A blogger friend sent me a dvd some years back about fashion photography in London during the 1960s. While watching this the other night I heard the Hollies singing "I Can't Let Go." I hadn't heard that song in forever. Tracked it down on you tube... been playing it every day since...RK

The Hollies are an English pop and rock group, formed in Manchester in the early 1960s, though most of the band members are from throughout East Lancashire.

Known for their incredible vocal harmonies, they became one of the leading British groups of the 1960s and 1970s. They enjoyed considerable popularity in many countries, although they did not achieve major US chart success until 1966.

Along with The Rolling Stones and The Searchers, they are one of the few British pop groups of the early 1960s that have never officially broken up and that continue to record and perform. The Hollies were inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010.

The original line-up included Allan Clarke as lead vocalist, my favorite cute guy in the band....

He and his childhood friend, Graham Nash, began singing together in Manchester while still at school. In April 1963, they added Tony Hicks (lead guitar) (who replaced Vic Steele), along with the later additions of Bobby Elliott and Bernie Calvert (who would replace Eric Haydock on bass in 1966).

The Hollies formed in December 1962, founded by Clarke and Nash. Clarke was their lead vocalist, but also played occasional guitar and harmonica. In the UK they enjoyed 30 chart singles, plus two further chart entries with re-releases, 17 of which made the Top 10, with two – "I'm Alive" (1965) and "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" (1988 re-issue) – reaching No. 1, the latter on re-release; it had originally been a top three hit in 1969.

In the US charts they achieved 23 chart singles, six of which hit the Top 10. Many of the group’s songs were co-written by Clarke, usually with Hicks and Nash, until the latter's departure at the end of 1968. They used the pseudonym "L. Ransford" initially for their song-writing credits, then 'Clarke-Hicks-Nash' from mid 1966 onwards.

in 1966 Clarke helped along with several Hollies bandmates in The Everly Brothers recording of their album 'Two Yanks In England' which featured Everlys covers of mostly Hollies songs co-written by Clarke.

Clarke-Hicks-Nash between them composed The Hollies albums; 'For Certain Because...' (1966), 'Evolution', and 'Butterfly' (both 1967), while their UK hit singles compilation; 'Hollies' Greatest' topped the UK album charts in August 1968.

Graham Nash as guitarist and vocalist, Vic Steele (born Victor Winston Farrell, 8 May 1945, Manchester) on guitar, with Eric Haydock on bass guitar and Don Rathbone on drums (born Donald Rathbone, October 1942, Wilmslow, Cheshire). Steele left in April 1963, shortly before they signed to Parlophone as label-mates of The Beatles. Tony Hicks, who replaced Steele, and Bobby Elliott, who replaced Don Rathbone, joined the band in quick succession in 1963; both had played in a Nelson-based band, The Dolphins. Bernie Calvert, who replaced Haydock in 1966, was also a member of The Dolphins.

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