The greatest note-taking applications for the year 2021

We write down different types of information and notes regularly, whether attending a customer conference call, at our homes or elsewhere. The notes can be a witty quote from someone or a contact number. At times, the information we need to take note of can be visual, such as a flyer picture having some essential details. The market is awash with thousands of note-taking apps; hence, you have to choose the one that suits your purpose. This article by Writezillas.com will help you the best note-taking app that suits your purpose. These apps are available in both Android and iOS, while you can access others through web browsers.


It is the best note-taking app that allows users to capture different digital information, coupled with great organizational features. You have a choice to take notes in different formats such as annotated web pages, videos, audio, pictures, and texts. You can even organize your notes into virtual notebooks and manage those notes using shortcuts and tags.


This Microsoft’s productivity product is the best for the business environment. OneNote is a free-form information collection app that allows users to capture everything and organize it on a flexible electronic canvas. Users either have an option to type their notes by hand, type, or even scan pages or handwritten notes.

Dropbox Paper

At times, we have to collaborate with colleagues in gathering and sharing information on a project. In such circumstances, a great collaborative note-taking app such as Dropbox paper comes in handy. Dropbox paper provides a collaborative workspace where teams can conduct meetings, brainstorm and review ideas, add and edit notes. It also serves as a task management tool that allows users to allocate to-do lists and even add datelines. Annotations allow users to add comments to a particular section of a picture.


This product is the simplest app for taking notes in the market. The product offers users an easy way to keep ideas, lists, and notes. Simplenote is the best in terms of efficiency and speed. You launch the app and start typing your notes. Once you have your notes, you can edit them whenever you need to. The product comes with a lightning-fast search function that allows users to quickly search what they are looking for with changing entries as you kind the search keyword.

Apple Notes

For either iPad or iPhone users, they do not need to search for other note-taking apps since Apple Notes is sufficient for taking notes. Users can write down to-do lists and textual notes from this app. You can also add sketches of notes, scanned documents, and web links. Users can use Apple’s virtual assistant called Siri to create a new note and even dictate the note’s contents.

Google Keep

Google Keep is the note-taking app by Google for devices running the Android operating system. Google Keep enables users to write down everything ranging from capturing photos to typing textual information. Users can speak a voice memo, and this app will transcribe it for you. The notes get organized as electronic sticky notes, and users can assign each a different color easy of identification.

Zoho Notebook

This product is different from the other products since it uses a different approach in organizing each note. It comes with a card-based design.

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