The following games are the most played in online casino. This brief article looks at where they come from and why they’re so popular.


Online poker is one of the most popular games played at the online casino. There are several different variants, but poker is a card game that is still widely played today at most high roller casinos online. It is a card game that lends itself to the glitz, glamour, and mystique of the casino.

Where Does Poker Come From?

There are many arguments as to where poker is from. Its roots very well might be in the 10th-century Chinese domino game or a 16th-century Persian card game, but by the 17th century, there was a game in Europe with a similar name, Poque, which involved bluffing and betting. Poker had arrived. The French colonists then took poker to the USA and the rest, as they say, is history. The game flooded Louisiana and became the game of choice for all those on the casino riverboats travelling deeper into the country.


The most popular online card game is blackjack. Being able to beat the dealer and the other hands at the table is a great thrill and the simplicity of the game has it played around the world. You only need to be able to count to 21 and then make fast decisions as to whether you hold, fold, or increase your bet, based on the cards you have.

Blackjack Hails from France

The game was originally called vingt-et-un, directly translated as 21, and was mentioned in the famous novel Don Quixote. The original game offered the best odds if you got a blackjack, which was a total of 21, but with a Jack of spades or clubs (a black Jack) and an ace. The name stuck and its origins are clear.

The Slots

Slot machines and games have always been incredibly popular around the world. They are still one of the online casino sectors with the most games and the widest variety of games. Slot machines are now all online or digital and they range from simple 3-reel games with one-line payout to a 5-reel game where you can have over 40 payout combinations.

The Slots Are from San Francisco

Casino legend has it that the slots were invented in San Francisco in the 1890s, where the first machine known as the Liberty Bell was invented and played. It started with 3 spinning reels and a single payout line. Initially, card symbols and suits were used, and this then progressed to fruit, hence the name fruit machines.

All these games have seen remarkable development and change over the years as they moved into the online space. However, the essence of the games has not changed at all and the idea of having fun while playing a game where you may lose or win, based on the associated wager, has become one of the most practiced pastimes and hobbies around the world.

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