Unless you live in Las Vegas, a casino is not a place you spend time at too often. And when you finally decide to spend a night with gambling, you might find it difficult to think of the perfect outfit to wear on a casino night. Should you go with a retro look? A casual one, or a relaxed one? Well, to make things a bit easier for you here is a short guide on the dos and don'ts of dressing up for a night of gambling.

Online casinos: no dress code

This one is the easiest: if your idea of fun is to play casino games, you can simply seek out an online casino. The All Jackpots casino available in Canada doesn't have a dress code - in fact, it comes to your home, bringing a massive collection of great games with it. You can play at the All Jackpots casino wearing slippers, yoga pants, worn-down sweatshirts, or whatever else you might find comfortable. All it cares about is to bring the fun to you.

The All Jackpots Canada has all the games you may hope to find in a Vegas casino, maybe even more. Its software safeguards your privacy better than any casino security in Vegas. Besides, the All Jackpots saves you the trouble of driving, finding a parking place, possibly even lodging and dining for the night.

Mind the dress code

The dress code required by a casino depends largely on what kind of audience it wants to attract. As a general rule, you are expected not to show up in sweatpants and printed t-shirts, and shorts & sandals are also out of the question. Depending on the profile of the casino you plan to visit, men can usually make do with a pair of jeans, a shirt (or plain t-shirt) and a comfy jacket, while women can make do with any dressy outfit.

General "don'ts" 

Here is a list of don'ts from The Star Casino in Sydney, which you can take as a general guide to what never to wear to a casino night:
  • Dirty, ripped, torn or soiled clothing
  • Work uniforms
  • Clothing bearing offensive slogans and / or pictures
  • Face paint or disguises
  • Dirty, worn or damaged footwear, UGG boots, Crocs, rubber beach thongs and open toed shoes (for men)
  • Active sportswear including gym-wear, training shirts, beachwear or swim suits
  • Men's singlet, tank tops or t-shirts
  • Steel cap boots and any other forms of work boots
  • Hats or caps, except for medical reasons
  • Shorts (for men)
  • Any other clothing deemed not to be neat, tidy or appropriate

On special occasions, or to access certain facilities inside the casino, you're usually required to adhere to a much more specific dress code. Make sure to check with the casino before you go, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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