Jorge and Kimmer Tango

My friends ALL know that I am a Dancing with the Stars freak... Hooked from the very first episode. By complete accident I was searching for a building to host Retro Kimmer's Drum Off coming March 25, 2012.

Jorge and Griselda

Searched Ann Arbor for a hall to rent and I found the perfect place! Not far from my home in Ann Arbor is the Pittsfield Grange building. Shot some photos of it at bottom of this post.

The building manager Richard suggested I pop over to scout the venue Monday. Then he told me about the 2 Tango groups who lease the building regularly. TANGO dancing in Ann Arbor!!! Not one group but 2!!! I am there!!!

After waiting all week.. Tonight I went out with a friend to meet with Jorge and Griselda the owners of Tango Argentino of Michigan.

Jorge is the Ambassador of Tango... He lives for Tango. From the moment we were introduced Jorge began teaching us the history of Argentine Tango and also the steps. The steps Jorge was showing us are demonstrated very clearly in the video above.



hurley said...

Wonderful story Kim. Did they play SRB's "Detroit Tango"? while getting your groove on? Probably not. At any rate, it looks like a good time was had by all and that you found the perfect venue for the Drum-Off. Good score, nice dancing and viva le' Argentina!

Kathy Rendel said...

"You picked a great hall, Kim! My brother, Roger got married there back in the '70s! Great Party!"

Lesslee Belmore said...

You look happy! Awesome venue

Jack Ashton said...


Looks Like BIG fun! Good one!

Take care,

Jack xo

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