Vietnam 1968-1971

Soldiers by a bunker

My Dad's name on the Wall

Maj. Frank Maki served twice in Vietnam 1968-69 and briefly in 1971. Sadly he was killed in action at Firebase Fuller just 3 miles south of the DMZ Here is what happened the day my father was killed.

June 22, 1971 From This Day in History South Vietnamese fight for Fire Base Fuller In a major engagement near the Demilitarized Zone, some 1,500 North Vietnamese attack the 500-man South
Vietnamese garrison at Fire Base Fuller. Despite U.S. B-52 raids dropping 60 tons of bombs on June 21 and a 1,000-man reinforcement on June 24, the South Vietnamese had to abandon the base since a North Vietnamese bombardment had destroyed 80 percent of their bunkers. In an attempt to clear the surrounding area of enemy mortar and rocket sites, South Vietnamese forces
swept the region on June 25. On June 28, a Saigon spokesman announced that 120 South Vietnamese had reoccupied Fire Base Fuller, but would not rebuild the fortifications. Casualty figures were reported at nearly 500 North Vietnamese dead, with 135 wounded.

One American was killed, my Dad Major Frank Maki

My Blogger friend Scott Buel from Scenes From the Past visitedThe Wall recently and he and his girlfriend got a new rubbing of my Dad's name. Thanks so much for making that trip Scott and thank you
Carl for the photo and tribute which means so much!

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Me-Me King said...

Kim - I lived in DC for awhile and visited the Viet Nam Memorial many times. It was always a sad awakening to see friends and family searching for their loved ones on the wall.

I am so sorry you lost your father in a conflict that took so many from their friends and family. I can only imagine how special it is for you to have the rubbing of your father's name from the memorial that honors those soldiers that gave their lives.

Marlon Celso said...

Aww! MY perspektib crashed down so i transferred my url to http://marlonofmanila.blogspot.com, pls update my url in your roll!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Kim. That is awesome. I mean, not about your dad, but I mean
that you did such a nice job with the blog post.

Scott Buel

Lesslee Belmore said...

That is wonderful Kim. Great blog! and so meaningful.

Retro Kimmer said...

Thanks so much, I am going to do a part 2 soon because a really interesting soldier came forward around Thanksgiving with news on what really happened that day.

Bob Evans said...


Our families were close back then as my Dad and yours served together. My son and daughter are visiting the wall this evening and are going to find your dad's name. My dad speaks so well about your dad to this day. Please give our best to your mom and sister from our family.

Unknown said...

I am saddened you lost your father to war,but I thank him and your family for this sacrifice. As Frank Makki's daughter,You are a gift to him and to us in so many delightful ways. In so many spiritual ways. And in many many talented ways.God Bless you Kim and i am honored to have found you in my days. I am sure many feel the same about your father and their individual relationships they had with him and your family. Love mariane rhodes

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