Just heard the sad news... Michael Davis legendary Bass player of the MC5 passed away. Michael was the nicest man... I made a blog for him and also created his fan page on Facebook..

Punk Rocker Sonny Vincent wrote me to contact Mike to play bass on his new CD. Mike was going to fly over to Brussels to record... It was the last time I chatted with Mike via email....He was excited about the session...

Mike was so nice and also had a very dry sense of humor.. Most of which I can't share on my blog! Dennis Thompson told me Mike was the "Paul McCartney" of the MC5. In other words he was the best looking guy in the band.

Angela Mike's wife loved him dearly and our thoughts and prayers are with Angie and the kids....

Michael Davis, the bassist of influential late 1960s rock band MC5, has died of liver failure, his wife said Saturday. He was 68.

Davis died at Enloe Medical Center in Chico, California, on Friday afternoon after a month-long hospitalization for liver disease, said Angela Davis.

Born on June 5, 1943, the bassist gained attention in the revolutionary Detroit band MC5 and later played in a version of the group called DKT-MC5 with former MC5 members Wayne Kramer on guitar and Dennis Thompson on drums.

The original MC5 rose to prominence from 1964 to 1972, making waves with incendiary anti-establishment lyrics and a blistering early-punk sound, starting with their first album "Kick Out the Jams," released in 1969.

A sought-after bassist and also producer, Davis was planning to be in Belgium this week recording with punk rock musician Sonny Vincent, said Davis' wife.

Davis had a scare in 2006 when he injured his back in a motorcycle accident on a Southern California freeway. He later co-founded the non-profit Music Is Revolution Foundation, dedicated to supporting music education programs in public schools.

In the last few years, Davis also returned to a love of painting, fostered when he first studied fine arts at Wayne State University in Michigan. He dropped out of the program in 1964 to play music, but started studying art again recently in Oregon and California, with the intention of finishing his bachelor's degree in fine arts.

Davis is survived by his wife, their three sons, and a daughter from a previous marriage.

We miss you Mike...


  1. Michael, Love on You. Peace and Power. Gary and Laura Grimshaw

  2. Michael Davis Love on You. Peace and Power, Gary and Laura Grimshaw

  3. Michael Davis was a long time friend and a great bass player.I'am sad you had to Leave! I'll see you soon,KICK OUT THE JAMS BROTHER!! Jimmy Recca

  4. Mike was the GREATEST bassist I ever played with. He did things well after the MC-5 that too few people have heard. He was also, more importantly, one of the kindest, genuinely nice friends I have ever had. He always sounded so glad to get my call or see me. I've missed him terribly since he moved from Detroit. I can't stand the thought of ever seeing him again.
    Scott Campbell

  5. I lived near Wayne State in 1967-68 (Detroit Artists Workshop/Translove Energies). My favorite memory of Michael is one day we ran into each other at the playground on Forest in Detroit near the John Lodge. We were sitting on top of the jungle gym and talking quietly. He was a lovely, gentle man. One more talented musician in Heaven.

  6. HaroldC.Black2/19/2012 11:48 PM

    Rock In Peace old friend! Love, Harold C. Black

  7. Deborah Pietruska Nathan3/31/2012 12:28 PM

    There are so many memories of those halcyon days of Michigan Rock N'Roll. But the most poignant memory is of the role Michael played in my "rite of passage". When I chose Michael as a friend - I chose wisely. Good night, sweet prince...

    Deborah Pietruska Nathan


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