1. My number one favorite game right now is FISHDOM! It has super fun and colorful graphics. The theme is about decorating your on aquariums.

You buy fish,decorations,plants, and sea people like Poseidon, Neptune and Mermaids from Disney. I am on level 102 and am totally addicted! Free download on Google Play Apps Store 

2. Gardenscapes is fun and challenging! The theme is about playing levels to complete tasks to restore your garden at a mansion. You also have other tasks such as your virtual pet puppy and a kitty.  Take a look.

3. Toyblast is a really fun game and has interesting levels with great bombs and missiles you use to blast blocks out of your way..

Toyblast has really cute animation and yet it is a really tough game to play. Take a look:

4. BEE Brilliant!

BEE Brilliant is totally a blast to play...your targets are bees and baybee bees too.  You conquer levels, compete in tournaments and win lots of prizes. Love this game! Take a look:

5. Angry Bird Blast

Angry Birds Blast is great fun and so colorful! Has the best graphics of the 5 games I picked today.

Each level has a goal such as releasing 14 red birds, or seven blue birds and five orange, etc. If you meet the objective, you complete the level to win prizes and coins. Take a look:

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