It is hard to understand why humans are so infatuated with crime. There is a whole genre in books, films, and TV that caters to this hunger, but why do we enjoy it so much? Some might say that it is interesting to get a look inside a criminal's mind as they might believe that they are simply wired differently. They must be if some people can commit the most heinous crimes that a ‘normal’ person would never dare do. By consuming crime media, people are perhaps trying to get inside the criminal's mind and analyse it to understand how it works.

Regardless of the reasoning behind why we are so fascinated with crime, it is clear that we will always be as it can be argued to be a part of the human condition. There is a reason, unfortunate as it may be, that people remember the names of the worst serial killers in history and struggle to remember their victims. This can be seen with examples such as Ted Bundy, Fred and Rose West and all the other psychopaths that have gone down in history for their depraved acts. Like with any topic in history though, there will always be a select percentage of people who have developed an interest in it which they enjoy exploring. Just like people who enjoy gambling love playing casino games like what can be found here, those who are fascinated with crime would enjoy researching about the most infamous crimes that have ever been committed.

H.H Holmes – Despite sharing the name of the world’s most famous detective, this Holmes is anything but good-hearted. Many consider Holmes to be the worst serial killer America has ever seen, which is hard to disagree with when the extent of his crimes is known. Holmes confessed to 27 murders but the police only found 9 bodies. Some may be aware that he built a murder castle in Chicago, which sounds like something out of fiction. This is where he trapped and killed many victims.

JFK’s Assassination – The idea of having a president killed by a member of the public seems impossible today, but this is exactly what happened in 1963 in Texas. Every American will be aware of this crime given the severity of it – an ordinary man was able to kill the most powerful man in the world. It is something that will be remembered in the annals of history.

The Murder of James Bulger – James Bulger is a name that will be forever remembered in the UK, especially in Liverpool. It is the name of a young boy who was abducted from his mother, brutally beaten, and murdered before his body was laid to rest on train tracks in the hopes that an accident instead of a murder was inferred. What was so shocking about this crime is that the perpetrators were only ten years old, creating a discussion about what age do people know right from wrong.

These are just some of the most infamous crimes in history and is unfortunate to say that there is a long list. Still, those who are fascinated by crime may have learned about some of the worst crimes that have ever been committed.

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