Fazzi (FAZ) Husain was widely known in Washtenaw County area, passed away suddenly at age 54 in 2006. Kimmer met Faz back in the early 1960's when his family lived behind my grandmother's home near the Campus of Eastern Michigan University.

Faz was the true ambassador of loving your fellow man. He always had a smile and hug whenever approached by a friend or even someone he had just met.

Faz moved from India to Ypsilanti 40 years ago when his father was recruited for a job at Eastern Michigan University. Faz went to Roosevelt Laboratory School and when that school closed he moved on to finish at Ypsilanti High.

Over the years, Faz developed a hobby of meeting celebrities and getting his picture taken with them. Sadly someone stole a lot of his early celebrity shots from the pizza shop in Ypsilanti. He was working on a book about how to meet famous people. That is when he came to me to convert his photo albums to digital files. Which I had begun when he suddenly left us.

Faz was a member of the Ypsilanti City Council in the early 1980s. He owned several pizzerias over the years, the latest of which is Hello Faz Pizza on West Liberty Street 734 741 7777 in Ann Arbor. Call Nikki and tell her Kimmer sent you!

Last night I found the cd of Faz's photo albums. I had lost that disc for a few years. Now I think is the perfect time to launch FAZ into CYBERSPACE! He would love Facebook!

I plan to retouch a lot of the images at some point. It is a long process but for now you can see his images on my Facebook Photo Gallery HERE Or search Kim Maki in Facebook and then go into my photos and you'll see his gallery there. Please tag any person (s) you may recognize.

RIP Fazzi my dear friend xxoo

P.S I spoke with his wife Nikki today and she misses him so much. So if ou can stop by the pizza shop on Liberty and see her! I am going to do that more often.



ted copeland said...

I know he was really fond of the one of him and Mohammed Ali :) Also if I remember he also had that pic and one of him and George H.W. Bush hanging up next to it at Faz and Nikki's

Dan Boyd said...

What an amazing collection of photos. Seems like a great guy. Thanks for posting this collection

Rick Perry said...

Great pics Kim.....I knew Faz very well and at one time even worked for him.....can you imagine....RIP Faz.....

Mark Boone said...

I have a number of mutual "faz" friends and we often talk of Faz and his upbeat outlook. He was a treasure and his spirit soars above us.

Christine Riley said...

I miss him dearly. He was a good man and a good friend.

Retro Kimmer said...

Faz brought me all of his albums to put on disc the year before he passed on. He wanted to do a book and maybe someday that will happen. But for now I have all his images on my facebook page and I know he'd love that publicity! With much love to Fazzi and Nikki

Unknown said...

FAZ was the BEST. I immediately knew we would be best friends and it was So. From 1971 in pizza shop to the end. Went to FAZ & Nikki wedding, WOW !
Faz was the fairest, most LOVING & honest guy you could find anywhere !
Love & miss him.God Bless his FAMILY.

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting the PICS.
Faz was the BEST ! I worked at PIZZA SHOP in 72 and had the best fun.
We stayed friends to the last.
FAZ was the Fairest, most honest and LOVING guy I ever met.
Greatly missed !

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