Our favorite Detroit drummer and fabulous painter too, Johnny Bee Badanjek is guest posting tonight for the many fans of his out there in cyberland...Thank you Bee XK

Last year I had a chance to record with The Detroit Cobras on a Buddy Holly Compilation C.D. featuring other recording artists....Paul McCartney, Patti Smith, The Black Keys, Kid Rock, Lou Reed, and many others. The group would choose one of Buddy's greatest songs "Heartbeat." and they did a bang up job.

I became friend's with Mary Cobra and did a few other paintings of her and sketches. For this new piece I was going to paint her out (meaning....I would take out the figure). As I started this new painting not knowing where I was going or how it would end up...

The figure of Mary Cobra started to emerge so strong that I started doing the background around her from left to right. I kept thinking I'm going to mess her up, and in the end she'll be an abstract figure. But I ended up painting the background all abstract and leaving her figure alone. The piece seemed so strong and there was so much energy in the painting that every time I started to look at her there was something inside me that said don't touch her!

The poet W.H.Auden has said. "Great art is clear thinking about mixed feelings."

Merry Christmas......Johnny Bee Badanjek

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Fast Film said...

Thank you both, Kimmer and Johnny Bee, for this!

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