3 Story completely rehabbed historic building. Exposed brick walls - lots of charm. 

First floor can be used as retail or office. First floor mezzanine level conference room. Top two floors have an open floor plan. Tech monorail track lighting throughout. Modern Kitchen, Updated HVAC with ceiling fans on all floors, two south facing outdoor decks on back of building, Security system with sensors on all doors, Fully wired for network/internet and multi-line phone system on all floors, Central sprinkler system through out. Full Basement for storage and 1 Car garage attached to the first floor space.

Here is some fun news today!  Linda and Jessica of the Sidetrack in Ypsilanti have purchased a third building on the block...I received their cool email and wanted to share this with even better photos. I had some history in 52 E Cross their new building.  A friend of mine had a boyfriend named Ward Shankwiler. His parents owned this place in the 1970's. It was the coolest place to hang out... I spent time in there with other pals after the Shankwiler's moved out. We loved it and I have wanted to live in an old loft type place ever since...Here is the email info I received below...

Just like the guy who wrote the original Thesaurus, we are excited, fired up, thrilled and pumped... no, we're really excited, fired up, thrilled and pumped to share that,
within the next year, the Sidetrack will be expanding!

BirdBrain, wholesalers of decorative garden products and more, outgrew their storefront at 52 E. Cross (next to Frenchie's) and, after some back and forth over a few cold ones, we made the deal!

Much like The Sidetrack, our new building has quite the history: The George Cappy Saloon first occupied the building in the 1850's. In the 1870's, the New York Gallery Confectioners took over the space. (shown below, behind the Ypsilanti Cornet Band)

100 years later in the early 1970's, the statewide traveling Artrain, featuring Michigan artists, planned an extended stay and an exhibit in Depot Town. They leased the building, which was long vacant, for offices and a 1st floor art gallery. It was known for years afterwards as the Artrain Building.

Fast forward a few years and in enters E.M.U. art professor Bev Shankwiler and her husband Don. Together they undertook the project of renovating the Artrain building and, in doing do, initiated one of the many resurgences of the Depot Town area. It was Bev, Don, and a team of family and friends who removed 17 tons of old rotten flooring, plaster, partitions and more, thus renovating the Artrain Building as their new home- a 3 story townhouse and art studio.

The Artrain Building remained a private residence until BirdBrain took over in 2003. Interestingly enough, it seems what goes around actually may comes around; what was originally a bar in the mid 1800's will - 160 some years later - again be a bar. Well, more than just a bar...

While we have a stack of ideas for our new building as tall as the Ypsilanti water tower, our "short list" is (in the words of Tigers reliever Phil Coke) "Prreettttyyyy Gooooood!" What is for certain is that we are getting a larger kitchen, bigger bathrooms, and more spacious and comfortable seating for our customers and friends.

Just as Ypsilanti boasts the 3rd largest Historical District in the state, The Sidetrack will always remain mindful of its roots. And just as we want to take care to restore the historic integrity of our building, we want take care to keep our friends and customers informed on our progress and development.

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