Peter G Stipe Author of Badge 112

I finished reading this new book by retired Ann Arbor (highly decorated) Policeman/SWAT/Detective Peter Stipe. Pete stood guard at my police LT uncle's funeral and we had many friends in common yet we only met when he pulled me over for an illegal left turn back in the day. Gratefully he opted not to ticket me! YAY. 

Ironically, Amazon sent me this book to review. I saw the author's name and thought hey, I know this guy. Picked up my Kindle and I didn't put it down until I finished reading Pete's story. Pete is quite a guy! This book is like riding in the back seat of his squad car witnessing his entire career. 

Badge 112 is the story of a restless boy orphaned in high school and his unlikely passage from juvenile delinquent to a decorated police officer. 

While on the force, Pete embarked on a series of high-profile arrests, high-speed pursuits, foot chases, bank robberies, hostage situations, homicides, life and death struggles, and harrowing rescues. 

In 1994, a serial killer investigation exposed the strained racial tensions between the police and the public they serve. Stipe and the killer confront one another in court.

Pete's tactical training results in his assignment as the point man on the SWAT Team. He engages in a sequence of armed encounters, some at point-blank range. The peak in his career is toppled by a turbulent marriage to an unfaithful wife, an ill-fated affair with an attractive partner, and the tragic drowning of two teenage girls, trapped in a submerged car. Buy Your Copy of Badge 112 Here

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