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Sent: Tuesday, January 6, 2015 10:08 PM
Subject: Hello I saw your site and there is a photo there of Ron and Larry and Krissy. I grew up with Krissy and I am the one that took that photo and a few more ( see my facebook if you want. I am glad that photo is found cuz its hard to get krissy to find photos we took. She is old fashion and wont even get on the computer but to see photos i send her husband. I usually call her on the phone.. I have asked her a few times go thru our old photos but she hasnt yet LOL.

Anyway just wanted you to know that was taken by me when we took Ron and some other of the entourage to see him but cant remember who it was possibly a guy named tony who worked for the stooges then. No photos tho that i have.

Now .. i saw a list of comments possibly from myspace there is one that is bugging the crap out of me and because it is NOT TRUE at all EVER ... NEVER HAPPENED. Was going ot ask you to remove it.. The comment said.. that Ron use to sneak larry out to gamble that never happened i laughed and i cant wait to call Krissy about that one.

anyway so happy that you have this photo up. I put it up on facebook and will post it a few fb places because i run some groups. And I really do miss Ron he was a wonderful guy. He dated Krissy and became a good friend back in those days.

What is true is I remember me an Krissy taking Iggy to Denny's after the whiskey on one occasion he wore my big fur coat .. then we go to Denny's rock n roll Denny's everyone knows it. And he ordered pie and nearly nodded out in it .. we had to carry him between us back to the car and up to the house when they lived next to the Hyatt in that apt complex (Coronet) it was a pink complex at the time. LOL strange things i remember...

Larry was a very private man he would not visit with many people. When we lived in the big house in Los Feliz I use to live with Krissy there mostly in the summers. Larry had the back house. He did not get visitors but the maid and his nurses.. when he moved to the Motion picture home there was alot of red tape to get into that place.. and you couldn't just walk in and visit anyone sorry you must have an invitation and it was definitely fenced to keep it private.

Larry was living with stroke problems at that time he could not do alot for himself then. So just the fact that he may have been smoking is kind of laughable as he was under doctors care at all times. It amazes me that this rumor is set in some folks minds but like i said. Ron may have wanted to boast a bit. He was a funny guy.. sorry I have no way to prove to you but me being there should amount to some credibility. Like i said people can believe what they like. Ill give Krissy a call and ask her today or tomorrow if she ever heard such a rumor. Take care new friend. Cheers Dee

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dee! I can't believe after all these years, I came across a picture of Krissy, and then this comment from you. I was supposed to go to the rest home with y'all that day but had to work instead. I never did get there to meet Larry, because he passed before I ever had the chance. Last time we talked was shortly after you came back from England with your new husband. Anyway, I hope that you see this comment.

Carla Nelson

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