Edith Pair Owner of Tour Michigan Based in Charlevoix, Michigan

I would love to introduce my newest clients Edith Pair Owner/Guide and Alex King Director of Operations/Guide. Many of my readers will recognize Alex (Al King) The famous drummer of Nikki Corvette and the Gorevette band. He is a dear friend of my family and he introduced me to the lovely Edith! Thanks Al!!

Just a few weeks back My Mom (right) and her friend Carol (left)) accompanied me to Charlevoix, Michigan to experience Edith Pair's Mushroom House Tour in person!We had a lot of photos to shoot and thankfully Alex helped me with that task! 

I joined the team as their Promotion/Media Maven! I am overhauling the web page and helping promote Edith's Tours and her Fabulous Art as well globally...

Check Edith's ART PAGE HERE

Welcoming you to the Park Avenue section of homes is a 7 ton boulder placed at Park Avenue and Grant Street.

The Half House aka The Honeymoon House

The Half House aka The Honeymoon House

Edith's very cool GEM TOURING CAR

Mushroom House Tours offer walking and driving in GEM car tours of the legendary architect/engineer Earl A. Young's famous Mushroom Houses of Charlevoix, Michigan. We have been guiding tours for the past 7 years and would love to take your group!

Amazing stonework by Earl Young

Alex King and I shot all of these photos and they are going to be captioned soon. For now I just wanted to share a bit of this gorgeous tour that Edith Pair guides so beautifully.

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