Happened to see a super fine photo Chris Klondike Masuak posted today on Facebook. I loved this incredible "Chorus Line" of his guitars....we are a huge fan of Klondike's and loved seeing these axes and knew a lot of my readers would dig em too.... Thanks CKM xxK

Chris Masuak's Chorus Line..

Guitars L - R

2006 Ampeg Dan Armstrong reissue
1968 Ampeg Dan Armstrong
Early 90's Robin Ranger... A Houston based company that made great hand crafted guitars. A great hunk of wood!
1996 Fender Custom Classic Strat
2003 Gibson Firebird VII

1964 Fender Bandmaster
Fender VibroKing

From Klondike: "You wanna hear what the Dan Armstrongs sound like?? I make all these suckers work! CLICK HERE check out Niagara and The Hitmen to hear what the Dan sounds like cranked!

Four years after his debut solo band album, ex-Radio Birdman guitarist Chris "Klondike" Masuak is back with another even more lethal dose of high-powered rock and roll.

"Workhorse" is a stunning statement, a blues-wailing, guitar-soaked testament to Masuak's standing as one of Australia's most talented guitarists.

Its 14 tracks span a dizzying gamut of sounds, from the Eastern cadences of "She's Gone Away" to the rousing pop of "Hey Girl" and the incandescent hard rock of "Intoxication", this is the sort of album too few bands make any more - it's soaked in guitars.

Recorded in Sydney and Mittagong, Australia, it's also a tribute to the late sound engineer Greg Clarke (Billy Thorpe, Rose Tattoo) who co-produced "Workhorse" with Masuak. Clarke completed the final mixes just days before passing away.

Masuak assembled a crack power trio for "Workhorse" with bassist Red Porter and drummer David Alexander on board for the recording sessions.

The songs are cathartic and striking in their directness, full of ironclad riffs but with powerful melody lines not far from the surface.

Rather than bringing in guest vocalists as on his last album "The Straight Path", Masuak did all the singing and worked up his parts during a now legendary 13-week residency at Sydney venue the Sandringham Hotel in 2010.

Guests during that run included Radio Birdman bandmate Deniz Tek and Screaming Tribesmen song-writing partner Mick Medew and most of the "Workhorse" tracks were aired.

Masuak is now based in Spain but is returning to Australia for select shows with his band, The North 40, now comprising Red Porter and Gerard Presland (ex-Hitmen DTK.)

"Is there a better blues-based rock guitar player on the planet than this Ukranian-Canadian-Australian, currently hanging his hat in Spain? I think not. Impeccable tone, clean attack, monstrous vibrato – Klondike’s got it all…just shy of an hour, "Workhorse" is a better integrated showcase for his strengths and enthusiasms." - Ken Shimamoto

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