A Retro Kimmer Pal Troy Sanborn is a die hard gear head from the 1960's!
Troy owns Troy's Automotive in Lansing Michigan and loves his high performance machines! Troy drives funny cars, jet boats and these 2 gorgeous Camaros. Just you average 8 sec Camaro!

A radical Camaro to grace the pages of Car CraftGoodies: This gnarly beast sports a 496ci Rat stuffed between its fenders with an Enderle-topped 8-71 blower and a bunch of non-streetable goods. Troy says he's had his car 22 years and it's morphed into this ultimate final form. The motor belts out a whopping 1,200 horses and it screams through the traps at 158 mph with an e.t. to the tune of 8.64! Wow what a hot car!

Here is Troy's Flaming Red Camaro I think it's a 1963 (it says 63 on the windshield sheesh)

Troy ran with the red camaro two weeks ago at Milan Dragway...

Click Here to watch him!

Troy says:

" the red camaro is ours, street legal trim, tires broke loose twice- got butt kicked" LOL for Troy the 1960's still rock! Thanks for the pics Troy!


juck / ヨッシー said...

Your site is very cool!!
Please link to my rock site MRMR.

Retro Kimmer said...

Sure be happy to! I love doint this site it is so much fun!
Thank you!


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