What do the repeating numbers mean?

People's ability to believe in what they are unable to see or touch has many guises, different both in form and content.

The boundaries of this ability are determined by the dogmas learned from childhood for some people, by the richness of imagination and internal content for others, or by predominantly physiological sensations for still others.

Priests of mystical cults unanimously assure us that there is the invisible, the imperceptible, and the impossible from the point of view of logic. School teachers, academics, and recognized wise men all say the opposite is true. As a result, the integrity of our perception of the world is irreversibly violated, and we are forced to wander all our lives in search of truth.

However, we always have one way to systematize our knowledge of the world. It is a reliable and tested method of trial and error that builds up your personal life experience and shapes your personality. Making mistakes in the process is just as important as winning, because by making a mistake, you exclude one of the possibilities of doing wrong once and for all.

Why are we talking about this? Because this article is devoted to a special case of the "inexplicable" - the so-called Angel Numbers. According to an American Doreen Virtue, who introduced this definition into use, multi-digit numbers containing paired (101, 2020), double (110, 0220), repeating (555, 2222), or sequential (123, 2345) digits contain messages of the guardian angels.

One may or may not believe in this. But it's worth a try anyway. Only this way, from your personal experience, you can see if this statement is true or false.

So if the Angel Number suddenly begins to haunt you and to constantly catch your eye, take the trouble to decipher the message addressed to you using numerology. Then follow the recommendations you received. It won't get any worse.

While interpreting the Angel Number, you should remember that the essence of the message is determined by the sum of its digits. However, the nominal of these numbers and the order of their arrangement also matter.

Below you can read the interpretations of Angel Numbers that have most likely caught your attention more than once.

1010. The time corresponding to these figures is set on all watches with an arrow dial during the pre-sale preparation process: it is believed that such an arrangement of the hands resembles a smile.

But on an electronic clock it is a sequence of ones and zeros, the simplest binary code. One is the number of strength and initiative, Zero is the number of eternity and inviolability, and the total Two means peace and harmony. In total, the essence of the message boils down to the following: you will be able to keep stability and harmony in your life only if you have strict control over every situation.

Do not loosen your grip, remain initiative and assertive, and stay on your course, no matter what the cost. Don’t be distracted by extraneous thoughts, and don’t waste time and money on what lies outside your way. Then everything will be all right for you.

1111. Combination 1-4 is a promise of success, which, however, can only be achieved through hard, painstaking work. It is not worth waiting for dividends in the near future: only the total amount of effort is adequately rewarded.

You will have to take the initiative in your field of activity and work for the result. However, success will only come if you can ignore failure and keep faith in your capabilities.

2112. The time has come to take care of those who depend on you financially. Such a necessity usually arises when you realize that you no longer have enough money to meet their needs. So you have to look for a solution to this problem.

The most "bloodless" of the possible options would be career advancement and a corresponding increase in income. Take on additional responsibilities and be dutiful.

2222. The sum of the digits of this number is equal to 8, and the Eight in numerology is the number of power, purposefulness, success and wealth. However, the fact that there are only Twos in the angelic message indicates that it’s impossible to use the common methods for success: pressure, prodding, and subdual.

On the contrary, everything suggests that in any undertaking you will have to show delicacy, diplomacy, the ability to hear and understand people, to guess their hidden motivation from the smallest details of their behavior.

You say that this is not how things are done, don’t you? Well, then you have to try out a new method. Otherwise, it won’t work.

2323. The numerological sum of this number is equal to One (2 + 3 + 2 + 3 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1). This means that in the near future you will have to make a strong-willed decision, which no one will be likely to accept.

Then you have to turn on your fantasy (3), and find a diplomatic (2) solution to the problem. Look for an individual approach to each of your opponents, get them interested, and promise them what they want.

Implementing your plans on your own is almost impossible. At some point, you will definitely need the support of a strong, close-knit, well-motivated team.

1234. The numerological sum of the digits of this number is also equal to One (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1). However, unlike the previous one, this angelic message not only determines the nature of the proposed actions, but also sets their sequence.

If you are familiar with the key points of numerology, it will immediately become clear to you that you need to start with an innovative idea. Then you should gather a team of like-minded people and creatively approach the work to be done. The well-known Steve Jobs followed exactly this pattern.

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