Steve Murphy and Javier Pena

We spent this summer in Northern Michigan and life up there was beautiful but, pretty quiet compared to the city..For excitement, I watched a lot of television, read a ton of books, and listened to a few good Podcasts.

I read How We Took Down Pablo Escobar by Steve Murphy and Javier Pena. It was fascinating hearing from the real DEA guys in the Netflix series Narcos. 

In the Narcos series, Steve Murphy narrates that smuggler/kingpin Carlos Lehder would spend the rest of his life in an American Prison. Then I read the news last year that Carlos had been released into the custody of German authorities. My first thought was "I wonder what Steve and Javi think about this?" I sent them that question and today I received this reply. 

Hi Kim, thanks for your note and support! Carlos being released was no problem for us. He served most of his time, cooperated against other big-time drug traffickers, and he is dying of cancer. When I was stationed in Colombia, I was assigned the task of getting his family safely out of Colombia to the US. 

Now, we're trying to convince Carlos to come on our true-crime podcast, Game of Crimes. Check it out at GameOfCrimesPodcast.com.

So if you are a giant Narcos fan like me, tune into their great podcast which has tons of episodes about all kinds of crimes!

The first long-form true crime interview podcast hosted by people who actually played the Game of Crimes. The good, the bad, and everything in between. Hear from the Real DEA Narcos and the manhunt for Pablo Escobar, capturing the Green River Killer, the takedown of The Iceman Richard Kuklinski, George Jung meeting Raul Castro, the intense search and arrest of the DC Snipers, and the real story behind the capture of El Chapo.

You’ll also hear stories from cases you’ve never heard of that have life and death consequences. Faking a murder to infiltrate a dangerous biker gang, a shootout with two dangerous cop killers, watching your informant get killed when a drug deal goes horribly wrong, and more.

Are you ready to play Game of Crimes? YES!!!

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