such a great time hanging with Paul. This trip I wore my Nikes so I could keep up with the man! After 2 hours I was really beat...

Detroit view from the rooftop of Masonic

Paul was taking through an upper hallway and suddenly asked me if I wanted to check out the rooftop! Heck YEAH!! We went outside and we were so high up it was a bit daunting. Also it was freezing! Had no coat on and the wind was really whipping. How many people have been on that roof? Great place to watch the fireworks during the Freedom Festival.

Paul and Kimmer on the rooftop (how cool is that??)

We met with Steve (below) the operations manager of Masonic and his guitar player son Matt. Matt toured around with me for a little bit until he got an urgent cell phone call and sped off. Great kid.

Steve and Matt

Checking out the new Novi Suburban Collection Showcase was a joy for me as well. I hadn't been in Blair Bowman's new building. The last time I was at a show in Novi it was Outdoorama at Novi Expo. This had to be in 1995 when I was doing my own shows in Oscoda and Alpena Michigan. I owned the Huron Ausable Sportsman Show on the former Wurtsmith Airforce Base.

Beautiful logo drape hanging in the main lobby of Novi. The new building has some really glamorous rooms. Lots of room for exhibits, dancing, and live music. I plan to feature exhibits with live music.

Front entrance of SCS Novi

It was exciting for me to walk into this beautiful building. It has been a long time (1996) since I had my own show company. I have learned so much more about Detroit since the 80's and I can't wait to pitch in to help Detroit take advantage of it's fantastic music industry.

Blair Bowman

It was so great to see Blair Bowman again. The last time I sat at a boardroom table with him I was there to hammer a deal for a Super Sale type show. As Blair says, Kim had a really good day! Meaning he gave me a really great deal on the building. (Novi Expo) Need that free parking Blair!

SCS board room where we had our meeting

Main hallway of SCS

Beautiful lobby of SCS

This building is just gorgeous! Can't wait to see it full of Detroit fans!

Hard working show decorator

Had to pop into a show under construction and shoot a photo. This show was beautiful with the blue carpet, pipe and drape. Nostalgic moment for Kimmer...



Two new custom Gretsch guitars for Steve

Recently I met Steve and Karen Ann Hunter via telephone. We discussed lots of fun stuff and one of the coolest things was about these 2 new custome built guitars that Steve Hunter received from Gretsch. Steve promised to get me the first photos of his new prized gifts.

These are solid body custom built Gretsch guitars with Hummbucking pick ups and are pre-amped for extra kick.

Hi Kim

Steve wanted you to have this pic, his new Grestch Custom's arrived about two hours ago and they look fab. He has yet to give them a good try out but says they feel great. He will be taking the black one to NY for the Rock & Roll H of F gig next week providing there are no major probs when he plugs them in!

I will try to get a pic of him playing one of them for you soon (:

You are the first person to see these.

Hope all is hunky dory with you.

Karen, xx
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