The online casino has been around for a while. It has come a long way and it is interesting to see this progression. This article provides a brief synopsis of how the online gambling sector started and how it has developed to be one of the most prominent forms of entertainment in the world today.
The Early Days: 1990s

It is interesting to note that the online casino is almost as old as the internet itself. It was one of the first types of games that were able to be played online. It just made logical sense that if you had children’s games on the internet that you could also have adult entertainment and games and the online casino was one of the earliest variants of this adult online entertainment sector. It started quite basic and a company called Microgaming made the first inroads into the sector. The gameplay was often glitchy and the graphics weren’t great. However, as a sign of its success, Microgaming is now one of the biggest online gaming companies in the world, and several others have followed them in making some great online casino games.
It Was Initially Highly Unregulated: 2000s

The online casino sector was initially highly unregulated and there was a big rush by providers and entertainment businesses to make the most of the opportunity. Initially, there were no clear online gambling and casino laws and the ones that existed for the brick-and-mortar casinos didn’t quite fit those that had sprung up online. It was a free-for-all sector for many years and only as the sector began to significantly grow, did governments take note and begin to legislate and seek to control the sector.
It Is Now Highly Socially Accepted and Strongly Regulated: 2010 Onwards

As the online casino sector became more highly regulated, it also gained social acceptance. Playing at the online casino became a global hobby that was accepted as legitimate and being able to find the best Australian online pokies was as easy as simply logging onto the internet and looking for recommendations and reviews from others. It became a sector that was financially viable and profitable and, as such, both society and individual states/governments as a whole needed to recognize it and somehow seek to control and regulate the online casino sector.
The Future of These Games Will Be Virtual and Incredibly Immersive: 2020 Onwards

The online casino has begun to develop even further, and as virtual reality technology and augmented reality technology becomes more widespread and more readily available, then it is likely that the online casino sector will be the beneficiaries of this technology. The online casino games have become a great deal more immersive and engaging and developers now also look to provide games with a regional or national feel, so the pachinko slots in China or Macau and Bingo for the Brits. As the demand for games in this sector increases, so too does the professionalism of the sector and the quality of the games.

The online casino has come a long way since the early 90s, and yet, many argue that it still has a long way to go to become a truly globally accepted mainstream form of entertainment. We will have to wait to see what the next step in the journey of this form of entertainment will be.

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